Reviews about the Philips HD7546 coffee maker


The cup is made of stainless steel, with double walls and high thermal resistance.

Capacity above average, 1.2 liters.

Anti-drip system and robust handle.

The lid of the carafe is designed to close the container tightly.

It stops automatically and includes a place to store the power cord.

The tank is provided with a filling indicator.



This Philips model is one of the versions ofgood, efficient and durable coffee makers , designed to respond very well to the basic needs of the user. Thus, you will not find in Philips HD7546 the option of scheduling the preparation for the next day or additional functions that allow you to manage the intensity or other aspects of the coffee making process.




Besides the modern and pleasant appearance, created by the metallic finish of the stainless steel, and the superior resistance of the carafe to blows and high temperatures, its double walls offer you very good thermal resistance, which allows keeping the coffee warm (65oC) for a period of time. which exceeds 2 hours. You can thus enjoy the next cup at lunchtime without any worries or whenever you feel the need, without the need to reheat or make a new series of coffee.

Reviews about the Philips HD7546 coffee maker

Both the water tank and the collection container are designed to allow the preparation in a single round of up to 10-12 cups of coffee. So you can use it without worries at family parties or office meetings and it is ideal for dorm rooms and homes with more coffee drinkers.

The appliance is also equipped with an anti-drip system that allows you to take the carafe and serve it even when the coffee is not finished. The cup includes a robust, ergonomically shaped handle, which ensures a good grip even when you are tired and helps you to pour accurately, no matter how small the cup is.

In addition, the lid of the carafe closes tightly, preventing accidental spillage and maintaining the intensity of the aroma for longer, so you can enjoy a coffee with fresh and pleasant taste, both in the second and third cup of the day.

Among its functions is the automatic shutdown, which prevents unnecessary energy consumption and saves you from having to turn off the device after each use. In order to be able to store it as easily as possible, even in kitchens that are limited in space, its design includes an area specially provided for storing the power cable.

If you are worried about the amount of water you need to use, this is not the case. The manufacturer has provided the tank with double scale filling indicator, for small cups and long coffee, so that you can always see very easily how much liquid you need to pour to get the required amount of drink. The wall of the tank is provided with a transparent niche, which allows you to directly observe the water level inside.



It is a coffee maker with simple functionality and elegant design, designed to solve in the smallest details the basic needs of the loyal coffee consumer: ease of use, durability, an aromatic taste for longer and the ability to keep coffee warm for longer. many for 20-30 minutes.




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