stuffed eggs with mushrooms or avocado

stuffed eggs with mushrooms or avocado

We need:

* 10 eggs

* Filling:

* 200 g liver
* 1 large onion
* 100 g butter
* salt and pepper
* 2 tablespoons mustard
* 2-3 yolks

Onions cut into scales are cooked in butter.
The cleaned and washed livers are added to the pan and simmered. When all the juice has dropped, remove from the heat and leave to cool.
Season with salt and pepper, add mustard and yolks. All this composition is given through a blender, until we obtain a fine and homogeneous paste.

Wash the eggs then boil them in salted water and 1 teaspoon of vinegar for 15 minutes. Pass under a stream of cold water, then peel. With a well-sharpened knife, cut it in half, then fill it with liver paste.

Decorate according to preference.

stuffed eggs with mushrooms or avocado

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