the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

The best built-in gas hob in addition to the induction or vitroceramic electric ones. In 2021 you can find them on offer at stores such as Emag, Dedeman, Altex, Media Galaxy or Flanco. Top, small, with 2 stitches or 4 stitches, cheap or more expensive, mixed, package of ovens and built-in hobs, from Electrolux, Gorenje, Bosch, Beko, Arctic, Hansa, Indesit, Whirlpool or Miele – you can get them all find in this article. Analyze this Samsung NA64H3010AS / L1 hob.

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

Depending on the technology, the type of power supply, either gas or electricity from the network, energy efficiency or the type of control panel, you have a great variety. From the classic 4-mesh hobs, you can also find 2-mesh hobs, 5 mesh or 6 burners. In this article we will focus on gas hobs.

The best built-in gas hobs – TOP 10 new models

Because you all have different needs in terms of the perfect hob, below we present some models of gas built-in hobs.

Samsung NA64H3010AS / L1 built-in gas hob

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

A Samsung built-in gas hob with 4 burners and cast iron grills. It has an elegant stainless steel finish. Comes in the standard size of 60 cm. In total, the Samsung gas hob offers a cooking power of 9.6 kW.

With this hob, there is no need to lift heavy vessels, just slide them from one eye to another without too much effort. The cast iron grill can be washed completely in the dishwasher , being made up of several small parts.

Built-in gas hob HANSA BHGI63112035

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

Built-in gas hob from Hansa , with 4 burners and electric ignition. The finish is made of black glass, and the meshes are separate for each vessel. This model from Hansa is equipped with a safety valve to extinguish the flame that stops the gas supply if the flame is extinguished.

Cast iron pot holders are stable and stronger than other analog models. A good choice for a gas hob.

Whirlpool GOW7523 / NB 5-mesh gas hob

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

The 5-mesh built-in gas hob from Whirlpool is a very elegant one. You can cook more evenly and faster with high power burners. You benefit from automatic ignition to make it easier to use the hob. You have a combination of glass and cast iron for a beauty pleat.

The buttons have a special beauty due to the glossy and easy to maintain finish. In addition, the materials are scratch resistant.

Bosch PPH6A6B20 built-in gas hob

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

I couldn't overlook the gas hob models at Bosch . They have heat-resistant quartz glass. They are accompanied by Flame Select technology, which helps you set exactly the power you need. You have a dedicated Wok burner with a power of up to 3.3 kW.

You can incorporate this good gas hob on the countertop or above it. Due to the glass finish , it is very easy to clean the surface.

Hansa built-in gas hob BHGW63111035

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

The white glass finish and the 4 separate burners conquer you from the first. The glass is heat-resistant and easy to clean, and if you have a white kitchen, this finish is very chic.

You also have a WOK burner with triple flame , specially designed for pots, pans and larger WOK dishes. It allows you to prepare fried products evenly, without the possibility of burning or insufficient preparation.

Electrolux KGG7536K gas built-in hob

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

The Electrolux built-in hob comes with 5 distinct burners , including a central Wok type that you can use for the uniform preparation of culinary products. It has electric ignition, safety device and cast iron grills. In addition, you enjoy black glass as a base material for finishes.

The size is 75 cm wide , a little bigger than the standard 60 cm. If you have a roomy kitchen, this gas hob model will fit perfectly.

Built-in hob with 2 Samus PSG-32SX burners

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

If kitchen space is an issue for you, see this 2-mesh gas hob from Samus. Although it is small, it has electric ignition, built-in safety system and of course an elegant stainless steel finish.

This small gas hob comes at a very good price, and offers you all the features of a complete hob with 4 burners.

Rustic gas hob package Studio Casa Teramo

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

If you like rustic style and have a retro or vintage style kitchen, see this package from Studio Casa which includes a rustic gas hob , electric oven and telescopic hood. The finish of all kitchen electrical equipment is cream.

At the good gas hob you have cast iron grills, at the electric oven a lot of cooking programs, and the telescopic hood is equipped with integrated lighting.

Built-in gas hob Beko HIAG64225SX Inox

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

See this simple hob from Beko which has 4 burners . It is a gas hob with electric ignition and stainless steel finish. Comes with High Efficiency Gas Burner technology. This means that the burners have a high burning efficiency, saving the user time and money.

The total combustion power of this equipment is 7.4 kW. The flame intensity wheels are placed in front for a better operation.

Arctic ARSGN64125S built-in gas hob

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

Arctic brings you a black hob with Safety Plus safety glass finish . It has 4 gas burners and built-in safety mode. The grills are individual for each burner and are made of cast iron.

The burners have high efficiency and will help you save valuable time.

How to choose the best built-in gas hob in Romania

Even though electric induction hobs or ceramic hobs are still improving, gas hobs have not lost their popularity and remain in high demand. As practice shows, the overwhelming majority of consumers who have access to gas focus on gas hobs. This is not surprising, but a good gas stove or hob allows you to cook faster. In addition, the taste of food prepared under an open flame is more colorful. And most importantly, without a doubt, you get a significant savings on your electricity bill.

the best built in gas hobs for your garden or kitchen

Built-in gas hobs are not very expensive and rarely break down. In fact, this is why the decision to replace them is postponed in most cases. It is also normal because the consumer does not know how gas hobs have changed in the last decade, what functions progressive models have, and what are the advantages of new models.

We will try to help all those who face the need to obtain new cooking equipment and we will tell you how to choose the best gas hob.

Built-in gas hob size

All built-in gas hobs, with very rare exceptions, have a regular width of 60 cm. It is a characteristic size of the models with 4 burners. However, there are some varieties of device width and you will have to choose largely based on the number of burners. For example, those with 5 burners can have a width of 75 cm.

But certainly, the predominantly recognized and widespread models are gas hobs with a width of 50 and 60 cm. There are also some narrow models with 2 burners that can be about 30 centimeters wide. It becomes clear that the greater the abundance of burners, the larger the area occupied by the built-in gas hob will be.

The dimensions of the stove that are actually right for you are determined by the area of the kitchen in which you will put it, by the planned arrangement of the furniture and by the allowed intensity of use of the appliance, which is suitable depending on the size of your family. Do not forget that a built-in gas hob must not be adjacent to other appliances, not to be close to walls or furniture. Leave generous space between it and other devices or bodies.

Finishing a built-in hob

The surface of a gas hob can be made of painted steel, which is the most common variant, stainless steel or safety glass. Each of these three options has its own characteristics, perfections and disadvantages. If the gas hob will be easily cleaned of stains, it will always look charming and elegant, it depends from the beginning, when you choose the finish of the hob.

Painted steel

Painted metal finish is an option from the past, which is still found today in some models. So nowadays, such a built-in gas hob continues to be predominantly widespread. Usually these gas hobs have a lower price than those with alternative finishes. The finish is simplistic, in addition, in use it is not the most practical option.

Low quality paint can become quite porous, and in combination with chemical detergents can deteriorate quickly. Thus, it will get dirty faster and will be difficult to wash. When scratches appear on the paint layer, especially if abrasive substances are used, it becomes more difficult to clean the dirt that invariably appears during cooking. Fortunately, manufacturers no longer opt for the color white, but rather choose the color black, on the surface of which the prints of fat and soot in the flame are no longer so striking.

Stainless steel finish

Stainless steel used as a finish for gas hobs that can be incorporated over time can become matte. But the stainless steel finish looks very expressive and elegant. In addition, it is easier to clean, according to many users, compared to a painted one.

As disadvantages, in order to clean the stainless steel surfaces, you will have to eliminate the household chemicals that you have in the house, only specific means of cleaning can be used. On such surfaces, fingerprints from drying cookware and fingerprints are perfectly visible. In order for the stainless steel hob to renew its appearance and look expressive and beautiful, it will be necessary to clean the surface carefully to restore its luster.

Secure glass finish

If you opt for a gas hob with a glass finish, you should know that they look exceptional. They are charming and expressive and do not lose their attractiveness long after purchase. They are easy to maintain, they are not afraid of deterioration over time and temperature changes.

Having an elegant and beautiful finish comes with a higher purchase price. In addition, there are some small drawbacks to such a built-in gas hob.

The side limiters of the safety glass hob are in most cases absent. In case the cooked food leaks from the pan, you will have to wash not only the sphere of the stove, but also its facade and the floor is close to the stove. In other words, there are no niches for storing excess excess that drains from cooking utensils, which flow freely down.

If you spill something sticky on this hob, it must be cleaned immediately without waiting for the surface to cool, otherwise a long and difficult polishing process awaits you. To clean the hob with a glass surface, it is necessary to use suitable substances and not to throw abrasive powders that can lead to scratches.

Choose the best gas hob

How to choose a built-in gas hob, which will become the most authentic cooking partner? There is no clear answer, but we will try to present you some specifications that they have to click on.

More recently, built-in gas hobs are perceived as some of the top solutions for home cooking. Most households in Romania choose the built-in gas hob due to several factors. A large part choose to install in the kitchen only such appliances from well-known brands, with good functions and as generous warranty periods as possible. Until you make the choice, it is preferable to inform yourself thoroughly about how to choose a good gas hob and how to buy the right equipment for you.

Every year the built-in gas hobs are improved and adapted to the needs of a progressive person. Unlike some electric hobs, gas-fired devices are more affordable, and their consumption properties are several times better. To make the analysis easier, you need to know the general features of the device, strengths and weaknesses of different models.

About the gas hob

Most gas hobs make your cooking quick and efficient. It is an instant response equipment that does not require time to heat the burners and after stopping it will not cool down for a long time.

This type of built-in gas hob offers you ease of use, prudence in the use of resources, the possibility of setting the thermal regime on different levels,
the food acquires more strong taste and smell due to cooking over an open fire and in addition, the cost is lower compared to a built-in electric hob.

In other words, this device requires careful and careful operation, because the device carries with it a certain degree of danger, which can hurt if not operated properly.

It requires you to have a gas connection, and in addition it is recommended that the gas hob be close to the pipe. As you know, this is not always possible and here comes the need for design. If necessary, you will need to adjust the gas line to suit your needs.

The installation of these equipments is done by authorized specialists. It is impossible to replace the gas hob on your own, even if you have the necessary experience and knowledge to do so. It is mandatory to entrust such a service to professionals.

The number of burners on a good built-in gas hob

The cooking utensils are not installed on the hob itself, but on the grill above it. To make a similar net, steel or cast iron is used. Painted steel is more durable and cheaper, but has a short lifespan. Cast iron is not lighter and looks quite bulky, but it is guaranteed to last the life of your home appliance.

When choosing a gas hob, it is necessary to take into account parameters such as the number of burners, their size and type. To make the choice easier, the housewife or housewife should think from the beginning how often and to what extent she cooks at home.

In Romania, in this respect are the gas hobs with 4 burners. Each burner has a different size, so it is possible to adapt the power required for different food products cooked over a fire. Normally there will be two burners that are mediocre in size, one huge and one small, suitable, for example, for heating a portion of milk. The small and large meshes naturally sit next to each other.

Good gas hob with 4 burners

But don't think that you are limited in the number of burners to the classic 4-piece version. Smaller modifications of the gas hobs are represented by the models with two burners. Such devices may be of interest to small families. They are also purchased in those cases when the countertop is so small that there is literally no room for a full size gas hob.

I haven't really seen new gas burners with three burners. But who knows, they will exist but they are certainly not very popular in our country. Instead, there are more and more models with five burners, which are perfect for slightly larger kitchens. The 5th burner is usually with several combustion sources and is classified in the WOK category.

In addition to the normal shape of the burners, consumers are now offered modifications with square burners. Here the decision belongs completely to you, there are no differences in terms of functionality, only maybe in appearance and style.

Type of gas burners

The built-in gas hob is now more diverse and brings you a greater variety of burners. They can now have many shapes, from round to square, differing in diameter and sometimes in design. In addition to the usual burners, the new ones come with different burning power. You can decide what you need after presenting the types you can find in the market, in addition to the usual ones. We will simply tell you what the manufacturers offer:

  1. The double burner brings you a flame that is divided into two circles, which makes it possible to quickly heat the bottom of the dishes and distribute the heat evenly much faster.
  2. The burner with 3 combustion sources has three flame systems, correctly and quickly heating more spacious pots and pans. Consequently, you can cook faster and evenly, and you do not risk burning the food you cook.
  3. The Wok burner is specialized and dedicated for conical wok pans. It is possible to place 2 or up to 3 flame streams at different levels and it can be accompanied by a special support for the pan.

Built-in gas hob safety systems

We know that burning natural and liquefied gas produces carbon dioxide and steam that are not normally a risk. If the natural gas is not burned properly, carbon monoxide is formed, which in low concentrations can cause health problems and in high concentrations can be fatal. Natural gas itself is toxic to the human body.

The built-in gas stove can be a source of fire and explosion if improperly operated. In fact, this is why one of the general problems of the consumer when it comes time to choose such equipment is the verification of safety systems. It must be ensured that the gas hob has all the current safety mechanisms.

The gas control valve is a mechanism designed to prevent probable gas leakage if the flame is accidentally extinguished. It allows you to significantly increase the innocuousness during the operation of the hob. If the flame has not ignited or, for one reason or another, has gone out, the vending machines will turn off the gas supply. Various manufacturers equip all burners with this arrangement. It is a very good solution in terms of security.

Electric ignition drastically reduces the risk of fire when the stove is turned on. You will not need matches to force the hob to work. Today, you can entrust this job to the electric ignition system, which will do very well for you.

I think all built-in gas hobs are equipped with an electric ignition function. It is actually a built-in lighter that emits a spark when the gas is turned on. The presence of the electric ignition allows you to spark when you press the ignition button on the control panel.

Other aspects regarding safety

There is also the possibility that the built-in gas hob you have will be armed with an electric ignition with automatic action. In this case you will not have to make any extra effort without other buttons. The ignition will activate automatically as soon as you turn the knob that directs the gas intensity in the burner. The second variety is more favorable and more reliable. The existence of electric ignition requires the inclusion of the gas hob in the electrical network. It's worth it, because you will be free forever from the problems with igniting the gas hob. In addition, the existence of the function provided dramatically increases the harmless use of gas equipment.

The Childlock function or blocking children's access allows you to prevent the unauthorized start of the gas hob by young members of your family. Blocking commands during operation is also infinitely beneficial. Unfortunately, only the most advanced modifications of built-in gas hobs are equipped with similar functions.

Gas hob, an economical choice

However, the fact that these gas devices are economical makes them the most popular choice among buyers. The gas hob attracts with its simplicity of operation and maintenance, the elegant and varied design and their lower cost.

Like many other home appliances, gas hobs have some predefined sizes to easily fit in any kitchen. This was created to make kitchen equipment convenient. Thus, both the furniture and the built-in appliances can be assembled together. A classic hob with 4 burners is 60 cm wide. Larger ones can be over 80 cm. It all depends on the number of stitches you need.

A classic hob, used in most kitchens is the one with 4 meshes of different sizes. Some brands allow you to adjust and adjust certain aspects of finesse. However, the usual sizes are built for the usual type of furniture, with standard dimensions.

Top finishes

High temperature resistant steel is used to produce today's gas hobs. Such hobs meet all technological requirements, have a fascinating and elegant look and a diverse design. To understand how to choose a hob, you need to check the finishing options available to you.

The most common built-in gas hobs are painted in different colors. White, black, brown and cream are just some of the colors available. Such boards differ in terms of low cost and clean appearance. But there are also many defects in painted hobs. Such a hob with a painted finish is prone to chipping and scratches.

If you use cleaning solutions with abrasive properties or stronger sponges, the finish can be scratched. In addition, the surface is quickly soiled during heavy use and it is quite difficult to wash burnt stains.

Stainless steel and glass gas hob

The stainless steel finish is a universal solution for any kitchen. They are quite common and you can find them in any home appliance store. They make the exterior look elegant and attractive. In addition, their sphere happens to be opaque or glossy. In operation, such plates are much lighter, better suited for cleaning, dirt quickly deviates from the surface. But the price of these tiles is a higher idea than the painted ones. But you should know that in order to save their appearance in perfect condition, their daily care is necessary.

Safety glass is another solution. The gas hob can also have a secure glass finish, resistant to high temperatures. Such changes look fashionable and impressive, they look better on the outside of the kitchen than painted or stainless steel models. Their surface is extremely durable, resistant and easy to clean. He is not afraid of very high temperatures. When you buy, you can also find a glass-ceramic finish. On the color side you can find black, white, cream or red.

Gas hob packages with electric oven

The existence of an electric oven seems to be an additional detail for any hob. The oven can be both electric and gas. For gas hobs, the recommended oven is electric. Electric ovens heat more evenly, have more programs and are easier to use.

The simplest ovens do not have convection and are equipped with only four heating modes. The best electric ovens are good due to the measured heating and hot air circulation, the food is prepared quickly, being well cooked on all sides.

Some gas hobs come with electric ovens. This variety is considered the best for those who prepare a wide variety of pastries in large quantities.

Among the useful programs you can also find a grill, toaster, defrost function or double door. But such functions use more electricity so be careful before choosing an oven. You need to be informed about these functions and make sure that they are actually needed for the kitchen.

Other details on choosing the best built-in gas hob

A built-in gas hob is actually a very good independent stove, which allows you to turn tiring cooking into a pleasant and hard experience.

A good gas hob guarantees an independent regulation and a fundamental inspection on the temperature regime, the fast modification of the flame intensity and the heating of the dishes, the economical gas transfer around each burner with which the cooking equipment is equipped.

In addition, according to the assurances of many users, food prepared by fire with flame differs quite significantly on the flavor side and through a higher quality level of heat treatment of products. Even when we remember the classic cooking recipes that come focused on the gas hob itself. The texts of the elegant recipes clearly say that cooking is done on the fire for a certain time.

Recent changes to built-in gas hobs come bundled with burner gas safety and control systems. The defense consists of the presence of several sensors that detect the flame at each burner and control the flow of gas supplied. As soon as the flame goes out, these sensors unlock a specific relay, instantly stopping the gas supply.

Apart from flame control, the most innovative gas installations also include the gas leak control system and the control of the presence of carbon dioxide. The first of these responds to gas leaks through stabilization valves and specific connections. The second regulates the level of unsafe flue gases in the vicinity of the sensor. All you have to do as a potential user is choose the right model based on your budget.

Automatic ignition of the gas hob

Classic matches can be a source of problems and inconveniences. The design of the electric ignition of the flame absolutely replaces it. The electric ignition can be done manually by pressing the ignition button for a short period of time, or automatically with a spark that folds on the burner and starts to connect the gas supply to the burner. The best built-in gas hob will definitely have such an advantage.

Due to the self-ignition function, you will forget about the matches and the additional lighter. To turn on the burner, simply turn the gas connection switch and press. Also with this switch it is possible to coordinate the flame level.

On the safety side, if the flame in the burner has gone out, the system will notice this aspect and will stop the gas supply itself. One function that can be extremely useful in families with young children is to lock the switches. Such a function blocks the path to the oven and gas burners. In other words, the child, even if he wants to turn the lever, will not be able to connect the stove. The integrated timer makes you no longer have to worry about burning food. The beep will warn you when the food is ready.

If you want to choose the most economical option, between the gas hob and the electric one, the first of the varieties wins authoritatively. The value of gas is substantially lower than that of electricity. It is worth considering the probability of a power outage and overvoltages, thus making it easier to choose the equipment.

Built-in gas hob and separate one

Some users confuse two different types of appliances, the built-in gas hob and the stove. The stove is a stand-alone, unitary device that has both a hob and an oven. The built-in hob involves only the hob that is incorporated in the hob, and the oven will be purchased separately.

The principle of using the gas hob is quite simple. When you turn the switch, gas is allowed to access the burner. on contact with air and the flame is lit and you can cook food. The construction is connected to the gas supply line by means of a flexible hose specially designed for gas transport.

The equipment has a switch to block the gas supply, which can stop the gas supply of the device in case of need. Always valid are the progressive appliances equipped with electric ignition, as a result of which the burners are lit without matches and lighters. The electric ignition happens from a spark of a special element located in the vicinity of the burner. For the ignition to work, the unit must be connected to the mains.

Gas hob remains the first option in consumer choice on the hob side. Even with the many advantages of electric hobs, buyers are in no hurry to change the usual gas technique.

The electric hob is distinguished by its elegant design. The gas hob is more voluminous, that's why many replace it with a thin safety glass hob. The unit has a variety of settings for preparing different dishes. However, electric hobs consume more current and are not as economical.

Conclusion on choosing the best gas hob

The built-in gas hob is the best equipment of this kind after economy and fast cooking, especially if its gas burners are equipped with two or three rows of flames. The gas sphere itself, with an intense column in three layers of flame, is useful for lovers of WOK recipes.

Don't worry that the pot may burn if you forget about it because, first of all, you can use a timer and determine the cooking time, plus the gas control will prevent its supply, as soon as the boiled liquid will extinguish the flame of the gas burner.

If you cook every day for the whole family and have a typical kitchen, then the best choice would be a regular built-in gas hob with four burners, ideally with a secure glass surface. This equipment can be accompanied by an electric oven with convection function and mechanical or electronic control.

If you want to save or do not have enough space you can always opt for a narrow built-in hob of small dimensions, with 2 burners and a width of 30 cm.

The best gas stove for the house

For a high class chef, the best built-in gas hob with five burners and an electric oven with grill and toaster will fit. Being noble models, these gas hobs have electric control, display, indicator lights, self-cleaning function and stopwatch.

If you want to combine both the utility and the economy of a gas hob with the convenience of an electric one, it is logical to think about buying a hob with an additional electric burner.

Each brand tries to mobilize consumers with interesting functions and supplements. When choosing a gas hob, you will definitely come across options such as smart functions. You should know that most of them are useless, in other words, you will only use the standard functions. Therefore, it is worth focusing on those options that really matter.

For safety reasons, some specialists recommend the purchase of built-in gas hobs with gas control function, which can be transferred not only to the burner, but also to the oven (if it is on gas). The function provided is responsible for disconnecting the gas source, if the flame stops burning. If safety is the biggest issue for you and your family, then check the gas control and blocking functions through safety modules.

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