rice soup philippines recipe

rice soup philippines recipe

# 100 g of rice
# 800 g chicken
# 1 onion
# 1 carrot
# 1 parsnip
# 1 piece of celery
# 1 parsley root
# green parsley
# salt to taste

First we will prepare a clear chicken soup .

Bring the meat to a boil, froth a few times and let it simmer, adding a pinch of salt. The soup should not boil, but only smolder. The rest of the salt will be added at the end.

The roots are cut in 2 and put when the meat is half cooked.

When the meat and vegetables have boiled, remove them from the soup and strain them.

The rice is washed in some water, after which it is boiled in half of the meat soup. Boil over low heat.

When the rice is cooked, fill it with the rest of the soup and add the finely chopped roots. Sprinkle with chopped green parsley.

Depending on the preference, the soup can be soured with lemon juice or seasoned with egg yolk and sour cream.

rice soup philippines recipe

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