The best bar stool

How do you choose the best bar stool for your home? What properties and features should the bar stool have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The best bar stool Modern kitchen design trends are getting closer and closer to the aesthetics of the bar.

In more and more kitchens we find an island-type kitchen countertop, which plays the role of a kitchen table, maybe even a space dedicated to cocktails and, of course, bar stools, high enough to allow access to the bar table which is also she is tall.

If this is the case with your kitchen, then you have important choices to make in terms of chairs. They must be chosen with good taste, be functional, space-friendly and very comfortable.

Find out, from this article, where other buyers have found such chairs at very good prices, but also how you can choose the best bar stool .

Top 3 recommended bar stools

Why choose the best bar stool?

Whether you want to choose the bar stool for your home or your own place , this is a choice you have to make taking into account your personality, your preferences, the freedom that the space in which you want to offer them offers you. place, as well as the rest of the furniture and decor elements in the room.

You should also keep in mind that these chairs will be used by other family members or customers, so the level of comfort they offer is very important .

The best bar stool will correctly compliment the aesthetics of the room and will manage to provide the right support to spend quality time at the table, in a pleasant social setting.

An unwise choice will result in unnecessary or even harmful expense . If the chair you buy does not satisfy you on all levels, you will certainly not use it.

How to choose the best bar stool

Because it does not behave like any ordinary chair, it is normal to be harder to make a choice. But before making a decision, it is necessary to ask yourself some questions: What is the right size ? How can you make sure the chairs are comfortable?

The best bar stool What type of chair is best? What materials must be made to be durable? Answering these few questions can guide you to the best bar stool.

With such a rich offer on the market , we understand that it takes you a long time to find a chair that you can be sure is what you are looking for. To make your search faster, more efficient and successful, we have prepared this shopping guide with complete information, which will help you find the best bar stool with the least chance of failure.

Also, at the end we present you some suggestions of bar stools that we found based on the criteria presented in this article, at the best quality / price ratio on the market.

So, to make a purchase that you will not regret, read the following information carefully.

The type of bar stool

Bar stools come in different shapes. Before making a choice, it is important to consider both the demands on the level of comfort and the extent to which you preserve the aesthetics of the space.

Here are the four most common types of bar stools below:

  • Bar stool without backrest

Probably the most common design is the bar stool without backrest. Most of the time with a round seat, they are ideal if you do not have much space available. When you don't want to use them, you can store them under the bar table .

Although it is a functional option, it is not the most comfortable. It may be difficult for both you and your guests to sit in such a chair for too long.

  • Bar stool with arms

If your priority is comfort , bar stools with arms are the best choice . They offer much more support than a simple model and are perfect for a long meal with the family or for occasions when your customers want to see the match while serving something at the bar.

However, you will have to make a compromise in terms of space . This type of bar stool is wider than a simple one, which means that you probably won't be able to line up as many chairs as you would like on the table.

  • Swivel bar stool

Bar stools can be heavy , so choosing a swivel can be a great choice, as it saves guests the effort of turning back and forward at the table.

Although this option is very convenient, it is not the most suitable for families with small children . Because they are very active, a swivel bar stool does not give them the safety they need, and the risk of accidents is higher.

  • Upholstered bar stool

When the bar table is also where you usually eat, an upholstered bar stool could be a great choice. Besides the fact that they are much more comfortable than any upholstered variant, it adds a touch of elegance and formality to the dining area.

If you are interested in this variant, check if the material with which they have been upholstered has been specially treated to withstand stains and to be easy to clean.

The size of the bar stool

The correct size of a bar stool is probably the most difficult criterion to achieve. You have to take into account the height of the table, but also the location where you will install the chair.

Here is a size guide below:

  • The height of the bar stool

The best bar stool Height is probably one of the most important aspects when choosing a bar stool. In order to be able to sit, it is necessary to have enough space for your feet to fit under the table.

Your posture should be similar to the one you have when sitting at a conventional table. Many models have incorporated a height adjustment system , so you can use the seat even if your table does not have standard dimensions.

You should also know that bar tables in normal kitchens are different from commercial ones. In a kitchen, a table can reach a size of 90 cm. Under these conditions, you need a bar stool with a height of 65-70 cm .

If the table is one of a room, however, it will have a height between 100 cm and 110 cm , so you need a higher chair, between 75 cm and 80 cm. There should always be a space of about 20-25 cm between your table top and your legs , so that you can sit comfortably.

  • The width of the bar stool

To determine which size of chair is best for you, you will need to measure the length of the bar table. Most people know how many seats they need to fit in the table, so it will be necessary to divide the length of the table by this number.

Remember that it is necessary to leave a distance of about 15 cm between each seat , so that each can rotate without disturbing another person, and so that you can easily fit between them. If your bar table is on the wall, you will need to leave enough space between the end seat and the wall.

Items such as arms or upholstery can make the seats wider. Also, if the chair has 4 legs and not a pedestal, it will take up more space.

  • The width of the footrest

This size varies depending on the design . In general, the circular variants have dimensions between 36 – 38 cm , proportional to the base of the seat.

The more expensive variants have more elaborate footrests. They are often made of thicker steel and are larger but still proportionate to the base.

  • Seat diameter

The base of the bar stool can also vary between 38 cm and 50 cm . The vast majority, however, have a diameter between 38 cm and 42.5 cm . Models with a wider seating area generally have a larger diameter base.

The back of the bar stool

When it comes to comfort , the backrest is a very important element. The height varies, but it is always measured from the surface of the seat to the top of the backrest. A backrest can be up to 43 cm high , but even with a height of less than 20-25 cm , it will be taller than the bar table.

The best bar stool A high backrest has the effect of changing the point of interest from the bar table to the back of the chairs. If you want such a bar stool, it is good to create a more interesting focal point by choosing a bar stool with details such as seams, targets or other decorative applications.

The ideal height of the backrest depends on the purpose for which you want the chair to serve. While backless or low-backed chairs are a good choice for a local, higher-backed chairs fit into a kitchen where guests and family members want to enjoy a delicious, socializing meal while sitting comfortably. .

It is also a good idea to increase the seating area in direct proportion to the height of the backrest as follows:

  • Backrest: 0 – 18 cm – seat: 30 – 40 cm
  • Backrest: 19 – 27 cm – seat: 38 – 55 cm
  • Backrest: 28 – 43 cm – seat: 38 – 60 cm

Bar stool arms

Armchairs are always a good choice for comfort . They are available in many versatile and attractive design variants.

The height of the arms varies from 8 cm to 21 cm . A height of 19 cm, however, correctly supports your elbows while you can relax on an equally comfortable backrest.

The material of the bar stool

The materials from which the bar stools are made are an aspect that should weigh heavily in your choice.

The bar stool must be durable, resistant to wear, stains and scratches. It must look nice and be durable.

So you need quality materials that stand the test of time, resistant to shocks, shocks and weight. Repairing a bar stool can be quite expensive, not to mention replacing it, so materials are a particularly important issue that you should not treat superficially.

We are talking for the first time about the material from which the seat frame is made:

  • Wooden bar stool

Wooden bar stools are a solid option that can be successfully framed in almost any stylistic approach , however it can be an expensive option. For extra comfort, opt for an upholstered wooden bar stool, as long as it is for the interior.

If you want to use bar stools outside, choose a denser wood such as teak, eucalyptus or acacia . They are resistant to moisture and repel insects.

  • Metal bar stool

Bar stools made of metal generally have a slender silhouette , making them particularly suitable for confined spaces, and those with industrial or modern decor . They should always be used indoors to prevent rust.

  • Rattan bar stool or wickerwork

Rattan or wicker is a good choice for kitchen or terrace bar stools. They have an immortal aesthetic that will be appreciated by any guest.

They are light enough to be easily moved, but should be kept in covered areas , unless they are made of moisture-resistant wicker.

Bar chair design

Bar stools come in many design variants, but to make a good choice you can be guided by the following information:

  • decoration

    Look at the general decor of your house, how things are positioned, the style you approached and choose a bar chair that will fit well into the landscape. If you want a relaxed or modern look, you could choose backless chairs. If you are looking for a more elegant look , chairs with backrests and arms are a good choice, especially if they have a carved wood or metal finish.

  • Functionality

    The best bar stool How will you use the chairs? Do you and your guests intend to sit on them for a long time? If this is the case, you should choose a model with a backrest , which will be much more comfortable than one without.
    Also, choose a chair that has an upholstered seat . If you can't find one you like, you can buy a seat cushion that will add comfort without upsetting the aesthetic balance.

  • Small space

    If you do not have much space, choose a chair without backrest that you can put under the bar table when not in use. If you choose a swivel bar stool with backrest , it can be used in a social area in your apartment.

  • For the children

    If you have children, it is recommended to choose chairs without upholstery , or a chair that is resistant to stains . Leather chairs are another good option because they are easy to clean. Also, an adjustable chair is useful because it will be easier for them to climb into the chair and then adjust the height as they grow.

Warranty and manufacturers

You should never buy a warranty seat. This is the most important indication of quality. A manufacturer that does not offer a warranty of at least 2 years , is not one that you should buy, regardless of the advantageous offer it offers you.

You are also more likely to find quality bar stools in well-known furniture stores , which have a good reputation , because manufacturers who respect their customers sell their goods in such stores.

We recommend that you buy the best bar stool online . Following the above criteria, you will definitely be able to buy the best bar stool, even if you find it in an online store.

You may find it much easier to find a model that suits your taste at a very good price, because the offers on the online market are much more advantageous, the discounts being more frequent and the promotions more attractive. You also save more time if you choose to shop online.

However, before making any such purchase, it is recommended to check the opinion of other buyers. Their experience with that product can help you figure out if this is a good option for you, and if the manufacturer has been honest in describing the product.

Now that you have all this information, you are ready to buy the best bar stool.

The best bar stool: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of bar stools for home that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Lope bar stool

The best bar stool

Simple but versatile, the Lope chair integrates perfectly into your home and creates a strong visual effect.
The interior of your house will be admired by those who love well-defined lines, the simplicity of their shapes but also their functionality.
The legs are made of metal, and the seat is made of solid wood.

Exterior dimensions:
Width: 50 cm – Depth: 31 cm.
Seat height: 76 cm – Total height: 106 cm.

See details and price

2. Trix H-1 Gray bar stool

The best bar stool

Simple but versatile, the Trix H-1 chair integrates perfectly into your home and creates a strong visual effect.
The interior of your house will be admired by those who love well-defined lines, the simplicity of their shapes but also their functionality.
The legs are made of metal, and the seat is upholstered with fabric.

Exterior dimensions:
Width: 46 cm – Depth: 42 cm.
Seat height: 78 cm – Total height: 109 cm.

See details and price

3. Plastic bar stool with wooden legs "Masai"

The best bar stool The Masai White chair integrates perfectly in your home and creates a strong visual effect.
The Masai chair delights with its ultramodern design and offers optimal comfort.
The innovative construction, with wooden legs and upper body made of ABS plastic, very resistant, make the Masai chair one that can be used anywhere.
The seat and back are made of very durable and easy to maintain ABS plastic.
The legs are made of beech wood.

See details and price

4. H-64 Coffee bar stool

The best bar stool

Simple but versatile, the H-64 seat integrates perfectly into your home and creates a strong visual effect.
The interior of your house will be admired by those who love well-defined lines, the simplicity of their shapes but also their functionality.
It is made of metal and MDF.

Exterior dimensions:
Height: 63 – 80 cm.
Seat diameter: 30 cm.

See details and price

5. "Ties" metal bar stool

The best bar stool The Ties Yellow bar stool integrates perfectly into your home and creates a strong visual effect.
Made of metal, with a modern design, this chair is weather resistant and can be the perfect choice for balconies, terraces or rooms.

Exterior dimensions:
Width: 31 cm – Depth: 31 cm.
Total height: 76 cm.

See details and price

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