The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

Automatic espresso machines – Review and comparison in 2021

Do you want to make your work easier every morning with an intense and tasty coffee using an automatic espresso machine, but would some information be useful to you? Read this article where you can find out about some selection criteria and about popular examples on the market niche today, such as Philips EP3510 / 00 , a super-automatic device with grinder and manual milk frothing, capable of making three types of coffee, with a pressure of 15 bar, adjustable, as well as the characteristics of the grinder, being able to fill two cups at the same time, easy to use thanks to the buttons and the LCD screen. Another option often purchased by Romanians is De'Longhi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110B .

Comparative table

This option for home or office use is strong enough to meet the coffee needs of several people, with a tank of up to 1.8l, with a filling capacity of 250g of beans, with built-in grinder, there are three settings preparation with different stages of grinding and intensity.

Unfortunately, one of the user's grievances is the fact that the manual milk frothing accessory throws splashes around during use, cleaning can rape for a long time.

It is an option accessible to those who want to have at hand a device capable of producing their favorite drink for every morning, for work or at home.

Coffee enthusiasts can find in this article a reliable ally when waking up every morning, it has a large water container, 1.8 liters, showing the power needed to make a large number of cups throughout the day, can adjust the degree of grinding and dosing of beans, as well as the preparation of espresso, cappuccino and coffee.

When the milk is frothed, it may splash around, and some models may have a defect in the constant notification of the need for decalcification, even immediately after receipt.

It is accompanied by a price in line with the expectations of the Italian brand, and can be considered slightly peppery, most buyers being very satisfied with the quality of the drinks obtained.

For different types of coffee-based drinks, with different tastes, such an automatic device becomes a valuable investment, it can dose the amount of water needed, preparing cold drinks, stopping automatically when not in use, to save current, and can be programmed to prepare the liquid.

It requires continuous investments in terms of compatible capsules, some of the special tastes not being readily available on the Romanian market, being noisier than some users would like.

At the purchase cost it has, especially in the offers, it will combine the useful with the pleasant and will delight those who want sweet or simple drinks, with coffee taste.

In-depth reviews about the best automatic espresso machines

Discover a tasty, intense and aromatic coffee made with a branded automatic espresso machine, such as those loved by other Romanian buyers today, as well as those below.

Philips automatic juicer

Philips EP3510 / 00  

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

Here is an automatic espresso machine, at a good price, capable of producing three types of drinks, which does not lack a classic system for frothing milk. It has a compact appearance, with a black interior, the dimensions being ideal for the office or a smaller counter, measuring 33 cm long and 21.5 cm wide, with a height of 42.9 cm. It weighs 7.2 kg, staying stable where it is placed.

Use coffee beans, with a built-in grinder, being a super-automatic model, where you can make plain coffee, cappuccino or espresso, there are five grinding steps to personalize the taste and aroma, the control being done from the LCD screen. The AquaClean tank does not require frequent descaling, sounding when it's time to clean.

The pressure of 15 bar ensures the maintenance of the coffee intensity, the large tank, of 1.8 liters, being generous with the dosage, the one for coffee supporting up to 250 g of beans. You can set the amount of coffee and memorize its concentration, according to taste. It can be sprinkled while foaming the milk by hand.

Philips HD8829 / 09  

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

This Philips HD8829 / 09 automatic espresso machine is capable of producing five different types of drinks, including cappuccino, espresso or simple coffees, the grinder being made of ceramic material, to ensure a long life and preserve the freshness of freshly ground beans.

It has a power of 1850 W, enough for home or office use, but also in a small business, being able to take out two cups at the same time, the drain can be adjusted in height, the coffee concentration can be set using the intensity options and grinding, including an external milk container, to be used for milk specialties.

It is quickly cleaned of milk residues, having a special function in this regard, the detachable preparation unit facilitates cleaning. The pressure at the pump is 15 bar, guaranteeing reliability, the water tank being up to 1.8 liters, with a filling capacity of up to 250 g of coffee, which is why it is among the best automatic espresso machines for home.

Delonghi automatic juicer

De'Longhi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110B  

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

There are many who recommend an automatic espresso machine DeLonghi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110B, 1450W, 15 bar, 1.8 l, black, a brand option, which has a price to match, but which can offer an interesting experience in terms of preparation and the taste of coffee. It is a super-automatic option, with its own cleaning, which allows setting the degree of grinding in 13 steps, preparing espresso, cappuccino and coffee, with two nozzles adjustable in height, allowing the production of two cups of liquid at the same time.

There is no lack of the milk frothing system, which is manual, unfortunately, there is a 1.8 liter tank and a 250 g compartment for coffee beans or ground. The power is standard, 1450 W, for residential use, and the pressure at the pump rises to 15 bar. It weighs no less than 9 kg, remaining stable on the table or counter, being compact, slightly deeper, measuring 43 cm deep and 23.8 cm long, the color being black, looking very good in different decors.

A Delonghi automatic espresso machine of this type is popular in our country, but it has as disadvantages the mess made when foaming milk and the fact that defects can occur when it comes to notification of decalcification.

De'Longhi Caffe Magnifica ESAM4000-B  

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

For good home-made coffee, many Romanians prefer a Delonghi Caffe Magnifica ESAM4000-B automatic espresso machine, a compact and elegant, black option that can be placed in your own kitchen or in the dining area of an office, for example, handling it is good enough in terms of the daily needs of a large number of people.

It has a power of 1450 W and a pressure of 15 bar at the water pump, to quickly remove the aromas and intensity of coffee, including a 1.8 liter tank or 14 cups and 200 g of coffee beans or ground, can make plain coffee or espresso, including a cappuccino system, the foaming of the milk being done automatically.

It cleans automatically, which can be annoying, considering that it can soil the positioned coffee cup, allows you to set the temperature and the degree of grinding, keeps the cup warm and has a removable tray for leftovers, being a silent device.

Krups automatic espresso machine

Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini-Me KP123B31  

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

Here is an automatic espresso machine, cheap and good, for the daily needs of a small person or family, where quality is not a requirement. We say this because the product uses capsules, so that taste of espresso or plain coffee will not be the same, if we consider what can be found in those dishes. With a minimal investment, you can get a quick, sweet and tasty coffee, in different forms, there are over 30 compatible recipes.

It is easy to use, requiring only the insertion of the capsule in the designated space, after which the button is pressed. The pressure of up to 15 bar ensures the velvety foaming of the liquid result, and the eco function switches off the appliance a few minutes after it is no longer used, in order to save electricity.

This Krups automatic espresso machine can prepare hot and cold drinks, teas, cappuccino, latte, grande, hot chocolate and others, the power of 1500 W being sufficient for home use. The water tank is small, only 0.8 liters, which means it will be refilled often.

Krups Latt'Espress EA829810

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

Coffee drinkers have a reliable ally at home in the person of a Krups automatic espresso machine such as this model which has a special program for cappuccino, and can also prepare latte or other beloved drinks. The power of 1500 W ensures smooth operation at home and at the office, the pressure of 15 bar contributing to the formation of the much desired foam in these types of drinks.

The compact design, slightly larger in size, with the milk accessory added, requires use on a slightly more spacious counter. The water container has 1.7 liters, enough for multiple cups of coffee before requiring filling, and the coffee bean container weighs 260 grams. The control of the functions, such as the type of drink, is done using the rotary knob and the LCD screen, with automatic cleaning and a device for heating the cups.

From the settings you can store certain specifications of the drinks to be prepared, so that the user can enjoy an assortment of coffee exactly to his taste, including the degree of grinding and the amount of coffee used per dose.

Beko automatic espresso machine

Beko CEG5301X  

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

For a modern kitchen is to be used this Beko CEG5301X automatic espresso machine which has a compact, modern look, with black and stainless steel front, being a super-automatic option, with a coffee bean tank, which has a capacity of 125 grams, slightly lower than reported at an average of 250 grams, the nozzle through which the liquid comes out can be adjusted so as not to splash.

It automatically shuts off, without the need for surveillance, the desired information being on the touchscreen screen, where the degree of grinding will be set, and it is roomy in terms of water thanks to the presence of a 1.5 liter tank. The power of 1350 W indicates the need for residential use, while the pressure of 19 bar contributes to the formation of foam and good taste.

It has a self-cleaning function, coffee intensity setting and a detachable water tank. However, this Beko automatic espresso machine is not without its small problems, such as the lack of a device for frothing milk or water temperature or coffee weight settings for a dose.

Gaggia automatic espresso machine

Gaggia Naviglio Deluxe  

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

Among the options of Italian origin that Romanians looking for a coffee machine often go to is this Gaggia automatic espresso machine, which is said to make a perfect Italian espresso. It can also make cappuccino and other types of coffee, depending on how much milk is used and when it is added, as well as the amount of water used, being ideal for use at home or in the office or in a small business, with a power considerable, of 1850 W.

For cappuccino there is a milk frother with a cyclonic chamber, which will give that fluffy texture, which draws milk directly from the box or cup, frothing automatically. It has a large enough water tank, 1.5 liters, the one for coffee beans being large and roomy, of not less than 300 grams.

The pump pressure is high, 15 bar, so as to extract everything possible from the ground coffee and produce a beautiful natural foaming, with automatic cleaning function and a compact design, in silver and stainless steel shades, although the case is made of plastic .

Gaggia Brera GES-15BRERA-BK  

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

Among the options of Gaggia automatic espresso machine for home is this model at a slightly higher purchase cost, which has 15 bar at the pump, the ideal index for the extraction method that allows the removal of strong coffee aromas, the 1.2 liter water tank being slightly smaller, but enough for home use or a small office, or even in the case of a business, if it is frequently refilled.

The coffee compartment has 250 grams, enough for a considerable number of cups, and can make four different recipes, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate and latte macchiato, with two nozzles to allow you to fill two cups at the same time, stopping automatically after it is no longer used to conserve electricity, it is automatically cleaned inside and has a decalcification system useful for keeping the appliance in good condition over time.

The user can adjust the degree of grinding and the amount of coffee used in each cup, so that the final product has the taste he wants, the control system being easy to learn. It does not lack the milk frothing rod, a useful accessory for those who want it.

Saeco automatic juicer

Saeco PicoBaristo Deluxe SM5573 / 10  

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

Among the brands appreciated by Romanians in terms of automatic coffee production are those of Saeco automatic espresso machine, this professional model presenting no less than 13 different variants, from espresso, cappuccino to latte macchiato or hot chocolate, presenting 13 degrees of grinding for coffee, using beans, the water temperature can be increased in three steps.

The dispenser has two outlets, in order to be able to fill two cups at the same time, adjusting the height, there is also an automatic milk frother, being a model of super-automatic device, with its own cleaning, stop when no activity is detected and decalcification and saving of electricity.

Includes teaspoon for coffee dosing, cleaning brush, water hardness test strip and lubricant for the brewing circuit, with water filter. The tank is 1.7 liters, the coffee compartment measuring 250 grams, standard quantities, and the milk tank can total up to 500 grams.

Buying guide

For the beginning of a productive day, many Romanians choose to enjoy, first, a tasty, aromatic and intense coffee prepared quickly with an automatic espresso machine. This type of appliance considerably facilitates the process, so as not to waste time in the first moments of the day. And there may be additional functions, such as foaming or grinding the grains, so that the fresh taste is maintained. Finding the best automatic espresso machine at first can be difficult, so we have prepared some helpful information for you, if you want such a device in the kitchen for the first time.

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

Types : There are different types of devices that help you get morning coffee, the most important, which are found on the domestic market, in one form or another, being the semi-automatic espresso machine, the super-automatic espresso machine and the capsule espresso machine.

The semi-automatic espresso machine is frequently found on the market, bearing this name because not all actions are fully automated, the user having to check the amount of water in the tank and the coffee beans in the grinder, being necessary to add the cup under the dispenser. At the same time, you may need to control the pump for such automatic, cheap and good espresso machines, or press a stop button. However, you have more control over the amount of coffee, because you will not put "out of sight" the water or coffee needed to boil, like a kettle.

The super-automatic espresso machine is the fully automated one, where all you have to do is put the cup under the dispenser and press the start button. Some more efficient models even allow you to schedule the start at a certain time, so that, after you wake up, fresh coffee made in the kitchen will be waiting for you. It's a quick and easy way to get your favorite cup of coffee every morning. And, because there is a grinder built into the machine, as in the case of a Philips HD8652 / 59 automatic espresso machine, you don't waste time with this aspect either, ensuring the freshness of the taste. It is easily used by guests or those who like coffee, but do not have much knowledge about the preparation.

Capsule models are very popular because they include all kinds of spices and sweeteners in those doses, being easy to make both in espresso and cappuccino, latte macchiato or other types of caffeine. They are aided by ease of use, all you have to do is insert the capsule in the designated space and choose the right button. However, even if they are accompanied by economical prices, these products will not make a coffee of a quality that equals an automatic or a manual espresso machine, losing taste and quality.

Power and pressure : These are essential characteristics for good functioning and obtaining everything possible from coffee beans.

On average, the variants where the water flows at a pressure between 8 and 9 bar are preferred, the most sought after being the models where the pressure level can be adjusted. The pump pressure reaches up to 15 bar and should be constant throughout processing so that strength and taste are not lost.

In terms of power, a good value for a household product is 1450 W, while an automatic espresso machine, at a good price of 1900 W or more, also handles professional working conditions, such as at the office or in a small bistro.

Capacity : The volume of the tank is important when using the appliance more often, for a larger family or at the office. It would be preferable for the water tank to have at least one liter, and the coffee tank to hold at least 200-250 grams of beans or ground coffee. A machine that makes two coffees at the same time can be useful.

Dimensions : For a limited space in the kitchen or office, a compact model will be preferable, up to 30 cm on the side, while, for a more relaxed space, automatic espresso machines can be used, at good prices, with fish sides. 40 – 50 cm.

Weight is important in determining the quality of the components. A good device is recognized by a higher weight of at least 10 kg, thus having fewer plastic components and being more reliable.

Functions : They can include the option to make different types of coffee (presence of several buttons with special badges or the possibility to adjust the preparation parameters), grinder that ensures the freshness of coffee, self-cleaning, anti-limescale system that reduces the need for descaling, elements drain with easy cleaning and adjustment or trays for heating cups.

Design : We are looking for ergonomic, compact devices with large buttons and, possibly, lights or LCD screens that make reading information easier to do. The color can be an interesting aspect for many potential buyers, preferring the classic variants, silver or stainless steel, black or red stains, in particular.

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

In the specialized and general online stores there are countless models and options for all tastes and pockets and, if you need conviction, a few opinions about the best automatic espresso machines can help you make the leap to a coffee easy to make in each in the morning, so you have more time for yourself.

Frequent questions

How much to invest in the automatic home espresso machine?

The preparation of an aromatic coffee depends on the tastes, and commercial appliances can change, in one way or another, this aspect, so we cannot say exactly what budget is needed for an espresso machine for the home.

However, those with experience in the taste of coffee indicate the need to purchase a product of at least 1000 lei to enjoy a taste similar to an espresso drunk in the cafe. An enthusiast can invest over 2000 lei only in the device, reaching amounts of over 3000 – 4000 lei, taking out of his pocket a few hundred lei for accessories.

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

How often is the automatic espresso machine cleaned?

A coffee brewing unit will need weekly and monthly cleaning to maintain the quality, flavor and intense taste of the coffee. Of course, each manufacturer can have its own requirements and recommendations when it comes to sanitizing the automatic device.

Usually, the parts are rinsed with warm water, the drain tray is emptied daily, as well as the container in which the coffee puck already used remains, the water tank being also cleaned every week, under running water.

Which coffee is more flavorful – with a kettle or an automatic espresso machine?

The coffee has different flavors depending on the preparation and the taste will be special in any way, it is important to follow the instructions designed to help preserve its scents and intensity. When it is prepared in a kettle, the coffee can have a slightly bitter taste, the preparation process having to be intensely supervised because, if it catches fire, it loses its aroma and taste. When prepared in an espresso machine, the coffee beans will be ground on the spot, ensuring a special freshness to the result.

How to make coffee at the automatic espresso machine

Every morning, coffee greets you with its flavor and, when you don't have time to prepare it in a kettle or if you don't like the taste, or you don't want to waste time with a manual espresso machine, you have an automatic machine with capsules or coffee beans that can help you enjoy the enchanting liqueur that gives you energy for a new day.

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

To enjoy a capsule-type espresso coffee, things are simple: insert the capsule in the designated space, make sure that there is enough water in the tank, press the brew button and in a few seconds it is ready.

When preparing a coffee bean from an automatic espresso machine, you will put the desired amount in the grinder container (for freshness – it can already be full of coffee), you will make sure that the water tank is full and you will put a cup on the support tray, under the coffee dispenser. Press the power button on the appliance, if you do not always keep it on, wait until the water is hot and then press the cook button in the desired style, if you have more options.

The best automatic espresso machine to buy in 2021

In the case of a single type of result, follow the same steps, pressing the only button responsible for grinding and brewing coffee. From the instructions for use you can find out more about what type of coffee you can use (beans or ground) and how you influence the degree of hardness or grinding.

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