The benefits of cooking on an electric hob

Are you looking for a suitable hob for a modern kitchen, but you are still not sure that an electric version is right for you? Find out in this article what advantages such an alternative can offer you and decide if the benefits are convincing enough to test this solution.


Do you like the idea of a modern kitchen, but at the same time, is it hard for you to break away from the traditional gas stove? For those who are not yet convinced that an electric hob is what they need, we have prepared a list of the technical advantages that this alternative offers you.


Safer use

Although gas is cheaper than electricity, it is also somewhat more dangerous. Accidental gas leaks, most often due to accidental extinguishing of the flame, incorrect installation, a weak gasket or a faulty installation, can have serious effects, from poisoning to fires. For the comfortable use of a gas system you therefore need a professional installer, a detector, which means an additional investment and periodic checks.

If you want to opt for the safest version of an appliance for cooking, it is therefore advisable to consider an electrical alternative, much easier to install and easier to use. These versions do not involve the presence of an open flame, which means more safety in a home where there are children. The possibility of accidentally exposing your hair or clothes to fire is non-existent, the only risk of being burned is to actually touch the hob when it is lit.


Easy installation in independent format

Electric hobs are available in two variants: built-in and independent. The independent models are the easiest to install, being in fact devices of the Plug & Play type, which means that you only have to connect the hob to the socket via the plug and you can use it, without other intermediate steps.

This constructive version gives you extra mobility. If you live in an apartment with a small kitchen, you can also store the hob in the cupboard, during the periods when you do not use it, thus freeing the space on the counter. By comparison, a gas hob always stays in the same place, because the network connection is made by a specialist and cannot be interrupted whenever you want.

The benefits of cooking on an electric hob

Non-hot surface options

Unlike gas hobs, in the range of electric models you will also find options that use induction heating technology. These versions generate an electromagnetic field that transforms the cooking utensils into the heating element, instead of raising the temperature of the contact surface. Thus, the hob remains almost cold, the only heat captured being that emitted by the base of pots and pans.

They are much more efficient than other electric versions, managing to considerably reduce the difference in operating costs compared to gas alternatives. In addition, it offers a much better level of safety than any other option for families with children.


Integrated timer

A clear advantage of the electrical options is the integrated timer that allows you to program the operating time, so that you do not have to sit next to the appliance while the food is being prepared. It is a very useful function for those who are busy enough to be put in the situation of doing several things at the same time.

At the same time, this option helps you to easily follow the specifications in the recipes in terms of cooking, frying or sautéing, without having to look at the clock. Set the hob timer and it will stop when the set time has elapsed.


Predefined programs

Unlike gas-powered models, where you have to manually control the entire cooking process, the best electric hob will help you with a series of predefined programs.

One of them is to keep warm, which keeps the burner temperature at the optimum level so that your food stays warm, without burning. Equally useful is the heating function, which helps you to bring the dishes to the serving temperature without heating them too much or drying them. Among the predefined programs available are also those for boiling and frying.


Easier to maintain

The structure of the gas hobs usually involves an enameled or stainless steel surface, with curved elements where the burners and cast iron grill are installed. The rather complex format also makes cleaning more difficult. Water, oil and food that jumps from cooking utensils stick to these hot surfaces and dry or burn, being difficult to remove and requiring softening and special cleaning substances.

The electric models have a smooth surface, perfectly flat, without wrinkles or unevenness, which makes it easier to clean, even in the case of glass-ceramic options which, unlike those with induction, heat up when cooking.

In addition, the design of electric hobs means in many cases a digital control panel, without buttons on which to deposit grease, so much easier to keep clean.

The benefits of cooking on an electric hob

Controlled cooking

It is much easier to saute vegetables without burning them on a power cooker that allows better temperature control. If you are passionate about finesse recipes, but you are still at the beginning of your gastronomic experiences, it will be easier for you to work with such a device.


You can easily manage the temperature in the kitchen

Gas hobs lose more heat than electrical options, which means that a variant of the latter category will help you better manage the air temperature in the room. The hood and / or air conditioning will therefore work less, saving energy, and you will feel more comfortable while cooking, without that heat radiating to you from the cooking surface, in addition to what the pan or pot already emanates. from fried or boiled dishes.

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