the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

Maybe you want to buy the best blender on the market this year. We will tell you which vertical or professional hand model to choose. It is the best smoothie blender to prepare baby food. We will discuss the mini variants from 2021, as well as the full size ones. We believe the Tefal BlendForce 2 BL420838 to be a very successful model.

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

The best blenders – TOP 10 new models

We present the most important things to pay attention to when planning to buy a vertical or professional blender, to use it in the preparation of smoothies, cream soups or other similar products. We will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of hand blenders and how to choose the best possible model. In Romania you can find the best blender in all major technology stores, including eMag, Dedeman, Altex, MediaGalaxy, Flanco, Metro or Selgros. To get discounts, discounts and other offers, you can catch the black friday period, buy back programs or other special occasions.

Blender Tefal BlendForce 2 BL420838

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

Power of 600 W
Number of 2 speeds
Knife with 4 blades
Ice crushing function
Fixed type

Blender Philips Viva Collection Problend 5 HR2162 / 90

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

Power of 600 W
2-speed gears
5 star blade
Volume of 1.5 liters

Electrolux E5HB1-8SS vertical hand blender

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

Power of 800 W
Set of multifunctional accessories
Stainless steel material
Poultry, mixing and chopping
Turbo function and variable speed

Blender with vacuum mixing Ozen HAF-HB300SV

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

Power 960 W
Vacuum / vacuum mixing
6-blade system
Generous volume of 1.5 liters
Auto function

Blender multi functional Russell Hobbs 23180-56 Nutri Boost

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

Maximum power of 700 W
15 parts and accessories
Capacity of 0.35 and 0.7 liters
Chopper and blender
Multiple functions

Blender smoothie Bosch MMB42G0B

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

Power: 700 W
Volume of 2.3 liters
2 speeds and turbo function
Glass bowl
Stainless steel blade

BOSCH CleverMixx mana blender

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

Power 600 W
Volume of 700 ml
Bol si tel
Small weight of 1.3 kg
Knife with 4 sharp blades

Blender Russell Hobbs Mix & Go Steel 23470-56

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

Cumulative power of 300 W
Volume: 2 containers of 600 ml
Bird, crushing and crushing
Anti-slip system
Small and portable

Professional blender First Austria FA-5240-1

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

1500 W
30,000 rotations per minute
2 liter tritan jar
6 automatic functions

Braun MQ 9038 SPICE + vertical blender

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

1000 W
Capacity of 0.6 liters
Mana blender
Blades with several areas
Various accessories

Which is the best blender

the best blender for smoothies and protein shakes

If you are looking for the best blender, you will have some considerable options to consider. The wide range of models that is available can be daunting for a beginner. This is especially in view of the large number of models and variants.

The acquisition decision must be taken. When you have all the details in front of you, you will make the best decision. Therefore, this article was written as a guide for those who intend to buy something like this in the near future. To choose the best blender, you need to understand the differences between them.

There are several types of blenders. The fixed kitchen blender may be familiar to you. It is the kind of equipment found in almost every household. But let's take them all in turn, to better understand what each of them represents.

Fixed kitchen blender

It is a fixed appliance for kitchens, which is usually bulky and needs space. It definitely offers different speeds and fast operation. Because they are less effective, they appear to be less expensive than high-performance blenders.

Many people store their blender on the kitchen counter, so space is a concern. The construction is very simple: a body in which the motor is framed at the base, and a container with a crushing blade.

A wide range of speed settings can be used in fixed blenders. Slow, medium, high or fastest speeds tend to be used in most homes today.

Vertical hand blender

There are manual vertical blenders that are slightly more mobile than large and fixed ones. They have become cheap, so in addition to a traditional blender, many people buy a vertical hand blender. It is mostly an additional accessory. It is used in a bowl with the products you want shredded. You are not limited to the blending space.

In pots or pans, as well as in larger glasses, you should use a good hand blender. Works well for making cream soups or purees. Compared to the fixed variants, the engine power will not necessarily be impressive.

The best vertical hand blender is wireless and rechargeable, so you can keep it in a kitchen cabinet.

The portable blender

The best portable blender is small in size and can be easily transported. For single servings, these blenders are simply ideal. They are very suitable for preparing a shake or smoothie at the office.

Many are equipped with containers or cups designed to be used for chopping but also serving the dish. Others may be shaped like lids, so you can make and pack a smoothie.

Most of the time these small blenders one or maximum 2 speeds. Compared to other larger blenders, they are cheap. They are not a suitable replacement for a professional blender.

Professional blender for cooks

This blender of the best quality provides top specifications, if we were to compare them with those of a countertop blender. It can handle hard and soft ingredients, unlike other types of variants. their blades are resistant and work at high speeds.

Professional blenders are sold at high prices and have powerful engines. Also, their platform is wider than that of a fixed blender.

How to choose a good blender for the house

The best vertical blender can be used anywhere, because it goes where you need it. Most personal blenders are small enough to be stored in a closet.

A problem can be created by the fixed blender and those with high engine power. Some of them are too big to be placed on kitchen countertops with top cabinets. In other words, it takes up quite a lot of precious space in a kitchen.

If you already have more cooking equipment in the kitchen, see if you have the space to put one more. Make sure you have enough space for the blender.

The size and dimensions of a blender

When we approach the subject of the size of a blender, it doesn't matter just how big its motor base is. It doesn't matter how big and spacious the blender container is. In the blender jar or container, the capacity will determine the number of ingredients you can process. Think about what you want to cook most often and for how many people.

The standard size is between 1.5 and 2.5 liters. That's about the volume most standard blender containers give you. And here we refer to the fixed blender. You can easily cook enough food for the whole family.

These models are stronger and larger than handheld ones. Some high performance blenders have volumes that reach up to 3 liters.

A portable blender is slightly smaller and usually has between 0.5 and 0.7 liters of glass volume. If you have a family or want to experiment in the kitchen, these are not a good idea.

It is also logical that each of us has different needs. Brands know this very well. Consequently, you will often encounter blenders that have several types of containers. This way you can cook exactly the amount of product you need.

What blades to have a good blender

The blade is the piece of resistance in the appliance, because it processes the food in your blender. As for the shape or style of the blade, it matters less. Their performance matters first. But we still have to say that there are minor differences here as well.

You may notice that there are flat blades with streaks in some products, or that tilt up at the top. Four blades that have an almost spiral shape are the same, quite a lot present in the devices. Some knives, while others are very sharp, are blunt.

Any of these styles offer a certain performance to the suppository. Some blades are better at grinding hard ingredients. Because the blades are consistent and smooth, they do a better job of mixing food. Many blender blade configurations are multifunctional.

The best material for blades is high quality stainless steel. It has a higher quality and can tolerate corrosion well.

Keep in mind that not all blender manufacturers offer spare blades, so most likely they will serve the entire life of the shredder.

The importance of the blade

The blade is the most essential part of a blender. For improved consumption, do the work of dividing the food into tiny pieces. It is very important to remember the material of the blade and its reliability, after the case, which is the material of the blender jar.

For improved clarity and durability, most blender blades are constructed of stainless steel. Considering the following considerations, the correct way to find a robust and accurate blade is very important.

The blade frame is usually made of a mixture of metals that are alloy materials such as iron and chromium. A high quality blade has a higher corrosion resistance than a lower quality one.

Different blade styles have their own patterns and blending properties. The blade design and the number of blades a blender has are important to consider. There may be two smooth blades that have a curvature at the edge. Or, the blades are arranged with blunt edges in a flower-like pattern.

You can find that the blades are arranged at varying angles in each blender for greater spray capacity and accuracy. This is because the interaction between the blade planes and the food continues to have a positive impact on the mixing process.

Buying a blender with a detachable blade for easier cleaning and storage is always good. This prevents a lot of moisture from being absorbed by the blades during use.

What power do you need for a top blender

People sometimes struggle with this problem. I don't know exactly what power a blender must have to face all the challenges in the kitchen.

You have to choose a balance between power and energy efficiency. To process what you intend to put in it, you need a blender with enough power. The power of a high-performance blender should be able to blend both soft purees and nuts if needed. But do not overdo it with items that are not provided by crushed posters in the blender.

Before shopping, see what you plan to do with it, what types of food. When you have decided on what to buy for the most part, it will be much easier to make the decision. This creates potential versatility.

How many watts to have the blender

Around 300 watts are portable models, or some slightly weaker handheld. This power level is provided by most small blenders. They are found in Romania, but not very often. You will be able to chop all the ingredients, except the hardest ones. Mixing is not expected to be a concern.

Those with more than 500 watts fall into the real area of versatility. With a good power, a blender will process the soups and will cope with stronger products.

Anything above 700 W will help you work with dry ingredients such as nuts or other hard stuff. The extra power means that if you want to explore the kitchen, you will not be limited. Also, a high power will let you cook a larger volume of food. However, if you want more power, you are ready to take out of your pocket a little more money.

Control panel to a good blender

There are several types of controls to choose from, depending on the blender: mechanical, electronic or digital. Each of these control options has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The simplest version of the blender controls is the mechanical one, ideal for use when precision control is not generally necessary. They are easy to use and cheap, but normally have limited abilities.

Electronic panel devices are the way to go if you need more control over the combination, such as stopwatches or various power settings. Usually, they have a multitude of attributes, but by default they are much more expensive.

In a setting where the same dish is prepared many times during the day, a programmable blender can be reasonably useful. For potential use, power levels and time levels can be pre-set. These are more efficient in terms of time, but they are also the most expensive in the lot.

Noise level during work

When you buy the best kitchen blender, you probably don't want to scare all your neighbors every time you want to use it. You will want to opt for a blender that includes dampers to ensure that the noise remains low.

A polycarbonate lid that passes over the blender is involved in this scheme. This can easily reduce noise. But if sound is a concern for you, see models looking for as little dB as possible.

There is a noise reduction mechanism in some versions, which makes it a decent choice for those who want to keep quiet in the house. In addition, it is not only a well-controlled machine that uses a silent blender, but also a variable speed option. So it is a variant that you can use daily without any problem.

Cleaning to the best blenders

You definitely don't want to wash the blender for minutes and actively rub the parts it is made of. You may want to look at the units that can be easily disassembled, detachable blade assemblies and detachable pads, to simplify their sanitation.

You won't have to waste your day cleaning the whole car this way. All you have to do is remove the components and put them in the dishwasher. Do this only according to the instructions.

The best blender for consumers, after all, is the one that best suits your lifestyle. If you only make a few soups from time to time, a small blender would be all you need. On the other hand, a large one might be a more reasonable option if you tend to make more dishes daily. But don't forget that the older ones need a more extensive cleaning.

Consider all the considerations when buying a blender. Consider the power, the volume and of course the price. If you have time, it is not useful to overpay for a programmable blender. But it doesn't hurt to spend a few extra bucks for a device that can save you time through dedicated programs.

The basic functions of a good blender

You are in the right place if you are looking for a blender to make a smoothie. Because there are so many types and models to choose from, we will show you how to choose the best blender this year.

But you must not be fooled. If you want to extract juice from vegetables or fruits and remove fiber, then you need a juicer. It's time to invest in one of the best kitchen blenders. Take this step if you are tired of not finding the consistency of a perfect smoothie. Most of these devices have many features and possibilities, but many people buy only for the preparation of soft foods.

The type of blender container

Choosing the right size for a blender also depends a lot on the type of container it is equipped with. There are many containers for blender jars, including plastic, glass and stainless steel. There is not necessarily a clear recommendation, they all have advantages and disadvantages.

Blender with plastic cup

Most often you will find the plastic version, especially for cheap models. Thus, the classic standard for a blender is a plastic jar. Most more expensive models have a glass or stainless steel bowl. Many choose the first option because the plastic is lighter, easier to clean and more portable than the rest. It also works well with small blenders, using light plastic jars.

Even so, plastic is more sensitive to scratches and bumps than glass or stainless steel. It may be difficult to use a plastic jar if you regularly chop nuts or ice. It can cause the inside of the blender to scratch over time.

Good blender with glass

Durable glass containers are very good, while plastic jars bring chemical and scratch-related disadvantages. If you want a more attractive version, glass jars offer better clarity than plastic. Without the risk of discoloration, they are even easier to maintain. Another great benefit of using glass cups for your blender is that they repel food odors, while plastic does not.

Glass jars, on the other hand, are not as durable as plastic jars. If mishandled or discarded, it could break into small pieces. The best blenders are the glass ones being appreciated by consumers.

Top blender with stainless steel glass

Dedicated blender brands also use stainless steel blender cups. They are stronger and more resistant than glass and plastic blender jars. They offer a high mixing capacity and satisfy the needs of preparing hard ingredients for the versatile mixture.

Lack of clarity is the only disadvantage of using stainless steel blender jars. While plastic and glass jars allow you to quantify mixed ingredients, transparency is lacking in stainless steel blenders. This may be important to some and not to others.

Easy to use

It's no big deal with the color of the equipment, so you should take a better look at the construction plan. Since your blender will work hard to break nuts or ice cubes, to survive rough jerks, it needs a solid base.

Lighter and easier to hold are blenders that come with solid plastic jugs. However, plastic jugs are more vulnerable to damage and scratches. If you buy a blender that contains plastic containers, make sure it is safe for the dishwasher.

There are heavier blenders with glass jugs, but they are scratch resistant. Moreover, if you somehow drop the blender on the kitchen floor, the glass cups are very robust and do not break easily.

The choice between plastic and glass

Before buying a blender, it is useful to think about the size of the container. If you do several operations at a time, to make your life smoother, you should invest in a larger device.

Because they are easier to clean and you can also see the contents easily, some people opt for blenders with generous containers.

The buttons on a blender are something you won't usually care about, but they are important. As you can imagine, the dishes can stain the surface, but it is easier to clean a blender with a touch pad than to clean dirty appliances with mechanical buttons. It's definitely not a fun thing to get rid of the ugly smoothie residue around the handles. The best blender for your kitchen should be easy to clean.

You should think about whether or not the blender you want them to have has pre-programmed settings due to the fact that we are talking about advanced models. Some people tend to buy mixers that allow them to adjust the rhythm of the mixes to get a different consistency.

Useful blender functions for every day

Strong selling points can be external features, such as an ice tank, juice elements, a heating system or more accessories.

Many blenders have what it takes to mix a smoothie. Get smoothie-compatible mixers to make sure the ones you watch can do the job. It can be a big attempt to clean a blender. If you choose a blender with components that can be washed in the dishwasher , eliminate the extra work and the risk of injuring yourself with blades.

A pulse function gives you more control over the mixing process, because mixing only takes place when you press the pulse button and ends when you remove it. This is especially useful without just chopping vegetables and fruits.

Not all blenders can crush ice successfully and quickly. Limit your search by including ice-crushing blenders if this feature is important to you. A self-cleaning blender will mix any leftovers with a little dishwashing detergent and water, including dirt particles left on the lid.

Additional blender accessories can help make your blender a more flexible product, such as blades with different shapes, additional serving cups, beating attachments or even jars for the food processor.

Operating safety of the best blender

For any blender, protection is an extremely important concern, especially if you have children. Most blenders have extremely sharp blades that, if not treated properly, can cause serious damage. In the wrong hands, wireless immersion mixers can be risky!

For children, protection is not only important. Standard countertop blenders usually have sharp blades and cannot be removed for washing. Some mixers may have detachable blades, but when you remove them for washing, they can be dangerous. We suggest a self-cleaning blender for the safest cleaning operation. Be very careful, if you have children, to keep hand-immersed blenders under their control.

The perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle

For fitness fans, graduates, graduates and partners who just want a quick and basic smoothie or shake up to go out for a day, the best blender is a great choice. This could also grind dried almonds, berries, jam and spice powders in addition to smoothies. Therefore, it does not replace a grinding machine, which is often much more flexible, efficient and detailed.

For individuals, the development of blenders has proven to be beneficial. Hard blenders end up being very convenient for us to mix something in large quantities. However, when you try to make something lighter, such as a smoothie or stir in the morning when you are often in a hurry, such blenders are not so sweet.

The same good blender gets pretty good there. Such bullet mixers are quick and easy to manage. The entire guide will help you find the right blender for you in Romania. The complex nature and sharp blades help us get things done faster. Nowadays, as they save time and energy, more citizens like to get their hands on such blenders.

Because most of us are irritated by the inconvenience of washing blenders, this would start to make washing much easier if the parts could be assembled and reassembled. Therefore, to simplify washing, we can choose blenders with interchangeable blades. The purpose of blenders is to combine smaller amounts of food. However, with growing demand for it, companies are selling bullet mixers in various sizes. Watch out for a blender that has sufficient capacity to meet specifications.

The purpose of the blender

The volume of the blender depends on certain specifications. If you are looking for a small bowl for two to five servings at a time, the amount you need depends on the amount of doses you choose. There are many commercially available options, with examples of possible capabilities, and you should be wise enough to choose one that you will rarely regret later.

Different versions of blenders with specific characteristics are available. Including others with acrylic housing and some with stainless steel housing. Thus, when selecting the best material in the class of your blender, you must be warned, because a low quality component would not be robust.

The best blenders are heavy enough that resistant components such as peanuts or something similar can be destroyed. However, others have specific guidelines that state that each difficult product may not be mixed properly, and the blades of both blenders may be destroyed. So, remember the products you will mix before buying one when choosing one for you.

Immediately, energy consumption is a major concern, because energy has become very expensive at this time and we can still use devices that can save energy. Many of the mixers are environmentally friendly, to provide better performance, require less electricity. Even more blenders use a little more energy, yet they have performance so fast and efficient that you don't have to work harder and harder, just a few moments, and you're good to go.

Conclusions about the best blender

The different brands, their characteristics and prices must be analyzed before buying a blender. Classic blenders include a large jar attached to a holder that contains control commands. They are ideal, especially for crushing ice, for food and purees.

You can also choose the right model based on the price you can pay for the device. Don't forget to take a look at the accessories and then decide to buy the device. The more functions the device has, the more it will cost. Remember this, though.

Blender in use

There are a lot of things you would rather do at the end of the day than clean the appliances for the next day. To make your life easier, try some functions created to make cleaning a blender faster and more efficient.

Some blender versions have detachable container pads so that no dirt builds up on the blender to catch drops or splashes. You should rinse the container thoroughly with a stream of water only at the end of the day, instead of washing it.

For a more detailed cleaning of certain blenders, you should separate the blade assembly from the base of the blender jar. There is no food left in the cracks in the container and in the gasket in this way.

You will want to consider models of hand blenders that can be machine washed. They have easily detachable components. This way, while cleaning, you will not have to think about wetting the blender motor. In addition, it eliminates the need for manual cleaning of the area around the blades.

Top blenders for an easier life

You can select a blender that has a sound housing to help maintain noise in the indoor unit. This feature is a polycarbonate shield that covers the blender during use to reduce the amount of noise produced by the device. It can significantly reduce the sound level. But if noise is an issue for you, it may be a better long-term option to select a unit with an enclosure.

Although a certain level of noise is expected in the home, quieter devices will not bother you or create headaches. In addition, if you eliminate the noise made by the device, you can use it regardless of the time because it will not bother your neighbors.

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