roasted turkey breast with sage

I cook for my captives every day. For them, but also because I like it and especially because I don't know how to cook food that will last 2-3 days :)))), apart from soup and sarmale. :)) This is how I am in the kitchen on Sunday. If I don't make pizza, I try something that is simple and easy to make, as is today's recipe. The recipe that is not really a recipe, but rather a proposal for when you need something fast and good. 😉

roasted turkey breast with sage


  • sliced turkey breast
  • slices of mozzarella or cheese
  • salt and pepper
  • dried sage
  • olive oil flavored with hot peppers
  • a few tablespoons of white wine

Preparation Turkey breast with sage:

The sliced turkey breast is wrapped in cling film and beat with a hammer into slices until thin. Salt and pepper to taste. Put a slice of mozzarella or cheese on top of the slice of meat and roll. We put the obtained roll on a piece of baking paper. Sprinkle with dried sage, sprinkle with a tablespoon of hot pepper flavored oil and a tablespoon of wine.

roasted turkey breast with sage

We close well in the paper forming a tight roll at the ends.

Put the rolls in a pan and bake on medium heat for about 30 minutes. Remove the tray, remove the paper from the rolls and put it back in the oven until all the juice left by the meat decreases and browns slightly.

Serve hot with your favorite garnish. A mashed potato flavored with garlic and a few slices of watermelon is my recommendation. 😉

Good appetite!

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