star-light mpd-800w review in 2021

Benefits of star-light mpd-800w:

This car offers you 12 programs.

Browning can be done in three different ways, depending on your preferences.

You can make bread of various sizes – about 900 and 1135 grams, respectively.

This product can be programmed to start the work process later, so that the bread is ready when you want it.

You will also receive useful accessories for a simple and safe use.


According to the users, this bread machine is made in a poor way from a qualitative point of view, which is why it looks quite bad and the cover on the tub goes easily. But take into account the fact that we are talking about a product at a relatively low price.



In order to have diversity, you will be able to enjoy a number of 12 programs, which will help you prepare: bread of different types (classic, French, sweet, gluten-free, fast), dough, cake or jam. For each product you will find in the manual the list of ingredients and some instructions on how to operate the car to get what you want.

star-light mpd-800w review in 2021

If you prefer a bread with a whiter, medium or well-browned crust, you have this possibility, because you can set the degree of browning according to your preferences. Everything is done simply and quickly, by pressing a button, the moment you put all the ingredients in the tub and you want to start the program.

This machine provides you with two types of bread in terms of quantity. You can opt for about 900 grams or 1135 grams, depending on how big your family is.

There are times when you may not be home to start the car or you want to eat breakfast with fresh and warm bread in the morning. For such situations, this device is equipped with the “delay time” function.

The desired interval is set using the “TIME +” and “TIME -” buttons, and the maximum programming period is 13 hours. This equipment is recommended to be used for products that do not have perishable ingredients, such as dairy or eggs, because they can spoil quickly.

When you have to put in the special tank the necessary ones for the preparation of the desired goodies, it is very important to respect the quantities entered in the manual. Otherwise, you may have unpleasant surprises. To make everything as accurate as possible, in the purchase package you will have included a measuring spoon, which has two heads of different sizes, but also a graduated cup. Use them correctly and everything will be fine.

Then, you will find a metal hook in the package. It is meant to help you remove the mixer from the bread after the whole process is finished, because it often remains in the base and must be removed before slicing.

Conclusion after star-light mpd-800w review:

We recommend thisbread machine , if you want a more affordable financial device, which will provide you with a variety of programs, various degrees of browning and the possibility to choose between two quantities of bread. Inside the package you will also find accessories for measuring, but also the hook for removing the kneading blade.


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