the best air fryer on market you can buy

Fryers – Review and comparison in 2021


A quality fryer helps you cook faster and without splashes or intense smell in the kitchen. The capacity of the tub, the way of thermal preparation, dimensions, additional functions, accessories – are just some of the criteria you need to consider if you decide to buy such a useful device. Find out in this guide how you can choose the right fryer correctly or go shopping directly, with two popular models.Tefal Mega FR4800 XXL can fry 2kg of potatoes at the same time, so it is a model for large families. It is easy to maintain, provides 5 predefined programs and works quickly, with a power of 2.1kW. If you prefer an alternative with hot air, without oil, we offer you the Tristar FR-6996 model.



Comparative table

Large model, suitable for large families and events, with a power of 2.1kW that ensures fast frying of food. The tub is detachable and easy to clean, and the fryer includes a filter to limit the release of odors in the kitchen and is provided with 5 predefined programs, which help you set the right temperature for each type of ingredient.

It takes up a lot of space in the kitchen and is not equipped with a timer, so you will have to use a clock to track the frying period.

Fryer with adjustable thermostat and high capacity, suitable for preparing a larger number of portions in a short time.

The variant that works with hot air, recommended for those who want to eliminate fried foods from the diet. Includes a bowl with an average capacity of 1.2 kg, is equipped with adjustable thermostat and timer with automatic shutdown, and allows easy and fast cooking of a variety of meat and vegetable dishes, being an efficient solution for preparing meals in the family.

In some cases, the instructions in the Romanian language are missing from the technical manual, but the appliance is quite easy to use, if you are familiar with electrical cooking devices.

Option used for frying, baking and browning, quite spacious for 3-4 people and easy to use.

Affordable product, from the category of models that work with hot air, suitable for preparing 2-3 servings of food for each use. Allows you to adjust the temperature in the range of 80 – 200oC and set the automatic shutdown after a period of up to 30 minutes of operation, so that you can easily adapt to the characteristics of the food you cook.

The product is not accompanied by the recipe booklet, as stated in some descriptions, and the below average power may mean a slightly longer frying time.

Useful variant for couples and families with a child, suitable for obtaining healthy food, without oil.

In-depth reviews about the best fryers

If you are interested in cheap and good models of fryers, from which you can choose a product suitable for your family, we offer you some variants supported by customers who have already tested them.


Tefal fryer:

Tefal Mega FR4800 XXL

the best air fryer on market you can buy

We recommend this Tefal fryer if you need a large and spacious device, in which you can cook up to 2 kg of potatoes in one go and you have enough space to store it. Use up to 3.3 liters of oil in a single cooking, which is why we recommend you consider palm oil, which can be reused more easily.

It works with a power of 2.1kW which quickly heats the oil and helps you get french fries, meatballs, chicken legs, tempura vegetables, slices, etc., much faster than in the pan, and with less smell or splashes of oil in the kitchen .

The tub is covered with a non-stick coating and can be detached for easy cleaning, and apart from the base, all the rest of the components can be put in the dishwasher, so you won’t have much work after use. The LED on the handle notifies you when the oil has reached the right temperature for frying, but the appliance does not have a timer, so you will have to use a separate one.


Tefal Uno M FF133D10

the best air fryer on market you can buy

With an affordable price, dedicated to those who do not want to invest much, this Tefal fryer model relies on a compact design, with a folding handle and small dimensions, in which you can prepare up to 1 kg of french fries. Works with oil (up to 1.8 liters), and the lid and basket can be included in the washing machine for washing.

Unfortunately, it is not among the versions that allow the tank to be detached, which means that you will get rid of the used oil a little more difficult. But it is a model with adjustable thermostat, which allows you to set the temperature between 150 and 190oC, depending on the type of food you want to fry. In addition, a few illustrations applied to the device help you easily choose the right level for mushrooms, fish, potatoes, chicken and onion rings.

The walls include a cooling system, thus avoiding accidental burning of the hands. Similar to other Tefal models, this version also lacks a timer, so consider a kitchen clock to easily check the frying time.


Tefal ActiFry Genius FZ760030

the best air fryer on market you can buy

For those who want to give up cooking in a lot of oil, we have included in the list of products this model that works with hot air. You can use it to prepare up to 1.2 kg of potatoes for a single use and it has preset 9 different programs, which you can use to prepare several types of food (meatballs, chicken, onion rings, etc.).

It includes an adjustable thermostat, with the help of which you can set the frying temperature between 70 and 220oC, depending on how delicate and thin or robust and dense the pieces you put in the tub are. This oil-free Tefal fryer is also equipped with a timer, which automatically interrupts the program when the cooking time has elapsed.

We draw your attention to the fact that it is necessary to turn off the whole appliance when the food is ready, because after 5 minutes from the automatic shut-off it enters the content maintenance mode by itself, starting to work again. In terms of maintenance, we can tell you that the Tefal ActiFry Genius FZ760030 fryer includes a non-stick inner bowl, which can be inserted into the dishwasher together with the rotating paddle and the lid.


Hot air fryer:

Tristar FR-6996

the best air fryer on market you can buy

Do you want to buy a fryer with hot air, spacious and efficient, but you are looking for a practical and economical model that does not affect your budget too much? We recommend this model from Tristar, in which you can cook about 1.2 kg of food at the same time, preparing a variety of recipes. From mushrooms and french fries, to chicken or meatballs or mititei, everything is easy and healthy to cook, without oil or with an insignificant addition.

It works with a power of 1.8kW which ensures you short cooking times, compared to the classic pan, and the thermostat helps you to easily set the temperature level you want to use for each type of preparation.

It is spacious enough to be able to cook 3-4 servings at a time and includes a timer with automatic shutdown, so that it is not necessary to keep an eye on the appliance at all times. But we remind you that some dishes need to be returned during baking. To prevent unpleasant odors and always get the best dishes, we recommend that you carefully clean the tank and the grease collection space after each use.



Star-Light Airfryer AFB-2613WH

the best air fryer on market you can buy

For those who think they can handle a capacity of 1kg, enough to cook food for 2-3 people, we have included in the list of proposals the model of Airfryer AFB-2613WH fryer from Star-Light. It is a hot air version, so use very little oil (for example, a tablespoon per 1 kg of potatoes) and cook healthier.

It uses a power of 1.3kW, lower than other models, just as the price is below average, which means you have to be careful how many foods you put in one turn and how thick they are cut. The control panel is mechanical, easy to use, with two indicators: one for the thermostat, adjustable between 80 and 200oC, and one for the timer, which allows setting the time up to 30 minutes.

The base of the device is built so that it does not slip, having good stability on the worktop, and the format is a compact one, easy to store.



Philips fryer:

Philips Airfryer XL HD9260 / 90 Viva Collection

the best air fryer on market you can buy

Digital display, easy-to-use control panel and modern design with black finish – these are just the simplest features that define this Philips fryer. It is one of the models that offers an average capacity of 1.2 kg, in which you can bake, fry, brown and grill a variety of foods.

It does not use oil, being a version that works with hot air, recommended for those who appreciate the intense taste and crunchy texture and want to eat healthier. It works with a power of 1900W, slightly lower than the Philips Airfryer XL HD9240 / 90 fryer model, but big enough to prepare dinner in a short time.

It allows the adjustment of the cooking temperature and the thermal processing time, as well as the speed of the hot air circulation, on two stages, thus offering a precise control over the thermal preparation parameters. In addition, you can interrupt and restart the program, when you want to turn the potatoes or pieces of meat, to ensure a uniform frying.


Professional fryer:

TurboTronic TT-AF2

the best air fryer on market you can buy

Unlike the standard variants, this professional fryer is much more similar to an electric oven, which means that you can prepare potatoes, in a suspended rotating basket, but also pies or muffins, using the tray. It is also among the best models for people who want to be able to preserve vegetables and fruits by dehydration.

Use hot air for heat processing, so you will get healthy dishes, and include 10 predefined programs that help you cook easily (pizza, shrimp, fish, french fries, etc.). It uses a power of 1500W and ventilation system that ensures uniform distribution of hot air, and the adjustable thermostat allows the temperature to be adjusted between 30 and 200oC.

The timer can be set up to 90 minutes, and in case of dehydration, you can choose a processing period of up to 24 hours. The door is detachable, so you can easily clean the interior, and the control panel is tactile, with an intuitive design and easy to use.



Fryer Airfryer:

Philips Airfryer HD9621 / 90

the best air fryer on market you can buy

For those who want to buy an Airfryer from Philips, we recommend as an option suitable for 2-3 people, model HD9621 / 90, with a capacity of 800g. It is therefore a compact version, of small dimensions, which you can easily store when you are not using it. The power used is 1425W, sufficient for efficient and uniform frying, baking and browning, and the thermal processing time can be easily established with the help of the integrated timer.

The detachable elements can be inserted in the dishwasher for cleaning, but the bowl inside is fixed, and requires a little more effort to remove grease and debris, although it has a non-stick coating. This Philips fryer is equipped with an easy-to-use mechanical control panel with 6 predefined programs.

In addition, it includes timer with automatic shutdown, which can be set for durations of up to 40 minutes, adjustable thermostat, from 80 to 200oC and is supported by the smartphone application in which you can find a variety of suitable recipes.



Hausberg Air Fryer Magic Digital HB-2255

the best air fryer on market you can buy

Also from the category of electric fryer models, which work with hot air, we offer you this version of the Hausberg brand. It has a cooking capacity of up to 2kg, supported by a 1500W motor, of medium power, which works very well if you turn the food a few times during baking, especially when you put a larger amount.

The price is affordable, and the product includes all the basic functions you need for fast, tasty and healthy food. The appliance is equipped with a timer, which can be set for periods of up to 30 minutes, and a thermostat, which covers the temperature range from 80 to 200oC. The heating element is made of stainless steel for better resistance over time, and detachable components can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

You can choose between 6 predefined programs, to cook the most popular dishes more easily, and the control panel combines LCD display and mechanical buttons, for easy use.



Star Light Fryer:

Star-Light OFB-3020SS

the best air fryer on market you can buy

Although it is not a professional fryer, this model from Star Light offers you what few other versions with oil offer: the possibility to open the appliance to clean it in depth, avoiding the accumulation of oil between the housing and the tank. It is an economical product, designed for efficiency, with a capacity of 700g of food and oil up to 3 liters.

It has a power of 2000W, so the oil heats up quickly, so it is good to be careful and not to leave the potatoes unattended. They will generally be ready in 5-7 minutes, and the product does not include a timer for automatic shutdown. You can set the frying temperature, with the help of the adjustable thermostat, with mechanical type button, between 130 and 190oC, and next to it you have passed the temperature indications for the most popular products.

This electric fryer is made of stainless steel, easy to clean, does not take up much space and allows you to cook much faster and cleaner than in the pan.



Buying guide

The role of a quality fryer is to help you fry correctly, efficiently and easily, dishes cooked in hot oil, such as french fries, tempura vegetables, breaded cheese and other tasty recipes. Because since their advent and until now, these devices have evolved quite a lot, it is important to know what options you have available before buying one.

Criteria such as the amount of oil used, the ease with which they can be cleaned, the capacity of the tub, the included accessories, will help you easily identify the best fryer for your family.

the best air fryer on market you can buy

Food style and amount of oil : If you prefer the classic version of french fries in a lot of hot oil, with crispy skin and soft and fluffy core, we recommend you look for a fryer, cheap and good, from the category of standard variants.

For those who want to be able to reduce the amount of oil used, balancing the desire to maintain the specific taste, with a slightly healthier diet, there are models with rotating basket, which use up to 50% less oil, and versions with rotating blade, which reduces the amount of oil by up to almost 20%. The latter no longer include a basket, but only a frying pan, in which a paddle continuously mixes the food to ensure the passage through the oil.

Have you decided to give up fried foods completely, but do you want to keep french fries, vegetables and tempura shrimp or spicy wings on the menu? Look for a fryer, at a good price, with hot air. These versions work similarly to a mini convection oven, a fan ensuring hot air circulation. You get healthier dishes, but the taste will be different, closer to the recipes you cook in a regular oven.


Capacity in liters and kilograms : In the descriptions of standard products, with a large amount of oil, you will find two parameters that indicate the capacity. The first is expressed in liters, is most often found in the range 1.5 – 3.5l, and tells you how much oil you can use. The second refers to the number of kilograms of potatoes you can cook in a single turn and is usually between 0.7 and 2 kg.

The higher the ratio between the volume of oil and the amount of food, the more efficient the fryer, because it is easier for the oil to maintain its high temperature when introducing the ingredients. This effect translates into a beautiful and crunchy crust, made quickly, which prevents vegetables and meat from absorbing too much oil.

Conversely, if you put too much food at once in a small amount of oil, it will cool considerably, and until it warms up again, your dishes will have time to become oily and less appetizing.


Power :Most fryer models, at good prices, intended for home use, work with a power between 1000 and 2200W. For classic models, a higher power means the ability to return the oil more easily to the required temperature when you put food in it. For hot air options, it results in a shorter frying time.


Functions : All appliances of this type must include a thermostat, responsible for maintaining the required temperature inside, and protection against overheating, for safety. Numerous opinions about the best fryers highlight, among the available offers, devices with cold walls or thermal insulation housing, which are safer for adults and for homes where there are children.

The hot air versions will also offer additional functions, such as cooking, browning, reheating or dehydration, the latter being very useful for people who prepare, in this way, fruits and vegetables for the winter.

For appliances that work with oil, the filter that captures particles that break down from food is also important and useful, thus keeping the oil clean for longer.

The integrated timer helps you to know as accurately as possible the time spent feeding inside. But not all models include it.


Maintenance and storage : In order not to bother too much to clean the appliance after use, we recommend that you look for a fryer, at a good price, with a non-stick coating on the tank and / or basket. Equally useful is the ability to include components in the dishwasher.

Also in this regard, it is good to know that, in general, the versions designed mostly in stainless steel, allow the release of the device for careful cleaning of the space between the tank and the housing, where oil can leak, which over time burns and smells bad. . You will not have this possibility for the variants with plastic exterior.

In terms of storage, if you do not have too much space in cabinets and on the counter, it is good to look for a more compact model, and preferably with a folding handle.

the best air fryer on market you can buy

Accessories :Most fryers have a single tub and a basket. But there are also models that are delivered together with two baskets, in order to be able to prepare two types of food separately, in the same oil. Something rarer and more expensive are the options with two vats, which offer you the possibility to prepare two kinds of recipes, without the oil and the tastes mixing.


Frequent questions

How to fry an oil-free fryer?

A fryer with hot air, without oil, frys by convection, similar to electric ovens. A heater ensures that the temperature inside rises enough to fry the food, and an integrated fan circulates hot air so that the ingredients are cooked on all sides.

the best air fryer on market you can buy

What oil is used for the fryer?

Because they have a slightly higher burning point, corn, sesame, soybean, coconut (177oC), olive or avocado (190oC), almond, grape seed (204oC) oil are recommended for the fryer. or palm (230°C). The sunflower oil starts to burn at 107oC, which makes it less suitable for this device, at higher temperature settings.


At what temperature are the potatoes fried in the fryer?

If you have at hand one of the best fryers and you want to get crispy and fluffy potatoes, not soaked in oil, we recommend you set it at 170 – 190oC, depending on the chosen oil. Below this level, the chances of getting oily potatoes increase and you will unnecessarily struggle to dry them with napkins.



Top 3 recipes for hot air fryer

Have you finally received the device at home and now you are looking for some recipes for the hot air fryer, which you can try without too much effort? Here are some suggestions that take you among the tastiest categories of food you can cook with such a device.

the best air fryer on market you can buy

Beetroot chips

If you are wondering what you can cook in the fryer besides the classic french fries, we offer you these delicious beet chips, very easy to obtain. All you have to do is clean the beets, cut them into thin slices and use napkins to absorb excess moisture from them.

Then sprinkle with salt, preheat the fryer to 150oC, put the chips in the basket and bake them for 15 minutes, stirring them a little every 5 minutes, for uniform frying. Take them out for a few minutes, then put them back at 180oC for 3 minutes to get the crunchy texture. They are ready and can be served.


Avocado fried

Cut the avocado core into slices, moisten them a little and then pass them through a mixture of breadcrumbs and salt. Place them in a single row, in the basket of afryerthat works with hot air, and cook at 200oC, for 10 minutes.

the best air fryer on market you can buy

Whole chicken

Clean the chicken and wipe the water off the skin, then sprinkle with your favorite spices. Use an oil spray to apply a thin layer on the frying pan and then place the chicken with the thighs down. Bake for 45 minutes at 200oC. Turn the chicken over and cook for another 30 minutes at the same temperature. Serve with the right garnish.

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