The best built-in gas oven for baking

Because choosing a built-in oven is an important step in the proper furnishing of the kitchen, we will help you with the analysis of some of the most important offers. Our guide will introduce you to the major elements you need to keep in mind, and in addition you will receive some tips on what to consider when installing a built-in gas oven. The most attractive product that we checked is the built-in ovenILVE Nostalgie D900NCVG , especially for the large volume, pleasant design and the possibility to cook very varied recipes. But for those who want to fully equip their cooking corner, there is also the Hausberg brand offer, Hausberg HB-8043 Built-in Oven Set + HB555 built-in hob + HB1285 Stainless Steel Hood , which you can take into account.

Comparative table

It has a very attractive design, for a stylishly decorated kitchen. From a functional point of view, you have two ovens with different temperature and volume settings, one with a power of 3 kW and a volume of 56 liters, another of 1.5 kW, volume 36 liters, which gives you a good start in preparing some recipes as diverse as possible, plus it has an advantageous price.

It is a large built-in, which requires enough space for installation. In addition, it is a design oven that does not fit any style of kitchen.

Because it offers, in a pleasant aspect, many options to those who are passionate about culinary art and has a reasonable price, it is probably the best option if you have enough space.

The package completely covers the series of built-in and cooking accessories and you can enjoy both gas and power supply functions. It comes with very good options for the hob and hood and with standard equipment and well-balanced calorific value for the built-in oven, all at an affordable price.

The hob is set to be connected to an LPG source, so during installation you must adapt it for natural gas, for which the manufacturer tells us that it is compatible.

For those who do not insist on a gas oven and want to arrange their kitchen in one fell swoop, this is the right opportunity.

It is a high-performance oven with quality settings, reliable and resistant, it is ready to maintain the most precise temperature settings. The oven is designed to be economical, easy to use and clean, with a simple, classic line that fits in any kitchen.

Some recipes require higher temperatures, and the limit reached by the adjustable thermostat is 240 degrees, and the price of the oven could exceed lower budgets.

The Teka oven is a product intended rather for those who prefer to add improvements to the classic methods of working in the kitchen. If you think you are wasting precious time trying new settings and functions that you do not use, this is a good purchase.

In-depth reviews about the best built-in gas ovens

Do you want to change your oven, but you don’t have time to check the market, to compare the newest models and choose the most suitable one? We help you, providing you with several variants argued according to product specifications.

ILVE Nostalgia D900NCVG

The best built-in gas oven for baking The ILVE Nostalgie oven has a very pleasant and generous design, being equipped with two ovens, one main and one secondary, of smaller dimensions. Its appearance is rustic, a retro note that the product name reproduces very well. The main oven has four functions and is equipped with a high density insulation. Both ovens fall into energy class A, which is very good for a gas oven.

The volume of the large oven is 56 liters, so you can cook consistently. The interior dimensions are suitable for most trays recommended in the recipes, being 44 x 33.5 x 41.5 cm. The inside of the oven is illuminated and an electronic programmer is used for setting.It has both a gas shut-off valve and a locking system for child safety.

The burner power reaches 3 kw and produces temperatures between 150 and 230 degrees. For energy efficiency the oven is equipped with a door with 3 reflective layers that prevent heat dissipation. An electric grill is added that completes the classic functions of the gas oven. The secondary oven has a capacity of 36 liters and is equipped with a toaster and tangential cooling ventilation. It also has an electric grill and releases a temperature between 50 and 250 degrees.



The best built-in gas oven for baking This model has a modern design, using easy to maintain and elegant finishes in stainless steel and black glass. The external dimensions are 585 × 560 mm. It is a high capacity oven, created to be able to cook in abundance. The internal volume is 74 liters. Like other updated models, it also benefits from an electric grill, which turns it into a hybrid power model.

It has four functions, but 6 levels of cooking, which allows you to prepare a greater range of recipes with more precision. The interior is illuminated so that the cook can observe the stage of the preparation and supervise it. For easy use, the cooker is equipped with an electric ignition, and the cooking time can be easily controlled with an electronic timer.

It is a built-in oven whose efficiency in operation and energy saving is also based on the multilayering of the inner glass (3 layers). Because it gets dirty easily, the manufacturer has designed the door with detachable glass. This way it can be removed and cleaned more easily. Together with the unit you receive from the manufacturer and accessories consisting of two grills, a deep tray and a large enameled tray.


Fulgor Milano PO 6003 G ST X

The best built-in gas oven for baking The Fulgor Milano product has a better energy class than the average of gas ovens, being classified A +. As a design, it integrates very nicely in a kitchen dominated by stainless steel, being in turn made of anti-fingerprint stainless steel. This feature will help you keep the oven clean without much effort.

The unit is equipped with high power burner, toaster and electric grill. The endowment with an electric grill is meant to bring the oven on an equal footing with those that use exclusively electric power supply. Like these, use internal lighting, so you can easily control how baking takes place. To easily cope with the volume of 65 liters, it is equipped with a high-power burner, along with a protective barrier composed of the 2 hypothermic windows.

Food safety is improved by using nickel-free gray enamel, a non-allergenic material that makes the surface easy to clean. Other advantages are the incorporation of a gas detection and shutdown system and the door lock for children, both for worry-free use. For the elimination of condensation and a uniform baking, the Fulgor Milano oven benefits from the operation of a tangential cooling fan. When purchasing the product, the price includes two gray metal trays, a nickel-free enamel tray and the network connection cable.



The best built-in gas oven for baking The LOFRA GAIA built-in oven is also part of the series of products with double power supply that we have been looking for precisely because it has characteristics close to those set by the standards of electric ovens. Other features of this product are designed to erase the difference between a traditional power supply and a state-of-the-art power supply. It has a simple digital clock, glass finishes and a controller using touch screen technology.

The capacity of the oven measures 66 liters and you can use two important functions: roaster and electric grill. A plus compared to other gas ovens is the higher temperature it can reach. Ordinary settings usually do not exceed 250 degrees, while the LOFRA GAIA FOVR66GE unit can raise the temperature up to 270 degrees. The manufacturer considered the possibility of cleaning the oven as easily as possible and used “easy clean” email in its manufacture.

The device is equipped with a glass door in three layers, of which two reflectors, and inside there are two sliding grills that can support a weight of 15 kg. From the design point of view, the appearance of the finishes can be easily integrated in a kitchen with a classic or modern look.


Gas hob and built-in oven package

Built-in Oven Set Hausberg HB-8043 + Built-in hob HB555 + Stainless steel hood HB1285

The best built-in gas oven for baking The set of products is ideal for those passionate about culinary art and allows them to fully equip a kitchen with the appliances needed for cooking. The set includes a hob and built-in gas oven and a hood. The stainless steel hob has many advantages and we will list only a few. It is equipped with a Wok burner with two combustion rings for uniform heat distribution. To this large burner with a power of 3.75 kW are added 3 classic burners with a power of 1.75 kW. For convenient use, the buttons are placed on the side. You may also find a gas hob and built-in oven, but Wok burners are generally rarer.

The oven has heaters both up and down, as well as a fan for air convection. The door is made of glass and the panel is made of stainless steel. It has a volume of 57 liters, roomy for most recipes that you can keep under observation thanks to the interior lighting. By activating both heating elements, the dishes are cooked evenly and get the much desired crust. Combining the separate power of the two heaters with 1000W power and the convection effect you get a high temperature evenly distributed for perfect baking. It is a quality electric oven and if you are not necessarily looking for a hob and built-in gas oven package, you can think of the Hausberg option.

The HB-1285 hood has a high absorption capacity (450 m3 / h) and helps you eliminate odors with smoke and steam. It is equipped with a washable anti-grease filter and works quietly with only 46 decibels. Being telescopic, you can adjust the absorption surface according to your needs.


Built-in Teka gas oven

Teka HSB 740 G

The best built-in gas oven for baking For those who want a gas oven as safe, easy to use and as precise as possible, the product offered by Teka is very suitable. The volume of the oven is 71 liters gross and 61 liters useful capacity. Even if it does not use future technology, the mechanical stopwatch with stop function is good, because it is durable and reliable. You can get to work quickly using the automatic ignition.

For baked peppers you have 5 programs and a combined power of 4250 kW, and to handle the oven tray you can use the modern system implemented, based on telescopic extension. Part of the combustion power is distributed to the grill (1900 kW), and another to the main burner (2350 kW).

Because it has a large number of plate holders, it makes it easier for you to prepare a larger amount of food at the same time, especially since you can use a tangential cooling fan to even out the temperature in the oven. Thus, all products will receive heat in the same way and will bake evenly. Other advantages are represented by the Crystal Clean AA interior finish which is suitable for easy cleaning, as well as low consumption.


Whirlpool built-in gas oven

Whirlpool AKP 808 IX

The best built-in gas oven for baking Produced by a prestigious brand, this built-in gas oven, at a good price, offers you the essential functions you need in the kitchen. In addition, it has an elegant design and is made of good quality stainless steel. It falls into the category of medium-sized ovens, with a volume of 59 liters. It has a grill function (electrically powered) and a toaster and is equipped with a safety valve.

The novelty of design and functionality at the same time is the Cook3 function, which gives you the possibility to cook at the same time three different food trays, on different levels of the oven. In other words, it makes cooking easier at least 3 times and you can enjoy three dishes made with a single batch in the oven.

One element to keep in mind is that the trays are embedded in the side wall, which means that you will put more effort into cleaning than in the case of a sliding oven or telescopic system. As with other modern models, it has a door consisting of three levels of glass. In this way it retains heat inside and possible burn accidents are avoided.


Buying guide

Ovens are present in almost any kitchen if there is enough space for their installation. Their evolution has seen a leap with the possibilities offered by new technologies, and now more and more people want to install built-in ovens, which exceed the budget needed for classic appliances, but come with a number of advantages.

To find built-in gas ovens, cheap and good, here are some lines to follow when looking at the offer.

Setting:Setting the baking temperature is very important. The finer the setting and the higher the temperature is maintained, the better your chances of a successful recipe. A Beko built-in gas oven, for example, has such an adjustment, with 5 different adjustment intervals, from 155 to 260 degrees. For some menus you only need an approximation of the temperature, but cooking enthusiasts are quite accurate when it comes to pretentious pastry recipes, soufflés or other dishes.

The best built-in gas oven for baking

Capacity: The volume of the oven and the way the space is distributed inside will give you a measure of the amount of food you can cook. A built-in gas oven, at a good price, has enough space for standard trays and several dishes.

You can decide for a larger or smaller volume by how often you cook, the number of people who participate in a meal or the type of recipes you currently make. For two people, an oven with a volume of 50 liters is enough, but for 4 or more people you need a volume of at least 60 liters. You can use a built-in Electrolux gas oven for a large capacity. If you like to make stuffed turkey, but there is only one row of muffins in the oven, you may have a problem.

Dimensions: The manufacturer’s data on the external dimensions of the oven must be consulted, if you do not want to have surprises. In order for a built-in appliance to be built into the furniture, it must have enough space. Usually, there are standard sizes, 60 by 60 cm, but not all manufacturers or models fit into them.

You will find that it is easier to design furniture according to the appliances that need to be incorporated than to try to integrate new appliances into an existing furniture.

Functions: A large part of the benefits you can have by purchasing a built-in oven is that you can enjoy programs that improve both the way you cook and the result obtained. The one you consider the best built-in gas oven probably has enough such features that you can’t wait to use.

Patented by each brand under a specific name, such as the UltraFanPlus system from an Electrolux built-in gas oven, the hot air convection function uses ventilation to distribute heat evenly inside. In this way the dishes will be equally exposed to high temperature and will bake completely.

The quick preheating function is important for the moments when we have to move in a hurry and the oven must be ready in the shortest time.

The best built-in gas oven for baking

One of the most popular options is the grill, a function present in almost any built-in gas oven, cheap and good. Roasting or gratinating food gives it a special taste. If it can be used at the same time as air recirculation, the results obtained will be even more spectacular.

Defrosting is not just the prerogative of electric ovens. A gas oven that can help you with such a function makes your kitchen work a lot easier.

Self-cleaning: There are several types of self-cleaning that save you from a titanic job. Burnt and hardened fats are difficult to remove and damage the appearance of the oven. It also alters the taste and smell of freshly prepared food.

Pyrolytic self-cleaning , or more simply, fire cleaning, is done by making a special ceramic enamel for the inside of the oven, which absorbs vapors and fats. Once the self-cleaning program is started, the oven raises the internal temperature to about 400-500 degrees and burns the remains, turning them into an ash powder. It is the most complete and efficient cleaning option used by the best built-in gas ovens.

Catalytic self-cleaning , such as that of an Electrolux built-in gas oven, works on the same principle as the pyrolytic one, only that parts of the oven could remain dirty, given that the material mentioned does not cover the inside of the oven, but some paving panels. the oven.

Material: The oven market is dominated by several materials that have prevailed due to their special qualities.

Stainless steel has properties that make it a self-evident choice. It looks good in the kitchen, is immune to rust, is hygienic and easy to clean, remains spotless. Stainless steel products are also differentiated according to their various properties: matte, glossy, anti-scratch or anti-fingerprint.

Enameled sheet is a traditional material that fits well with the rustic design, but in a modern note in some kitchens. It is a material used mainly by built-in gas ovens at good prices.

Glass-ceramic ovens use heat-resistant glass. It looks very good and is relatively easy to care for, but there is a risk of damage.

The best built-in gas oven for baking

Panel: For built-in gas ovens, the classic buttons with mechanical spring are still very popular, but there are also hybrid variants, with LCD display and mechanical buttons. The appearance of the panel is important, as are the markings displayed or inscribed. Small numbers or thin lines are harder to read and can be erased by wear. A cheap built-in gas oven will invest less in this aspect.

Now that you have in mind the few essential criteria for a good choice, it would be a shame to stop here. Read on to find out the details that interest you about the products and to make the most inspired choice.

Frequent questions

What to choose – gas or electric built-in oven?

To choose, consider the advantages and disadvantages offered. The gas oven is a more familiar piece of equipment and has several advantages, such as lower cost and low consumption. In addition, the food does not dry out when cooked in a gas oven.

Various opinions about the best built-in gas ovens show that you do not have to make large investments to install it in the apartment. Of course, this is possible if the block is already connected to the gas network or if the chosen model is compatible with the LPG supply.

The electric oven has higher maintenance and installation costs, but offers a constant temperature and is easy to adjust.

The best built-in gas oven for baking

What do I need to know before choosing a built-in gas oven?

There are a lot of things you can find out about kitchen appliances. Probably an important aspect is that the new generations of built-in gas ovens are comparable in many respects to electric ones, although some prefer a cheap built-in gas oven.

For example, the best built-in gas ovens have many of the options that an electric oven offers. They have interior lighting, they have accessories in the package (trays and grills), they are controllable with the help of a control panel, they have ventilation and insulation, thermostat, toaster and much more. A Beko built-in gas oven has most of the features listed.

The best built-in gas oven for baking

How much does a built-in gas oven consume?

There are calculations made for the average consumption of appliances running on natural gas, but they are not very relevant, given that different types of ovens have different efficiency and consumption, including due to different possibilities of adjustment, insulation or volume.

Such a calculation shows that a traditional cooking machine (stove and oven) consumes about 2 cubic meters of natural gas within an hour of operation. A cheap built-in gas oven can save you extra if it has low consumption.

4 instructions for mounting a built-in gas oven

When installing a built-in gas oven, it is important to remember that there is a time when you stop working, namely when the connection to the natural gas pipeline must be made. This part of the assembly must be done by a company employee or a certified specialist.

Once you’ve established this, here’s what you need to remember if you want to make a flawless assembly:

Cutting the support

When you need to cut the body in which you want to incorporate the stove, it is ideal to have a piece of furniture a few centimeters larger in depth, length and height. For an oven with a length of 55 centimeters, it would be great to have a body / countertop at least 60 centimeters wide to cut. In principle, you should leave at least 3 inches of space between the furniture and the oven. If you add the hob, keep the distance between the two pieces about 5-6 centimeters.

The best built-in gas oven for baking

Location height

Leave enough space between the floor and the oven. It is good both for its normal operation and for more comfort in use. At least 90 centimeters or, if possible, 150 centimeters is recommended.


Like any other built-in object, the oven will need fixing. Being a heavy body, it is recommended to catch it with L-shaped clips or with the metal strip with which it is equipped.

For stability inside the body, pale supports or thick slats can be used. This way you will make sure that it does not sway and does not jump out of the seat when the door is opened.

The best built-in gas oven for baking

Extra space

In addition to the space left for installation, it will be necessary to take into account the gas connection, a flexible tube that must be installed by the company’s workers. Then take into account the fact that the gas installations are checked periodically, so it is mandatory to leave enough space for the checks to take place.

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