Reviews about Heinner Savory HCM-1100D



Advanced functions, available at an affordable price.

Possibility to schedule the device for the next day.

It has a washable filter, easy to detach.

It has a capacity of 1.5 liters.

The design integrates the heated hob, which maintains the temperature of the coffee after brewing.

Base with non-slip feet for good stability.



Unlike the more expensive models, in this case we are talking about a power of 900W, slightly lower, which can materialize in a few extra minutes of waiting to get coffee. The carafe is not graduated, so you will need to guess when you have enough liquid for a full cup.



Heinner Savory HCM-1100D can be the ideal solution for you, if you want to buy acheap and good coffee maker, which offers you something more than the basic functions: anti-drip system to prevent liquid leakage while taking the carafe from the device, automatic shutdown to save electricity when you forget the open appliance and the glass carafe with a lid and a durable handle, for easy handling.

Reviews about Heinner Savory HCM-1100D

One of the most appreciated special advantages you can benefit from is the integrated timer, which allows you to set the time to start making coffee the night before, for the next morning. All you have to do is fill the device with water and ground coffee, set the activation time and enjoy the aroma of the coffee prepared before you get out of bed.

Because it is a product designed to save both financially and time, this version of the coffee maker replaces the system with the disposable filter with the washable one. So you will not be put in the unpleasant situation of realizing that you no longer have filters at hand, because this accessory is always present in the appliance, easy to extract and clean under the water jet from the sink.

Despite the low price, we are talking about a coffee maker with above average capacity, which includes a tank with a volume of 1.5 liters. It can therefore be an optimal solution both for the home, especially for those where there are more coffee consumers, and for office spaces where more people work.

Is all coffee just for you and do you gradually consume it throughout the day? No problem. This model is equipped with a hob that allows you to keep the liquid warm, so that you do not need to drink it cold, or prepare a fresh turn again, every time you feel your energy level drop.

In order to be used safely on any type of kitchen or table top, the format of the device includes non-slip feet, applied to the base of the appliance. They prevent the loss of stability in cases where the coffee maker is used on glossy surfaces.



It is an affordable coffee maker model, suitable for those who need a version that can withstand an environment in which coffee is always present. It allows scheduling to start cooking at the desired time and includes the hob that ensures the temperature is maintained, so that the liquid can be consumed in the best conditions and a few hours after it has been infused.


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