the best blenders for juicing this year

Choosing a blender can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we gathered some information from reports and tests made by experts, so we could choose the best 10 blenders available on the market right now.




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the best blenders for juicing this year


the best blenders for juicing this year


the best blenders for juicing this year


the best blenders for juicing this year


the best blenders for juicing this year


the best blenders for juicing this year


the best blenders for juicing this year


the best blenders for juicing this year


the best blenders for juicing this year


the best blenders for juicing this year


For many years, no one has doubted the indispensability of the blender in modern cuisine. Gradually, he took over many of the classic, more tiring tasks of a traditional kitchen. This modern home appliance consists of a motor, a collecting container and several processing knives that can grind and chop food in just a few seconds. Its functionality is extremely useful in the preparation of various recipes, and respected housewives or chefs greatly appreciate this advantage. With a simple push of a button, with the help of the blender in your kitchen, the fruit can be transformed into a delicious smoothie, and the fine cream soups will be your family's choice every day.

This explains the need for people to have a reliable help in the kitchen and their desire to buy the best blender on the commercial market. But, what does a quality blender mean and how to recognize it from the multitude of offers of the producers we will try to find out together in this article.

The most important technical characteristics of a quality blender


the best blenders for juicing this year

When we talk about the performance of a blender we must look at the following parameters: engine power , relative to energy consumption and the actual processing power of the ingredients.

Power is measured in watts and shows us the force with which food is processed by the blender. It would be best to choose a device with a powerful motor of at least 400W, with a speed in several stages, which allows you to have total control of the device. If you want to use the blender to prepare shakes, sauces or cream, a blender with less power is enough.

For smoothie recipes it is good to choose a blender with an engine power between 500 and 600W. Instead, if you want to prepare larger quantities or use the appliance daily, then you need a model with a motor that is not only powerful but also durable. It should have power between 600W and 700W to be able to turn the ingredients into a very fine texture, regardless of their nature.

In the case of vertical blenders, the motor speed can be less than 300W without affecting their efficiency. The explanation is simple and is due to the fact that they are operated additionally and manually by the user's pressing force. Therefore, the technical performance of a blender is important and you must take it into account, depending on what you want to prepare with it.

The design

An increasingly important aspect in choosing a blender suitable for our modern kitchen is its design. When analyzing this design criterion, look for two key features: reliability and ergonomics.


the best blenders for juicing this year This first involves safety in use and then the long-term durability of the product. This is determined by the quality of the materials of the blender, but also by the way it can be sanitized without problems by any user. Turn your attention to a blender that has a glass container for a very simple reason: avoid altering the taste of food during processing. In the case of plastic vats this risk exists, and over time you need to think about changing the blender, even if it did not break.


It addresses two issues:

  • Device maneuverability

the best blenders for juicing this year It varies depending on its shape and capacity. A suitable blender models offers you the possibility to prepare larger quantities of ingredients, without occupying, through its dimensions, all the work space in the kitchen. Classic models allow the user to set the processing of the process and to supervise it, without making any other effort. The situation is different for vertical devices that need to be directed manually and requires a design that is as comfortable as possible for the user.

  • Intuitive functions and settings

The control panel of the settings must be easy to read and intuitive for both types of blenders, and the sound produced by the engine during operation must not be too loud.

Additional functions and settings

A quality blender has many additional functions and settings that make your work experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. The best blenders on the commercial market can offer you up to 14 different speeds and various additional functions such as:

  • ice crushing function,
  • heating function or
  • turbo function, starting directly at high engine power for maximum efficiency.

the best blenders for juicing this year These additional functions must be added to some basic functions that should not be missing from any quality blender: homogenizing, mixing, cutting, chopping, crushing, liquefying. Overall, the options are just as important and depend on the type of blender chosen. The more there are, the better the blender.

Choosing the best blender does not have to be a matter of luck

Having all this information about the most important technical characteristics of blenders, we believe that your purchase will be much easier and will have nothing to do with luck. You can do a preliminary research in the online environment of the main blender models on the market because you will save valuable time. Online documentation also has the advantage that it gives you access to a large number of product offers at much better prices and with various added bonuses, such as free shipping or the possibility of extending the warranty period.

We recommend that you focus primarily on top brands, recognized in the home appliance market, because these manufacturers pay special attention to the quality of manufacturing materials. In addition, they are followers of incorporating new technologies that have appeared on the market in the final product to satisfy the most demanding tastes of customers. Last but not least, a well-known manufacturing company also offers you an advantageous guarantee and quality service in the main cities of the country. Shopping spree and definitely the best blender for you will be the one that will meet the most selection criteria!

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