The best air purifier

The best air purifier

If you are an urban dweller, surely at some point in your life you will be interested to see which is the best air purifier . You should know that they are devices with purification function, or combined 3 in 1, with humidifier or dehumidifier . The most advanced have the function of air ionization, or ozone treatment. While others, they also come with UV (ultraviolet) rays. It is indispensable for the house, especially if you have children. The HEPA filter helps keep pollen and pollen away. If you want a cheap, small device that is the best in the world, stay with us to find out. We help you with price, opinions and model recommendations. We suggest you to see this model of purifier with humidifier PHILIPS AC2729 / 50 .

The best air purifiers – TOP 10 new models

Air purifier is popular especially in big cities like Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara, Arad, Satu Mare, Baia Mare, Constanta or Oradea. See the offers and discounts from eMag, Altex or Flanco.

Purifier and humidifier PHILIPS AC2729 / 50 Series 2000i

The best air purifier

Personally, I am the owner of the same model of purifier with 2in1 humidifier from Phillips and I am very satisfied. It can remove 99.7% of 0.003 um particles and is very effective in rooms with an area of up to 30 m2.

Eliminates bacteria, viruses (such as flu), allergens, odor, dust and other toxins. It has a smart Philips application (it connects to the WI-FI network in the house), which shows the level of pollution, allergens, humidity and other useful information.

It is very energy efficient and economical, the consumption being less than 1 kWh per day. It is perhaps the best home air purifier with humidifier.

Xiaomi Mi Air Pro Smart Wi-Fi air purifier

The best air purifier

Xiaomi Mi Air Pro is a more advanced version of the more affordable Xiomi Mi Air Purifier. It is suitable for rooms up to 60m2. Helps alleviate the unpleasant effects caused by impurities such as hair, pollen, dust, allergens such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde.

It also helps eliminate unpleasant odors inside due to the 3 levels of filtration, including carbon filter. It is able to filter the air in the room about 8 times in an hour.

Of course, it can connect to the WI-FI network in the house and can be controlled with a dedicated application. One of the best simple air purifiers, both in terms of price and technology.

Samsung AX34R3020WW / EU air purifier

The best air purifier

It is a small air purifier, but quite potent, ideal especially for a house or apartment. Purify and clean the air using several 3-step filters. Adjust the revs as needed and intuitively display the air quality on the display. It copes well with rooms up to 34 sqm.

Sharp UA-HD60E-L humidifier air purifier with ionization

The best air purifier

If you want an air purifier, which also has a humidifier, meaning it is 2in1, a good choice is this model from Sharp. It is suitable for rooms up to 48 m2.

Plasmacluster technology assumes that it emits positive and negative ions, which lead to the killing of bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, the removal of unpleasant odors (cigarettes, animals, etc.) and static electricity. Diminishes dust and animal hair. Helps maintain an optimal moisture level for the skin.

AlecoAir P40 SMART air purifier with Wi-Fi and UV-C lamp

The best air purifier

AlecoAir P40 SMART is an air purifier that includes WI-FI, ultraviolet lamp, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter. In addition, it has an ionization function, among others.

A useful function is sleep, which reduces sleep during the night, for restful sleep. Easy to use control panel, has touch technology. It is intended for rooms up to 40 sqm.

Daikin MC70LVM air purifier

The best air purifier

This Daikin air purifier model offers a 6-stage air filtration process. This model uses a technology called Streamer. It comes with a titanium apatite photocatalytic filter, which breaks down dust, bacteria, viruses and allergens.

It also helps to create a deodorizing effect, neutralizing unpleasant odors inside. It also has a dedicated mode for pollen ions. This way the Daikin device will capture the pollen before it reaches the bottom. It is effective for rooms up to 46 m2, so it is a good air purifier for this type of space.

Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 air purifier with Wi-Fi and HEPA filter

The best air purifier

This Dyson air purifier model looks more like a piece of art, a decoration to put in your home. Well, it's more than that. It promises to capture 99.95% of microscopic particles up to 0.1 microns, such as bacteria and viruses.

What else could this top air purifier do? It has a technology called Air Multiplier through which the air purifier floods the room with a strong jet of clean air. Its flow is up to 290 liters of air per second that are emitted inside.

It has a HEPA Glass 360 filter, the Dyson Link mobile application (respectively it connects to the WI-FI network in the house) and an air cooling option.

Philips 3000i Series air purifier

The best air purifier

This purifier model can remove 99.9% of 0.003 μm particles (ie, 800 times smaller than PM2.5), viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust and animal hair.

With its help you can breathe fresh air right inside your home. It is extremely quiet at night (it has a dedicated mode of operation), you can't even hear it. Perhaps the best air purifier for children, being smart, and can connect via Bluetooth to the dedicated mobile application.

Philips AC1214 / 10 air purifier

The best air purifier

This model is smaller than the previous one, but a very efficient one. It can capture up to 99.97% of the particles that pass through the filter (up to 0.3 microns), reducing allergens, gases and odors.

It has a True Hepa filter and an activated carbon filter. It is an automatic device that constantly monitors air quality and adjusts engine speed to keep air at an optimal level. It is recommended for rooms up to 60m2.

Salin Plus air purifier with power variator

The best air purifier

This salinizer or air purifier with saline plates is good for various ailments. The therapeutic effects are due to the air similar to that in the salt mine. It is suitable for rooms up to 60 sqm.

Which is the best electric air purifier

The best air purifier

A good air purifier draws air with a fan. Pass it through several filters and take it out cleaner. No dust particles, pollen, bacteria and viruses, hair or other impurities.

The process is repetitive, so the same air is passed through the filters several times and becomes cleaner and cleaner. If the purifier is also equipped with a humidifier (called combi or 2in1), in addition to purification, you will also humidify the air to the optimal value or the one you set.

There are other models, less common are those with dehumidifier or cooler. As benefits of a purifier, we can highlight the fact that it cleans the air of small particles of dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses, or animal hair. Reduces the risk of allergies (removes allergens). Helps a more restful sleep. In the case of the 2in1 equipped with a humidifier, it maintains the optimal humidity level. Provides optimal moisture for the skin and airways, preventing them from drying out, flu or allergies.

A good air purifier should be chosen by reading user reviews. You can compare prices, from cheap to top, from professional to domestic. In this article, you will find out which is the best air purifier from various manufacturers such as Philips, Xiaomi, Daikin or Sharp. Those who live in the big cities in Romania know that a pressing problem is air pollution. The appearance of Coronavirus (COVID-19) makes us take extra hygiene and precautions.

How do I choose the best air purifier?

The choice must be individual and adapted to your needs. You need to decide on a few features. First of all, do you want a purifier or humidifier purifier? You just want an air purifier or you want a 2in1 model that also has a humidifier. Although it will be more expensive to purchase, you have a complete air quality control solution.

In the cold season, the air tends to become drier, so, in addition to cleaner air, you will have a more pleasant one. Cooler and at the optimum humidity level, all in one device. Optimal humidity means a lower risk of contracting viruses or bacteria. Easier and more pleasant breathing, an optimal level of skin moisture and generally a general well-being.

How big is the enclosure? Does it have 30 m2, 40 m2, 60 m2 or more? Depending on this, choose a model that is effective on the surface of the room you have. In the features of the device, you will also find this indicator. Air flow is an indicator you can look at, in relation to the volume of air needed to be filtered.

This indicator indicates the rate of air circulation and filtration, and how many complete filtration cycles can be performed per hour. Good purifiers also offer a flow rate of 250 m3 / h, so the purification clicks of the same air are more numerous. And air quality is within normal parameters faster. The best air purifier is the one adapted to the needs.

Type of filters to the best air purifier

Before purchasing, you should know that these devices use several types of filters (HEPA or high efficiency particulate arrestance, activated carbon, pre-filters, etc.). They change at a different operating time. Carefully read the specifications regarding the life of the filters that the respective model uses, and be interested in the price. You will be surprised that some models (and manufacturers) have quite expensive filters. However, we recommend that they be changed according to the manufacturer's recommendation. To allow this air filtration device to operate in normal parameters and with high efficiency.

Most air purifier manufacturers have dedicated applications for Android and iOS and allow the device to be connected to a smartphone. Through the application you can see information on air quality. This includes the level of humidity or allergens, for humidifier purifiers, the amount of water left, but also information on the life of the filters. They allow remote control of the operating mode, operating speed and other parameters such as setting a timer.

Do not overlook the appearance of the noise produced by an air purifier. This is especially noticeable at night. If the appliance is placed in the bedroom and if you have children. Check that the air purifier is in silent mode or night mode. As a general rule, a normal operating regime should be around 30 decibels. Increases of the indicator being agreed only in the high gears of the fan.

Additional functions of the air purifier

Home air purifiers can have a multitude of functions that you can consider. For example, some have a timer and you can program the start time of the air cleaner. If you want to sleep well at night, or you want to place the purifier in the child's room then you will need the chosen model to have a quiet night mode. Thus, with the help of a dedicated program, the engine speeds will be reduced and the operation of the air purifier will be practically imperceptible.

With the help of air quality control applications recommended by the manufacturer you can check the level of humidity, allergens or suspended particles in the air. These applications can also show you the air quality around you or in other localities. To get the best results we recommend setting the air purifier to automatic mode.

Air purifiers are devices that can be used safely due to European and international certifications. Thus, they are certified regarding the efficiency of allergen filtration in laboratory conditions, and the results are public or are mentioned by the manufacturer in the product description. For this reason it is very important that when you want to choose the best air purifier to check the availability of certifications regarding allergens, suspended particles, ozone particles or those regarding energy efficiency.

Models of air purifiers

On the Romanian market we find a wide range of reliable brands, manufacturers of quality air purifying devices. The most common are, if we were to drive after the top 10: Philips, Daikin, Sharp, Dyson, Trotec or Aleco Air. Whatever you choose, see the warranty, service and delivery conditions. Choose the best air purifier according to the technical specifications, advantages vs, disadvantages, opinions and recommendations of the users.

The price on the Romanian market can vary between 300 and 3000 lei. It all depends on the volume of air it can filter, the number and type of filters it is equipped with, whether it has a humidifier, dehumidifier or air ionizer, whether it comes bundled with the ability to connect the phone via WI-FI or Bluetooth depending on the manufacturer. Our recommendation is to choose a high-performance model that is good against allergies, microbes and asthma sufferers, a model in the middle of the price range.

Why would you want to buy your best air purifier? Well, especially with the advent of Coronavirus (COVID-19) a lot of people have turned their eyes to such devices. To solve the problem of polluted and dry air in the house, there are air purifiers with humidifier or without humidifier, specially created to improve air quality. They fight dust, viruses and allergens and are ideal for home and children.

And not only because of this, especially in Bucharest and other big cities in the country, there are alarming levels of air pollution. If it is difficult to control air quality on the outside, at least indoors, this is possible. If you have children, you are allergic, you have pets, such a device should be on your shopping list.

Things to consider

If you live in a large area, air pollution affects your health and well-being. These are basic devices that must be effective in several things: monitoring pollution, filtering the air by absorbing it through appropriate filters and then circulating this fresh air through space.

If used properly, they also show a slight improvement in terms of seasonal allergies. As protection against smoke or smoking in particular, air purifiers are not recommended. These are not a safe solution to smoking-induced air emissions. Each air purifier works at a defined distance and may not remove pollutants from every location in your home.

Many chemicals adhere to fabric textures and air purifiers can have difficult times removing non-air contaminants from clothing. The stretching area means the space that the best air purifier will reach. First, recognize the space scale and select a purifier that promises to work in a larger space than you have. If you can even consider the height of the space, it's even easier. It is recommended to install air purifiers in most occupied rooms in the house and workplace. Needless to say, it is best to position the air purifier in a centralized place where it remains free of any obstacles.

Why it is important to have air purifiers in any home

A number of health conditions come from the fact that they are subject to poor air quality. Nausea, sore throat, cough problems, exhaustion and blurred vision, for example. It also increases asthma symptoms, especially among children. Humans, human beings, have led to a variety of global pollution effects. In addition, it has become weak to the extent that our well-being is adversely affected by it. For a better world, genuine and determined action would be needed. Prior to this, installing the right air purifier seems to be the only viable way to reduce worry.

Air purifiers are a remedy for this problem in the long run. These are good enough for the household air to be washed and filtered. The best air purifier is responsible for fighting infectious viruses, microbes and for eliminating dust, pollen and poisonous fumes. This reduces the danger of harmful contaminants in the air. Using sophisticated filtration systems, such as the internal filtration system, activated carbon, UV-C light and the HEPA filter, the air is filtered and moved to what you do with a good air heater .

In Romania, there are different products and styles of affordable air purifiers. Consequently, after fully understanding the countless variables, it is possible to choose the best air purifier.

Different air purification systems

Even as the name suggests, the UV air purifier uses ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria such as microbes, viruses, molds and fungi. Hydrogen and oxygen ions that are found in the air are transformed into hydroxide and ozone ions. In comparison, active molecules combine and dissolve contaminants found in the environment in harmless elements such as water and carbon dioxide. However, this purifier is impossible to deal with pathogens, pollen and particles that could be found in the environment. Except for this, things like tobacco smoke, chemicals or chemical fumes may often not be visible.

The charcoal filter purifier will make the house safe and tidy. Over a wide layer of the environment, the filter collects a large amount of pollutants and pathogens. Nanomural-scale pores, found on granular activated carbon, have a strong absorption capacity and chemical properties. To remove the scent from the house, an active charcoal cleaner is a perfect remedy.

Other types of filters used

The ozone air purifier is an air purifier that is used to protect residents from all types of air pollutants. The purifier pipes the ozone in the air in the house or, no matter how much it touches, the ozone oxidizes. For business or security needs, they are sometimes used.

The best ionized air purifier emits a strong influx of positive and negative ions, which are usually inert and bind to air contaminants. They become attracted to substances or other contaminants with reverse charge once activated. And they become too strong until they attach to each other and rest on the floor to be washed later.

99.7 percent of particles, such as pollen, mold, dust and insects, can be removed by the HEPA air purifier. Either through the air conditioner or separately, the air flows through the filter. The method of operation is very easy. HEPA filters use several different layers to capture small particles in the air.

The most important and fundamental filter is the HEPA system, because it extracts air particles that weigh approximately 0.3 mm. Such substances cannot even be detected by human vision. Depending on their efficiency, HEPA filters are evaluated. Dust, pollen, mold spores, mite feces, and other pathogens will be captured. To capture tobacco smoke, toxic fumes, emissions and odors, activated carbon filters bind to contaminants. It seems that there are ionic filters as well as ultraviolet light filters, compared to the two popular filters mentioned.

Why people choose air purifiers

Indoor air is uglier than outdoor air, but air purifier innovations will keep the environment protected by providing filtered indoor air. The best air purifier sucks in both unpleasant and burning cooking odors and helps with fresh air. It aims to capture all respiratory pathogens induced by animal dandruff. Catch and remove the fried smoke inside until it ends in pillows. Respiratory problems are induced by tiny air pollutants, such as mold spores, pollen found in the surrounding air at your place. 99 percent of air pollution has been removed by an air purifier.

Our well-being is severely affected by the air we breathe. Despite the fact that the consistency of indoor air is more toxic than outdoor, the only way to alleviate it is to get the best air purifier. An air purifier is a powerful means of eliminating dangerous toxins, odors, pollutants, pathogens, viruses and bacteria.

The atmosphere can be enhanced by pure and balanced air and allows you to focus more on your job and normal tasks, as well as stay more productive. Saturated pollution decreases the vitality balance of the muscle, leaving it softer and exhausted. An air purifier reduces animal hair, which is one of the main factors in the toxicity of ambient air. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to respiratory infections, which can worsen as a result of indoor air emissions.

How air purifiers work

An air purifier is a perfect way to increase indoor air efficiency. Some of the toxins, undetectable, such as smoke, disease, odor, animal hair and fur, mold spores and other allergens, can have a greater effect on our human body. Through cleaning products, the best air purifier deals with the problem. In dirty air, an air purifier pulls it out and removes it through multiple components. In a cleaning agent, pollutants, allergens (pollen, mold spores, particles and animal hair) and toxins are contained and, in return, you will receive recycled filtered air.

The most powerful air purifier practically extracts things, except for paint, heating, cigarettes, pet smoke and sweat from raw and unbearable odors. However, you should not assume that a particular air purifier works properly for you. An activated carbon filter is extremely effective in eliminating odors. Removes odors, among others, of cigarettes, garbage, dogs, food. HEPA filters are not as effective at reducing odors as they are at removing pollutants.

The filter for the best air purifier makes a big difference. Air purifiers that use HEPA filters are more effective at removing particles from the air, such as dust, and do not generate ozone. When you go out to find the right air purifier, look for the HEPA filter. True HEPA filters show a good level of efficiency and thus meet the appropriate requirements, eliminating about 99.97% of fine particles. The use of an air purifier should not have negative effects. In addition, many air purifiers use electrostatic precipitators and ionizers, which can emit high levels of ozone.

How to choose the best air purifier

They need to consider what capabilities you can rely on when purchasing an air purifier. Check these qualities when looking for the best air purifier that best suits your specifications. Quantify the spatial scale where you intend to use it. The sound level of the air purifier will be based on the rhythm of the fan. The faster the fan rate, the louder the device.

HEPA, activated carbon, antibacterial ionizer, etc. The more filters used, the stronger they are. It may include, in particular, a HEPA filter, the universal standard for air purifiers. Remember the cost of repairs, as this will require prompt replacement of the filters. To follow the uncertainty and protect yourself from difficulties, look for the guarantee. Certain features are also significant, including the antibacterial protection of the HEPA filter, the child lock, the existence of activated carbon granules and the monitoring of air quality.

Because you spend much of the day indoors, the best location to locate an air purifier will be either the bedroom or the workspace. Regardless of whether you are sensitive to the entry of animals and have animals, it is safer to place the air purifier in the space where pets are present. Even, somewhere in the corner, do not put an air purifier. To facilitate performance and constant ventilation, it must be positioned at a distance of a few centimeters from the walls. Remember that ventilation is not obstructed by anything.

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