the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

Almost all good refrigerators have the same mission: to keep food fresh and cold for as long as possible. And when you want to buy a new refrigerator, you look to find something that fits your style, room and of course the budget you have. At the level of 2021, this Samsung RB34K6032SS / EF model ticks almost all of them. It is no frost, inverter and roomy as a good side by side refrigerator.

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

The best refrigerators – TOP 10 new models

We must mention that there are several types of devices: full no frost, low frost or static, built-in or standard. Also with automatic, semi-automatic or manual defrosting system with different energy classes, A +++, A ++, A + or A. On our market we find refrigerators from manufacturers such as Arctic, Beko, Samsung, Indesit, Bompani, Liebherr , LG. Others would be Electrolux, Miele, Bosch, Gorenje, Whirlpool, Heinner, Hotpoint, Candy, Samus, Albatros, Daewoo.

Samsung RB34K6032SS / EF refrigerator-freezer

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

Samsung comes with a Full No Frost refrigerator-freezer with a digital inverter compressor, which is very quiet and an A ++ energy class. It is absolutely fantastic for those who want one of the best no frost refrigerators with the freezer down and the refrigerator up.

It comes with a dedicated compartment for fruits and vegetables , which keeps them fresh for a longer time. With no frost cooling technology, forget about the ice formations characteristic of refrigerators with static cooling system.

It is a Samsung refrigerator-freezer that provides you with generous cooling spaces, suitable for an average family. You can configure the 4 adjustable shelves on the door so that the refrigerator combines to be adapted to the needs you and your family have.

LG GBP32DSKZN refrigerator-freezer

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

This LG no frost refrigerator-freezer brings the freshness of your products to your home. We must recognize that this model is a product that looks premium. It is a good quality refrigeration combine that combines utility and energy performance very well.

Thus, at LG you have an A ++ energy class and an annual energy consumption of only 268 kWh. What amazes you, though, is the silence. It is a quiet refrigerator at only 36 dB, you will practically not hear it at all.

A volume of 384 liters will be enough for your family. You have configurable shelves and a space that can be easily modified so that all your products can fit. The LED light will create a pleasant and cool ambiance inside this refrigerator.

Samsung RS68N8321S9 / EF Side by side refrigerator-freezer

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

Need more volume available? This side by side refrigerator from Samsung offers you 617 liters. It's a 2-door refrigerator that uses Full No Frost technology, so you can say goodbye to ice. The compressor is a digital inverter, in the best Samsung tradition.

But that's not all, you also have a water dispenser integrated in the refrigerator door for the hot summer days. To extend the life of food, this model from Samsung is equipped with a Twin Cooling system that controls the temperature and humidity inside. At the same time, the smells will not mix.

Combine no frost Liebherr Cbef 4805

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

It is known that Liebherr is a brand with a history in creating refrigerators and that it offers a very good quality. What I find fascinating is that this device has a powerless autonomy of 33 hours, twice as much as most competitors. This device supports the installation of a remote control module. Not to mention the consumption, which is tiny for such a large volume.

Bosch KGV58VL31S refrigerator-freezer

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

The Bosch 505 l refrigerator-freezer comes with a Low Frost cooling system that prevents the formation of ice deposits. Additionally, VitaFresh technology helps vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator stay fresh for longer.

It is a large and spacious combination with a Big Box compartment for more voluminous products, meaning you basically have an XXL drawer available. It has a very quiet, reliable and refined inverter compressor. It will save energy and run continuously for many years in a row without causing many headaches.

It has a good quality stainless steel finish , which makes it very attractive when compared to other brands and models of refrigerators. Definitely worth mentioning in this top 5 the best refrigerators of this year.

Whirlpool ART6711A ++ SF built-in refrigerator

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

The built-in refrigerator is a good solution to integrate the refrigerator into the furniture body. The Whirlpool refrigerator combines a volume of 257 liters . The defrost system is automatic. The energy efficiency class is A ++ and the annual energy consumption is 235 kWh.

You have a fast cooling system when your need is to quickly freeze food. Rapid refrigeration can be used for fruits and vegetables or other products to maintain their nutritional values. This model comes in a standard height of 177 cm.

Combine Arctic AK60406NF ++ refrigerator

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

Arctic is known for cheap refrigerators, with a very good value for money . Specifically, this model is a full no frost, class A ++. The internal volume is 362 l.

Even if it has a very good purchase price, it also comes with a dedicated 0 degree compartment , specially designed for easily perishable products such as meat or fish.

Combines MIDEA HD-413RN refrigerator

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

Midea is a well-known brand for its air conditioners. Refrigerators and refrigerators are also an area in which Midea has technology and a wide range of models.

The model given by the refrigerator has a cheap price, stainless steel finish, a volume of 305 liters. In addition, it is quiet and has energy class A ++ which will ensure a lower appetite.

Zanussi ZRB33103WA refrigerator-freezer

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

This model from Zanussi is an affordable, reliable choice, without a no frost system, it has a classic, static cooling system. It will not be very noisy, it will not consume much and it seems to be a fairly reliable model.

Electrolux EN3854MOX refrigerator-freezer

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

The Electrolux model presented here has a very attractive design. The generous volume of 357 l and the energy class A ++ ensure a very good efficiency. It uses a humid air circuit, combined with no frost technology, which keeps the products fresh, but does not dry them. If you like a stainless steel finish with anti-fingerprint, this model is one that you can put on the list.

How to choose the best refrigerator

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

Good refrigerators are available in various configurations. Let's say that a 60 cm wide refrigerator-freezer is a compact version of the combine that includes both a freezer and a refrigerator. Side-by-side refrigerator models are more characteristic of the American style, but they are also found in our country.

With these you have more storage space for products, but also take up more space in the room. There are also those known as french doors with different types of doors, which have multiple sections and drawers. It gives you chopping for a greater variety of product types. But they are very large, so be careful before purchase if you can transport them to the place of installation. See if they fit your doors, on stairs in both width and height.

Refrigerators are available in several sizes and models and all work very well to protect your food. You can choose any kind of refrigerator that corresponds to your needs and fits your kitchen. To simplify this buying guide, we have chosen to focus on the first three types of good refrigerators:

Standard refrigerators

They are able to keep food fresh and accessible to the eyes and are good for most households. Small doors can open quickly, even in tight spaces.

Refrigerators with freezer up

They are relatively narrow, affordable and can easily fit in most kitchens.

Side-by-side refrigerators

They usually have a higher purchase cost than the standard ones, maybe just a cheaper idea than the equivalent French Door versions. It facilitates quick access and allows you to arrange your drawers and access chilled food easily.

We provide you with our buying guide for a refrigerator. If you are not sure which size or shape to select, we will help you make the choice. That being said, we are always working to improve this buying guide for refrigerators and analyzing new models that are emerging.

Regardless of your choice, you can target any of these three types of devices, provided that all refrigerators meet certain criteria. Here's what we prioritized:

Robust construction quality

Use the refrigerator more than anything else in your life, so it is important to buy one that you are happy with and that will be functional for about a decade continuously. You can go to the showroom to see how good your options are. Can the drawers be easily removed when needed? Are the doors low or high? Are the shelves intuitive? Are the compartments in the door large enough for larger bottles or just for a dose of ketcup or mustard?

No construction defects

You definitely want to choose the most durable refrigerator, but we don't have a crystal ball to tell us how they will perform in three years, five years or 10 years from now. What you can do though is look for clear reviews that mention problems from the first year of use, published in the from the owners. Noisy compressors, noisy components, coolant faults can be reported. Also damage to the control plate or ice jams in the freezer.

Intuitive functions

At a higher cost you can opt for models of refrigerators with ice and water dispensers, drawers and additional doors or finishes and handles of better quality. However, we recommend that you opt for the basic models, with fewer additional functions. Repair technicians say they tend to be more reliable because they have fewer components that can fail.

Also, the acquisition cost will be much lower, but it will cool just as well. That being said, we think it's nice to have some basic facilities. See features such as an automatic defrost freezer, adjustable shelves, drawers and glass or plastic shelves in the refrigerator compartment. The vast majority of refrigerators have all these features and there are some that we can recommend with confidence.

What to check with a good refrigerator

It is not difficult to make the right choice when you know what the selection criteria are. We will present you the most important aspects of a refrigerator or freezer. They will make your life easier, but they will also allow you to get the most out of your budget. Find good deals at eMag, Altex, Flanco, Selgros, Media Galaxy, or Metro. They are in the big cities in Romania: Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov, Iasi, Timisoara, Constanta, Arad, Ilfov or Tg. Mures.

The internal volume of the refrigerator

The first question you should ask is how big do you want the refrigerator to be. Are you a large, small family, or do you live alone? There is no point in buying a large combine if you are alone. It will simply cost you more, consume more, and cool a larger interior volume in vain.

The volume of the refrigerator is measured in liters and varies between 100 and over 300 liters. A small family or a single person can successfully use a refrigerator with a capacity of around 200 liters. A larger family can be oriented to a capacity of around 300 liters.

When it comes to capacity, the first question is what volume do I need in the freezer and what volume do I need in the refrigerator compartment. You can cook more salads, fresh meat, fish or dishes from easily perishable products with a short shelf life. Then it is clear that you will need a large refrigerator compartment.

But if you love to freeze food or cook frozen dishes, opt for a generous freezer. And if you use both fresh ingredients and ice cream, look for a model that offers a very well balanced space. Be accompanied by dedicated drawers for various items, such as compartments with lower temperatures for fish, meat or vegetables.

You should know that when you see the capacity in liters of a refrigerator, it is with all internal components included. It includes drawers and shelves, and the real space you will have available at the moment will be slightly smaller than in the manufacturer's specifications.

Combine compartmentation

It is known that we each have different requirements and different lifestyles. In the same vein, our family can be small or large. In this case, the format or interior compartmentalization is an imperative aspect when choosing a concrete model of refrigerator or refrigerator.

As the number of doors, we find in the market brands with 1 door, with 2 doors (so called double), with 3, with 4 vertical doors or french door typology. The door can be reversible, located on the left, on the right, with a glass or stainless steel door finish. Inside, we can have two drawers, three drawers or four drawers, 5 or 6 drawers. And the location of the freezer may be different. We can have a freezer up or why not, a freezer down.

There are other advanced variations that can also have a temperature of 0 degrees. There are various types in the market with a horizontal compartmentation. But they are more often used in commercial interest and fall into the professional category. As you can see, the definition of the best choice can be debatable with many aspects. Usually, the best refrigerator has a very well developed compartmentation.

If you start looking for the best refrigerator or the best refrigerator, the best options start to appear.

For a regular apartment and a small family, a two-compartment refrigerator is suitable. It can have a useful volume of 250 liters and a height between 150 and 210 cm. The shelves are up so you can put bulky items such as pots and bottles. For spacious kitchens and premium design, side by side and french door models are suitable.

Other aspects to consider

If you do not want to waste time defrosting, pay attention to the No Frost refrigerator-freezer models. But know that in these refrigerators, food is best stored in dedicated containers.

The presence of two compressors in the refrigerator-freezer, as well as the inverter compressor technology is welcome. These options are very good.

When choosing the refrigerator combine, opt for those with more climatic classes, so N, SN, ST. Choose energy efficient models that would be part of energy class A, which can have more signs of plus.

In the options chapter we also mention the reversible doors, the digital control of the display, a 0 degree area and a visual signal or another warning if the door is not closed properly. Most additional features are a way to add value to your device or a marketing move.

For a holiday home or cottage, a regular one-room refrigerator is suitable. Decide on the presence of a freezer depending on your storage needs. These refrigerators are larger and will allow you to place a large number of drinks and food. For occasional locations, a manual drip defrost system will be good.

After listing some of your favorite models, you should decide on the brand of the refrigerator and pay attention to the visual appearance.

Good built-in refrigerator

Here things are quite simple. Depending on the furniture in the kitchen, you can opt for a refrigerator combined in the furniture. It can be with a door in the furniture line, or for a classic combine, which can be placed anywhere.

So see if you have space inside the furniture or not. If you are replacing an old refrigerator, be sure to measure the dimensions and choose a new one that fits.

If you move to a new home and still have nothing set, you have the privilege to start on a new page. Decide if you like to have things in sight or you like a minimalist style with things hidden and masked by mobile bodies. Most models have a refrigerator on top and a freezer on the bottom. But there are also models of refrigerated combi side by side or with a French door that are unlikely to be incorporated.

In most cases, built-in refrigerators are more expensive than conventional ones, have a smaller volume, and the range of models is smaller. Most people opt for the built-in ones when moving into a new home. I order furniture and provide integrated combine. As a recommendation of ours, if you want a good value for money, opt for a classic refrigerator. This way you benefit from a wide range of products and options.

Cooling system

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

There is no ideal cooling system, they all come with pluses and minuses, because from a constructive point of view they are different.

Combine static refrigeration

An ice wall forms behind the refrigerator, thus maintaining a suitable degree of humidity for food. The disadvantage is that a thin layer of ice can be seen on the wall, and the temperature is not evenly distributed inside. Periodic defrosting of the refrigerator is required.

Combine low frost refrigerator

A compromise between static and no frost. The refrigerator system reduces the formation of that layer of ice on the wall of the refrigerator, keeping it to a minimum.

Combine refrigerator in frost

As the name implies, this cooling system does not form ice, respectively it does not have to be thawed periodically. The low temperature is maintained by air. The disadvantage is that the air dries the food and the humidity is not optimal. It may be the case that the upper part is no frost , and the freezer is static, respectively to form ice.

Combine full no frost refrigerator

In most cases, a No Frost refrigerator means that the prevention of ice formation occurs only in the refrigerator compartment. Full No Frost technology prevents ice from forming in both the upper and lower compartments. In this case, there will be virtually no need to defrost the refrigerator, the refrigerator or the freezer.

You can only sanitize the surface of drawers or storage boxes to remove odors or traces from previous foods. This technology is also available for the best side by side refrigerators.

Neo frost, Smart frost, Perfect no frost

These are names given by various manufacturers of the same No frost system, but improved, which also ensures optimal humidity inside, but also avoids the formation of ice. Such a type of system seems to be the best solution today. With the mention that the combines equipped with such a system, are usually more expensive than the static ones.

Combine refrigerator with inverter compressor

Technologies are developing rapidly, and the area of refrigerators and refrigerators is not in place. Every year the manufacturers advance the compressors that these appliances are equipped with. More and more models are equipped with inverter compressors. They ensure increased cooling efficiency and savings on electricity bills of up to 50% compared to a conventional compressor.

Although refrigerators equipped with inverter compressor are more expensive to buy, they can have a consumption 2 times lower than the classic ones, respectively a lower current bill that will amortize the cost over time.

It should also be mentioned that refrigerators equipped with an inverter compressor are quieter, suitable if you live in a studio. They are also very reliable, some manufacturers offer up to 10 years warranty on the compressor. In fact, the best refrigerators are the inverters.

Advantages of the inverter compressor

But what exactly is an inverter refrigerator? As you will see below, we will try to give a definition. If the classic compressor operates at a fixed speed, and the temperature is regulated by turning it off and on, the inverter is not. Repeated and frequent starting and stopping leads, at the same time, to a higher current consumption, and to an accentuated wear of the compressor.

What brings good inverter technology to refrigerators is the fact that the speed at the compressor is not fixed, but to adapt depending on the temperature of the enclosure and the power required. Respectively, the compressor does not stop and starts frequently. When there is a low power requirement, it goes at a very low speed. This year, definitely the best refrigerator is one with an inverter type compressor.

Noise level

Here you have to take into account several factors. Will the refrigerator be placed in a closed kitchen or in an open space studio? As a rule, you should aim for a combine with a noise level below 40-42 dB. Especially for an open space, because otherwise, sleep can be a torment.

Apart from the compressor, you can expect the whisper from the pump, fine cracks in the case of No frost, but also the start / stop of the relay. It is important that before placing the order, you read the reviews of other users. They may signal some more pronounced noises. The noise is comparable to that of an air conditioner or that of a good refrigerator .

How much does a refrigerator combine?

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

Energy efficiency in household appliances is indicated by letters, from A to D, in most cases. As for refrigerators, the ones that are on the market now are A, A +, A ++ or A +++. Of these, A +++ is the most efficient, and represents the lowest annual energy consumption.

The difference between A ++ and A +++ can be quite large. For example, most A +++ refrigerators use an inverter compressor, which is very economical and quiet. And the A, A + or A ++, in most cases use a classic compressor.

To better understand the difference, as an example, an A +++ can have an annual energy consumption of 170 kWh, while an A ++ 280 kWh, so a significant difference. Our recommendation is to opt for a refrigerator with inverter compressor.

Also on the efficiency side, check which climate class has the refrigerator you want to buy or order online. This can be: SN with ambient temperatures between +10 and 32 degrees. N has recommended temperatures between +16 and 32 degrees. ST comes with temperatures between +16 and 38 degrees and T for temperatures between +16 and +43 ° C.

Different options of good refrigerators

Due to the different options available, obtaining the right refrigerator for your household can be a difficult activity. Therefore, we take this list of the best refrigerators in Romania. Preferably, a decent refrigerator should be large enough for the entire household, provide excellent ventilation, properly circulate cold air for even cooling, and keep enough moisture in the refrigerator to better preserve food.

This suggests that instead of a traditional reciprocating compressor, you should get an inverter compressor. They have ventilation openings in the cabin and in the vegetable steak, they have humidity control.

Current refrigerators with dual heaters have an advantage over the older ones, because the wetter air circulating in the refrigerator does not move in the refrigerator where new goods are stored. The air circulating in the refrigerator is not adequately cold and has more humidity, but it is suitable for easy storage of fruits and vegetables.

This temperature difference is small, because the electric combine uses a smart inverter compressor. There are several ventilation fans along the back of the successful variants that help efficiently distribute cold air in the rooms to maintain balance. You should defrost the ice buildup in the freezer by pressing the defrost key, just like any other refrigerator-freezer on the front door.

Obviously, size is a major determining factor, which must be taken into account, especially for kitchen cabinets, when purchasing a refrigerator. The last point you need, after all, is a shortage of kitchen space to house a refrigerator. It is normal, you will also face this problem when you choose the best washing machine or the best dishwasher .

Dimensions and appearance of the top combine refrigerator

Below we analyze the top best refrigerators from the perspective of an average family, who lives in an urban environment, wants some technology and low energy consumption, but with adequate performance. I also prepared some offers.

The right size of the good refrigerator

When planning the purchase of a good and new refrigerator, you must be careful with the dimensions to be sure that it will fit ideally in the place dedicated to it. You can choose the largest or the smallest or the highest refrigerator if you have unlimited space.

But usually space is limited. Be careful with height (written H / h). In the market we meet various models with different sizes, with variable values: 150 cm, 160 cm, 170 cm, 175 cm, 180 cm, 185 cm or 200 cm. Large XXL refrigerators usually tend to have a height, or, as the case may be – a wider width.

And if we talk about the width of a refrigerator, here we still have a certain complexity in terms of dimensions: width 60 cm, 65 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, or 90 cm. It is a known fact that, in the case of a built-in refrigerator, the standard is 60 cm, and for the conventional ones this indicator can fluctuate depending on the manufacturer and model. On the depth side, you can buy a narrow combine model, most likely it will be 60 cm deep and 60 wide (60 × 60).

The inner volume

If you are wondering how spacious, in volume, a refrigerator can be, you should know that we have a wide range of variations. If we were to sort by the number of compartments and drawers, we would have some more spacious refrigerators, and others smaller and more compact: 300l, 302l, 307l, 350l, 365l, 371l, 380l, 400l, 450l, 500 liters , 505 l or 700 liters in the case of the XXL.

But recapitulating, we must be aware that a larger capacity and a more generous volume means more space occupied in the apartment and a higher exponential electricity consumption, which in turn lead to higher operating costs and current bill. more expensive. As a basic rule, a good refrigerator is the one that will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

Defrost system

Refrigerators can have various defrost systems. The manuals require its periodic shutdown, complete defrosting, cleaning and restarting. Those with automatic or semi-automatic defrosting system require less user involvement, being more technological.

Available colors

The external appearance of a refrigerator is as important as its technical performance and efficiency. We each have a customized kitchen furniture, of a certain color. We want the refrigerator to be in line with the general appearance of our kitchen. There is a generous color palette in terms of refrigerators, but also various styles such as retro or vintage.

Surely everyone can find a shade and a look that will fit very well inside. We find refrigerators and refrigerators in white, black, beige, cream, red, metallic gray, cherry, pink, with stainless steel finish or glass finish. Now the home refrigerator can also have the color you want.

Complementary functions

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021
  • ChildLock or Child Control Lock

Families with children know how important the function of blocking children's commands is. You may sometimes find that the settings you have made have been unknowingly changed by the little ones. Precisely for this reason, the manufacturers of refrigerators have come to meet the parents with functions that facilitate the blocking of all orders that children could access. Definitely enters the top 5 most useful functions.

  • Holiday mode

Let's say you go on a well-deserved vacation, and you won't use the fridge normally. For this, in some models, there is a regime called Holiday. Basically, with this regime, the activity of the refrigerator is reduced to a minimum, just to keep the temperature at a suitable regime. Get considerable energy bill savings.

  • WI-FI connection

For the moments when you want to control the settings of the refrigerator remotely, to see the indoor temperature, to turn on or off certain functionalities, the WI-FI connection and a dedicated application on your iOS or Android device can help you. Although it is something specific to the top models, in recent years there are more and more variants and at a more affordable price.

  • Touch screen

A modern way to interact with your device. A touchscreen display comes with a greater variety of options and possibilities to control the refrigerator. From adjusting the temperature to setting the operating mode, everything can be controlled in an intuitive way with a touchscreen.

Antibacterial surface

You can find variants of refrigerators that have interior surfaces enriched with silver ions. This feature causes the interior walls to acquire antibacterial properties, ensuring the destruction of bacteria or unpleasant odors. It is a very good option, which will significantly reduce the cleaning and sanitizing interval of the interior surfaces of the refrigerator.

  • Intelligent Diagnosis / Self-Diagnosis

There are technologically advanced models on the local market, which also have the possibility to test the systems and to communicate easily in case a problem is signaled. They can either display error codes or even communicate with smartphone applications.

This is a dedicated mode of operation, which minimizes the power of the compressor and keeps it at a low level, optimized for consumption and minimal impact on nature. If you are away, in the absence of the holiday mode, it is recommended to use this mode if you have it.

  • Transparent glass

More recently, some models of some manufacturers, such as LG, come equipped with a transparent glass that allows you to see the drinks or snacks you have, without opening the door. It is very similar to a shop window. It is found in some models of side-by-side refrigerator. This is usually LED lit.

  • Zone 0 degrees / Defrost zone

Some models and some manufacturers of good refrigerators combine these devices with a special, intermediate compartment, which has a temperature of 0 degrees. It can be used either to defrost food from the freezer, in a gradual and slow manner, or to store food meant to be stored at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. We say that such an option is a must on a modern refrigerator.

Water dispenser / dispenser

Several models on the market have a cold water dispenser integrated in the refrigerator door. This is perfect for a glass of water, or you can use a bottle. Inside is a plastic container for water, which is cooled to a certain temperature. It is a very convenient way to stay hydrated, and a real treat for arid summer days.

  • Good air recirculation inside the refrigerator

Most refrigerators have an improved air circulation system. Such a technology is intended to pump air through the evaporator, which is placed outside the room to prevent the formation of ice layers inside the no frost refrigerator. But more, the linear blowing of air in the refrigerator or freezer evens out the temperature on all shelves, which has a positive effect on the shelf life of food. Assisted air blowing is especially important in versions with safety glass shelves, where the natural movement of the air is somewhat more difficult, due to which the temperature in different corners of the cold room can vary significantly.

Some manufacturers of the best refrigerators have implemented in their refrigerators the air supply blown from several areas. The technology is also called Multi Flow. The flow of cold air is blown through areas specially made for each shelf of the refrigerator. The air circulation between the shelves also considerably helps the cooling process. Thus, the temperature in that area decreases rapidly to the set level and is maintained as such.

Which brand of refrigerator to choose

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

Nowadays, almost all manufacturers make good refrigerators – in the sense that their operation will not create headaches. The difference is made by the adjustments of fineness, quietness, energy consumption, LED lighting, finish, type of compressor and the technological part. Our recommendation for this year would be LG, Samsung, Bosch refrigerators – those with inverter technology, A +++ and with a slightly more advanced No frost cooling system, which would maintain a humidity suitable for food. These criteria will help you choose the right refrigerator.

What other types of brands and brands do we find in Romania? Well, in general, these would be Gorenje, BEKO, BOSCH, Samsung, Whirlpool, Heinner, Albatros, Arctic, Indesit, Bompani, Liebherr, LG, Electrolux. You also meet Miele, Daewoo, Hotpoint, Candy, Samus, Siltal, TEKA, Sharp, AEG, Hansa, Pyramis, Exquisit, Smeg.

You can easily find Zanussi, Fulgor Milano, Ariston, Vortex, Franke, Hitachi, Midea, Myria, Amica, Star-Light, Serreno, Siemens, Studio Casa, Haier or Sharp. Regardless of the brand and brand you consider for the purchase, make sure you take into account the recommendations, opinions, reviews and selection criteria.

Where to find the best refrigerator

There are several sources from which you can buy or purchase a good refrigerator. You can get it both online and from a dedicated home appliance store. You can find a wide range of refrigerators and freezers on eMag, Altex, Flanco, Carrefour, Media Galaxy, Metro, Selgros, Domo or other retailers.

You can find them in all major cities in Romania: Bucharest, Cluj-napoca, Timisoara, Oradea, Brasov, Iasi. You can also find it in Craiova, Constanta, Ploiesti, Galati, Sibiu, Arad, Braila, Pitesti, Targu Mures, Baia Mare, Suceava, Bacau, Botosani, Buzau, Alba-Iulia and Deva.

It is important to specify the aspects related to the warranty but also the service part. Inform yourself about the delivery, in case you urgently need a new refrigerator. Especially the side by side refrigerators are heavy, complicated to transport and handle, requiring more people. Be careful with the doors in the house, such combines need generous spaces both in width and height, to be easily transported and moved inside the apartment or house.

The best no frost refrigerator-freezer

The refrigerators are of different types, they are distinguished by a series of particularities. We can say that a revolution on the refrigeration market was caused by the introduction of a new type of cooling system, namely the No frost. Over time, technology has evolved under the name of Full no frost or Total no frost. The best no frost refrigerator is available from brands such as LG, Samsung, Bosch, Arctic, Beko, Liebherr, Gorenje, Indesit, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Electrolux, Heinner, Albatros, Hansa, Zanussi, Ariston, Miele, Daewoo, Sharp or Grundig have implemented this technology among their models.

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

Good refrigerators and offers can be found at Emag, Dedeman, Flanco, Altex, Media Galaxy or even Carrefour. It doesn't matter if the combination is side by side, built-in, cheap, with 2 compressors (2 motors), the opinions and reviews about this system are very positive. You can find them with a stainless steel finish, white, black, beige or even brown. At unbeatable prices you can buy the best No frost refrigerators, especially if you get offers, promotions and discounts.

How to choose a non-frost refrigerator

If we summarize in just a few words the process of selecting a No Frost refrigerator, we would reduce everything to: good value for money, quietness, energy efficiency, internal capacity and easy compartmentalization.

What is a No Frost refrigerator?

You may have wondered what you would choose a no frost refrigerator, and what this technology means. Well, we tell you. No Frost technology prevents the formation of ice on the wall of the refrigerator, which happens in static refrigerators (the classic ones). This is possible by circulating a jet of cold air inside. As a disadvantage of such a system, we can mention the fact that air recirculation leads to dehydration of products and foods placed inside.

No Frost, Full no frost, Neo Frost or Smart Frost?

There are several variations of no frost technology on the market. There are the classic No Frost combines, which have this technology in the refrigerator compartment. Full no frost, comes from the fact that these refrigerators have this technology both up and down. Neo Frost or Smart Frost – are the same as No Frost, but are names given by various manufacturers.

These may have small improvements or additional functions compared to the classic ones, but in general, they are just a marketing ploy, all doing the same thing in the end – in general, such a refrigerator does not make ice. In the technical book or user manual you can find more details specific to the chosen model. There are also combines with two no frost compressors, but these are usually more expensive. With a buy back program, however, you can do well.

In general, you can expect refrigerators that come with No Frost technology to be less economical than the classic ones, but with the help of inverter technology, refined compressors and improved airtightness of these devices, nowadays is not always the case. Follow and compare the technical data sheet of the refrigerators to make the best decision, suitable for your needs.

What are the most common problems

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

Various defects and problems that you may face may occur during the entire period of operation of a refrigerator. Below are some of them.

The refrigerator does not work and the light inside does not turn on

At first glance it would seem to be a serious problem, but it may not be so. It could be a fault in the electrical circuit or a problem with the power cord. In both cases, you can turn to a professional electrician with confidence. It would be the fastest, safest and most efficient way to solve this problem.

The refrigerator does not work, but the light inside turns on

In this case the problem could be more complex and the causes multiple. The starting circuit, the temperature control device may be damaged or in the worst case the compressor may be defective and need replacement (expensive repairs). We recommend that you contact a specialist or service based on the warranty if you still have it valid. If you choose the best offer informed, the probability of facing such a problem is very low.

The refrigerator-freezer does not cool

If the combine seems to work but does not cool, then it could be a coolant leak. If the refrigerator is moved, the pipes through which this coolant is recirculated may break. It is relatively inexpensive and easy on the repair side with the help of a technician who can supply the system with a new coolant and cover those cracks. In the most unfortunate case, the compressor may be defective, and if the combine is no longer under warranty, it may be necessary to take a nice amount out of your pocket.

The refrigerator does not work after defrosting

First of all, make sure that the device is properly powered, its doors are tightly closed and the device is turned on. If it does not work even after this check, the device responsible for starting the cooling may be defective, practically the information about the indoor temperature will not reach the compressor, and it will not start cooling.

The refrigerator-freezer cools down too much

The most common reason is to accidentally change the cooling settings. It is the easiest to solve by adjusting the temperature switch or changing the cooling regime. Another reason could be a defect in the temperature sensor. Consulting a specialist may be necessary if changing the settings does not help solve the problem.

The combine always works, but does not cool enough

A common problem, especially in the case of refrigerators that have many years of use, is the fact that the magnetic gasket on the door is no longer sealed, so the cold air from inside comes out. This can be replaced relatively easily and is not a very expensive intervention. A worse scenario is if a fault occurs in the compressor, and it no longer provides the required temperature.

The refrigerator works, but the freezer does not freeze

There are refrigerators that have 2 compressors, so one can be adjusted to a certain temperature for the refrigerator, and the other is individually adjustable for the freezer. Check that your combine is equipped with 2 compressors and check the instructions for use. However, if the combine is equipped with 1 compressor, the freezer may need more time for freezing, if you have a larger amount of products, recently placed in the drawer.

Excessive noise

If you feel vibrations or a louder noise when the refrigerator works, check that the surface on which it is placed is straight and the combine does not touch other objects. Noise may be produced from vibrations. If there is noise inside, it may be due to the fans (if the combine is equipped with such a thing). Alternatively, strange noises can be heard from the compressor if it has failed. If you hear a whisper, or small cracks do not worry, it is the normal way of operating a no frost or full no frost refrigerator.

Water leaks behind the refrigerator

All refrigerators produce condensation in varying amounts. They are equipped with an exhaust pipe and a container, which must be emptied periodically. Depending on the model, manufacturer and volume of the container, this range may be longer or shorter, but you can certainly find it in the user manual and in the operating instructions of the refrigerator. Check if this is the case for you as well. If the leaks come from other areas, contact a technician, or if it is under warranty, contact the service center.

Excessive condensation

This problem is rather a peculiarity, so avoid putting hot food in the fridge or freezer. The refrigerator will try to cool these foods, and will be forced a lot, respectively it will not be energy efficient or as internal cooling. Condensation will form which will then settle on the interior walls and form a layer of ice. Make sure the food you put inside is at room temperature and has cooled completely.

How to use a refrigerator

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

We also help you with some tips for operating a refrigerator to get better efficiency and prolong its life. Even a reliable refrigerator-freezer needs proper operation to enjoy the owner for as long as possible.

Before putting the refrigerator into operation

After the refrigerator or freezer has been delivered home, you can unpack it and check if it is very perfect. It is important that after delivery it is allowed to acclimatize to the new temperature and humidity for at least 2-3 hours. In the meantime, read the user manual and instructions included in the package carefully. After that, you can place the refrigerator in the established place.

At this stage it is very important to leave enough space behind the refrigerator, as well as at the bottom for efficient air recirculation. We all know that a refrigerator combines heat, and the excess heat must be able to be evacuated as efficiently as possible. Last but not least, insert the plug into the socket and adjust the desired temperature.

Periodic temperature check

To ensure that the set temperature has not been accidentally changed, check the refrigerator display regularly. If your model does not have one, you can use refrigerator thermometers that you can put inside. Often, in addition to temperature, a factor that can prevent the efficient storage of food indoors is high humidity. When inserting containers, make sure they have a lid. Their temperature is the same as that of the room.

Proper food storage

We all know that the interior space of a refrigerator is divided into several distinct areas. You can read about these in the user manual of the refrigerator you have. For the most part, we have an area dedicated to vegetables, an area dedicated to eggs and drinks.

In some models we find the 0 degree area, specially designed for thawing or food to be consumed quickly. We find daily areas for ice cubes or quick freezing areas (on the freezer side).

It is important to follow this recommended food distribution, for better cooling and distribution of cold air. Make sure you leave enough space between the food, and that it does not touch the inside walls of the refrigerator and freezer so that it does not stick to them. A very good guy is on the freezer side. Namely sorting frozen products for a long time on a lower drawer, and those just put in the freezer on an upper drawer. Certainly the refrigerator you choose will have several drawers.

Defrosting and sanitizing the refrigerator

If you have a refrigerator with a static cooling system, you will need a complete periodic defrost, at which point you can also sanitize and clean the compartments and interior shelves. If you have a No Frost refrigerator, you will only need to defrost the freezer periodically. Or in the case of Full No Frost, you can limit yourself to a regular interior cleaning. This way you will get rid of odors and sanitize the interior space.

Thus, make sure that you take the refrigerator out of the socket, leave it until it thaws completely and you can start sanitizing. Be careful, however, if ice forms on the interior walls, use a bowl or cloth to accumulate water that will result from thawing. For sanitation you can use cleaning solutions for refrigerators. Or you can use warm water with vinegar and baking soda. It is recommended to clean once every 6 months or you can consult the manufacturer's user guide for the specific range of your refrigerator model.

Use the refrigerator while you're gone

If you leave home for a longer period, we recommend that you use a Holiday / Holiday type mode or use an Eco mode. These will help you save energy while you're gone. And the refrigerator will maintain a slower operating rate. But if the refrigerator is not equipped with such a mode of operation, adjust the temperature to an optimal level for the products you have.

The refrigerator-freezer is a long-term investment and involves taking a good amount out of your pocket. We hope we helped you choose a refrigerator for you, with the best value for money. As you can see, it is important to look at several aspects when choosing the perfect refrigerator for your needs.

You can choose from a multitude of models, built-in or not, with no frost technology or even full no frost. Or maybe you have a bigger house, and a spacious kitchen, a big family and you need a good side-by-side refrigerator. You can opt for one with a single motor or with 2 compressors. This will control the temperature separately for the refrigerator and freezer.

You can opt for an Arctic, Beko, LG or Samsung refrigerator-freezer. Look for a good value for money, choose from brands that offer warranty, service or technical support. You can also consider buying a buy back refrigerator. It is a program that allows you to receive a discount on a new combine, by handing over the old one.

Principle of operation

Most refrigerators on the market are compressor based. The heart of a refrigerator with such a cooling system is a compressor, the purpose of which is to compress the refrigerant vapor and to pump the resulting condensate along the circuit of the heat exchange system. The condensing refrigerant, which evaporates, absorbs heat, which is the basis of the principle of operation of refrigerators with compressor.

Isobutane or tetrafluoroethane are the most widely used refrigerants in modern refrigerators. As thermophysical properties isobutane is more efficient, so it is used in most models with energy efficiency classes A ++ and A +++. Earlier, older models, in addition to R134, other freons were used, but as is known, due to the ability to destroy the ozone layer, the production of such combines was stopped.

Refrigerator with 1 compressor

Today 1 compressor can be enough to cool the refrigerator as well as the freezer. However, today there are refrigerators in Romania with two compressors. Thus, each interior area is cooled by its own compressor, separately.

Both refrigerators with 1 compressor and 2 compressors have advantages and disadvantages. The freezing and refrigeration area at the combines with 2 compressors are completely autonomous: you can set a distinct, independent temperature regime. This makes it possible to precisely control the degrees in each area. During the holidays, for example, one of the rooms can be turned off completely and the other can work well, thank you.

So as it is clear, the main advantage of refrigerators with two compressors is efficiency. But let's see why. When the software detects that the temperature in one area has risen above normal, it commands only one compressor to start, and the second one rests for the moment, without expending excess electricity to cool the area that does not need it. Also, when you leave home for a long time, you can turn off the refrigerator leaving only the freezer active, and thus you can save significant amounts of money.

Refrigerators with 2 compressors

Obviously, 2-compressor refrigerators have many advantages. But how are those with a single compressor still so popular? It is also clear, certainly due to the cheap price compared to the others. It's no secret that for many, price is the most important factor when choosing all types of appliances and electronics. And of course, in the whole equation of a refrigerator, a large part of the cost is attributed to the compressor it is equipped with, and one compressor, which would not be so good and efficient, will be cheaper than two. So if you want and decide to buy a refrigerator with 2 compressors, you must be ready to pay a higher price for it.

There are also innovations such as double circuit refrigerators but with a single compressor with a valve that can direct the refrigerant circulation. When controlling the software and the computer, the valve regulates the flow of refrigerant in the evaporator of a certain area. Such refrigerated combines have almost all the advantages of similar ones but with two compressors, but at the same time they remain much cheaper in price.

Inverter compressors

The new refrigerators come on board with inverter compressors. Compared to a classic compressor, which works discreetly, starting periodically at maximum power, and stops, the inverter always works, but can adjust the power.

They use a special converter that can change the power depending on the operating conditions. Given the opening of the refrigerator door, loading hot food into it, raising the temperature in the room, the inverter compressor starts operating at high power, and when the initial temperature inside the room is reached, it reduces its power to a minimum again. Inverter compressors consume much less electricity and have a longer lifespan, but refrigerators equipped with them can cost more than conventional ones, but they are worth the upgrade.

Conclusion on choosing the right refrigerator

the best bottom freezer refrigerator brand to choose in 2021

When you look at a model that you like, you first see if it fits in the space provided. Measure the dimensions of the space with a tape measure and see if it fits. And not only that, see if you can transport it to the installation space. Often the entrances, stairs, narrow corridors can be impediments in the movement of the refrigerator and leading it to the end point.

The moment you decide to buy a good refrigerator you will be tired of the very large number of options you have. Take a step back and follow our guide above to make the right choice. The refrigerator-freezer is a self-contained appliance that does not need to be installed per se, meaning you will not pay an installer to make complex connections or adjust certain things. A refrigerator is a compact device that has the role of cooling the products you need in the kitchen.

Then see if it fits the budget you have and if it meets the minimum requirements you need. Refrigerators have many interesting options, but the question is if you really need them. Do they bring you added value and are they worth the price difference? These are essential questions that help you realize what is important to you as a user. Also ask family members, life partner, children, what are their expectations from this device. After all, it is something that will be used by the whole family.

Choose the best refrigerator

In a refrigerator, both the refrigerator and the freezer must be analyzed. The number of drawers and shelves, the control panel, the volume in liters, the quality of the materials and the energy class are all criteria that you must consider before purchasing. Technology does not stand still in the same way and refrigerators are advancing in this direction. If you are a big fan of gadgets, you see a smart refrigerator that allows you to connect it to your smartphone and control several parameters such as temperature or mode of operation.

Set a maximum budget from the start that you can allocate and do not exceed. It is very easy to get carried away by the wave and easily exceed the budget. For clarity, make a list of all the essentials that should include the best refrigerator, whether it is a water dispenser or a container for ice cubes, energy class A +++, LED lighting, technology preservation of easily perishable food, anti-fingerprint stainless steel appearance or others.

You can give up, say, the smart options in a refrigerator if you don't plan to use them often, and instead opt for a stainless steel top finish, so you can enjoy it every night. Excellent offers are waiting for you if you know exactly what you are looking for, what is important, what you can give up and what you can't. It is very good that today we have a large choice of refrigerators, but at the same time we must be careful what we spend our money on.

How to choose the best cheap refrigerator

If you are looking for the cheapest refrigerator or freezer, no frost or classic, stainless steel or side by side, in Bucharest or anywhere in the country, we help you make the right choice. Offers on such cheap models can be found on Emag, Dedeman, Altex. However, you need to know how to get the most out of little money, the best cheap refrigerators can be easily chosen if you take into account a few criteria.

How to choose the cheapest refrigerator

It is possible to find a cheap and good combine, with an excellent quality-price ratio and with basic options for a refrigerator at this price category. When it comes to price, they start at 900 RON and increase depending on the volume, energy class, brand and extra options.

Do I have a chance to find cheap no frost refrigerators?

Yes it's possible. For example, the Albatros model presented above, has a No Frost cooling system, and costs around 1000 RON. In general, at this price level, almost all models have a static cooling system, or sometimes Low Forst. If you find a cheap No Frost refrigerator, it can be a good deal. But don't forget to read the users' reviews and opinions before buying the appliance.

Is energy class important for a cheap refrigerator ?

Energy class is very important. The best cheap refrigerators have energy class A +. Of course, if you have the financial possibility to opt for an A ++ model, it would be even better. The initial investment will be amortized over time due to the lower current bill you will receive. The difference between energy classes for consumption can be significant and should be taken into account.

The size of the cheap refrigerator

At a reduced price, you can opt for both a roomy refrigerator with a capacity of almost 300 liters, and smaller ones with capacities of up to 250 liters. You don't necessarily have to opt for the largest refrigerator, but for the one that best suits your needs. You may not need a lot of space, and rather opt for something more compact and with lower energy consumption. The choice is yours, we can only come up with recommendations, gained from the experience of interaction with various refrigerators.

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