Peanut and raisin cookies recipe

Peanut and raisin cookies recipe

* 3 eggs
* 150 g sugar
* 50 g butter
* 500 g yogurt
* 3 tablespoons cocoa
* 50 g hazelnuts
* 50 g raisins
* 2 dogs flour
* 1 baking powder
* free of rum

Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt until they double in volume. Add the sugar and mix until it melts and the composition becomes like a cream. Then they are placed one by one, mixing well after each melted butter, yogurt, cocoa and flour mixed with baking powder. At the end, incorporate the coarsely chopped hazelnuts and raisins sprinkled with rum essence.

The obtained composition is placed in a tray well greased with oil and sprinkled with flour and put in the oven over medium heat for about half an hour. The toothpick is tested.

Leave to cool in the pan, then portion and serve with chocolate sauce.

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