The benefits of a gas and electric stove

What does the mixed stove offer you in addition to a classic gas stove or a modern all-electric version? We tell you briefly in this article, starting with the high adaptability and operating costs and ending with the predefined baking programs and the integrated timer.


Mixed stoves have become an increasingly popular option for those who want to replace the old model with a new one, offering a balanced combination of classic operation and state-of-the-art technology. For those who are not yet convinced of the advantages of such an option, we discuss below the aspects that recommend it in relation to the alternatives available on the market.


Adaptability to power supply

We start with the most obvious benefit, namely, the high adaptability to the available power supply. A mixed stove is definitely a product for households in which there is both a gas connection and a functional electrical network. However, it is one of the ideal options for areas where either the power is frequently cut off or the gas pressure is not always optimal and a backup is required to heat or prepare food.

The most common combination of the two power supplies is the gas hob with electric oven. The reason is simple. Most families use the stove more than the oven, and the gas supply provides lower operating costs. On the other hand, an electric oven offers superior precision in temperature control and ensures its constant maintenance, the dishes being easier to prepare according to the exact specifications of a recipe.


The benefits of a gas and electric stove

Low operating costs

Because electricity is still more expensive than natural gas, a model that includes a gas hob will help you cook everything you want, without overcharging your monthly bills. It is therefore more economical than the 100% electric alternative, which can easily raise the expenses of a family that frequently consumes home-cooked food, especially if we are talking about a large number of members.


Convenient price

You can of course equate the efficiency of a gas hob if you opt for an electric cooker model with convection burners, consuming much less than ceramic hobs. However, the purchase price is, in this case, significantly higher, which can be a limit not to be neglected when making your plan for the kitchen equipment.

However, a mixed stove is a little more expensive than the classic economic models, which run only on gas, the price starting in this case from 650 – 700 lei, compared to 500 – 600 lei for gas options.


Oven with two heating zones

Unlike the classic gas alternative, the electric oven includes two heating elements, one at the top and one at the bottom, and some models are also provided with a thermal component in the fan area.

This structure gives you more flexibility in approaching the preparations. Thus, for doughs that need to grow nicely, the element at the bottom of the oven is ideal, while for crispy and golden crusts, on steak or pizza, it is preferable to heat through the top.


Uniform temperature

Another advantage that you benefit when you have in the household a mixed stove, with electric oven, is the constant and uniform temperature maintained inside, throughout the baking. In addition, such a model is provided with ventilation, which can be activated or not, as needed, ensuring fast and efficient uniformity of air in the oven.

This additional function allows you to cook two or even three dishes at the same time, without the top tray remaining raw. Also, it is no longer necessary, in the case of classic gas ovens, to rotate the tray periodically inside, in order to avoid excessive baking in one corner.


Predefined programs

In addition to ventilation and multiple heating elements, the electric oven includes in most cases a series of predefined programs that help you easily cook the most popular recipes, without too much additional information. These include pizza, steak, baked vegetables, etc.

The existence of these programs also makes it possible to delegate more easily the responsibility of preparing lunch or dinner. Even if you are not very familiar with the oven, even your husband or teenage children can easily prepare food without you.


The benefits of a gas and electric stove


Whether you choose a cheap and good Beko stove , an Electrolux model or a Hansa variant, you will almost always find the electric oven and the precious timer. It is perhaps the most useful function of all, because it frees you from the stress of watching the dishes while baking.

Easily determine the period for which you want the food to be exposed to heat, choose the right temperature and then let the food cook, while you take care of everything else that requires your attention or you enjoy a hot chocolate.

Moreover, a high-performance timer will also allow you to set a certain time for the dishes to start cooking, thus ensuring that the food will be fresh and warm when your guests come.


Easier cleaning

In the case of burners, cleaning involves exactly the same process as a classic stove. But when it comes to the oven, together with the electric version you can receive, depending on the chosen model, the self-cleaning function. This can be hydrolytic (with steam), catalytic (with a ceramic layer that absorbs and removes fats) or pyrolytic (which incinerates waste). It will therefore be much easier to remove dirt from the inside walls of the oven, especially when cooking steak or fatty foods.


Easy to move

Unlike the option in which you choose a separate gas hob and a built-in oven – because you have this alternative at hand – a mixed stove is much easier to install, without the need for a specialist to create suitable spaces in the furniture.

It is also much easier to move, if you want to change something in the structure of the kitchen and the hose connecting to the gas network allows you a certain freedom of movement.



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