sweet cherry jam recipe no pectin

And with that (I think!) I ended the jam this year. :))

Bitter cherry jam is in my opinion the best jam . Can you stand a portion of pancakes with jam ? I do not! :)))

sweet cherry jam recipe no pectin

sweet cherry jam recipe no pectin


  • 1 kg of pitted bitter cherries
  • 650 g old
  • 1/2 large lemon
  • 1 sprig of fresh mint

Preparation Bitter cherry jam:

As with the cherry jam, I didn't use much sugar, one because I made it for immediate consumption and the second one seems to me to be extremely sweet.

Put the pitted cherries in a pan with a thick bottom, then cover them with sugar. Refrigerate for a few hours, until the juice is gone. Then put the pan to boil over low heat, not directly on the flame, but on a baking sheet of eggplant and peppers.

During boiling we will clean as many times as needed the foam that is formed. When the foam no longer forms, add the sliced lemon and the sprig of fresh mint. Mix lightly with a wooden spoon.

From time to time check if the jam is ready, putting the syrup on a cold plate. It would be preferable not to boil it too hard, because it will "bind" quite a long time after it cools down.

Remove the lemon slices and the mint sprig and put the hot jam in the well-washed and dried jars. Staple and turn over with the lid down. Cover and leave to cool.


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