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Bowl Mixers – Review and comparison in 2021

From whipped cream and chocolate creams to dense doughs for bread with loose core, the list of recipes for which you need a mixer is endless. If you have come to the conclusion that you have to buy one yourself, take advantage of our recommendations to choose the right one.Girmi IMA4500 is the right product for you, if you want to be able to easily prepare everything from radition cakes, cakes, donuts to cakes with tender top and icing. For those looking for a smaller model with enough power for occasional dishes, we propose as an alternative Bosch MFQ36460.



Comparative table

Stand mixer model, strong enough to easily prepare bread and cake doughs, with a power of 1.2kW and a capacity of 2.5kg. It is heavy enough to provide good stability during use and provides 10 gears for easy management of the homogenization process of the composition.

The product is accompanied only by hook and palette, the rest of the specific accessories requiring a separate purchase.

It is a variant of mixer with professional technical characteristics, which recommends it for ordinary people to cook a lot, who need a robust and efficient tool.

It is an accessible version of the mixer, with a spacious bowl and a design small enough to be used in a kitchen limited in space. It includes a rotating bowl, with easy uniformization of the composition and several gears and is sold together with the necessary accessories for use.

The low volume and 450W power limit the device’s ability to cope with intensive use and high density compositions.

If you want a practical and small mixer, for quick and easy preparation of creams and doughs, for parties and anniversaries, this model can be the perfect solution.

Combining the automatic bowl rotation system with conical vanes, specially designed for access to the entire composition, this mixer model helps you to quickly prepare any dough or cream. It is provided with suction cups for stability and a longer-than-average power cord, which gives you more freedom of placement.

The plastic bowl can be harder to clean if you use sticky ingredients or food coloring.

It is a product recommended for use in most households, with medium capacity and power and compatible accessories included in the delivery package.

In-depth reviews about the best bowl mixers

Philips, Heinner, Tefal, Bosch, Star-light, Myria are just some of the brands that offer you versions of bowl mixers at good prices, with convincing features and a pleasant appearance. To choose more easily, first analyze some of the most popular models evaluated by our specialists and appreciated by customers who have already tested them.


Bowl mixer, professional:

Girmi IMA4500

the best bowl mixer kitchen If you want to buy a professional bowl mixer that gives you enough power to prepare dense doughs, we recommend the Girmi IMA4500 as an option. Includes bowl with a capacity of 6l, made of stainless steel, durable and easy to clean.

This version has a power of 1200W and 10 speed steps, which helps you to accurately manage the composition preparation process, plus the Pulse function, which gives you instant maximum speed. Its processing capacity is a maximum of 2.5 kg, and the list of accessories included in the delivery package includes a mixing hook and a mixing device.

The product weighs 7.9 kg and has the dimensions of 46 x 34 x 23 cm, a medium size, easy to integrate in most kitchens. For easier homogenization of the composition, the mixer includes a rotating bowl, and for use in the best conditions, it is provided with anti-slip feet, for the best possible stability.


Bosch bowl mixer:

Bosch MFQ36460

the best bowl mixer kitchen Do you want to have at your disposal an efficient and easy to use device, which will give you the necessary power to prepare doughs, creams and cakes, without too much noise or too much occupied space? Try this Bosch bowl mixer with a soft handle for comfortable support and quiet operation.

It provides you with a power of 450W, a maximum capacity of 500g (flour plus ingredients) or 500ml (bowl volume) and five gears, to adjust the work intensity according to needs.

It also includes a Turbo and Pulse function, for the moments when you need to speed up the process, a button that allows the automatic ejection of the accessories and a patented system, which offers you the possibility to replace the standard accessories with a blender. It comes with 2 goals for creams, whipped cream and meringues and 2 spirals for dough, plus a rotating bowl, which helps you get a uniform composition with the right texture.


Philips bowl mixer:

Philips Viva Collection HR3745 / 00

the best bowl mixer kitchen Kneading, mixing and mixing eggs are the three categories of operations with which this Philips bowl mixer model allows you to prepare almost any type of composition. Includes rotating bowl and conical paddles, specially designed to fit the container perfectly and help aerate the dough more efficiently.

For stability, the design includes legs with suction cups, and for good mobility in the kitchen, it is equipped with a power cable with a length of 1.2m. In terms of power, the product offers 450W and five gears, to choose the right mixing intensity.

In terms of capacity, the bowl, made of plastic, has a volume of three liters, enough for most recipes designed for the family. The list of options offered by this Philips bowl mixer, for efficient use, includes the button for fastening and detaching the blades and the Pulse and Turbo functions, which allow you to accelerate the rotation speed when necessary.


Heinner bowl mixer:

Heinner Master Collection HPM-1500XMC

the best bowl mixer kitchen If you are one of the pastry enthusiasts, who want to have a powerful and roomy tool, we advise you to consider as an option, the bowl mixer model Heinner Master Collection HPM-1500XMC. The body is made of cast aluminum and is completed by a rotating bowl, with elliptical movement, for optimal uniformity of the composition, and the base with an adhesive surface for very good stability.

It is delivered together with stainless steel wire and hook and cast aluminum blade and allows, in addition, the attachment of additional accessories such as blender head or mincer. The power provided is 1.5kW, and the capacity of the bowl is 5.5 liters.

The control is provided by the control panel with six working speeds and by the safety system, which allows you to turn on the device only when you close the lid and fix the accessories correctly. However, we draw your attention to the fact that some of the clients who have already tested it, mention that the inner surface of the bowl is not very well finished and can be more difficult to clean when working with sticky or fast-drying compositions.


Tefal bowl mixer:

Tefal Prepline HT413

the best bowl mixer kitchen For those looking for the perfect package to complete kitchen appliances, we have included in the list of recommended products this model of Tefal bowl mixer, delivered with paddle, tel, hook and graduated bowl, which helps you easily and accurately measure the ingredients you need for the recipe.

You can use the mixer separately or together with the stand, depending on the preparation time of the composition and the force required to homogenize it. The product is a 450W power version, with five gears plus Turbo button, and provides a bowl with a capacity of 2.5l and rotating system, which helps easy access to utensils inside the composition.

The mixer weighs 2.6 kg and has a base with an area of 20 x 20 cm, being easy to place in less expensive spaces. For quick cleaning, the device allows insertion into the dishwasher.


Stainless steel bowl mixer:

Star-Light SMM-1000W

the best bowl mixer kitchen Are you looking for the right combination of price and performance? Try this mixer with a stainless steel bowl, with a capacity of 1kW and a 4 liter bowl, suitable for doughs, creams, meringues and any type of composition that requires labor and a bowl that can accept a significant amount of ingredients.

The product weighs 6.5kg, which means good stability even when working with hard dough. It provides you with 6 working speeds, with Pulse function, in order to be able to adapt as well as possible to the homogenization process and it is delivered together with stainless steel wire, kneading hook and mixing blade, both made of aluminum.

The Star-Light SMM-1000W bowl mixer is one of the best options in terms of cost and features, but according to customers who have already tested it, due to the arm that does not rise high enough, you must first disassemble the accessories (pallet, tel, etc.) in order to remove the bowl.


Myria bowl mixer:


the best bowl mixer kitchen From the category of low capacity options, available at an affordable price, for those who prepare smaller quantities of cakes, cookies, cakes or homemade bread, we propose the Myria MY4018 bowl mixer model. It uses a power of 250W, which you can manage on five levels of intensity and includes a plastic bowl with a capacity of 3.5l.

It is one of the quieter versions, generating less than 85dB during operation, has dimensions of 186 x 91 x 145mm and weighs 1.1kg, being the ideal option for kitchens limited in area.

You will receive it together with two goals and two stainless steel hooks, which will help you prepare fluffy dough and tasty creams. The button that allows the automatic detachment of the accessories helps to change them easily for cleaning and storage. In addition, you have at your disposal the Turbo function for accelerating the rotation speed, ideal for the stages in which the composition is already homogenized and you only need to finish the texture.


Vertical bowl mixer:

Star-Light SMB-300W

the best bowl mixer kitchen Do you like to cook complicated cakes, sweets with fluffy or crunchy dough, croissants, cookies, meringues or purees? Then you definitely need a kitchen mixer with a bowl for quick and homogeneous mixing of ingredients. We offer you as an option this model from Star-Light, with a power of 300W and five gears, plus the Turbo option to accelerate the mixing speed, when needed.

The bowl is made of durable stainless steel and provides you with a capacity of 4l, medium for this category of products and ideal for home use. You can use the mixer in combination with the stand, for recipes that require more processing time, and as a hand mixer, for compositions that need only a little help.

Along with the device you receive two hooks for kneading the dough and two paddles suitable for creams, whipped cream and meringues. However, we draw your attention to the fact that the bowl is not self-rotating, so you will have to rotate it manually from time to time, in order to ensure the correct homogenization of the composition.



Buying guide

The structure of a mixer is simple and includes a motor that ensures the rotating movement of the arm on which you can mount various extensions (hook, paddle, etc.), plus a bowl for the contents and a support leg. But this mechanism saves you a lot of work and effort.

The role of this guide is to help you choose the best bowl mixer, taking into account power, size, gears, accessories and other relevant features.


the best bowl mixer kitchen

Gears: Most models provide between 3 and 12 gears, and most users can handle the minimum. It is essential to be able to use a level slow enough to be able to mix the ingredients, without spreading them everywhere, until they are homogenous, and one fast enough to obtain a perfectly uniform composition and to be able to aerate a cream or whipped cream.

But if you are among the people who feel the need to have a little more control over the texture obtained and the whole process, go for bowl mixers, cheap and good, with at least 5 steps of intensity.

This category also includes the Pulse and Turbo functions. Both bring the mixer to its maximum operating speed, the difference between the two being that in the case of Pulse, the device returns to the initial speed when you take your finger off the button. They are used to reduce working time and help to homogenize the composition faster.


Power and capacity : In the case of stand models, the power varies from 0.15kW to 2.5kW. If you are convinced that a higher power means a better device, we will tell you that there is a more relevant indicator, called processing capacity, indicated in grams or kilograms and most often expressed in relation to flour, especially if it is a version with kneading function.

Between the two parameters is interposed the operating system and its efficiency of used power consumption. Because in many cases, even for the best bowl mixers, the description does not include this indicator, you can use power as a criterion, as long as you remember that it does not give you a very accurate evaluation, but only indicative.


Weight: Unless you know you have to move the device frequently, weight is probably a criterion that you wouldn’t pay much attention to. But it is more important than it seems, because it ensures the stability of the device during work.

Numerous opinions about the best bowl mixers recommend a variant of at least 6-7kg if you work frequently with dense doughs. Otherwise, the device will move and make more noise during use.


the best bowl mixer kitchen

Accessories: The adaptability of such a device extends to the more accessories you have available.

The usual elements that you will receive with the appliance are usually: dough hook, useful for cakes and bread, etc., a tel-shaped version, ideal for whipped cream, light creams, icing and meringues, and a palette, suitable for softer doughs, thicker creams, cakes, cakes and mashed potatoes. Some of them will also be accompanied by an accessory that allows the addition of additional ingredients without making a mess.

If you have chosen a bowl mixer model Heinner, Bosch, Philips or any other brand that allows the attachment of additional accessories to the basic ones, you can gradually complete it with elements such as: slicing knife, pasta roller, juicer, grinding head, meat mincer, sausage filling system, ice cream accessory, blender, ravioli machine, etc.


Rotation mode: Thereare two functions that differ from the classic operation and can help you get the desired result faster, in its best shape. The first is the rotation of the bowl relative to the fixed foot and the second is the elliptical movement of the mixer head. Both have been designed to ensure easy access of accessories on the entire surface of the bowl and faster uniformity of the composition.


Dimensions: If you live in an apartment with a small kitchen or you like to have everything set up to the smallest detail, you will want to carefully evaluate the available space and the dimensions of the appliance before choosing such a device.

Most of the time, the total size of the device is closely related to the capacity of the bowl, which depends on the amount of preparation you are used to preparing. The bowls generally have between 2 and 10 liters, the most frequently used in the home being those of 3-4 liters, which combine in a balanced way the capacity and occupied space requirements.


Material: The most resistant models are those made entirely of stainless steel, but there are also variants that successfully combine stainless steel in areas of maximum demand, with plastic in areas related to cosmetics and profile.

As for the bowl, we can tell you that stainless steel is more resistant to temperature variations, does not absorb odors and tastes and food debris, including sticky or dry, is much easier to remove. But they are a bit heavier and more expensive.


the best bowl mixer kitchen

Noise level: Few powerful appliances manage to operate without a minimum of noise. This is also the case with mixers. Most are between 80 and 95dB, a fairly high level.

Because they are not used for long periods of time, this aspect is not usually a problem. But if you live in a block with thin walls or you are more sensitive to loud sounds, we recommend you look for a mixer version with a bowl, cheap and good, promoted as quiet.


Frequent questions

In which physical stores can I find a Delimano bowl mixer?

If you want to buy a Delimano mixer and you are not willing to buy it online or using the telephone order available in the teleshopping presentations, you can search for the model in the Top Shop network in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj or Timisoara.

the best bowl mixer kitchen

How much does a bowl mixer consume?

A vertical bowl mixer consumes in one hour the number of watts specified as nominal power, if you use it for 60 minutes continuously. In practice, consumption is much lower, because usually the device is turned off periodically to add ingredients and check consistency and is rarely used for an hour. So, if you bought a 1.2kW version and use it for 20 minutes, your device will consume 0.4kW.

the best bowl mixer kitchen

Can I make dough in a bowl mixer or do I have to use a food processor?

Almost any model of bowl mixer at a good price allows you to make dough, the limitation coming only from the available power, which is recommended to be over 200 – 250W, and access to a hook type accessory, necessary for kneading the composition. So you don’t need a food processor, just the right mixer.



Recipes for which you definitely need a rotary bowl mixer

A rotary bowl mixer helps you to homogenize the composition more easily, without the need to manually change the position of the container to cover the entire surface. Such a device can be very helpful in a variety of recipes, of which we mention two of the most popular.


the best bowl mixer kitchen


Although you do not need a bowl mixer, professional, to make mayonnaise, being enough and one with low or medium power, it would be good to have one with a rotating bowl that ensures complete uniformity of ingredients.

And if we keep talking about ingredients, for a tasty and fluffy mayonnaise you need 2 raw and 2 boiled egg yolks, 2 teaspoons of mustard, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and 350ml of sunflower oil or a combination with olive oil.

It is important to crush the boiled yolks very well and to use an average mixing speed in the first stage, when you mix only the eggs and the mustard. Once you start adding oil, it will be wiser to choose a reduced speed to avoid splashing.


the best bowl mixer kitchen


If you just bought a bowl mixer, at a good price, and you want to prepare something tasty, we recommend you try the classic donuts. You need 500g flour, 350ml milk, 10g dry yeast, 10g powdered sugar, 2 egg yolks, salt, 1 tablespoon sugar, lemon peel, oil for frying.

Mix the yeast with the slightly heated milk and wait until it foams. Add the yolks and 300g of flour and mix them with the mixer, using the paddles at first, at a reduced speed and then gradually increasing the intensity.

Add a pinch of salt, grated lemon peel, vanilla-flavored sugar and the remaining 200g of flour and replace the paddle with the kneading hook. Stir until the dough is soft and homogeneous, then leave to rise.


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