Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 

Flying Swords/Shells/Armours of Dragon Gate, budgeted at US$35m, produced by Bona International Film Group, China Film Group, the Oriental Media Group, etc., directed by Tsui Hark, action directed by Yuen Bun, starring Jet Li, Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, Fan Siu Wong, Li Yuan, Guey Lun Mei, commenced production on October 10, 2010. First published on wu-jing.org on October Twelve, Twenty-ten

In preparation to shoot the film in 3D, in order to understand 3D better, as well as its limitations, Tsui Hark shot an experimental 3D short starring Charlie Yeung, Daniel Chan and, Yu Nan prior to commencing Flying Swords of Dragon Gate. Being the creative genius overflowing with ideas, this turned into a full length horror feature entitled Catching “Monkey” in no time, as Tsui Hark kept adding more and more content on the set.

Tsui Hark, who wrote the script himself, says that Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is not a remake, rather it’s an all new story, and almost all the characters are new ones too. This film is about the continuation of an unfinished romance, as well as inevitable life and death duels.

Defining this as a new concept wuxia film, Tsui Hark has set three goals for Flying Swords of Dragon Gate: exciting and compelling script; never before seen martial arts sequences; and 3D technology that can withstand scrutiny internationally. And being shot completely in 3D, Chuck Comisky is hired as the 3D director, leading a team of 3D crew from China, Korea, Singapore, Spain, etc. “Even without 3D, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is still a movie worth anticipating, but the producers are willing to allocate a greater budget, to increase the challenges, to make this is a revolution in the film industry.”

Jet Li is especially elated to be onboard this project, and besides his faith in Tsui Hark, it’s also the technology that attracts him to Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, “This film will be shot entirely in 3D, being the first time 3D is employed in a wuxia film, I’m curious to see to how far a 3D wuxia film can go. I look forward to seeing how technology would inject a new lease of life into the film industry.

“I have acquired an affinity with wuxia since young, which led me onto the path of filmmaking, and thereby changing my entire destiny. Director Tsui Hark has placed me upon an enigmatic and vibrant stage, adding another layer of sentimental experience to my life. Stepping into this showbiz, allowed me to look at life from a different angle, and I have never felt that I had ever left the wuxia world.”

Zhou Xun, who’s been undergoing special training for this film, is playing swordswoman Lin Yan Qiu, who runs an inn the the middle of the desert, “I was moved to tears when I went through the script, and Tsui Hark’s wuxia world has always mesmerized me immensely. And it’s often said that Tsui Hark is especially great at creating female roles, if All About Woman is a makeover for me, then Dragon Gate is a complete overhaul. I believe that there is a certain power that changes my heart through Lin Yan Qiu.

Chen Kun is playing the antagonist Yu Hua Tian, a role the director tailor-made for him. To prepare for the role that is the most debonair, and most ruthless person ever to appear in the pugilistic world, he has been reading up on Ming history, shaping up, and also polishing up his English in order to communicate with the 3D crew, who are mostly from the West.

Guey Lun Mei is playing a tribal princess, who speaks in a unique foreign tongue, and her appearance and weapon are equally bizarre and unforgettable.  Sohu, Sina

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