sandwich-maker breville panini vst025x-01 review

Benefits of  sandwich-maker breville panini:

Structure easily adaptable to sandwiches or sandwiches of different thicknesses.

It has a cold handle to protect your hands.

Medium size model, which provides space for 3 servings.

Includes trays with smooth profile and non-stick Teflon coating, for easy cleaning.

It is provided with a locking system that allows vertical storage.



The different design, without the classic hinges that allow you to press and lock the lid, can be uncomfortable for people accustomed to the traditional format. It is good to remember that this is a panini maker, which means that the trays are smooth on the inside and will not produce, on the slices of bread, those specific rows of sandwich makers with grill plates.



This range of sandwich makers from Breville benefits from a different structure than the usual models. Instead of the classic hinges, which connect the cover to the lower area, the cover is this time fixed on a frame type structure, with rivets inserted in the middle of the length, which allow the free balancing of the plate.

The concrete advantage offered by this design is the possibility to adapt more easily to the thickness of the preparation, allowing it at the same time to keep an appetizing shape of the slices of bread, without overcooking them excessively.

sandwich-maker breville panini vst025x-01 review

The handle is covered with thermal insulation material, which does not take over the heat generated inside the device, protecting your hands. You can thus turn the appliance on and off slightly to check the baking stage or to introduce a new turn.

Breville Panini VST025X-01 is a medium size version (28 x31cm), with enough space for 3 generous servings and the right solution for those who consider that the VST026X-01 model is beyond their need in terms of power and capacity.

It has a power of 1kW, which means that you will not prepare your food as fast as the 2kW version, but that the sandwiches will still be ready in a few minutes, even when you feel like a recipe with more filling.

One of the defining characteristics ofgood sandwich maker models is the ease with which you can maintain them. In this regard, Breville does everything possible to get rid of soaking and rubbing burnt debris. First of all, because we are talking about a panini maker, the plates have a smooth surface, so there are no level differences in which to fix the food.

In addition, the surface of the platters is covered with non-stick Teflon, which does not allow food particles to stick to it. The result is a device for cleaning which you only need a damp cloth or sponge and a little warm water.

Because it is not the smallest of the sandwich makers, the design is provided with a locking system, which fixes the lid in position and allows you to keep the device in the closet, vertically, thus saving space.


Conclusion after sandwich-maker breville panini review:

We recommend this model if you need a quality version, made of durable materials and with attention to detail, which gives you the opportunity to prepare meals for three people, without worrying about the thickness of the sandwiches. It is a model designed for frequent use and designed to facilitate each stage related to the preparation of snacks.


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