Safety rules for using the electric oven

How to properly clean an electric oven? What are the risks that children need to be protected from? What are the necessary accessories? These are just some of the questions you need to answer in order to safely enjoy the modern functions provided by an electric oven model.

The electric oven is a powerful device that requires careful use, in compliance with safety regulations. Although it is safer than the gas versions, because it does not present the risk of accidental releases, the energy alternative also requires compliance with certain conditions of use, which guarantees optimal operation for as long as possible. Here are some of them.



Some versions can be delivered with a power cord, but without a plug. Even if you think you can attach one yourself, we recommend that you turn to a licensed electrician. An incorrect or incorrectly insulated connection can damage the entire appliance and endanger the home. In addition, if an unauthorized person walks on the stove, the warranty becomes void.


Safety rules for using the electric oven

Avoid fires

Don't be alarmed, the risk is not very high, but there are and need preventive measures. The first of these involves avoiding the storage of flammable materials on the heating surface, regardless of whether we are talking about the hob or oven.

Most models include a residual heat sensor, but since we are talking about a small visual indicator, which you can overlook if you are in a hurry, it is best never to store kitchen towels, wooden bottoms or spoons, plates or glasses plastic on a surface that can heat up at some point.

Carefully place the baking paper in the oven. It is important that its dimensions do not exceed those of the tray used, so that it never touches the walls.

If you have a self-cleaning version, it is good to know that food scraps can catch fire during use, which is why it is recommended to remove large residues before initiating this type of program. It is a measure that is recommended to take even before baking the next round of dishes.

In the case of pyrolytic cleaning of the oven, its exterior is heated hard enough to avoid the placement of textiles on the door handle.


Reduce the risk of burns

According to the recommendations in all user manuals of these devices, even the best built-in electric oven or freestanding should not be accessed by children under 8 years of age and this should always happen only under parental supervision. Whether it's touching a button or taking something out of the oven, the little ones should not be left alone near the appliance, no matter how simple the task you have assigned.

The grill, the trays and everything related to the inside of the oven become hot during use and must not be touched directly by hand. For your safety and that of the family, it is recommended not to open its door during use and to use the glass to check the condition of the food.

Carefully read the instruction manual for your stove model and check if it has a cold handle or door that does not heat up on the outside. If you do not fall into this category, avoid touching the outside during the time allotted for baking, because it will also be heated.

Be very careful when you open the oven door, after finishing the thermal preparation program. Inside will come hot steam that can burn you. Avoid the temptation to pour cold water into the hot pan still in the oven. Besides the fact that it can damage the cooking vessel, it can instantly turn into hot steam that rises towards you.

To remove trays or dishes from the oven always use special gloves. Do not put in the oven preparations that involve a large amount of alcohol, it can ignite in contact with the walls.


Do not use abrasive objects on the oven door

Even if normal cleaning does not work, avoid using scrapers or aggressive abrasive solutions to remove residue from the glass. These can scratch, making the glass more sensitive to shocks and causing breakage.

Also, although many models are promoted by emphasizing the weight that the oven door can support without breaking, we recommend that you avoid placing food trays on it as much as possible.


Recommended cleaning products

Even if you can disassemble certain parts, it is not recommended to put them in the dishwasher, so stick to manual cleaning. Avoid using abrasive sponges, solutions that contain a large amount of alcohol, and those that are chemically aggressive or with abrasive elements. Do not use products designed for wiping windows to clean the control panel.

Stainless steel surfaces are wiped with special solutions, in the direction of natural ribs, to avoid scratching. The glass of the door can be cleaned with solutions for glass, but avoiding the use of abrasive formulas and sharp objects to remove dry fragments. If residues have been deposited on the lower surface of the oven, we recommend that you clean it using a special oven formula, but only after it has cooled.


The risks of electric shock

All electrical cables, not just stoves or hobs, can be damaged by melting if exposed to high temperatures. So pay close attention to how to place them in the kitchen, so that they are always away from all the elements that can be heated.

Because moisture increases the risk of electric shock, it is recommended to avoid using pressurized steam devices to clean the oven or hob.

Safety rules for using the electric oven

The bulb inside the oven will need to be replaced at some point. Be sure to unplug the appliance before doing so to avoid electric shock.

Any failure noticed at the level of the oven or hob is a good reason to disconnect the stove from the mains and to call a specialized service. Do not continue to use it, even if the problem seems minor.


Additional accessories

You can always buy from stores other accessories that can be used in the oven, in addition to those included in the delivery package. However, it is essential to look for versions compatible with the model you own, which fit very well inside, without forcing the supports on the edge.

For all accessories, including those sent with the product, it is recommended to rinse with hot water and cleaning solution before first use, to remove as much residue as possible from the factory. Use a soft cloth so as not to scratch the surface.


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