Philips Multicooker – more free time for you

Philips Multicooker – more free time for you

My dear ones, today I will tell you about the new innovation from Philips, a multi-functional and easy-to-use cooking appliance. I received it about 2 weeks ago and since then I've been finding something to do with it, although initially I didn't really understand how he can make food better than me :))

Well… maybe! BecausePhilips Multicooker has many functions, from boiling to frying, because it has a 3D heating technology and there is no need to mix and because the special dish of the appliance conducts heat evenly and the food does not burn.

At first I turned around to convince him, sir, that the food is fine there and I don't wake up at noon because I have nothing to put on my children's plate when I come home from school. Eventually I became convinced that my fears were unjustified and that it would be better to call my friends over for coffee 😉 or do some of the re-postponed chores.

So, a cooking appliance that is made especially by what it knows how to make. What's more, it's beautiful and you can easily find a place in the kitchen and after all this, it's very easy to wash. 😉

Inspired and helped by the recipe book of the device, I cooked some delicious dishes, dishes that my family was delighted with. Appetizers, soups or stews, main course… all were tasty and always hot at the time of serving due to the function of maintaining heat.

The recipes prepared by me can be found HERE , along with other recipes prepared by the great family of chefs 🙂

Good luck dear ones! Tomorrow I will bring you something good, not something else, but today I had more time for myself and for what I like to do! 😉

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