Reviews about the Tefal Fuzzy Logic RK705 multicooker model

Benefits of Tefal Fuzzy Logic RK705 multicooker :

You can keep food warm inside for up to 24 hours.

It is easy to transport, with a rotating handle.

Includes 9 predefined programs for easy and fast cooking.

You can schedule it to start cooking breakfast while you are still asleep.

Includes thick-walled bowl and non-stick ceramic coating.


Disadvantages of Tefal Fuzzy Logic RK705 multicooker :

It provides a power of 600W, considered low for a model with a capacity of 5l purchased for frequent and intense use. But it is a suitable option for those who want to have one of the models ofcheap and good multicookers available on the market, ideal for occasional use, for holidays and anniversaries.



Among the functions provided by Tefal Fuzzy Logic RK705 is the one to keep the dishes warm. It is an option that ensures the preservation of the taste and temperature of the food, until everyone is ready to enjoy it.

The waiting period is up to 24 hours, so if you finish the recipe in the late evening and do not want to eat after 6 or 7, you will be able to enjoy fresh and hot food early in the morning.

Reviews about the Tefal Fuzzy Logic RK705 multicooker model

The design of the device includes a rotating, robust handle, which helps you to support and easily transport the product. It is a useful feature especially in homes where the device is used occasionally and otherwise is stored in a place other than the use, allowing safe and fast moving.

Although it includes a shorter list of predefined cooking programs than the more expensive versions, the 9 options you have available cover most of the dishes usually approached in a home: cereals and rice, pilaf, stew, soup, yogurt , baking, steaming, frying and reheating. So you can easily handle a varied menu, quickly and easily preparing your favorite recipes for you, family or guests.

If you have a healthy habit of eating breakfast, but you leave for work very early, we recommend you take advantage of the programming option of this multicooker. Put all the ingredients in the inner bowl of the appliance the night before, set the right start time and the next day the food is cooked while you prepare to leave. Breakfast is thus prepared exactly on time, without delays and missed minutes.

And if we talked about the inner container in which you mix the ingredients and the cooking itself takes place, we can tell you that in this case you benefit from a version with 2mm walls, which helps to make the heating even better.

The bowl is also covered on the inside with a ceramic layer that prevents food from sticking and with gradation, which helps you know for sure how much you need to fill the pot so as not to spill out and cause unpleasant accidents.



If you need a cooking appliance that allows you to schedule meals, keep food warm for longer and complete your cooking knowledge, the Tefal Fuzzy Logic RK705 is the right model. It is ideal for occasional use, offering capacity suitable for 3-4 people.



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