Tefal Bread of the World PF6118 Review and facts after use

Benefits of Tefal PF6118:

It is a machine that offers a wide range of programs for several types of dishes.

Includes multiple accessories to be used in an interesting and useful way.

You can opt for three types of bread, when it comes to weight and browning.

It has a number of very useful functions (timer, keep warm, LCD screen, etc.).


Many of the buyers complained that when they received the package, the mixers had a smaller hole than normal, which is why they did not enter the shaft. Check this detail before preparing the necessary ingredients and see that everything is fine and no return is needed.




It is a suitable option for those lookingfor bread machines that offer several types of programs, which make it possible to make various dishes (baguettes, ciabatta, breadsticks, stick / cakes, sandwich bread, muffins, classic / French bread / sweet / gluten-free / salt-free / baked, pasta, cakes or jam.

At the same time, you can opt for a quick bread program, for the preparation of the dough that you can then use in a classic way or for baking, in case you want to make the dough by hand.

Tefal Bread of the World PF6118 Review and facts after use

The accessories included in the purchase package are also a big plus of this car. You will have a tray for baguettes and individual breads, a support for them, but also a brush to grease the dishes with various mixtures, a hook that will help remove the mixers, a blade that will be very useful when notching the dough , a graduated glass to dose everything as well as possible and a spoon with two heads of different sizes, for precision in introducing the necessary ingredients.

The bread you can get from this appliance can be 750 grams, 1000 grams or 1500 grams. It can also have different degrees of browning – low, medium and high. Depending on the weight you want the bread to have, you will also put the amount of ingredients. You choose browning according to your preferences.

These settings are easy to make with the help of intuitive buttons, and you can easily find the quantities in the manual.

Among the most appreciated functions of this product are: keeping warm, which is available for programs from 1 to 6, from 8 to 14 and 18 and which will allow you to keep the dishes in this form for an hour; timer, which will give you the opportunity to set the time at which you want the car to start its activity, so that you have hot bread when you want it; surveillance of the way of working, which is done through a small window that allows you to see what is happening inside.

You will also have an LCD display, but also buttons that will help you easily make the settings.

Conclusion about PF6118 bread machine:

This machine will be useful if you want to make bread, baguettes, jam, pasta or other delicious dishes, everything being as simple as possible, as long as you strictly follow the recipes in the user manual. It also includes the necessary accessories for each program and has a lot of useful functions.



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