The best built in refrigerator and freezer to choose in 2021

You are probably looking for the best top refrigerator or built-in refrigerator . In 2021, it is important that in the search process you analyze the price and read opinions. Especially since they are offered with the best built-in no frost, full no frost refrigerators, from well-known refrigerator brands. For starters, you can see this Samsung BMF BRB260030WW .

The best built in refrigerator and freezer to choose in 2021

The best refrigerators and built-in refrigerators – TOP 5 new models

Samsung BMF BRB260030WW built-in refrigerator

The best built in refrigerator and freezer to choose in 2021

This Samsung built-in refrigerator is a great option for those who want an extremely quiet, no frost device with a state-of-the-art inverter compressor.

To convince you of the reliability, the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty on this component. The control panel will help you adjust the working temperature super easily. The LED lighting will pleasantly surprise any user.

Bosch KIV38X20 built-in refrigerator

The best built in refrigerator and freezer to choose in 2021

The Bosch built-in refrigerator model does not impress with much technology, but rather with German reliability and quality. It has a static cooling system, so it is not No frost. This is not necessarily a disadvantage, so the products will not be dry, but will have an optimal moisture level.

It is quite quiet and offers a generous interior storage space. It has an automatic defrost system for the refrigerator, and a manual freezer.

Electrolux ENN2800BOW built-in refrigerator

The best built in refrigerator and freezer to choose in 2021

This built-in refrigerator model from Electrolux is a very quiet, almost imperceptible one.

Although it has a static cooling system , it is low frost, so it will not make much ice, almost at all. Reversible sliding doors will allow it to be easily integrated into the body of your chosen furniture.

Built-in refrigerator Whirlpool ART 9810A +

The best built in refrigerator and freezer to choose in 2021

The Whirlpool ART model is another very quiet option of good built-in refrigerators . This model is able to maintain a constant temperature in the event of a power outage for 19 hours.

Humidity control will ensure you keep food fresh, at a constant humidity and temperature.

Hansa BK316.3AA built-in refrigerator

The best built in refrigerator and freezer to choose in 2021

This Hansa deserves to be in the top of the best built-in refrigerators . First of all, its energy consumption is very low compared to competitors.

It has a very good purchase price for what it offers. It has reversible doors, so it is very easy to incorporate, and placed the doors either on the left or right.

See Samsung, LG, Liebherr, Beko, Electrolux, Whirlpool, AEG, Ariston, Arctic, Candy, Teka, Franke, Gorenje, Grundig, Hotpoint, Hansa, Indesit, Midea, Miele, Pyramis, Siemens, Zanussi, Samus and Bosch. Stores such as Emag, Altex, Media Galaxy, Flanco or Dedeman can offer you a wide range from which to choose. Find both large and small built-in refrigerator.

Below we present some of the most successful models of built-in refrigerators of this year, and later we will explain the selection criteria that must be taken into account in the purchase process. Find conventional models as well as models of built-in double refrigerator at a good price. We help you with opinions, reviews, dimensions, installation possibilities and purchase recommendation.

The best built-in refrigerators

The best built in refrigerator and freezer to choose in 2021

How to choose a good built-in refrigerator

To choose a good built-in refrigerator, it is important to consider only a few technical criteria. Below we will present them all, one by one.

The internal volume of the refrigerator

In general, built-in refrigerators have a smaller interior volume than the classic ones, most of them having up to around 260 liters. There are exceptions, however, some offering up to 300l – 400l of storage space. Its required volume should be determined by family size and cooking habits, to estimate the need for products for your family. A very good idea, if the purchase is made by a man, to ask the opinion of the housewife, who knows best the needs of the family. Find models with a width of 60 cm or 70 cm.

Built-in refrigerator No frost, Low frost or Static?

Built-in refrigerators have lagged a bit behind in terms of technology, so there are not many models with No Frost cooling system, but they are, most being Low frost or Static. But, I think you have to explain the differences to understand which option is best for you.

Built-in refrigerators No Frost

This type of cooling system ensures a constant temperature and uses air to keep food cold. A known disadvantage is that such a system dries food if it does not have a technology to maintain humidity at an optimal level.

Low Frost built-in refrigerators

This system combines the advantages of the No Frost system with the Static one, a middle solution. Not much ice will form on the wall of the refrigerator, and the food will remain with an optimal humidity.

Static built-in refrigerators

If you choose such a cooling system, you must know that it provides optimal humidity for the products. The only downside could be the sometimes uneven distribution of cooling inside.

Built-in inverter refrigerator or not?

Opt for an inverter compressor at any time. It ensures lower energy consumption, higher compressor reliability, is quieter. However, you must weigh the cost of such a device, which is sometimes more expensive than the classic one. However, if you get a good savings, the investment can be a good choice.

Differences between energy classes A, A +, A ++, A +++

In general, energy efficiency is indicated by the letters A, B, C. There are several variations on the letter A, with more plus signs. The more pluses it has, the more efficient the device is. Unfortunately, even the best built-in refrigerators cannot boast very good performance in terms of energy efficiency. On the market, there are rarely A +++, or A ++ models, the majority being A + or A. There are still models on the market with energy efficiency B.

An optimal choice, in the given conditions would be to choose A ++ or A +, the range being varied for this energy class.

Noise level of good built-in refrigerators

The best built-in refrigerators are good in terms of quietness and few dB. Most devices are between 35 and 40 dB, ie in this range it would be good to keep the analyzed models. If you live in a studio, where the kitchen is part of the room, the noise level is an important aspect, and should be reduced, where possible, in order to have a quiet night.

The noises you can expect from the best built-in refrigerator are those produced by the compressor, the pump in the form of a whisper, fine cracks of the ice. Being incorporable models, the noise is diminished and the body of the furniture in which it is integrated.

Top brand: Samsung, Bosch, Electrolux, LG, Liebherr, Ariston?

For this type of refrigerators, I would not put much emphasis on the brand, but rather on performance and technical criteria. All major brands are a verified choice by thousands of users. However, some brands come with quite bold promises. Samsung, for example, for inverter models, offers up to 10 years warranty on the compressor, a very good promise that also indicates the reliability of the technical components.

The dimensions of the best built-in refrigerators

If you buy IKEA kitchen furniture or other pre-made body, be careful about the size of the built-in refrigerator, not too small or too large. Check that the doors in the body of the furniture correspond to those of the appliance. Check the height of the device, and that of the body to see if they fit well or not. It is very frustrating and we know what it means to buy a refrigerator and find that it does not come according to the size of the doors. This way you will avoid problems during installation.

Choose the best built-in refrigerator

When choosing a built-in refrigerator, it is worth emphasizing two important aspects: the functionality of the appliance and the aesthetic requirements. We will tell you how to choose a built-in refrigerator for your home, taking into account the always relevant parameters, the uniqueness of your kitchen and the conditions of the family members.

Features of built-in equipment

Built-in refrigerators win in the discussion of important independent parameters. It is highlighted by low noise and quality thermal insulation, takes up little space in the kitchen and can be part of any interior. If you have a priority for large storage capacity, then it is better to reorient to a stand-alone model.

The size of a refrigerator or built-in refrigerator is certainly smaller than a separate one, but with the specification that it takes up much less space. In addition, the visual appearance makes the kitchen with a built-in refrigerator look more spacious than it really is. For a small kitchen, such a bonus is welcome.

Built-in kitchen appliances are now very popular. In most cases, they are covered with furniture panels and do not reveal their presence at all, which visually saves space in a significant margin, which is so lacking in today's kitchens.

Leading manufacturers of everyday technology quickly realized that built-in freezers and refrigerators had impressive potential inside them and began large-scale production. These devices are mostly well made.

You can choose between built-in refrigerators with single and double compartments, side-by-side refrigerators , freezer and separate refrigerator or cupboard for soft drinks.

The single-chamber built-in refrigerators have a door for the freezing and refrigeration compartments. Built- in refrigerators with two compartments have a separate vent for each compartment. The superiority of the built-in refrigerators with two compartments is without a doubt. When you open the door of a partition, you will not disturb the internal atmosphere in another compartment, and this saves electricity. In addition, the refrigeration emission in such a freezer is substantially higher than in a single-chamber unit.

Design of a built-in refrigerator

The difference between built-in and regular refrigerators is that they do not have a dedicated external panel. Instead, they are equipped with a device for fixing the facade. Due to the facades, the built-in refrigerator does not violate the style of your kitchen.

But let's not forget, good built-in refrigerators can be installed in the kitchen, in a closet or incorporated in the furniture in the corridor.

As a practical advantage, even in the presence of many cabinets with similar columns, it will be easy to find the necessary door for the device. At the bottom of the fridge box, about every time there is a ventilation niche provided. On more premium models, the control panel and temperature indicator are visible on the outside of the device. As for the small built-in refrigerators, they can be very easy to put under the kitchen counter.

Noise level

Such built-in refrigerators differ constructively in terms of additional thermal insulation and a lower level of noise generated, compared to stand-alone models. Let's face it, they are quieter than the stand-alone ones, because the exterior panels of the kitchen cabinet help to obtain excellent sound insulation.

The storage volume of these refrigerators

It is already your turn to plan the kitchen and create the next furniture design, and now it is worth considering the size of the refrigerator. Choose the right size and size and also order furniture for the selected model. If the cabinet has been kept longer and exists, you need the refrigerator closer to its size. However, in many cases this is not difficult because the size of the built-in devices is standardized, compared to a refrigerator for example.

If you want to bring a large refrigerator into the house, be careful with the size and furniture. The approximate size of the refrigerator will depend on the number of people living in the house. For one or two people, 150 liters is enough, 3-4 people will be okay with a 250 liter refrigerator. But if you have a very large family of five or more people, you need a stand-alone refrigerator. The built-in one will probably not cope.

If you have children in the house, you have girja when you choose the size and location of the refrigerator and freezer, up and down, respectively. When choosing the height of the refrigerator, consider the height of the person who takes full advantage of this technology. Do a simple exercise, any shelves and parts often used must be accessible by hand.

Compressor type

In general, the Romanian market, the inverter came as an innovation and took out of the circuit the old compressors. The working principle of these old compressors was to use a lot of power and then to stop quickly. Now, if the built-in refrigerator is equipped with an inverter compressor, it will run continuously and will always maintain the correct temperature in the refrigerator.

This engineering thinking can not only greatly extend the life of the compressor, but also reduce the level of noise pollution and energy consumption and can also extend the life of the product. Consider this when choosing a certain technology. Of course, the best built-in refrigerator is equipped with a compressor, some of which can guarantee the maintenance of all compartments.

However, there are also built-in refrigerators with 2 compressors on the market. In this case, a compressor is assigned to each chamber. If you want to completely eliminate a compressor from the duty cycle and save electricity, this is possible. In a refrigerator with a single compressor, this minimum energy consumption is only possible only when it is electrically controlled with the Holiday function. This function allows you to keep the temperature of the unused refrigerator at 12-15 degrees. This way, for a long time when you are not at home, you will save energy and protect yourself from mold and bad smells in the freezer.

Tips for installing a built-in refrigerator

Certainly, in the process of choosing the furniture for the built-in refrigerator, a series of questions and concerns will appear. We come up with some tips for you.

Choice of built-in refrigerator manufacturer

In this chapter you can focus on European brands and ensembles, with production in Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Slovakia. This way you can choose good models that have the highest safety certifications.

Check the built-in refrigerator on delivery

You don't want a good and expensive built-in refrigerator, but it is ruined by the courier company. Unconditionally inspect the refrigerator as soon as it is delivered. Even if it is hermetically sealed and has a warranty, plus the right of return, it is preferable to examine and return immediately if it has a defect.

Checking the furniture body

In principle, all custom furniture manufacturers and assemblers know how to equip a body of furniture for a built-in refrigerator. In addition to that niche, the refrigerator must bypass the space for air outlet and ensure uninterrupted flow. This allows the refrigerator to cool down and the hot air to escape. It doesn't hurt to check before mounting.

Location and installation of facades

We recommend that you entrust this movement to professionals, ie to those who install your kitchen. First of all, to mount a refrigerator in a niche, you need a person or two to handle it without damaging the equipment and furniture. Secondly, it is necessary to fix the front door of the refrigerator correctly, so that it closes and opens correctly. And thirdly, setting the facades in place is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

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