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Beko Refrigerators – Review and comparison in 2021

Are you replacing your old refrigerator or equipping your kitchen for the first time? One thing is for sure: you need a 2-in-1 refrigerator and freezer to save space, energy and money. If you do not have time to document yourself as much as you would like, we can help you choose an economic model that will satisfy you. Our first recommendation is theBeko RCNE560E30ZXB model, with a total net capacity of 501 liters, energy class A ++, NoFrost cooling technology, automatic defrost and EverFresh + vegetable compartment. If this model is not available, or if you want a smaller appliance, then you can take a look at the Beko RCNA406E30ZXB combine.

Comparative table

It is spacious enough to store food for a large family, and the compartmentalization will help you to have a good record of the content. Low consumption will reduce your electricity bill, and NoFrost technology will save you from the hassle of thawing, keeping food fresh for longer.

The model is very tall, which could cause some inconvenience to shorter people.

It is an excellent solution to equip your kitchen with a modern, efficient and very spacious refrigerator, which you can buy at a more than competitive price.

It guarantees, through the innovative technologies used, the preservation of any food for a longer time than in the case of classic products, in optimal conditions of humidity and temperature. It has antibacterial and unpleasant odor removal properties, keeping the healthy environment inside the device, a pleasant appearance and an unaltered aroma for food.

It is not equipped with a water dispenser, which can be a disadvantage for users who want to be able to serve cold water at any time, without having to occupy the space in the refrigerator with various containers.

The device happily combines modern design, intelligent functions and a convenient price, so you can choose it without hesitation, if you are satisfied with its capacity.

For a fairly balanced price, the volume of the refrigerator and freezer is very generous, the storage space offered being more than useful for larger families, and the food keeps its appearance, aroma and taste intact for a long time. It is also endowed with antibacterial properties, with beneficial effects on food preservation and user health.

It is a bit noisier when the compressor is working than the models in the same range.

If you are looking for a spacious refrigerator, equipped with modern functions and NeoFrost cooling technology at a great price, this model is worth a try.

In-depth reviews about the best Beko refrigerators

If you want to buy a product in full knowledge of the facts, you can read our recommendations, based on a series of opinions about the best Beko refrigerators, collected and synthesized to help you quickly form an informed opinion.

Beko RCNE560E30ZXB

the best beko freezer to buy The model fits without difficulty in the category of Beko refrigerators, cheap and good, at a simple calculation of the ratio between the technical specifications and the purchase price. The impressive dimensions of the appliance (70 x 74.8 x 192 cm) require a careful study of the space you have available for its commissioning, but, once put in position, it will fully satisfy you with its storage capacity. The net volume of the refrigerator (356 l) and the freezer (145 l) allow you to keep a quantity of food more than enough for a family of at least 4 members.

It works with the Neo Frost ventilation cooling system, which makes the food keep longer, although it is recommended to cover it to avoid drying. The refrigerator has 3 shelves made of safety glass, adjustable in height, a compartment with lower temperature (0 degrees) for meat, fish or cheese, a compartment for vegetables with Active Fresh Blue Light technology, for long freshness and another fruit drawer. On the refrigerator door there are 4 holders for bottles or jars. As accessories included, we mention the XXL stainless steel support for bottles and the support for eggs. The freezer has 3 drawers (one of which is quick freezing) and an ice tray.

With a current consumption of only 343 KW / year, being of energy class A ++, a low noise level (40 dB) and an attractive package of modern functions (LED lighting, Holiday function, reversible doors, Dual Cooling, fast cooling ) this Beko NeoFrost refrigerator-freezer will weigh your expenses and make your life easier.


Beko RCSA400K30XB

the best beko freezer to buy The Beko RCSA400K30XB refrigerator-freezer is medium in volume, being suitable for a small family. The capacity of the refrigerator is quite generous (267 l), but the freezer is less spacious (113 l net) than similar products as specifications. The device can be well framed in smaller spaces due to the slim constitution (59.5 x 65 x 201 cm), but can give headaches to petite people.

On the other hand, the vertical development of the product allows the compartmentalization of the refrigerator through 4 shelves that are easy to clean and adjust according to the height of the containers that you will store inside and 4 supports on the door. The freezer has 3 drawers, but it is not very roomy, as many users have noticed. The freezing capacity is 5 kg / 24 hours, lower on average than other Beko models.

The cooling system is the classic, static one, which detaches by low energy consumption (A ++ and autonomy of 23 hours) and noise within more than reasonable limits (39 dB). If the refrigerator benefits from automatic defrosting, the freezer needs manual intervention. The perishable food compartment with lower temperature (0-3 degrees) and the drawer for fruits and vegetables with Active Fresh Blue Light technology are strong points of the appliance.


Beko DBK 386 WDR +

the best beko freezer to buy The Beko dbk 386 wdr + refrigerator-freezer, 325l, class a +, h 201 cm, white has classic dimensions (59.5 x 60 x 201 cm), without raising major issues regarding its inclusion in the design of your kitchen. Among the refrigeration components, the refrigerator is favored with a net volume of 235 l, compartmentalized by 4 glass shelves, a box for vegetables and fruits equipped with the innovative function of continuing photosynthesis, which translates into vegetables and fruits 30% fresher than in traditional refrigerators. Add 7 door holders, one for bottles, an egg holder and an ice tray.

The appliance is distinguished by a modern design and tailor-made functions. In addition to other models in the same price range and performance, the Beko dbk386 wdr + refrigerator combines the presence of a dispenser on the outer door of the refrigerator, which will provide you with cold water, as well as voice functions, which allow you to record messages up at 30 seconds, as well as setting the time and alarm.

The cooling technique is static, which involves automatic defrosting for the refrigerator and automatic freezing. The average energy consumption is less than 1 kw per day, the device being placed in energy class A +. Other useful functions are LED interior lighting, reversible doors and 18 hours of energy autonomy.


Combine refrigerator Beko A ++

Beko RCNA406E30ZXB

the best beko freezer to buy If you want a Beko NeoFrost refrigerator that fits perfectly in your kitchen, then this may be the model you need. With dimensions of 59.5 x 66.5 x 203 cm, the appliance has a balanced division of storage capacity between the refrigerator (253 l) and the freezer (109 l), both spacious enough to meet the needs of a family of 3-4 people. The freezer is divided into 3 drawers, one of which is for quick freezing, and has an average freezing capacity of 6 kg of food in 24 hours.

The refrigerator has 3 adjustable shelves made of safety glass and 4 door supports, one of which for XXL bottles – also suitable for 2 l containers. It also benefits from a cooler compartment (0-3 degrees) for more thermally sensitive foods. or for those that are thawed, and 2 drawers for vegetables and fruits, one of which is equipped with Everfresh + technology, which guarantees the freshness of greens and vegetables for up to 30 days.

When we refer to the main functions and technologies with which the Beko rcna406e30zxb refrigerator-freezer is equipped, we must first mention its ability to save you money on your electricity bill. This appliance from the Evoline range is rated A ++ in terms of consumption and is illuminated with LED. NoFrost ventilation cooling technology, combined with Cooling Fan, ensures fresh food and automatic defrosting both in the refrigerator and in the freezer. Also, an important feature is the charcoal filter for the annihilation of unpleasant odors.



the best beko freezer to buy For a large family, a roomy refrigerator is essential, especially if you cook a lot at home. And if you supply less often, or if you have a food source, especially meat, organic, or if you make canned greens and vegetables for the winter, then you also need a suitable freezer. The manufacturers thought of you when they produced this Beko NoFrost refrigerator-freezer, but also in your pocket, because it consumes little (342 KW / year), being rated A ++ and benefiting from the energy saving mode for the holiday. Thus, the net capacity of the refrigerator is 352 l, and of the freezer is 145 l.

You can store food in adjustable compartments limited by the 3 glass shelves, in the cold compartment, with 0 degrees, in the Everfresh + vegetable drawer equipped with Active Fresh Blue Light technology, or in the 3 door holders. In the freezer, you have 1 drawer for quick freezing (6.5 kg of food / 24 h) and 2 more roomy enough.

The model has a mini water dispenser and fast cooling function, with a compartment in which you can store a 1.5 l bottle or 4 doses for cooling liquids in 15 minutes. You don’t have to worry about defrosting, because NeoFrost technology translates to automatic defrosting. The LED lighting and the intuitive LCD display complete the technical picture of the model.


Beko Neofrost refrigerator-freezer

Beko RCNE520E20DZM

the best beko freezer to buy The appliance is a cost-effective product in all respects: it is spacious (the volume of the refrigerator is 326 l, and that of the freezer is 124 l), economical (it is part of the energy class A +, with an annual consumption of 403 kWh), hygienic ( by Ion Guard technology, with antibacterial role and with the system of elimination of coal odors) and, last but not least, it is a Beko refrigeration combine, at a good price.

The storage space of the refrigerator is laboriously organized with the help of 2 height-adjustable glass shelves, an Everfresh + vegetable and fruit compartment and 2 door holders. In the freezer you can use the 3 compartments, the top being for quick freezing.

Modern ventilation cooling technology involves the activity of cooling independently in the two components. The Beko rcne520e20dzm refrigeratorhas a thermostat with which you can adjust the temperature inside. In case of a fault in the power supply system, you can rest easy, because the appliance has an operating autonomy of 15 hours.


Beko RCNA400E20ZXP

the best beko freezer to buy The product is part of the Beko range of refrigerators, at good prices, and can be an option for users who want a device in which the emphasis is on the refrigerator. This component has a volume of 257 l, divided by 3 shelves, a compartment for easily perishable food and a box for fruits and vegetables inside, as well as 4 supports on the door. The freezer has 3 drawers, but the total storage space is much smaller compared to the refrigerator – 97 l.

If you forget to close any of the doors, the device will soundly notify you to correct the error, so that your food is not in danger of spoiling. Also, in case of network faults, the Beko rcna400e20zxp refrigerator has a current autonomy of 20 hours. Temperature and program settings are easily and intuitively made directly on the touchscreen display. The Ion Guard function will keep your food away from the action of bacteria, and the Activ Odor Filter will ensure a stable and fresh smell inside the appliance.

The design of the model is an elegant one, with a color that fits well in any kitchen, and the anti-fingerprint function of the stainless steel on the outside will keep your combine clean, without shadows and marks that will require you whenever you use it.


Beko No Frost refrigerator-freezer

Beko RCNA366K30XB

the best beko freezer to buy The Beko NoFrost refrigerator-freezer, combined with the Dual Cooling principle, will keep your food fresh and dry for long periods, thanks to the ventilation cooling system it has, without worrying about the defrosting problem for any of the components.

With a standard stature, measuring 59.5 x 66.5 x 186 cm, the device can be successfully installed in more or less tight spaces. The doors are reversible, so you can adapt the opening according to the rest of the furniture or location. The device warns you audibly if you forget to close the doors, and the interior lighting is based on LED. You can adjust the indoor temperature via a thermostat.

The refrigerator has a net volume of 215 l, and the freezer of 103 l. The food, organized on the 3 shelves of the refrigerator, in the 4 door supports and in the 3 drawers of the freezer will be kept safe, their smells not controlling inside the device, thanks to the activated carbon filter.


Beko RCNA365E20ZXP

the best beko freezer to buy The product is one of the best Beko refrigerators, combining excellent modern design, multiple functions and a very attractive price. It is very well suited to the needs of a small family and for a standard storage space for an appliance in this category. It has dimensions of 59.5 x 65 x 185.4 cm and a total net volume of 316 l, of which 219 l for the refrigerator and the remaining 97 l for the freezer.

The temperature is adjusted with a thermostat, and the programs and time directly on the touchscreen. The antibacterial and ionization system has a good influence on the quality of the food stored in the refrigerator, on the 2 shelves made of safety glass, in the compartment with a lower temperature of 0 degrees, or in the compartment for vegetables and fruits. On the door, you can find 3 other bottle holders and jars.

The freezer, although smaller than other products in the same range, has 3 drawers and a freezing capacity of 5 kg of food per 24 hours. The anti-fingerprint finish will keep your device clean for longer.


Buying guide

Of all the Beko refrigerator ranges, refrigerators are probably the most advantageous, combining the advantages of a refrigerator and those of a freezer. But when it comes to choosing from the multitude of Beko refrigerators, cheap and good available on the market, you can feel slightly confused. Here are the main criteria you should consider to make an ideal purchase:

the best beko freezer to buy

Energy consumption: A cheap and good Beko refrigerator combines space, because it incorporates two systems in one unit. Assuming that each unit has the same energy power, it is not difficult to assume that a single device consumes less energy than two elements.

Connected non-stop, the consumption of a refrigerator represents almost a third of the electricity bill, and hence the interest in choosing an economical device for use. Compare the different models according to the energy label and opt for a Beko A ++ or A +++ refrigerator, but the A + ones are also worth considering.

Independent or built-in: As with most appliances, you can opt for an independent Beko combine, which you can install in a corner of the kitchen, or for a built-in model. This will be a way to better manage the space.

If you want to disguise the combination with a furniture door, pay close attention to its fixing system: sliding, in which case the refrigerator door slides on the closet door to open and close – the type of attachment used on most devices – or pantograph ( with hinge), in which the cover door is fixed to that of the appliance, thus providing a larger opening angle.

Volume and dimensions: These are important parameters to choose from. The indicated volume corresponds to the storage capacity of the device. In order to find the best Beko refrigerator for your family, consider mainly the consumption habits, but also the number of people. In general, units smaller than 250 liters are intended for students, singles and couples.

For a family of three, a model with a capacity of 250 to 330 liters will fit. From four people, focus on a large capacity combine of over 330 liters in this case. When making a purchase, make sure that the freezing section corresponds to your needs. Also, do not overestimate your needs, thus avoiding the unnecessary operation of a half-empty refrigerator.

Large-width combines (70-80 cm) are a good compromise when the standard size (55-60 cm) is a little too small for your needs, but you do not have space to install a XXL model over 80 cm.

the best beko freezer to buy

Multi-door (side-by-side) models are especially suitable for large or mixed families. They offer a large ultra-ergonomic storage area for fresh food. Many of them exceed 500 liters in volume (a third of the capacity being dedicated to the freezer).

Design: Beko refrigerators at a good price are now available in a wide range of colors. In addition to the classic white, black, gray and stainless steel, these appliances are available in pastel colors such as cream or in vivid shades such as maroon or red. These options allow you to match the device with the interior design.

Organization of the interior space: Even in the case of Beko combines with the same volume, the number of shelves is not always the same. Some can offer 3, others 4. And you can add a bottle holder (useful for saving space) or practical storage in the door.

As for the shelves, they can be metallic or safety glass (for the vast majority of models). Glass is a more hygienic material and allows easy cleaning.


Options: Most models offer LED interior lighting, which is ideal. A traditional light bulb will heat (slightly, it’s true) the inside of your device. Among the options you can look for automatic defrosting. As the name suggests, the operation is no longer a chore, the device manages it itself.

Also, some models have aspecial EverFresh +closed compartment (vegetable drawer type), where the temperature is 3 ° lower than that programmed for the rest of the device. It is ideal for storing sensitive foods such as meat and fish.

Some devices are equipped with a screen that allows you to control the temperature without having to open the door. Is your kitchen facing south, poorly ventilated and frequently reaches high temperatures? You can opt for a tropicalized Beko combine, able to withstand an ambient temperature of 38 degrees.

Cooling technology:Depending on the ventilation system of each model, the type of cooling is an important element that you should take into account when you want to buy a Beko refrigerator, as it determines the quality of food preservation, energy consumption and device noise. There are 3 types of cooling, namely:

the best beko freezer to buy

Static cooling: cold air tends to stay in the bottom of the refrigerator because it is heavier. Economical and less noisy, this technology requires a good organization of all foods for their efficient storage.

Dynamic cooling: a fan at the bottom of the combine will circulate cold air. It will restart automatically in case of a temperature change. This technology allows a greater uniformity of the internal temperature of the device.

NoFrost or ventilated cooling: ventilation reduces the risk of moisture and prevents the formation of ice. It does not require special food storage measures, because the temperature will be the same at all levels.

Frequent questions

Can I find the technical book for the Beko refrigerator-freezer online?

If you enter the main page of the manufacturer’s website, then access “Customer Support” and select “Manuals”, you will find, depending on the model, the technical book of your refrigerator.

the best beko freezer to buy

How do I arrange food in levels in the Beko refrigerator?

According to the manufacturer’s suggestions, it would be best to arrange your food according to the temperature variation inside the device: cooked food and exotic fruits on the top shelf, dairy products on the second shelf, further back, with prepared and stored salad in glass and egg containers.

Meat and cheese will go in the lower temperature compartment (0-3 degrees), located above those for vegetables and fruits. Vegetables are best stored in the Everfresh + drawer, fruits in the lowest drawer, and wine bottles in the special holder. On the door you can put spices, pickles and fruit juices.

the best beko freezer to buy

How long does food freeze a Beko refrigerator?

Beko operating standards indicate the freezing in 24 hours of a quantity between 4.5-5 kg of food, from an ambient temperature of 38 degrees to -18 degrees, for every 100 liters of volume of your freezer. For example, a Beko RCNE560E30ZXB refrigerator with a freezer capacity of 145 liters can freeze up to 6.5 kg of food in 24 hours.

Beko refrigerator freezer – Tips in the user manual

In order for your device to work as well as possible for as long as possible, you need to use it and take care of it properly. Here are some tips offered by the manufacturer, valid for all models of Beko refrigerators that will be very useful:

the best beko freezer to buy

Location and installation

After the Beko refrigerator has been delivered to you at a good price, you must ensure the best operating conditions in order to receive fresh and tasty food in return for as long as possible. First of all, you need to position and power the device correctly.

The manufacturer recommends placing the combine keeping a minimum distance of 4 cm from another refrigerator, 5 cm from walls or electric ovens and 30 cm from heat sources, such as hobs, stoves or radiators. Also, the ambient temperature must not be lower than -5 degrees, nor higher than 38 degrees. The legs of the combine will be adjusted so that it is perfectly straight and stable and, if necessary, the direction of opening the doors will be changed.

First use

Between unpacking the combine and “furnishing” it with food, you have to wait between 10 and 16 hours: 4 until you connect it to the socket and another 6-12 hours to “roll” its engines and stabilize the interior temperature. Before the first use, you can thoroughly clean the inside of the combine and the water dispenser, if it is equipped with such a thing.

The power supply must be made directly from the socket, without extension cords or multiple sockets without cable. If this is not possible, use a very good quality product, with grounding and even with voltage stabilizer.


The temperature will be set according to the ambient temperature, the amount of food you put in the combine, as well as the position it occupies in the room (for example, if it is in the sun).


Both the inside of the refrigerator and the freezer must be cleaned periodically, for an increased durability of your appliance. For this operation, sharp objects, abrasives or detergents, as well as chlorine or flammable materials must be avoided.

The most effective is wiping with a cloth soaked in a solution of water and baking soda and squeezed very well. Baking soda has the advantage, in addition to cleaning efficiency, that it quickly eliminates all unpleasant odors. Shelves and drawers can be detached and washed with warm water and then wiped very well.

the best beko freezer to buy


Many malfunctions of your refrigerator are “false alarms”. They are caused by its misuse (inadequate or non-existent supply, too rare cleaning, incorrect positioning, improper ambient temperature) and will remedy themselves once the cause is removed.

If the problem is more serious and persists after all possible remedies have been tried, then it is safest to contact an authorized service that will find and remove the defect.

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