Review about the pressure cooker Tefal Secure 5 NEO 8l


It is a high-performance product, safer than others in the same range.

Includes two different cooking programs.

The pot is compatible with all heat sources.

Made of some of the best materials available on the market.


We cannot ignore the purchase price, which is a relatively high price, in the range of pressure cookers. On the other hand, you must be aware that you pay not only the brand, but also the quality, safety systems, adaptability, therefore we can not criticize the costs associated with this investment, which you will use for a long time.


In the offer of pressure cookers (here compared a few models), this product is a kind of champion in terms of safety and functionality. We must start by mentioning that the part is equipped with no less than 5 security mechanisms, so that its use does not endanger any buyer.

The instruction manual is available both in packaging and online, in case you want to consult it, on the manufacturer’s website, so that you are clearly and concisely informed about the rules of use. Review about the pressure cooker Tefal Secure 5 NEO 8l

Like any pressure cooker, this model is equipped with a safety valve; what is different is that it is an ingenious and innovative system of two valves, which will release the steam formed inside and which will not allow the pressure to increase beyond a certain value. The locking system is very smart, in the sense that when it is not closed perfectly, it will not allow any pressure to accumulate inside.

It is a very important mention, because other parts, which do not have this system, allow the accumulation of a certain pressure, beyond which there is the risk of complete detachment of the cover, which can be designed with considerable force.

In addition to these systems, the pot gasket also intervenes, which functions as an emergency solution. If, by mistake, both valves are blocked, the accumulation of pressure inside will cause the gasket to move, which will release the excess steam.

Finally, you benefit from a safety system when opening that will not allow you to remove the lid as long as there is accumulated steam inside, thus preventing the situation in which its high temperature could cause burns.

The pot offers you two cooking programs, one for vegetables and one for meat, each with predefined operating parameters. The vegetable program operates at a pressure of 50 kPa and a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius, and the meat program forms a pressure of 80 kPa and a temperature of 117 degrees Celsius.

The pots are compatible with all heat sources: stove, electric stove, induction, ceramic and halogen. This means that the pot is addressed, equally, to all buyers, and you can enjoy it no matter how and what you cook.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the product is made of the best quality stainless steel, which ensures a special resistance to wear and eliminates the risk of accidents.


If you are interested in shortening the time you spend in the kitchen, but you also know that you can’t compromise on quality, we offer you this product that excels in terms of quality. In addition, we consider it suitable for large families, because the capacity of 8 liters allows you to prepare sufficient quantities of the most delicious recipes.

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