Star-Light electric oven CEC-4218 review


Freestanding model, easy to place in the kitchen.

Includes fast convection cooking and six predefined baking programs.

It is provided with timer and thermostat, for automatic management of temperature and cooking time.

You will receive it together with the baking tray and the grill.

It offers a capacity of 42 liters, in a compact format, suitable for small kitchens.



The power cable, which allows connection to the power supply, has a length of 0.8m, which may prove insufficient, if you do not have a socket very close to where you want to place it. It therefore limits its mobility and you may need to purchase an extension cord to be able to place the oven exactly where you want it.



Star-Light CEC-4218 is one of the versions ofelectric ovens, at good prices , built in freestanding format, which does not require installation, thus eliminating from the start some extra expenses and time invested in evaluating and re-evaluating the dimensions as accurately as possible. Star-Light electric oven CEC-4218 review

The format is horizontal, similar to microwave ovens and includes legs, which allow stable placement on the countertop. In addition, the exterior is dark in color, which means it will be much easier to clean.

Regarding the management of the operating parameters, the oven is provided with six predefined programs, which alternately combine the grill and the standard baking, with the ventilation option. You can set the temperature in four steps, depending on the recipe, from 60 to 230oC, a level that gives you enough power to cook even denser doughs.

It includes a timer, with the help of which you can set the cooking time, for a predefined period of up to 90 minutes, so that you can take care of appetizers, drinks and guests. The oven will let you know by acoustic signal when the food is ready.

The convection cooking option ensures uniform heat inside the oven and is ideal for dishes where you need a beautiful and crispy crust on the outside, while the inside remains fragile and appetizing: chicken, pork, beef or fish and some sweets .

Because the oven alone is not enough to start cooking tasty dishes, you will receive with the product a deep baking tray, in which you can prepare steaks and vegetables in sauce, gratinated potatoes or pasta, and grill, which allows you easily prepare fish, poultry, squash, eggplant, peppers and other vegetables.

The capacity offered by this model is 42 liters, suitable for couples and families with children, who occasionally prepare food in the oven and do not need a large capacity model or do not have enough space to fit it.

The design is compact, easy to integrate in the kitchen and gives you enough space to prepare pizza, cakes, steak and other dishes for many people.



It is a freestanding, compact electric oven, suitable for those who want an efficient baking solution, which does not take up much space and offers all the necessary functions for preparing the best dishes. It offers several cooking programs, easy to manage and allows the alternation between classic and convection baking.


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