philips hd7459 / 20 coffee maker review and inspection


Stopwatch for automatic start of the preparation process.

It is provided with AromaTwister function, for uniform intensity inside the carafe.

It stops on its own after 30 minutes.

Includes anti-drip system to prevent accidental spillage.

The tank has a capacity of 1.2 liters and includes volume indicator, for easy filling.

You can wash the components in the dishwasher.



The digital display, which helps you set the start time, only stays on for a maximum of 30 minutes, until the device turns off automatically, so you will not be able to use it as a clock. The product is not accompanied by the filter, so you will have to buy this accessory to be able to use it.




Because the appliance is equipped with a stopwatch, you can put coffee in the filter and water in the tank the night before and schedule the time when the coffee maker starts cooking. So you will wake up, every morning, in the aroma of freshly made coffee and you can fill a cup as soon as you get out of the shower, without having to wait.

philips hd7459 / 20 coffee maker review and inspection

AromaTwister is a technical addition designed to streamline the preparation of coffee in terms of taste and strength. It takes the form of a tube included in the carafe design, which ensures faster uniformity of the liquid. It keeps the same intensity in the entire volume of coffee, so that the taste is the same regardless of whether you consume the first or last cup.

Among the essential standard features offered by thiscoffee maker, at a good price , is the automatic shutdown, after 30 minutes of operation, so as to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption. Also here we include the anti-drip system, which means that you can take the carafe from the device even while the coffee is still being prepared, without risking the liquid flowing further into the appliance.

With Philips HD7459 / 20 you have a capacity of 1.2 liters which means up to 10 cups of 100ml or about 5 large cups of 200ml. It is therefore a model designed for the whole family or to supply all office colleagues.

In addition, to prevent pouring too little or too much water, the tank includes a volume indicator that helps you prepare exactly how much coffee you need, showing directly the number of servings for which you have introduced water. The carafe is also graduated, to easily identify the moment when you got exactly what you need for the number of servings you want to serve.

Your time is precious and it is good to use the energy obtained from each cup of coffee for more important activities than washing dishes. So you will be glad to know that those components, which come into direct contact with the coffee and get dirty, can in this case be included in the dishwasher, for automatic cleaning, without effort and waste of time.



The Philips HD7459 / 20 model is one of the options designed for those who want to save the minutes spent preparing coffee every morning. It is a version with an average capacity of 1.2l, easy to use and maintain, which does not require manual washing and stops automatically after use, to save energy.



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