Review and advices about Delimano – Multicooker 18 in 1 recipes

Benefits of Delimano – Multicooker 18 in 1 :

It is a model provided with a sealed closure, with a valve.

The inner vessel is provided with a scale for direct estimation of quantities.

It closes automatically and includes a child lock function.

Allows timing to start thermal processing.

Provides 17 preset functions.

It offers you the possibility to customize the preparation parameters.



Although you can use it in the version with steam under pressure, to significantly reduce the time needed to cook food, this model does not offer you the possibility to adjust the force to eliminate vapors, but only the temperature. The power of 700W, lower than the average in the slow cooker category, can mean a longer cooking time required in the slow cooking variant.



Operating pressure models are amongthe most sought multicookere when it comes to fast food preparation. One such version is Delimano – Multicooker 18 in 1, provided with a lid with a sealed closure and a detachable valve, which you can also use for slow cooking, steam cooking, baking, frying, boiling, etc.

The hermetic closure contributes, in addition, to the prevention of the emanation of the smell of food in the whole house, keeping the fresh air in the house.

Review and advices about Delimano – Multicooker 18 in 1 recipes

Because in the case of recipes that involve foods that change their size (rice, beans, pasta, etc.), it is recommended to fill only part of the capacity of the inner vessel, its walls are provided with a graduated scale, which helps you orient yourself easily. and follow the instructions for use.

The pot is covered with a ceramic layer, in order not to allow the gluing of vegetables and pieces of meat and has a capacity of 4 liters, suitable for 3-4 people. It is easy to remove, whenever you want to wash it or store the contents in another container.

Delimano emphasizes the details that ensure your comfort and includes in this model an automatic shut-off system, which ensures the closing of the device without the need for your intervention. In addition, the model prevents accidents caused by children’s intervention, being provided with a locking function specially designed for their safety.

It is one of the devices whose operation you can program for later, thus eliminating the need to be present near the device during the busiest hours of the day. You can set the Delimano multicooker to prepare your breakfast early in the morning or dinner, during the period when you take care of children’s homework or other household chores.

Because not every day you have the energy and inclination to find out how to cook rice perfectly or how to cook pasta optimally, the device offers you 17 predefined programs, which will take care of the technical details for you.

On days when you miss testing your culinary skills, you can use the customization option that leaves it up to you to control the work parameters. You can thus approach sophisticated recipes, which are not included in the list of predefined functions or with exotic ingredients that require special treatment.


Conclusion about Delimano Multicooker   :

It is an efficient version of multicooker that offers, at an affordable price, everything you need to easily solve the culinary aspects of the day. It is part of the category that also provides pressure cooking function, being recommended for those who appreciate as little time as possible from the introduction of the ingredients until obtaining the final preparation.



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