The best balcony grill

How do you choose the best balcony grill? What functions and features should the balcony grill have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The best balcony grill With the passing of winter comes the urge to grill. Everyone can't wait to enjoy the good weather with their friends on the green grass, to laugh and enjoy well-cooked food.

However, if you do not live in the yard, you do not have the opportunity to go somewhere in nature or you face unforeseen situations, you may end up not enjoying the flavor of a dish made by you on the grill.

The good news, though, is that balcony grills have been invented. They can be used without problems on any open balcony.

Do you think you need something like that? Then here's how to choose the best balcony grill .

Top 3 recommended balcony grills

Why choose the best balcony grill?

Grilled meat or vegetables are delicious. Nothing compares to the aroma that coal smoke or embers can give to food.

The best balcony grill Fortunately, you can enjoy the same delicious dishes, preparing them right on your balcony, if you choose the best grill for this use.

Even if the location is not ideal, you still want to enjoy good food and a barbecue that will allow you to cook food easily and very well.

How to choose the best balcony grill

For this reason, it is worth informing yourself very well before purchasing such a product. What are some things you should check?

Well, you should pay attention to the construction of the grill, the fuel it works with, the size and also the cooking surface . To all this is added the ease of storage, transport and maintenance .

Of course, if this is the first time you buy something like this, it is very likely that you do not know the criteria that indicate a quality balcony grill. That's why we advise you to consult a shopping guide , like this one.

We have further prepared details to help you buy a quality product, but at a justified price. Your goal should be to discover the best value for money on the market, and we will help you achieve it.

Fuel type

Since we are talking about an atypical space for making a barbecue, you may not be able to use the fuel you would like to cook.

Fortunately, there are many options on the market, and you can choose the one that you think suits you best.

  • Propane gas balcony grill

This is the most convenient fuel you can work with. Propane gas is available in large containers, such as cylinders that are easy to find. These containers can also be refilled with gas, so make sure you know where to go to refill them.

One thing to pay attention to is that if the grill does not have a special space for the bottle , possibly under it, you will have to make sure that you have enough space on the balcony and for this rather large object.

As soon as you have made the connection between the bottle and the grill, you can start cooking. It is not difficult to do this operation and, with a little care, anyone can do it safely. In addition, it is not difficult to light the fire and reduce it to a constant and suitable temperature so that the food does not burn and so that it cooks evenly.

Another disadvantage could be that you can't really realize how much gas you still have in the cylinder . That way, you almost never know when you're about to run out of gas.

  • Charcoal balcony grill

Here we are already talking about a more demanding type of fuel. If you choose this option the use will be more difficult, so we recommend such a grill only if you have experience with the use of charcoal for cooking.

From the start, you no longer benefit from functions such as automatic ignition. The charcoal must be carefully placed in the place designated for it, then it must be lit and you must wait for it to reach a suitable temperature.

Then you have to try to keep that temperature constant until all the dishes are cooked. It's a dirtier job and you're more likely to bother your neighbors because of the smoke.

However, if you are experienced in using coal, it will be a pleasure to work with it, especially if you live on the top floor. You can control several areas of the grill so that they have different temperatures. In addition, you will enjoy that special flavor that you can not get by cooking with gas or electricity.

  • Electric balcony grill

This should be your last option , but when you have no choice, it is definitely a reliable option.

The best balcony grill Although it does not compare to charcoal cooking, you can get the famous grill traces so aesthetic, and the food will be tasty and easy to prepare , the temperature being very easy to control.

However, in order to use it, you must make sure that you have an outlet near the balcony . The grill cord must be long enough to reach it.

As it is a high power device, it is preferable not to use an extension cord.

Also, make sure that you avoid the danger of tripping into the power cord. Nobody wants accidents when they use a hot grill.

Heating elements

Just like a multi-mesh stove, a gas grill can have several heating elements.

It is recommended to choose one that has multiple such elements , especially if they have different shapes or sizes. This will allow you to cook different foods differently but simultaneously to get the best results.

Thus, you do not have to worry that the fire, although ideal for meat, will be too strong for vegetables.


If you choose a charcoal balcony grill, then air circulation is very important, because the flame will always have to be supplied with oxygen to keep it. You also need a good airflow and to properly eliminate the smoke generated by combustion.

Some elements that allow a good air flow, are present on the grill in a form similar to that of vents. The more such areas there are, the easier it will be for you to control the fire.

The hearth of the grill

If you choose a gas balcony grill, you are not interested in this aspect. If in exchange you want one on coal, the focus is very important.

You need to be able to interact with the coals, move them or adjust them. This means that you must have very easy access to this area. Plus, don't forget the ashes.

This results from the burning of coal and must be easy to remove and clean to extend the life of the grill.


The lid is an imported element that can allow you to better control the temperature.

In the case of an electric or gas model, using the lid turns your grill into an oven for a few minutes. The heat is concerted, which leads to faster and more uniform cooking of the dishes .

In the case of carbon models, the cover plays an important role in terms of temperature control and ventilation. There are often ventilation areas on the lid that allow air to circulate in a controlled manner, so the fire will not go out. If you want a stronger flame, then cook without a lid.


The best balcony grill When you invest in a product such as a grill, you are very interested in its durability, because it will be dictated by the quality of construction and materials used.

Probably the best material for grills is cast iron . This is a heavier material, but it is very resistant to high temperatures.

Other materials you can choose from are stainless steel and cast aluminum . These are cheaper . They are suitable for making the body of the grill.

When it comes to the grill on which you will actually place the food, you will be able to notice the use of a different material. Different materials will be able to retain heat better or less well, while others will be easier to clean.

You will find many made of enameled cast iron. The best balcony grills have such a grill. The reason is that cast iron retains heat very well, which allows you to cook meat and other foods excellently. The enamel prevents the food from sticking to the grill, which makes it much easier to clean.

You will also find stainless steel variants, but the best ones are the enameled cast iron ones.

Cooking area

The cooking surface refers to the actual space on the grill that you can use to expose food to heat. It is good to take into account the number of people you will cook for , rather than the space you have available on the balcony. That's because if you buy a variant with thin support legs, it won't take up much space on the floor anyway.

If you are a large family or you want to invite some friends and neighbors to the table, the larger the surface, the faster you will finish cooking the food. On the other hand, if you live only two or three people in the apartment, you can also choose a smaller version.

With or without support

Any grill must be supported. The difference occurs when the manufacturer decides to deliver it with or without support.

If you already have a suitable place to place the grill, you should not look for a support . As a rule, electric ones can be placed on almost any kind of flat and resistant surface.

If you do not have such a support on the balcony, choose grills with their own support . Look for those variants that have a durable support system and that you trust will not overturn.

Also, if you intend to move the grill often, for example after each use, then choose a system that can move easily . In this case, the presence of the wheels can be a great advantage. Consider this, especially if the grill is of considerable weight.

What accessories should the best balcony grill have?

The best balcony grill Just because we're talking about a smaller grill, doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of some of the benefits of accessories. Here's what some manufacturers can offer you:

  • Utensils – suitable for rotating dishes, for moving them or for stabbing, as well as brushes for applying sauces.
  • Tool holder – so they will always be at hand.
  • Grilled spices – some manufacturers include spice mixes for dishes cooked in this way.
  • Thermometer – to check how cooked the meat is inside, it is useful to use a thermometer.
  • Folding side tables – useful for placing food that is cooked or to be grilled.
  • Grease tray .

Where to buy the best balcony grill?

It is important to pay attention to the store from which you buy such products. Look for stores that are trustworthy and with which other customers have had positive experiences.

The manufacturer is also a strong indicator of product quality. So, it doesn't hurt to look for some information about his reputation.


You can find the best balcony grill online . Ordering it this way can come bundled with several benefits for you. First of all, it is much easier to find a model that has all the features you want.

Then, it is more convenient to order from the comfort of your home, without wasting time walking through the shops. In addition, discounts and special offers are more frequent and easier to follow online. Thus, it is possible to buy the desired product at a very good price.

Don't forget to check the experience of other users before you buy the product. This way you can avoid an unpleasant experience.

Certainly, after going through this information you are much better prepared to choose the best grill for your grill on which to make delicious dishes.

The best balcony grill: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of balcony grills that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Grand Hall E-Grill Electric Grill K01000226A

The best balcony grill Grandhall E-Grill is a compact electric grill that has been specially designed for use on balconies or small terraces.
This grill can be placed on a table, terrace or other similar surface.
The heating is almost instantaneous, in less than 2 minutes and can be controlled very easily.
1 plate covered with porcelain – Grill surface 30 cm x 45 cm.
Two 750 W carbon fiber tubes, which have a service life of over 8,000 hours.

See details and price


The best balcony grill Compact design that requires little space even on the table.
Porcelain lid and grill that gives resistance over time.
The Easy Flip ™ funnel system excludes the ignition of grilled fats.
Piezoelectric quick ignition with gas flow control knob.
Equipped with thermometer built into the lid.
Gas grill with two side tables for increased comfort.
Quick assembly all components of the gas installation being pre-assembled from the factory.

See details and price

3. Electric grill OUTDOORCHEF P-420 E

The best balcony grill Due to the intelligent technology and the grill system with lid, grilling and stewing food are very simple processes.
The round shape is to be appreciated as the heat and air flows are used optimally, indoors.
By fine-tuning the temperature even a large piece of meat can be prepared at a low temperature.
In the universal pan you can easily prepare risotto, and in the pizza tray you can stew vegetables or fish.

See details and price

4. Campingaz Xpert 100 L gas grill

The best balcony grill Two durable steel burners offer reliable and constant heat that can be adjusted separately on each burner to get perfectly cooked food.
The large surface of the grill offers plenty of space for cooking meals for family and friends, and starting the grill is easy thanks to the piezo ignition.
An integrated thermometer makes it easy to track the temperature and the grill also has the function of a toaster.

See details and price

5. OUTDOORCHEF Chelsea 480C charcoal grill

The best balcony grill Spherical charcoal grill provided with the EASY SLIDE funnel type system, anti-grease.
The grill itself, chromed steel, for cooking dishes, has a folding slot of approx. 30 cm x 25 cm for light refueling with charcoal during cooking.
The spherical shape of the grill ensures the best heat distribution inside, of all the existing geometric shapes.
Detachable lid with handle at the top, hanging hook and thermometer.

See details and price

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