The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy in 2021

Bosch Food Processors – Review and comparison in 2021

Those who dream of improving their performance in the kitchen and making their working time more efficient with the help of a Bosch robot, approach this achievement once they go through the material prepared by us. We reviewed the most interesting options, and our recommendation is the food processor Bosch MUM9BX5S22 , especially for the high power and speed of execution, but also for the very useful functions and accessories. It has, among others, 7 gears, 3D mixing capacity, scale and timer as well as a roomy stainless steel bowl. For those with a smaller budget, we recommend, as an alternative, the Bosch MUM58720 robot.

Comparative table

It makes your work in the kitchen easier, no matter how complicated the dishes you are going to prepare are or how many guests you are waiting for at the table, through the multitude of functions it can perform and the accuracy of the actions and results. The built-in scale helps you to use the ideal quantities directly in the preparation bowl, without the need for special devices or various containers from and in which to transfer the ingredients.

It is more expensive than other products in the same category.

It is an accessory that should not be missing from any kitchen. With its help, you will finish cooking sooner than you would have expected, all kinds will look and taste impeccable, and the cleanliness in the kitchen will be a breeze.

Thanks to its powerful 1000 W motor, the robot is expected to work flawlessly, managing to fulfill all the functions provided in record time and with exceptional results. You don’t have to be content with just “what he knows” to do, being able to constantly expand the range of his functions and actions, by purchasing various additional accessories.

If you want to cut or chop a large amount of food at once, it is preferable to put the ingredients one at a time, so as not to overload the appliance.

It is a robust and safe appliance that will be your reliable help in the kitchen no matter what you want to do: cut, grind, knead, squeeze, mix or grind.

Most of the accessories and the bowl can be washed in the dishwasher, which is really good news for those who do not have much time available or who simply do not like this activity. You can prepare a sufficient amount of food even if you do not sit at the table alone, thanks to the bowl with a capacity of 2.3 l.

Although it has a chopping function and a shredding function, the appliance cannot be used as a blender.

It is a device that copes with the challenges of your kitchen, and in addition the price with which it can be purchased is affordable for any housewife who needs help.

In-depth reviews about the best Bosch food processors

Interested in the best Bosch food processors? The list of products compiled by us and displayed below took into account in the description of the appliances the specifications presented by the manufacturer, but also the opinions and strengths and weaknesses indicated by customers, whether they are amateur or professional chefs.

Bosch MUM9BX5S22

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021 It is a robot with a cast aluminum housing and a roomy 5.5 liter vessel. It has a power of 1500 W that withstands dense doughs. The large polished stainless steel bowl is specially designed to contain a large amount of dough (between 1.5 and 3.5 kg depending on the composition) and can be used even when it has increased in volume.

The functions it is equipped with are SensorControl Plus and 3D Planetary Mixing. ControlPlus has very good results in mixing substances, even when they have increased in volume and increased in consistency. The 3D Planetary Mixing function is intended for fast mixing using a movement defined in three dimensions. It also has a Smart Dough sensor, which keeps the mixing speed constant. If the dough hardens and becomes difficult to handle, the power invested in mixing increases.

The robot comes with a large number of accessories that it automatically detects and you can add optional accessories. For convenience, it has an integrated scale, so you can weigh the ingredients directly into the work bowl. It has a timer for working time and 7 gears.


Bosch StartLine MUM54D00

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021 The Bosch StartLine MUM54D00 robot is a medium-sized device specially designed for kneading / mixing various compositions. It has a powerful 900 W motor and a stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 3.9 liters. It can even process hard doughs.

It has 7 gears and homogenizes the composition with the MultiMotionDrive function, which allows it to mix the ingredients in 3D. A feature that acts as a safety measure is the Pulse anti-slip system, thanks to which you can use the robot with confidence. For easy removal of the robotic arm, it is equipped with EasyArmLift function.

Upon purchase, you will also receive a bag in which you can store the kneading accessory and the target. It can be easily mounted in the kitchen with the 1.1 meter power cable and is ergonomic, fitting in a space of 30 x 30 x 30 cm. In addition, it has a cable storage compartment, so you don’t have to hide it from other appliances.


Bosch MUM48R1

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021 This Bosch MUM48R1 food processor can be used for mixing or kneading and has a motor capacity of 600 W and a 3.9 liter stainless steel mixing bowl. It can handle up to 2 kg of composition when mixing, with a motor that can reach up to 12,250 rotations per minute. For complete homogenization of ingredients use the special MultiMotion Drive function.

It can be used for up to 7 levels of processing and is useful due to the great possibility of rotation, which can even incorporate the dough on the edge of the bowl. The mixing adjustment is done with 4 gears. It has a safety function consisting of an anti-slip system and includes as accessories a target, a slicing disc and the kneading accessory.

It is a robot that does not take up much space (30.5 x 26.5 x 26.5 cm) and is lighter than other similar models (4.7 kg).


Bosch MCM3200W

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021 For those who need an efficient and modern blender, the manufacturer has prepared this Bosch MCM3200W food processor, whose impressive power of 800 W can meet any challenge. It is a surprising robot in that it can prepare not only shakes and smoothies or other liquid and semi-liquid compositions, but also a wide range of two-speed doughs.

To prepare the ingredients, the product puts at your disposal a bowl with a capacity of 2.3 liters and a 1 liter container for blender. Packed with the robot, you will receive a series of accessories that you can easily store right inside the dish, thus saving space in the kitchen. Adding auxiliary parts is easy due to the smart markings that indicate how to mount them.

Accessories consisting of a slicing disc and a shaving disc are particularly useful for variety of use. The MultiLevel6 knife with 3 double blades is included in the package by default. Another benefit of using this robot is the presence of the anti-slip system that you can rely on for the safe use of the device.


Bosch MUM4856EU

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021 With the Bosch MUM4856EU food processor you achieve another level of comfort in the kitchen. The main function is the blender, but it includes the possibility to perform several operations, such as chopping, slicing, scraping, kneading, squeezing. Accessories can be changed quickly, and cleaning is easy, including in the dishwasher. Included in the package are the kneading accessory, the slicing disc, the juicer, the shaving disc, the target, as well as a pusher.

For many accessories, the Bosch product comes with a storage solution, a special support made for this set.

The robot has a large stainless steel bowl, with a capacity of 3.9 liters (2 liters useful volume for soft doughs and 1.5 kg for hard doughs) and works with 4 gears to which is added the pulse function. For the complete homogenization of the composition, the robot is equipped with 3D PlanetaryMixing, which mixes the ingredients simultaneously in 3 directions.


Bosch 1000W kitchen robot

Bosch MUM58720

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021 This Bosch 1000 W food processor has a very powerful and efficient motor. If you need an engine with which to process large amounts of composition quickly and well, you can rely on the efficiency of this device.

Even if it is equipped with a 3.9 l stainless steel bowl like other Bosch robots, the processing capacity is increased, the useful volume of the bowl being up to 2.7 kg for the pastry mixture and 1.9 kg of dough. An advantage that must be highlighted is that you can use the robot for smaller or larger quantities without the processing losing quality. For excellent results, the capabilities of the 3D planetary mixing system are used.

Using 7 gears with easy adjustment you can get the desired results in a short time. The composition can be put and taken from the mixer easily due to the robotic arm it rises with the EasyArmLift function.


Bosch 800W food processor

Bosch MCM3100W

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021 It is a powerful appliance with an 800 W motor that will help you cook quickly, cleanly and efficiently. The device has many functions (chopping, slicing, grinding, grinding and mixing) and is equipped with two operating speeds.

It does not take up much storage space, on the one hand due to the small dimensions of the appliance: 26 x 22 x 37.5 cm, and on the other hand the convenient capacity of the kneading bowl (2.3 l), which accommodates all accessories . With this solution, you will always have everything you may need at hand.

This Bosch 800W food processor is available in white, which means you can have more of a fork in keeping it impeccably clean. On the other hand, if all the appliances in your kitchen are white, the robot will fit perfectly.


Bosch MCM3501M

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021 When you decide to buy a food processor, you feel the need for a long-term investment that meets your needs for comfort and utility, in a relationship as convenient as possible with the purchase price. Another aspect not to be neglected is the elegant design, provided by the combination of stainless steel and black plastic.

The MCM3501M model responds positively to the expectations you can have from a multifunctional food processor, with a powerful 800 W motor, but which can be stored without too much weight in your kitchen. It measures22 x 26 x 37.5 cm and has a 1.2 m long cable, which means you don’t have to work near the socket.

We must mention that the appliance has over 50 functions, replacing a lot of appliances that you thought were indispensable. You will save a lot of space by eliminating the vertical mixer, blender, grater and juicer, and this to list only the most voluminous.


Bosch food processor with meat grinder

Bosch MUM54251

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021 The Bosch MUM54251 food processor model is one that anyone would want in the kitchen. With a very powerful 900 W motor, the machine ensures the success of kneading operations, regardless of the consistency of the dough, and the chopping function. The 7 gears and the capacity of 3.9 l for the bowl and 1.25 l for the blender plead in favor of the device in terms of utility.

It incorporates state-of-the-art functions – MultiMotion Drive, which refers to mixing ingredients by 3D mixing, and EasyArmLift, which seals the quality of being easy to handle and program.

Even if the robot comes with a series of accessories (easy to clean in the dishwasher), to which you can add when and if you want additional ones, you do not have to worry about storing them. You will also receive a special bag, so that you can keep them safe, but also always at hand.


Bosch MUM4655EU

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021 Reading the product specifications, it is not necessary to mention that this Bosch MUM4655EU food processor is the winner of the Stiftung Warentest test to understand that the popularity of this device is fully justified. It has a motor power of 550 W and a large capacity of the main bowl (3.9 l), the blender (1 l) and the kneading bowl (up to 1 kg of flour or 2 kg of dough).

It is endowed with all the main functions that ensure its supremacy in the kitchen: kneading, slicing, scraping, chopping, mixing, blender, and, last but not least, it is a Bosch food processor with meat grinder. It has a MultiMotion Drive, which ensures 3D mixing and a series of accessories, washable in the dishwasher, to facilitate or make possible the functions of the robot.

And in terms of safety, the robot points in its favor: it is stable due to the legs provided with suction cups, it is protected from overload and it has SafetyFunction.



Buying guide

When you decide to buy a cheap and good Bosch food processor, it is essential to know the manufacturer’s brand, because it offers you greater security regarding your investment. The choice that people make for Bosch is given by the fact that this brand has worldwide recognition and their products are recognized for their reliability and variety, as well as for the fact that they are made for people with different financial possibilities.

To make a decision about the best Bosch food processor you want in your kitchen, a short guide would be useful, so that you don’t fail.

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021

Power : Bosch food processors are manufactured in a wide range and given that their destination varies greatly, engine power is different even within the same range.

This is somewhere between 500 and 1500 W for the analyzed models, but it must be considered in relation to the action they have to perform, as well as the amount of material on which they must act. You can unreservedly opt for a Bosch 1000 W food processor, for example, but if you don’t think you’ll overcook, a Bosch 800W food processor is right for you.

The more complex the load, the faster it is developed and involves a material that is more difficult to handle, with greater resistance, the higher the power demand on the engine will increase. A Bosch food processor with a meat grinder is usually equipped with more power just to cope with the task.

For very good results, a Bosch food processor at a good price will have a slightly higher power than the estimated workload. A high viscosity dough is difficult to process with speed and the power requirements are higher. That’s why you have to consider the tasks you are going to place in order to determine correctly which is the most suitable food processor.

Functions : As in the case of other appliances, the functions constitute the primary interest of the consumer and often give the measure of satisfaction. If Bosch food processors at good prices successfully complete the actions set by the functions, the user will be satisfied even if other aspects could be improved.

The number of functions varies from one model to another. Models that perform more functions are, of course, more sought after and require a larger budget. On the other hand, cheap and good Bosch food processors with fewer loads can be more efficient in carrying out operations and will have very good results. A large number of programs should not be automatically assimilated with the best choice.

Gear settings are also among the important features. From this point of view, several steps always equate to greater finesse in execution. The ability to adjust a device as accurately as possible increases the chances of success of the recipe you have in mind.

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021

Capacity : The best Bosch food processors are equipped with bowls and containers of different sizes. You will have to opt for appliances with a capacity ranging between 1 and 5.5 liters. If the recipes involve large quantities and you have a household where you cook a lot, it is advisable to choose the largest volumes. Remember that the workload increases as the ingredients are added.

In general, people opt for smaller capacities when they have a limited budget or lack of space, but it is best to make these choices for reasons of practical necessity, otherwise you risk choosing a food processor that does not it is useful enough to be used.

Accessories : Many cheap and good Bosch food processors are equipped, in addition to the work unit, with accessories such as sieves, bowls and knives or similar. Pay attention to them when studying offers, because they increase the value of a food processor. Don’t forget to check if they can be stored ergonomically or if you need to prepare a separate storage space for them.

Noise level: When buying an appliance for more comfort, there is still the risk of suffering from the excessive noise that these appliances produce. Follow the technical details related to this aspect so as not to be surprised when you put them into operation for the first time.

If you do not know how to orient yourself, take as a reference the case of an appliance about which you already know what level of decibels it produces. It is generally recommended that food processors do not exceed 60-70 decibels. Below this threshold, noise is no longer a stress factor.

Warranty : For kitchen appliances there is always a warranty period, as is the case with a Bosch food processor at a good price. The minimum warranty is 12 months, but many products receive a warranty of over 12 months, up to 36 months with the possibility of extension for a reasonable price.

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021

One difference between the Bosch brand and other companies is that you have the certainty that there is an authorized info and service center.

We hope that this guide has managed to get you started, so that it will be easier for you to identify those Bosch products that you want. If you have a few more minutes, you can continue reading; you will find out more details about food processors and you can make an informed choice.

Frequent questions

How does a Bosch food processor work?

In principle, its operation is based on the operation of gears and a timer, most Bosch robots also have the ability to manually turn off the current function. If you still have doubts about the operation, consult the technical book and the instructions for use. There is a risk of using it incorrectly and thus causing damage to the food processor.

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021

What and how many Bosch food processor accessories do you receive in the package?

The number of accessories you receive with your food processor depends on the model you purchased from emag. A MUM58720 robot, for example, comes with 7 accessories. There are three for pastry: kneading hook, tel for creams and for mixing. The other 4 are for the slicing and scraping device: 3 discs for shredding, slicing and cutting. All fit in a bag included in the package.

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021

Are there spare parts for Bosch food processor online?

If you need a new part for the Bosch food processor, it is very possible to find it right at the manufacturer. This way, you can also check the compatibility of the part and you are sure that you have the original quality.

Bosch food processor: instructions for use

Because the best way to enjoy a Bosch food processor is to use it, we have added some instructions for use for the most impatient; however, be sure to refer to the instructions in the manual.

Discover all the possibilities of the robot

Using the mixing bowl, you can make crushed ice, smoothies, milkshakes, etc .; using the discs provided you will prepare raw vegetables in an instant: grated carrot, red cabbage or grated cheese, cucumber rings, leeks, potatoes (for a gratin) or pears (for a pie); using a multi-purpose knife, you can chop meat (for meatballs, meatballs or fillings), vegetables to make purees for children, soups for the whole family or greens. Do you want to make bread or pastries? Use the dough hook.

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021

What speed to adopt

Here are some landmarks. However, some parameters may vary depending on the amount of preparation and ingredients.

With the mixer: to mix sugar with butter, start with minimum speed and gradually increase; if you want to incorporate eggs into creamy dishes, use a medium to high speed; when you incorporate fat into the flour, you start at low speed and increase at medium speed.

With the dough hook: use a low to medium speed.

With the slicing disc: insert the food in the lid basket and guide it using the pusher. Use a low speed for cutting and a high speed for shaving.

Security measures

Disconnect the device as soon as you stop using it (even if it is unplugged) and when you clean it.

Always use pushers to guide food through baskets, never your fingers or a fork, spoon, knife or any other object.

The best Bosch food processor for nut butter to buy  in 2021

Handle the multifunctional knife, the mixer bowl knife, the chopper and the grater carefully: they are extremely sharp.

Never touch moving parts, wait for complete shutdown before removing accessories.

How to clean

First of all, unplug the device. For easier cleaning, rinse accessories quickly after use. Do not put the engine in water, but wipe it with a damp sponge. If the accessories are stained with food (carrots, oranges, etc.), rub them with a cloth soaked in edible oil, then perform the usual cleaning.

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