the best blenders for smoothies in 2021

The best blender – Our recommendations for 2021

Since you are always in a hurry, you do not always have the necessary time to document yourself before buying a blender. We have analyzed the offers available on the internet and we consider that Russell Hobbs 23180-56 Nutri Boost is a quality product, with which you can crush or pass a lot of food, because it has a powerful 700w motor. It includes several containers in which you can store the prepared mixtures, but also one specially designed for the trip, so you can take your milkshake with you on the way to work. The blade edge is covered with titanium, so it will keep its quality over time, and due to its small size, it does not take up much storage space. The second option: Philips HR2100 is suitable for those who have a smaller purchase budget.

Comparison table

It is a product that allows you to grind or grind food, making it a paste, because it has a 700W motor, and the titanium-coated blades will cut just as well, even after a long time. At the time of purchase, you will receive 5 containers of different sizes and lids, in order to properly store the mixtures.

You cannot select the speed of crushing food because it has only one power stage.

The blender should not be missing from the kitchen of those who adopt a healthy diet, but it can be a real help for families with children.

It represents the best alternative in terms of price / quality ratio offered by a famous brand in Europe, the 400W power offering its efficiency, and the safety and locking systems guarantee its increased reliability. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Users who gave impressions about using the product complained about the short length of the power cord.

We recommend the part as an advantageous investment in a device belonging to a brand known and famous for reliability, durability and functionality. Ease of operation is a plus that is worth considering.

It is a device with very high power, the 1000W guaranteeing the possibility of processing any food, including roots or ice, thanks to the knife made of the most resistant stainless steel.

During maximum demands, for grinding hard ingredients, it is quite noisy.

We recommend the piece with confidence because it is extremely easy and quick to use, excelling in terms of functionality through the ability to process any type of food in the shortest time and with maximum efficiency.

How to choose a good blender

Buyer’s guide

Indispensable in any modern household, used to process various categories of food, the blender is now a device that can take over many of the tedious tasks that must be performed in a kitchen and involving the preparation of dishes.

The device consists of a motor, a collecting container and processing knives. Originally it is a simple item, but it can work wonders in a few minutes. If you are among the potential users who want to know which is the best blender or where to find a blender at a good price, we recommend that you take into account a series of selection criteria, which will help you choose the right model for your personal needs. .

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021

Type: There are several ways to categorize blenders, but the most important is how complex the device is. Thus, 2 typologies are distinguished: the traditional blender and the modern one.

Traditional blenders are recommended for more affordable prices and for users with moderate frequency of use. Each classic blender model has a base that contains the propulsion engine, is separated from the collecting container and lined with a rubber gasket, to avoid food leakage into the engine.

Above the engine is a container made of glass, stainless steel, plastic or porcelain, inside which the food is introduced to be processed. The container is provided with a specific scale, which allows the user to correctly appreciate the amount of ingredients used. The motor drives a series of knives positioned in the collecting container by a movement translation shaft.

The mechanism is also equipped with a lid, which prevents the outside spraying of food during engine operation and mixing process. In traditional blenders, the knives act from the bottom up, and have a control panel on the base that houses the engine. Different conventional settings are possible, such as: mixing, cutting or chopping.

Modern blenders are built according to the same pattern, but a bit more demanding as an investment, being useful for those who prefer to use them almost daily. It features a multitude of extra ingredient processing options, plus a number of new features over traditional models.

Also, immersion blenders are differentiated within this category, which are also called vertical blenders, being variants of smaller dimensions that are operated differently. They keep the motor base and the shredding knife, but the collecting container can be any container of any size, chosen by the user. The body of the blender thus becomes a mobile handle that can be operated manually and with which it can be mixed in the container in which the food is placed.

If you are wondering which is the best vertical blender, it is good to make sure, first of all, that the model is an efficient appliance and that purees, salads or cream soups can be made with it. In the case of this typology, the knives are operated from top to bottom, the model being a very mobile one, easy to handle, but which requires a little more attention and effort from the one who uses the device. Both typologies allow users to diversify their use of cutting functions and methods, as well as to dose their own efforts according to their preferences.

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021

Performance: This category includes: engine power, relative to energy consumption and actual processing power of ingredients. It is also necessary that a quality blender can process any type of food, in various ways.

As with any appliance, power is measured in watts and is an effective indicator of the speed and force with which food is processed. Therefore, you will choose a model with a powerful motor that offers a minimum power of 400W or 500W. The speed must vary and allow total control of the device. If you use the blender to prepare shakes, sauces or whipped cream in medium quantities, a power of 300 – 400W is enough.

For smoothie recipes it is good to choose a blender with an engine power of 500 – 600W. Instead, if you want to prepare larger quantities, to use your appliance very often every day, then you need a model with a motor that is not only powerful, but also resistant, offering between 600W and 700W and which will manage to turn the ingredients into a very fine texture, regardless of their nature.

For vertical blenders, the motor speed can be less than 300W, still maintaining their efficiency, due to the fact that they are manually operated and allow the user to moderate the pressing force. Therefore, power is an essential parameter, which must be quantified to know which is the best blender.

Design: To make sure you make the right choice, it is good to follow two essential features: reliability and ergonomics. A reliable blender must offer safety in use, but must also be a durable model, which requires minimum maintenance conditions and therefore has an extended warranty.

The materials from which the device is made are also important, because they must be resistant, allowing long use and easy sanitation. It is also preferable to choose a device with a glass tub, to avoid altering the taste of food during processing, a risk in the case of a collecting container made of plastic. Also, if the product comes with several types of accessories, this is a great advantage.

Ergonomics: focuses on two aspects: maneuverability and how intuitive the functions and settings are. The maneuverability of the devices varies depending on their shape and capacity. Of course, it is good that the chosen blender model offers you the possibility to prepare larger quantities of ingredients, but it is not recommended that it occupy the entire workspace. Classic models allow the user to set the processing of the process and to supervise it, without making any other effort.

The situation is different for vertical devices, which must be manually directed and need to have a shape design as comfortable as possible for the user. Thus, you can figure out which is the best vertical blender by analyzing the grip handle and the length of the rod at the top of which the knives are arranged.

The control panel of the settings must be easy to read and intuitive, in the case of both types of blenders, and the sound produced by the engine during operation must not be too loud.

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021

Functions and settings: The best blenders offer you up to 14 different speed steps and additional functions such as: ice crushing function, container heating function or turbo function. In this respect, the way the device works is important, because the ingredients also require a differentiated preparation. It is good for the blender to operate at a lower speed and increase as the food is more crumbly.

At the same time, the basic functions must accompany any type of device, these being: homogenization, mixer, cutting, chopping, crushing, liquefaction. Overall, the options are just as important and largely depend on the type of blender chosen, because in the case of modern blenders you benefit from more.

Because you now have all the specifications, descriptions and opinions about the best blenders, we recommend you to buy a cheap and good blender from the internet. The prices are similar or even better, the guarantee is the same, and if you are not satisfied with the chosen product, you can return or replace it.

Recommended models in 2021

Russell Hobbs 23180-56 Nutri Boost

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021 The product is aimed at those who want to eat healthier foods and often prepares mixtures that include fruit or cream soups. It can be used for poultry or shredding, so it is a real help when you want to prepare the baby’s meal.

It has a single gear and a motor with a power of 700w, so that the ingredients will become fine, turning them into a paste or a powder. The blades are coated with titanium, which offers resistance, so they will stay sharp even after long use.

It includes 5 containers with lids, of different sizes, of 0.7l, respectively 0.35l, so it can be used by the whole family. In order to keep the ground content in optimal conditions, in the purchase package you will also have a lid with holes and a storage container. The object has a minimalist design and does not take up much space in the kitchen. During use, it will remain in the same position, regardless of the surface you place, because it is equipped with an anti-slip system.


It has a powerful engine, so it finely grinds the contents.

It comes with a lot of containers, with different capacities, and you will be able to easily store the preparation.

The blades are coated with titanium, so you won’t have to sharpen them frequently.

It is small in size and will not take up much storage space.


The product has a single power stage, so you will not be able to select the speed of operation.


Philips HR2100

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021 Philips is a respected manufacturer on the world market of home appliances, so it would not hurt to check the properties of the products of this brand. So, if you are looking for a cheap and good blender, it is recommended that you first find out which is the best blender from Philips at a convenient price. This is also the case of the HR2100 model, a device in the category of classic blenders, which is equipped with a motor that offers a power of 400W.

The design is minimalist, elegant in simplicity, and the materials used are: stainless steel for blades, hard and shock-resistant plastic for the collector bowl and motor housing. The container is created with ergonomic handle design and has a collection capacity of 1.25l. The device is equipped with a simple storage system for the power cable, which has a length of 1m.

For increased reliability, the device is properly equipped with anti-slip and lock indicator. All detachable parts are easy to clean in the dishwasher. The functions are easily navigated with the help of the circular controller, being available 2 different speeds and the Pulse function, which allows the acceleration of the work process. The product comes with a 24-month warranty.


It is a model that is the best blender from Philips with this price / quality ratio.

It is efficient because the motor offers a power of 400W.

It has increased reliability, through safety and locking systems.

Allows convenient sanitation in the dishwasher.


The power cable has a rather small length, 1m.


Heinner Master Collection HBL-1000XMC

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021 If you want a powerful device, we recommend the Heinner Master Collection HBL-1000XMC product, which excels at all the tasks it has to perform due to the total power of 1000W. In addition, thanks to the LCD screen, you can always see how long it takes for any operation you have selected.

The knife, detachable for easy cleaning, is made of the best quality stainless steel, a durable material that faces challenges. The glass bowl has a capacity of 1.5 liters and is thought to be quite generous for a family. Cleaning is easy, under running water.

The device works on the basis of 5 predefined speeds, with the help of which you will obtain the desired result. The functions it can perform successfully are: mixing, grinding, liquefying, mixing and producing ice flakes. All your favorite drinks are just a button away.


Device with high power of 1000W – able to grind efficiently and hard ingredients.

LCD display that indicates the duration of operations.

Stainless steel knife – indicates durability.

Equipped with 5 predefined speeds that allow the fulfillment of several functions – adaptability.


The device is quite noisy, especially when crushing ice.


Star-Light Active BG-350SS

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021 If you need an electrical device that allows you to prepare tasty juices for children, or even for you, we offer you the Star-Light Activo BG-350SS device. With its help you can process a wide range of foods, which will acquire a fine and creamy consistency.

The stainless steel housing offers resistance, reliability and excellent comfort. Due to the modern and elegant design, the appliance can be integrated in any kitchen, regardless of the style in which it is arranged. The bowl has an extremely practical shape, even allowing you to drink from it. In addition, it is made of durable plastic and does not contain BPA, being perfectly safe for any consumer.

Its capacity is 600 ml, which is enough for two glasses of juice or for a consistent shake. Considering that the device is also equipped with an ice crushing function, we consider that it is a part that can do its job in good conditions. The On / Off button is easy to operate and allows you to control the operation of the device exactly as you wish.


Blender available at a very affordable price.

The device is equipped with two functions, crushing and crushing ice – useful for most users.

Mechanical control panel and on / off button – the work process is easily set and controlled.

Easy to clean.


Some of the users mention that they encounter difficulties in processing the roots, while others claim that the device handles this type of product well.


Lay BC1009

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021 This product is presented as a blender suitable for preparing fruit and vegetable specialties for the whole family. It has a traditional format, in which the container is placed over the base with the built-in motor. Because it develops a power of 300W, the product is suitable for preparing purees, sauces, shakes and smoothies in moderate quantities.

Its reliability is demonstrated by the parts made of non-toxic plastic, the emergency stop system and the impulse system, which stops the action of the blades as soon as the container of ingredients is unscrewed. The knife, made of stainless steel, guarantees a safe and long use. The kit includes a main container, with a capacity of 400ml, for the preparation of shakes.

To ensure the making of purees for children, 3 containers of 170 ml each are incorporated in the set, all accompanied by drip caps, which can be easily stored or transported safely, without the risk of spilling the contents. Due to the low volume, these pieces can also be excellent ways of portioning meals for the little one. The device does not work with bone in meat, raw potatoes, egg whites, dough, raw meat or whipped cream; Instead, it can grind frozen fruit or ice as long as they are added to liquids. The criticisms received from users aim at the fact that the parts made of plastic can wear out very quickly.


It is delivered with 4 containers for preparation, which can be subsequently sealed with its own lid and transported.

The motor copes with the demands of moderate difficulty, having 300 W power (crushes frozen fruit).

The blades are made of stainless steel, demonstrating resistance over time.

The pulse activation system automatically starts and stops the knife, ensuring safe use.

The parts that come into contact with food are made of non-toxic materials.


It does not work for more than 30 consecutive seconds.

Portions made of plastic can be worn relatively easily.


Russell Hobbs Desire 18996-56

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021

The Russell Hobbs Desire 18996-56 is a classic blender with surprising performance, thanks to the motor that offers a power of 750W. The design is elegant and simple, and can be considered attractive due to the pleasant color scheme.

The materials from which it is made allow both increased reliability and the unaltered preservation of the natural taste of the food. The serrated knives are made of stainless steel, while the collecting tank is made of glass, provided with a removable lid and has a capacity of 1.5 l. The device is provided with storage space for the power cable, safety lock at the base and non-slip feet.

It weighs 4,336 kg and measures 27.5 × 21.5 × 38.9 cm. The functions include the automatic adjustment of the shredding power in 2 different stages and the Pulse function, which allows the variation and acceleration between these modules, depending on the user’s preferences. The device comes with a 24-month warranty.


The Pulse function allows better adjustment of the cutting process between the two gears.

It is an efficient device, the motor being powerful: 750W.

It has increased reliability, being made of quality materials and with a 24-month warranty

It is easy to store, due to its small size and cable clamping system.


The device has a considerable weight, 4,336Kg.


How to use a blender

You don’t know how useful a blender is in the kitchen until you try one for the first time. Many of the secrets of this device are on their own, of course following the instructions and restrictions on use. If you want to know what advice we have centralized and what additional information we can offer you on this topic, here they are presented here:

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021

First use

Before preparing anything, all detachable parts of the appliance will be washed and pre-dried, making sure that it does not keep factory residues or other impurities. In the case of blenders with two outlets, the unit containing the knife is mounted above the one with the motor, being added between them a gasket that prevents the infiltration of liquids. The container with the detachable lid is mounted on top, through which the ingredients can be gradually introduced.

If we talk about models that have a portable container, the order of the procedures to be changed. Since the container has only one hole, first add all the ingredients, in the allowed quantities and depending on the chosen recipe. The accessory that includes the knife is mounted as a cover. Subsequently, it turns down, mounting on the motor unit.


Most commercial models include a minimum of controls, allowing maximum speed adjustment and pulse function. If you do not portion the added fruits or vegetables beforehand, the respective option helps you to homogenize the mixture, when the knife turns empty, if a larger piece is stuck on top.

Each recipe will require a lower or higher cutting speed. It is recommended that hard foods be processed at the beginning with a medium and constant speed, following that only after crushing they are better mixed, at higher power levels.

What can you prepare?

Probably the fastest and most obvious use of the blender is to get delicious smoothies. This way you immediately get fruit juice with the pulp, adding a variable amount of water or other liquids. Cocktails should not be ignored either, as some can be easily mixed with crushed ice.

If the blender allows you to gradually add ingredients, you can also approach more complicated recipes, such as those for various sauces. When you have a restriction on food temperature, you will not be able to get purees or cream soups, but otherwise, you will approach any recipe with lentils, peas and other cooked vegetables. Some devices, especially the professional ones, also provide grinding, processing biscuits, nuts, coffee and even cereals.

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021

What mistakes to avoid

As the manual shows, it is not advisable to exceed a certain amount of ingredients when preparing something. The use of hot food is excluded in blender models with a container without a lid, as the released vapors can cause high internal pressures, which cannot be released. Even hot liquids must be allowed to “breathe”.


Thorough cleaning of the appliance components must be carried out immediately after each use. This prevents food debris from hardening on the accessories. The motor unit must not have contact with water or other fluids, so always analyze the efficiency of the gasket that separates it from the knife.

The most important parts to clean are the container and the rotating blade, which will be washed gently, under running water and with a little detergent, rinsing well and letting it drain. The appliance housing can be wiped with wet wipes (for kitchen items) or a cloth.

Popular brands:

With a blender, regardless of its power, you can always make a delicious and satisfying smoothie. And if you invest in a better one, you will get rid of the manual crushing of food, its mixing, the breaking of ice cubes and you will be able to make even fine purees. All you have to do is know how to find it, and for that, you can confidently go to one of the three manufacturers: Philips, Oster and Breville.

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021 The story of the Dutch brand Philips begins on May 15, 1891, at the initiative of Gerard and his father, Frederik Philips. The former had the skill to build safer carbon filaments for electric lighting, and the latter had the means to make money, so there was only one step left until they opened a small factory in Eindhoven.

Meanwhile, the business has expanded in several directions, and there are currently three main departments: Philips Lighting (developing lighting solutions), Philips Consumer Lifestyle (producing from personal care items to consumer appliances) and Philips Healthcare ( brings a series of innovations in the field of health, meant to improve the lives of consumers).

It doesn’t take too much information to convince you of the impact that the company has on the level of global trade, because its products are present on almost all store shelves and on TV screens. However, some figures are edifying: in 2012, it had a profit of € 226 million, over 122,000 employees, a presence in over 60 countries, 39,000 trademarks and 54,000 patent rights held.

Under the motto “Innovation and you”, launched with a new range in 2013, it is clear that the renowned manufacturer intends to focus on innovation and continue, following the same direction that has established it over time: respecting consumer needs and coming to meet them.

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021

Oster appeared in 1924, when John Oster noticed how profitable the market for women’s care products was and made a hand-operated hair styling machine in his own garage. 4 years after its establishment, with the launch of automatic hair clippers, The John Oster Manufacturing Company is emerging. The brand will become a reference name for simple buyers and professionals in the field of hair care.

The company’s activity has diversified, nowadays, moving towards four production directions: beauty (curlers, hair dryers and straightening plates), kitchen appliances (mixers, coffee makers, blenders, kettles, etc.), appliances for fabric care (simple, steam and vertical irons) and wellness (air purifiers).

Starting with the 60’s, changes take place inside the company: first, the brand is acquired by the Sunbeam corporation, and John Oster resigns 3 years later. The business, however, prospered and continued to expand.

An important moment was the year 2001, when the blenders from the Oster In2itive range were introduced, which were based on a revolutionary technology. Thanks to this, the appliance works both as a blender and as a food processor, with pre-programmed cycles, which determine the turning time and the direction of the slats. Currently, you can expect the same performance from all blenders of this brand.

the best blenders for smoothies in 2021 Founded in 1923 in Melbourne, Australia, Breville has nowadays been recognized as a top supplier in the home appliance segment. The founders were Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville, a radio salesman and an engineer, and in the first 50 years of activity, they focused on the production and distribution of radios, used at that time to detect bombs placed in mines. during the war.

The radio market has declined since the advent of television, and interest is moving toward making small kitchen appliances. Up until that point, the company had been running a small family business until Bill O’Brien, Bill’s son, decided it was time to invest more in research and innovation.

The popularity and importance of the brand would grow with the production and launch of the first model of sandwich maker in 1974. In that year, the company sold 400,000 products, and the brand name became synonymous with sandwich makers across Australia. The device was almost as successful in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Breville currently supplies blenders and other kitchen appliances in over 50 countries, including Romania.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Oster Delighter BLSTDG-W00-050

If you set out to buy the best blender, you have a difficult mission! We can offer you a model that enjoys the unanimous appreciation of users because it offers a good power of 450W and a number of 6 speeds that allow you to enhance its action depending on the ingredients used and the recipe prepared.

The gear system is called All-Metal Drive – a combination of metal that is extremely durable and solid and provides the power needed to crush ice. The glass jar has an oval shape, flattened just so it can be placed in good condition on the refrigerator door. The total capacity of 1.75 liters is enough for a family.

On the function panel are included 6 preset commands: low, medium, high, pulse, ice crush and drinks. The action of each of them is perfected: the ice crush function acts automatically for 30 seconds to crush the ice, the Pulse option allows you to finely chop the ingredients, and the Drinks function triggers the device for 45 seconds for mixing cocktails with ice.


Bender with gear made entirely of metal – durable and resistant.

Includes a total of 6 functions and working speeds – allows diversified food processing

Flattened glass dish that can be refrigerated – ergonomic.

Special functions for crushing ice – perfect for cocktail lovers.


Some buyers said that the product does not excel in terms of stability.

Breville Active Pro

Breville Active Pro is the most suitable blender for people with an active and dynamic lifestyle, because its portable container can accompany you on your travels. All you have to do is choose your favorite ingredients, with or without ice, and turn on the appliance.

Thanks to the 300W motor, which drives the stainless steel blades of the knife, you can mix hard ingredients like ice and nuts. The sports container has a capacity of 500 ml and is provided with a black rubber band for a better grip.

The neoprene cover protects your container and has an isothermal function, so that your drinks stay cold. The material from which it is made is called Tritan Copolyester, without BPA, thermal and shock resistant and compatible with special car and bicycle supports. We can say that the appearance of this piece is innovative: the black unit, with chrome accents, is completed by the transparent container that will fit in any kitchen.


Innovative blender with a special, dynamic design (“to go”).

Equipped with a detachable container with lid – can be taken on trips.

The container is shock resistant, heat resistant and is equipped with a thermal insulation cover – it keeps the liquids fresh.

Compatible with special support for bicycle and car.


The capacity is small, 500 ml, ideal for a single person.

Tefal BlendForce Faciclic Plastic BL300138

This model from Tefal is an efficient classic blender, being equipped with a motor that offers a power of 400W. The design is a simple one, with a stable base and a collecting container with a capacity of 1.25l, made of plastic.

The processing blades are made of stainless steel, can be easily disassembled and allow optimal processing of most types of food. It is provided with power cable storage systems and with anti-slip safety system, for greater reliability in use. Detachable parts are easily sanitized in the dishwasher.

The mechanical control panel is operated by rotation, and the functions include 2 gears and the Pulse function, acceleration between these standards.


It has a good price / quality ratio.

It is a device with increased efficiency, because the engine is powerful.

The model is reliable, being equipped with anti-slip.

It is convenient to use, being easy to store and sanitize.


The collecting tank is made of plastic.

Braun MR 320

Potential users who are trying to find out where to find a blender at a good price, which also offers increased efficiency, are advised by experts in kitchen appliances to try Braun products as well. The MR 320 vertical blender model is an excellent example of a high-performance blender, which is the best blender from Braun at a very affordable price.

The device can be both a mixer and a blender, and the motor offers a power of 450W. The shape and ergonomic design with detachable shaft and the handle made of soft and translucent material allow easy handling during use. It is made of durable materials and properly accessorized, with tel, pin, mixing paddles and shredder, all detachable. For the mincer, it also has a container with a graduated bowl that allows the blender to be fixed in a fixed, vertical position. All accessories can be easily sanitized in the dishwasher. The functions include 2 speeds, which allow optimal and differentiated food processing. The device has the dimensions of 30.5 × 35.5 × 25.5 cm and a total weight of 907g.

It is a multifunctional device, being a mixer and blender.

Model that is the best blender from Braun, as a price offer.

It is efficient, with a motor power of 450W.

It can be used comfortably, because in the shredder mode the blender can be fixed, reducing the effort made by the user.


It has only 2 gears.

Heinner OptiMix 600

Coming from a renowned manufacturer of quality appliances, the Heinner OptiMix 600 is a classic blender and is equipped with a high power motor: 600W. It is made of high quality materials, with stainless steel blades and glass bowl, which allow optimal processing of ingredients, without affecting their taste.

The design is modern, ergonomic and allows increased reliability. The glass container has a capacity of 1.5 l and is provided with a special sealing lid and a handle that facilitates gripping. The device can operate continuously and is easily set up using the mechanical control panel.

It is equipped with a locking system and a safety system, for optimal reliability, and the engine produces a noise that reaches the value of 85dB during operation. In terms of functions, there are no less than 5 different speeds and the Pulse function, which can be adapted to any type of food and to any type of processing.

It has an excellent price / quality ratio.

It shows diversity in chopping and shredding options, because it has 5 speeds.

It is efficient due to the powerful 600W motor.

It has reliability, because it is made of quality materials.


The noise level produced is high, 85dB.

Cuisinart BFP603E

Recommended among the best classic blenders from Cuisinart, the SmartPower Duet BFP603E is a high-performance, elegant and highly effective choice for any type of kitchen. It is a classic, fixed device, whose motor offers a power of 600W, allowing the processing of any type of food in optimal conditions.

As a design, the device has increased reliability, being made of the highest quality materials: stainless steel knives and two glass and polycarbonate containers: blender cup with a capacity of 1.25l and mixing bowl with a capacity of 1.1l . The device is accompanied by two indispensable accessories: 1 reversible slicing disc, for scraping and slicing and 1 chopping knife. All detachable parts are easily sanitized and have a long wear period.

The control panel of functions and settings is digital and includes 4 movement speeds with Turbo / Impulse function, which allows uninterrupted transition from one speed to another depending on the user’s preferences, being able to process vegetables, fruits, ice and many other ingredients.

The blender can also enter Standby mode, a 2-minute automatic pause, which also allows the engine to overheat. The model has dimensions of 17.78 × 38.1x33cm and a weight of 2.7Kg.

It is a high-performance model, because the motor offers a power of 600W.

It has high efficiency, because it has 4 speeds and can process most types of food.

It can be easily set up thanks to the digital console.

It is made of quality materials, wear being difficult.


It can be considered more difficult to handle, weighing 2.7 kg.

Bamix Classic 160

Hailing from the Swiss company that patented the first vertical blender model in history, the Bamix Classic 160 is one of the best immersion devices on the market. This is the case of a high performance and very durable device. The professional asynchronous motor offers a power of 160W, the adjustment of the drive speed being automated.

The design is very ergonomic and reliable. All the materials from which the blender is made are of the best quality, and the component parts that come into contact with food do not influence their taste in any way. The total length of the device is 49.5 cm, while the rod has a length that allows a working depth of 35 cm. The handle is provided with a comfortable soft grip, which adapts to the anatomical shape of the hand.

The product is accessorized with: 1 multifunctional blade for crushing, 1 blade for beating mixtures and 1 device for crushing the ingredients into purees, all detachable parts being easy and intuitive to assemble and sanitize. The functions incorporate 2 controllable gears at the handle and allow different food processing by associating with the appropriate accessories. The device has a total weight of 935g and a power cable length of 1.9m.

It is a multifunctional vertical blender, being equipped with various accessories for a multitude of types of food.

It has increased reliability, being made of resistant materials.

It is ergonomic, being equipped with a soft grip handle.

It adapts easily in the kitchen space, with a 1.9m power cable.


It can be quite tiring when used for a long time, because it weighs almost 1Kg.

Electrolux ESB2400

This classic blender model is part of the product category that offers quality at an affordable price and is also very easy to use, due to the design features. In terms of motor power, it has a value of 300W. The design is simple and aesthetically pleasing, and the detachable parts are shock resistant because they are made of Tritan plastic.

The device is equipped with a plastic collection glass, cylindrical in shape, which has a capacity of 600ml. These features visually lengthen the shape of the device, giving it an elegant look. The sealing cover adapts optimally, and the base is provided with a fixing system and a safety system, being compatible in shape with other collection accessories from the same range.

The power cable to the mains has a length of 1m, and the total weight of the product is 1.9Kg. The device operates at a single speed that can vary based on the Turbo Pulse function.

The glass is portable and can be used anywhere, anytime.

It has a good price / quality ratio.

It has the Turbo Pulse function that allows the acceleration of the food processing process.

It is easy to use and store, with a low weight, 1.9 kg.


The container has a small capacity, 600ml.

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