Reviews about the Philips Viva Collection HD4731 / 70 multicooker model


Modern design, with digital display and rotating handle, for easy handling.

Includes 22 programs for easy food preparation.

It has a lock function, which prevents children from accessing the menu.

It can be programmed to prepare food at what time you want.

It is provided with a step-by-step preparation function.

Pot with non-stick interior and ceramic handles.


Disadvantages :

Because it offers the most widespread loading capacity, of 5 liters, it is less suitable for those looking for a model for the days when they organize parties or other events, in which a larger number of people participate. It does not include the option of pressure cooking, which means that cooking programs for denser meat and vegetables will take a little longer.




The modern and pleasant design, with white exterior and stainless steel sides, easily completes any kitchen. The control panel is a digital one, with an easy-to-read display, and the transport of the device from the storage space to the use space is easy, with the help of the rotating handle integrated in the product structure.

Reviews about the Philips Viva Collection HD4731 / 70 multicooker model

The menu of the appliance offers you 22 predefined work options, some of which are specifically dedicated to the preparation of certain categories of food or types of recipes such as: soup, risotto, jam, stew, yogurt, compote, steak, and the rest covers the most used cooking methods (steaming, boiling, frying, baking). You have at hand, ready to solve, almost all the culinary options you could meet.

If you have children in the house, it is good to know that this multicooker model also includes a locking function, designed especially for their safety. This prevents the little ones from being exposed to risks when they are tempted to play with the device while it is in operation and to activate it when it is switched off.

Among the functions most appreciated by people whose days are very carefully structured is the timer, which allows scheduling the cooking process for the right time. The device thus folds to your needs and ensures the completion of the preparations exactly when you need them.

Are you used to eating together every day, discussing the events of the day? Philips Viva Collection gives you the opportunity to keep food warm and tender until everyone in the house has arrived around the table.

Because in the case of some recipes you are the specialist, the device also allows the thermal processing in stages, in order to be able to adapt the temperature whenever it is needed. You can get perfect dough, tender and crispy steaks, delicate cakes, impeccably made, and approach more pretentious dishes.

Cleaning dishes after each cooking is an unpleasant, time-consuming activity. In this case it is a single container, namely the inner pot of the appliance. It is a version with a ceramic inner layer and handles made of the same material, easy to remove from the device and easy to wash, because the food does not stick to the surface.



The product is one of thegood multicooker models with a ceramic-coated inner pot, which prevents the ingredients from sticking together, ensuring quick cleaning and comfortable use. It includes a variety of predefined programs and offers the possibility of scheduling the start time of food cooking, as well as keeping the finished food warm. The capacity is recommended for families of 3-4 members.




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