Reviews about the Philips HD4749 / 70 multicooker premium cookware


Includes Slow-Cooker function for those who prefer tender and rich in nutrients.

The model offers 22 programs with already established settings, for quick and easy recipes.

Allows saving your own recipes.

The system is designed to provide 3D heating.

It comes with a cookbook with easy-to-approach dishes.

Dishwasher safe components.



Due to the quality materials used in the realization of the product and the latest technology, this model can be purchased at a slightly higher price than other similar options in terms of power and capacity. According to customers who have already tested the product, in some cases the lid closes a little harder, requiring more force.



If you have decided to buy one ofthe best Philips multicookersand you are especially interested in the slow food cooking function, this model fits your needs very well. It is provided with a large ceramic pot, in which you can easily insert both large chopped vegetables and generous pieces of meat, to better preserve the taste during cooking.

Reviews about the Philips HD4749 / 70 multicooker premium cookware

From the point of view of the number of programs offered, we can tell you that the list of 22 cooking options places it among the very popular configurations. Approach the most approached recipes and almost all the thermal processing methods you need in the kitchen. For special dishes, which require more attention, you also have the manual version, which gives you the opportunity to choose the working temperature and the time period for which the food will be exposed to heat.

For those who have had unpleasant experiences with vegetables left raw inside or unevenly cooked dishes, we draw attention to the 3D heating system, designed precisely to reduce this possibility. The food is therefore uniformly exposed to heat, obtaining a homogeneous and appetizing texture.

Are you more in favor of personal control of ingredients and how to prepare food? For you, there is the My Recipe function that allows you to configure a personalized program, which ensures the perfect success of those dishes that represent you and that you know better than anyone.

Don’t let the impressive menu or long list of features intimidate you. Beyond the apparent complexity of the device are hidden simple and efficient actions that you can easily learn with the help of the recipe book included in the delivery package. The manual contains a detailed presentation of the dishes, helping you become familiar with what each type of program can do for you.

Because the last step always means washing dishes, Philips makes sure that things are simple for you from this point of view as well. The inner pot of the appliance, used for the direct hosting of the ingredients, is covered with a non-stick layer and can be easily extracted from the device and washed using the dishwasher.


Conclusion :

The variant from the Philips range suitable for preparing food for the whole family, which allows the preparation by the method of slow cooking and many other versions of thermal approach of the ingredients, in the form of predefined programs. It includes the option of keeping food warm, scheduling the cooking process and includes washable components in the dishwasher.



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