pickled peppers in vinegar recipe

pickled peppers in vinegar recipe

Donuts on vinegar

Donuts in vinegar, for winter, sweet
Preparation time 30 mins
Cooking time 30 mins
  • Red donuts 5 kg
  • Otet 1 l
  • Apa 3.8 l
  • Salt 10 tbsp
  • Sugar 25 tablespoons
  • Mustard berries 16 teaspoons


Donuts are among the most beloved winter recipes; they can be prepared in different ways, because you've probably heard from your neighbors about cold pickled donuts, boiled vinegar donuts or vinegar donuts with honey. Our proposal this time is a version of crispy, delicious vinegar donuts for all tastes, easy to prepare and impossible to dislike.

I said that the recipe is very easy to prepare because it is about donuts in vinegar, without boiling, so you will save a lot of time. During the winter canning, it is an important aspect, especially if you like to test more pickles.

The 5 kg of donuts must be washed well, after which you will cut the vegetables into 3 – 5 cm wide slices that you will clean well from the seeds.

For the 5 kg of donuts you need about 10 jars of 800 g; sometimes you may need to use 11 jars, depending on how you manage to arrange the slices inside. The jars are washed well with dishwashing detergent, rinsed with plenty of water and then dried – you can dry them in the oven to sterilize them.

pickled peppers in vinegar recipe

In each jar add from the beginning a teaspoon of mustard seeds. Depending on your preferences, in each jar you can add pieces of horseradish roots, garlic, celery leaves – depending on what flavors you prefer. Of course, the main ingredient is slices of donuts.

For lovers of pickled cauliflower, in jars can be put bunches of cauliflower – the recipe can be adapted for the version of donuts with cauliflower in vinegar, but in this case you need to rethink… the number of jars. The rest of the proportions are kept for 5 kg of "raw material", whether it's just donuts, or donuts and cauliflower.

It's time to start preparing the marinade, which you must pay full attention to, considering that it is a recipe for scalded vinegar donuts. For this you need a pot of at least 5 liters, in which you will put water, vinegar, salt and sugar. Mix in the marinade, on the fire, until all the ingredients are well dissolved, then let it boil for a while.

Although the recipe is for donuts in vinegar with sugar, do not be fooled: the result will not be donuts in vinegar for the winter sweet, but spicy. If you prefer a recipe with a sweeter taste, we recommend the version of donuts for winter in broth sauce, with honey.

Returning to our pickled donuts: once the marinade has boiled well, put it in a jar to the upper limit, put the lid on and screw it in well, then turn it upside down. Ideally, keep them wrapped for 1-2 days to cool slowly. After that, they can be kept at room temperature, although, like any other donuts for the winter, they would be better in a cooler pantry.

Once the jar is opened, it is recommended to put the rest of the donuts in the cold until the whole quantity is consumed.

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