The best Beko gas stove

Beko Stoves – Review and comparison in 2021

If you want to change your stove and you don’t know what to opt for, we recommend Beko products, a company that is constantly concerned with offering quality products and that will make your work in the kitchen easier. For a modern style you can choose Beko FSM62530DXMS , made of stainless steel, with 4 burners, gas hob and electric oven. Due to the functions of this stove model, you will be able to cook both conventionally and with modern means, with or without ventilation, grill, in order to make a tasty and healthy food. Another variant is Beko FSE62110DX , a mixed model with a pleasant design.

Comparative table

This model of stove from Beko has a pleasant design, being made of stainless steel, with 4 burners connected to gas and electric oven, with numerous improvements and very helpful functions in the kitchen, equipped with assisted ventilation, grill, 8 functions for oven, etc. , as well as catalytic self-cleaning so as not to be difficult to clean.

The lid is made of glass, with a pleasant design, but you must be careful not to close it while the burners are still hot, because there is a risk of breaking.

A Beko stove model, elegant, large and with multiple functions, which will help you turn cooking into pleasure.

It is a mixed stove model, which combines the two types of power supply, with a hob with 4 gas burners, electric oven, with lighting and timer, electric ignition, booster function to shorten the time required for preheating. In addition, it has a low consumption, being classified in class A.

Although it is a large model of stove, with a side of 60 cm and a height of 85 cm, the capacity of the oven is smaller than other similar models, being 66 l.

Good price, mixed model, low consumption, pleasant design, are just a few reasons that lead us to recommend this product.

You can become an expert in the kitchen using this type of mixed stove, with 4 gas burners, with efficient and economical food preparation system, with multifunctional oven with 8 programs, electric, with ventilation that ensures a uniform heating of the dishes and is antacid black with silver buttons.

Being a mixed model, with multiple functions and an elegant design, it has a slightly higher price than other models presented.

Cooking can become a pleasure, with the help of this type of mixed stove, with low energy consumption and short cooking time.

In-depth reviews about the best Beko stoves

Below is a list of some models, divided into categories so you can choose the best Beko stove for you.

Stainless steel Beko stove:

Beko FSM62530DXMS

The best Beko gas stove If you have a modern kitchen a Beko stainless steel stove will fit very well and you can go for this product. Food preparation will become a pleasure with a reliable help in the kitchen, but also for the maintenance of the product, with the function of catalytic self-cleaning.

It is a stove with four burners, with gas hob and electric oven, as well as electric ignition. Being made of stainless steel, it has a pleasant design, and the lid is made of glass. It is a generous model, square with a side of 60 cm, and 85 cm high, with an oven capacity of 72l. Energy consumption is good, being in class A.

It has many functions and features to be helpful, among which we mention: multifunctional oven with 8 preset programs, the possibility to cook conventionally without a fan, electric grill, 3D cooking function to cook food quickly and evenly, assisted cooking with ventilation, timer and oven lighting, as well as electric ignition.



Beko FSHT62111GX

The best Beko gas stove This Beko FSHT62111GX cooker will help you become an exceptional cook, being a qualified help, equipped with useful functions to make your work easier. It has 4 gas burners, which ensure an efficiency 25% higher than standard models, based on high-performance technology.

The oven, also on gas, has the function of grill and toaster. At the bottom you also have a dedicated drawer to store certain trays and dishes. It is of generous dimensions, with a side of 60 cm and a height of 85 cm. In order to be able to see the condition of the dishes in the oven, it is equipped with lighting.

The stove is made of stainless steel, with a glass lid. It has an electric ignition for extra ease and safety. Also as a safety measure, it is equipped with a system that will automatically stop the gas supply if for various reasons the flame goes out.



Beko FSGT62110DXO

The best Beko gas stove A Beko FSGT62110DXO stove can be a good choice if you want a model that is powered by gas, both the hob and the oven. The type of ignition is electric to make it easier to use.

It is a Beko stove at a good price, large, square with a side of 60 cm and a height of 85 cm, which ensures a correct position when cooking, and the possibility to put more dishes on the stove. It has 4 burners of different sizes, with high efficiency to shorten the time spent in the kitchen.

It comes with the function of roaster and gas grill. For extra safety, it has a system that controls the automatic shutdown of the gas supply if the flame goes out, both in the burners and in the oven. It also has an oven lighting function, in order to be able to see the condition of the prepared dishes.



Beko FSGT52110DXO

The best Beko gas stove A Beko stove at a good price is also this model, with an elegant design, silver and black, stainless steel, which has a width of 50 cm, a depth of 60 cm and a height of 85 cm. It has 4 burners, with gas supply for both hob and oven.

This Beko FSGT52110DXO stove is specially designed to ensure the safety of your family, and is also very helpful to prepare delicious recipes. The burners present an innovative technology, with the help of which they increase the efficiency by 25% compared to the standard models.

The oven is equipped with a toaster, grill that can be placed in a convenient position, as well as lighting. The timer helps you set the desired time for cooking and turns off the oven at the end of time. For extra safety, the stove has a system that automatically shuts off the gas supply, in case the flame goes out in both the burners and the oven.



Beko mixed stove:

Beko FSE62110DX

The best Beko gas stove A Beko stainless steel stove will fit very well in your kitchen, and this mixed model can be a good choice . The hob, equipped with 4 burners of different sizes, with a good efficiency, is supplied with gas.

The oven is multifunctional, it is electrically powered and offers you the possibility to easily prepare your favorite recipes, with a capacity of 66 l. With the booster function, it will quickly reach the desired temperature, reducing the time required to preheat the oven. Energy consumption is low, the stove being included in group A consumption.

It is a Beko stove with a fan, which distributes heat evenly, but can also be used for conventional cooking, in case you want to make traditional biscuit or puff pastry recipes. It has generous dimensions, being square with a side of 60 cm, and with a height of 85 cm. Comes equipped with electric ignition, timer, oven lighting.



Beko FSE62134DCR

The best Beko gas stove If cooking is a pleasure for you and you want qualified help in the kitchen, you can choose a Beko FSE62134DCR stove and you will not be disappointed. It has an elegant design, being beige with the oven handle and the buttons on the gold front panel.

The hob is powered by gas, has 4 burners with high efficiency to reduce the time required for cooking. Cast iron grills ensure a good positioning of the dishes on the burners. If the flame goes out, the safety system is automatically activated, which interrupts the gas supply.

The oven is electric, multifunctional, with 6 cooking modes, being able to experiment with all kinds of recipes. It also has the function of electric grill, but also fan-assisted cooking to distribute heat evenly inside. The stove has generous dimensions, with a side of 60 cm, a height of 85 cm.



Beko FSST62110DW

The best Beko gas stove If you want a mixed Beko stove, you can stop at this model, safe and efficient, which will help you make the best dishes. It is a variant with 4 burners that have an innovative system, which ensures a faster cooking time, but also a gas saving.

The electric oven, equipped with grill and toaster, is a good purchase to prepare all kinds of tasty recipes. Among the most important functions provided by the stove we mention: timer, oven lighting, LPG nozzle, safety system so that it cannot be used by children, tray, storage space.

This cheap and good Beko stove has generous dimensions, with a square side of 60 cm and a height of 85 cm. It is classified in class A of energy consumption. The design is simple in black and white to easily fit into the decor of your kitchen.



Stove with Beko electric oven:

Beko FSM65330DAS

The best Beko gas stove This Beko FSM65330DAS cooker model is suitable for a modern kitchen, with a pleasant design, anthracite black, with buttons on the silver front panel. The cast iron grill ensures a good stability of the dishes, and the generous size with a side of 60 cm offers you the possibility to cook with all 4 burners.

Being equipped with an innovative gas burner system, it ensures increased efficiency and fuel economy, so you will have less time to prepare food. It is a stove with Beko electric oven, and the 3D cooking function ensures a uniform heat distribution.

With 8 cooking functions in the oven you will be able to experience new recipes, sophisticated cakes or well-prepared steaks. It has the function of electric grill and lower grill with ventilation. The height of 85 cm ensures a good position during the cooking process. The volume of the oven is 72 l, and it is classified in energy consumption class A.



Beko FSMT52320DXO

The best Beko gas stove If you need a Beko cooker with electric oven, you can also focus on this model that has innovative technologies and systems that take care of your family’s safety and help you cook quickly and tasty.

This model of Beko FSMT52320DXO stove is mixed, having a hob with 4 burners powered by gas and electric oven. The burners have an efficiency 25% higher than the standard ones and ensure a saving of up to 17% on gas consumption. The oven has 8 cooking functions, as well as an electric grill.

It also has the function of a toaster, and the booster system ensures a low preheating time. For extra safety, in case the flame is accidentally extinguished, the stove is equipped with an automatic closing system of the gas supply. It has a width of 50 cm, a depth of 60 cm and a height of 85 cm.



Buying guide

The Beko brand is part of a larger concern in Turkey, which quickly conquered the European home appliance market by being among the top 3 manufacturers. With a wide range of products on the Romanian market, it has become a beloved and reliable brand, offering quality products, with ingenious solutions and high-performance technologies. You can find cheap and good Beko cookers to help you prepare tasty food efficiently and quickly. In this guide you can find some relevant information about this category of Beko appliances, namely stoves.

The best Beko gas stove

Power supply type: The stoves offered by Beko can be divided according to the power supply type into two main categories:

On gas: I use gas as fuel for both burners and the oven part. The gas oven ensures a suitable humidity to cook as juicy steaks as possible, and the cakes will be well syruped and very tasty.

Mixed: which have a hob with gas burners and an electric oven. Electric ovens can be of several types, with different preset programs to help you cook as easily as possible. It also ensures a much more uniform heating inside than gas ones.

Most models are classified in class A as energy consumption in order not to increase bills, and the innovative High – Efficienty Burn Gas Burner system ensures an efficiency of up to 25% compared to standard models, as well as an economy of up to 17%. gas consumption. Also, the cooking time decreases by up to 30%.

Functions: With the main purpose of facilitating the work in the kitchen, as well as the preparation of delicious dishes, the company equips the stoves with different functions to help you, among which we mention:

Timer: you can set the cooking time, and when it expires the oven closes automatically without the need for your presence.

Oven lighting: you can easily see the state of the preparations, without having to open the oven lid.

Grill: if you love steaks, both meat and fish, or you like browned dishes on the outside, this is a suitable function for you.

Roaster: you can also prepare tasty roast dishes at home. It is usually positioned in the center of the oven, always rotating the dishes for even baking.

Booster: allows shortening the time required to preheat the oven, bringing savings in electricity.

Ventilation: ensures a uniform distribution of heat inside the oven.

Catalytic self-cleaning: its role is to keep the appliance clean, thus facilitating the maintenance and cleaning process.

3D cooking: allows you to prepare at the same time up to 3 different dishes in the oven, without the odors mixing, and evenly distributing the heat for each dish.

Conventional cooking: even if you have an electric oven you can choose the conventional cooking mode, which ensures the heating of the oven from the top and bottom without using the fan, very useful to prepare different types of cakes, cookies or biscuits.

Safety systems: According to several opinions about the best Beko cookers, they must be equipped with safety systems to protect you from dangers. Most models are equipped with an automatic system to stop the gas supply, both to the burners and to the oven if it is on gas, in case the flame is accidentally extinguished. This function is very useful, eliminating the risk of accidents.

Another safety function is the electric ignition, combined with the control panel, which eliminates the risks of accidental ignition by children.

The best Beko gas stove

Design: Although it is an appliance, it must match the style of your kitchen and, because appearance is an important factor, at Beko you can find all kinds of models. You can go for stainless steel stoves, silver and shiny, which fit in a modern kitchen. For an elegant design you will choose an anthracite black stove model with silver or beige buttons with the control panel and the golden oven handle, as it fits better. Of course you can also find classic, simple, black and white variants for a youthful kitchen. The lid can be metallic in the same color as the rest of the stove, or made of glass for a more elegant look.

Dimensions: As dimensions most variants are square with a side of 60 cm which ensures a good management of the 4 burners, or slightly smaller with a width of 50 cm and a depth of 60 cm, in case the place where you want to place it is narrower. The height is suitable to be able to stand next to the stove in a good position, most models having a height of 85 cm.

Frequent questions

How to clean a Beko stainless steel stove?

Although it looks very nice, the stainless steel must be carefully maintained so as not to scratch or stain it. For cleaning, use light detergents, without abrasive dusts or wire washers that will damage the surface of the product. You can use products based on ammonia or baking soda that dissolve the fat and leave the surfaces shiny. For the sides you can also use a solution for windows, to remove fingerprints. For more resistant stains from the oven you can also use a little lemon juice.

The best Beko gas stove

Can I find spare parts for Beko stove buttons?

In the online environment at specialty stores you can find different models of buttons for Beko cookers. You can also contact the manufacturer to obtain the spare parts necessary for the proper functioning of the product.

How to install a Beko stove with electric oven?

If you have opted for a Beko stove with an electric oven for installation, you must follow the rules in force as well as the instructions in the user manual for its installation and connection. It is mounted directly on the floor and it is good not to be near the refrigerator or freezer, because the heat emitted will increase the consumption of other household appliances. The socket to which it will be connected must be earthed and comply with the rules of the technical specifications of the product.

Brief instructions for use for Beko cookers

If you have purchased one of the best Beko cookers, you should know that there are certain instructions for use in order to be able to enjoy the investment made as much as possible and to be safe. So:

It is recommended to use the stove only adults or children older than 8 years, after being well trained on their safety, initially under parental supervision to ensure that it performs all the steps necessary for proper functioning. Because objects with a high temperature are handled, accidents can easily happen, some even very serious, in case of inattention or haste.

The best Beko gas stove

It is not advisable to place the product on the carpet as it will impede the ventilation process. This can lead to overheating of the components, causing the stove to malfunction.

The installation of the gas stove can be performed only by authorized persons. First you need to check that the stove is set in the parameters of the local gas network (taking into account the type of gas and pressure) and, as it does not have a flue gas exhaust system, the safety measures and regulations in force must be observed, with special emphasis on the ventilation of the room where the product is located.

Ensures a good maintenance and upkeep of both the stove and the gas network, respecting the required periodic checks. Burners must be cleaned periodically to have a blue flame evenly distributed on the burner.

In the case of an electrical product, make sure that the socket you want to use is grounded. You must also check that the voltage supplied by the mains is the same as in the technical specifications of the product.

You can find Beko cookers at good prices and with good maintenance you will be able to enjoy the chosen option for a long time. The product should be cleaned periodically after making sure it is cold so as not to injure you. In order not to damage the surface of the stove, it is not advisable to use abrasive substances or sharp objects to clean.

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