sandwich-maker breville panini large vst026x-01 2000 w review and advices

Benefits of sandwich-maker breville panini large vst026x-01:

Model with hinged lid and locking system in position, easy to activate.

Made of durable stainless steel, with non-stick Teflon inner plates.

It gives you a power of 2kW and space for four servings.

It takes up little space, allowing vertical storage.

It is provided with non-stick feet, which ensures stability.


Among the weaknesses, mentioned by the people who tested this product, is the lack of the possibility to set the temperature on several work steps, in order to allow the heating of the sandwiches. The device can be turned on and off. Also, the power cable is quite short, only 0.8m meters, a fairly common length but for high power models.



The lid is not fastened in classic hinges, but on two stainless steel arms that form the handle in the front. The folding of the lid is thus done in its middle area, allowing the change of position and height according to the thickness of the preparation and the formation of sandwiches with generous fillings.

The locking system, which prevents the device from opening while moving, is mounted in the middle of the arms and is very easy to use.sandwich-maker breville panini large vst026x-01 2000 w review and advices

The case is made of durable stainless steel, which gives the device a modern, impeccable appearance and better corrosion resistance. The inner plates are fixed, covered with a non-stick layer of Teflon, which prevents the food from sticking, and, in addition, have a smooth surface, without wrinkles.

These features make the Breville Panini Large VST026X-01 very easy to clean after each use, requiring only a damp cloth to remove residue.

As you will notice at first glance, this model is visibly larger than the classic variants in stores. The dimensions of 35 x 35.8 m translate into a space large enough to be able to prepare at the same time 3-4 generous portions. It is therefore a solution that can quickly simplify breakfast and snacks prepared for long journeys, in families with many members.

There is no need to worry about the time required to prepare a larger quantity, because this model uses a power of 2kW to give you fast results. According to the opinions of the clients who tested it, it takes 3-5 minutes to obtain a round of medium-thickness sandwiches.

Although it is quite bulky, it does not need much storage space, because it can be kept upright. If you are looking for alarge capacity sandwich maker (here is a comparative list) that can be used in a small kitchen, this version may be the right solution.

You can place it on any kind of surface, because the design includes non-slip feet, which ensure a good grip even on countertops covered with sandstone or glossy finished MDF.

Conclusion after sandwich-maker breville panini large vst026x-01 review:

Breville Panini Large VST026X-01 costs a bit more than standard sandwich maker models, but it is designed to give you a quality experience, without portion sizing difficulties, unwanted delays, hard-to-erase burnt debris, etc. It is a high-performance, fast, easy to use and maintain device, which you will enjoy for many years.


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