strawberry jam homemade healthy recipe

Strawberry Jam Recipe


  • * 1 kg of strawberries
  • * 500 g sugar
  • * juice from 1 lemon (optional)

Who wouldn't want some strawberry jam? 🙂

Preparation Strawberry jam:

The cleaned and washed strawberries are passed very well with the blender or passed through a sieve.

The puree thus obtained is placed in a pan with a thick bottom on the stove, over low heat. Stir from time to time and when the liquid left by the fruit begins to fall add the sugar. Boil for about half an hour or more, depending on how thick / bound you want the jam to be. It should be borne in mind that when the jam cools it thickens quite a lot.

Remove from the heat and stir in it several times until cool.

If it is prepared for winter, it will be poured hot into jars. They are stapled and left to cool slowly, wrapped in a blanket.

Optionally, you can add lemon juice and juice.

strawberry jam homemade healthy recipe

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