popcorn with caramelized candy homemade

Good morning dear ones! What did you plan for today? I'm sure you have no plans in the kitchen, but before you go to the grill, to the green grass or wherever you plan, break at most half an hour to make this simple but delicious recipe.

A sweet bite, only good to take in luggage. Just have a few wet wipes ready at hand. :))

popcorn with caramelized candy homemade

corn kernels for popcorn

100 g sugar
50 ml whipped cream
1 piece of butter

Popcorn can also be prepared in the microwave if you have special packages.

In a taller pan or in a cauldron put a little sunflower oil, let it heat up a little, put 2-3 tablespoons of grains and cover with a lid. Leave on a moderate heat until there are no more cracks under the lid. Pour into a large bowl and sprinkle a little sea salt.

We caramelize the sugar over low heat. When it has become liquid, carefully pour the cream for the whipped cream and mix well. Keep on the fire, stirring constantly, until the caramel melts and the composition thickens a little. At the end we put a piece of butter and mix. Let cool.

After the caramel has cooled, pour it into the bowl over the popcorn, then with the help of 2 tablespoons mix lightly, until the popcorn is evenly covered with caramel.

popcorn with caramelized candy homemade

Good appetite!

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