the best casserole dishes to buy

Caserole – Review and comparison in 2021

A practical set of casseroles is an ideal purchase in any kitchen, while a compartmentalized casserole can be one of the best solutions for breakfast. If you don’t really know what to choose, we suggest you take a look at theThermo Klass Set , a set of 3 containers with lids, with a medium – large storage capacity, whose main quality is the excellent thermal insulation capacity. Obviously, in order to best serve its function, the set is made of the best quality materials, the interior that comes in contact with food being food grade stainless steel. And if you want to test an alternative, we have another proposal: Gromi Termos Picasso .

Comparative table

It is a very good quality product, belonging to a well-known brand, which includes no less than three pieces of different capacities, stackable, equipped with sealed lids and a very good thermal insulation capacity, whether it is about keeping food warm. or cold. It is a product available at a fairly high price, justified by quality, but not necessarily available to any buyer.

It is a product available at a fairly high price, justified by quality, but not necessarily available to any buyer.

We consider that the set is an inspired investment, which is worth making to enjoy its quality and high functionality, because there are not many similar products in terms of work capacity.

It is a set with generous dimensions and a very attractive design, which allow you to store a large amount of food, which will be kept either hot or cold, depending on your preferences. The products are easy to clean and do not raise special precautions from this point of view.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the containers are not compatible with the dishwasher or microwave.

The product is a very inspired choice when it comes to the need to store food that needs to be kept hot or cold; In addition, its unique appearance will help you identify the pieces anytime or anywhere.

It is a set that includes four containers accompanied by their lids; being made of heat-resistant glass, which withstands very well any thermal shocks, the part can be used in a wide variety of circumstances, from electric or classic oven to freezer, without the risk of damage.

We believe that the silicone seal requires a little caution in use, so as not to deteriorate at extreme temperatures.

We believe that the silicone seal requires a little caution in use, so as not to deteriorate at extreme temperatures.

In-depth reviews about the best casseroles

A good quality casserole will quickly find a lot of uses in any household. This is the reason why most families invest even in a larger number of such containers, which perform various functions and have different qualities. Here are some of the most popular products on the market.

Caserole Thermo Klass

Thermo Klass Set

the best casserole dishes to buy A Thermo Klass casserole can be an extremely useful investment in any household; a set of three pieces, however, is a much more important gain, because it gives you more freedom of movement and the ability to keep more food.

It is difficult to say which are the best pots, but this set is a candidate for an award in this field. The main quality of the set is that it is one with very good thermal insulation capacities, with the help of which you can keep the food hot or cold for 5-6 hours after cooking. In addition, the set is very easy to maintain, not being pretentious at all, the combination of plastic and stainless steel being an ideal one.

The set includes 3 containers, each with its own lid, with volumes of 1200 ml, 1800 ml and 3500 ml. They are roomy enough to be used for soups, pilafs, purees, steaks, grills, sarmale and any other foods that are difficult to reheat, for example.

Thermal insulation pan

Gromi Termos Picasso

the best casserole dishes to buy Our next proposal is a thermal insulating pan – better said, a set of thermal insulating pans with very good reviews from buyers, which we can not fail to appreciate the very nice design, cheerful, colorful and full of energy, but also complex structure, more efficient than other models in the range.

Many opinions about the best casseroles mention that this set is very practical because the three pieces with capacities of 3 liters, 5 liters and 8 liters, respectively, help you store variable quantities of food, depending on your needs, preferences and recipe. The efficiency of the dishes is similar for hot or cold foods and can be increased by heating the dishes, respectively cooling them, before storing the contents inside.

The efficiency of these pans at good prices is due, first of all, to their structure: the vessel is made of food grade stainless steel, with a solid insulation of polyurethane foam. The insulating layer must not be detached from the container even during cleaning. Maintenance is simple and involves the use of a dishwashing detergent and a non-abrasive sponge; do not use in the oven, microwave, on the stove or in the dishwasher.

Heat resistant pan

Kring Melanie

the best casserole dishes to buy If you need a thermal insulation version, we suggest you think about the option offered by a glass pan. The advantages of using this material are indisputable, it being inert, easy to clean, it does not imprint the smell of food and allows the visualization of the content.

The set we offer you includes four cheap and good pans, which can be easily exposed to temperatures of up to 600 degrees in the oven or -20 degrees in the freezer. However, it is recommended to avoid direct contact with the stove flame, even if it resists heat shocks well.

The set can be used in the oven, in the microwave, in the refrigerator and freezer; it is compatible even with the dishwasher, but it is recommended to remove the silicone gasket, for a more efficient washing. Due to the impeccable tightness, the liquids remain inside and the penetration of air is avoided, which prolongs the food preservation time, in the best conditions.

Compartmented casserole

2L system

the best casserole dishes to buy If you need a compartmentalized casserole, this product can be an interesting alternative to transport various foods, part of a complete meal. The piece is suitable both for transporting the child’s food to school, and for an adult’s lunch the village of the canteen offer at work.

The box has a total capacity of 2 liters and dimensions of 230 x 162 x 142 mm, which means that it offers quite a lot of storage space, without becoming impossible to transport. Inside there is a large compartment and two small ones, located on the lid; in the bottle included in the set you can keep the juice or another favorite drink.

This food casserole is available in several color variants. For your safety, the material from which it is made does not contain BPA or other potentially harmful substances. It is compatible with the microwave or freezer and can be washed in the dishwasher, but in a special area for delicate containers.

Casserole terms

Premier terms

the best casserole dishes to buy A thermos casserole is a very useful accessory in any kitchen; a set of 3 such pieces is an investment that you will hardly be able to do without, once you discover its efficiency. It is the reason why we propose you to take a look at this product with an excellent ratio between price and quality.

This thermal casserole manages to keep the temperature of the food for up to 4-5 hours, maybe even longer, if its efficiency has been increased by cooling, respectively heating, before storing the food. The vessels have different capacities, of 3, 5 and 8 liters and are provided, each with a lid with a sealed closure.

Under proper conditions of use, this casserole at a good price offers good thermal insulation capabilities due to the special structure: the stainless steel vessel is lined with a relatively thick layer of polyurethane foam. However, it must not be detached from the outside of the vessel under any circumstances, otherwise the working capacities decrease significantly.

Electric casserole

Unold 35W

the best casserole dishes to buy Electric casserole is a product less known on the market, but very practical and useful, especially if you are constantly forced to consume one of the main meals of the day elsewhere than at home. The German product we offer you is a very practical and useful one, wherever you have a power source.

Taking into account the market offer and the usefulness of this product, we can say with confidence that we are dealing with a casserole at a good price, its elegant design equipping it with everything you need for a delicious hot meal, including a complete set of cutlery.

As an organization, inside there is a detachable stainless steel container with a plastic lid, which can be used for a wide variety of foods. The total capacity of the vessel is 1.5 liters, absolutely enough for a meal. The maximum heating temperature is 70 degrees, and the dimensions are 23.2 x 16.5 x 11.5 cm. Easy to transport and clean, it is an ideal option for many buyers.

Glass casserole


the best casserole dishes to buy If a plastic casserole seems like a compromise that you don’t really urge to make, we have an alternative proposal for you: a set of glass casseroles that we think you will consider an inspired investment, in many circumstances.

Whether you need a casserole for soup, for a dessert or for a second course, this set is suitable for any use. The plastic lids close tightly, according to the buyers, which means that the product can be used with confidence not only for storing food in the refrigerator, but also for transporting it.

Also, we can not leave aside the observation that we are talking about a cheap and good casserole, the purchase price for the three pieces being as affordable as possible. Cleaning is easy, but the manufacturer recommends avoiding abrasive products. The set is compatible with the dishwasher and can be used in the microwave, which makes it twice as practical.

Glass casserole with lid

Lamart LT6011

the best casserole dishes to buy If you are interested in a product from the category “glass casserole with lid” we suggest you take a look at this set that includes 6 pieces: 3 containers and 3 suitable lids, with a remarkable sealing capacity. The brand is also one that inspires a great dose of confidence, being recognized for the durability and practical spirit that “dresses” the products offered.

The capacity of thethreevessels in the set is 1049 ml, 640 ml and 370 ml; having a relatively small size, they are ideal for storing a small – medium amount of food, ie exactly what you need to keep the leftover after a family dinner or lunch.

Since they are made of glass, these dishes are compatible with the dishwasher, microwave and freezer, their practical utility being even more extensive. The set also includes a small casserole, a relatively difficult container to find and which has a lot of uses.

Compartmented casserole for children

Bibilel FMD170

the best casserole dishes to buy For buyers looking for a compartmentalized casserole for children, we recommend a quality product that will quickly conquer you with its attractive appearance, but also for its practical functionality. Being so resilient and so beautiful, this song will successfully accompany your son or daughter to kindergarten or school.

The piece is available in two color variants: pink or blue, depending on the buyer’s preferences. Inside there are two compartments, plus a matching teaspoon and fork. The plastic they are made of makes them very light, but also free of any toxicity.

The dimensions of each container are 16 x 13 x 6.5 cm. The interior space allows you to use it as a casserole for eggs, sandwiches, fruits and a wide variety of other foods and snacks. In addition, the unique and so cute design will help the child to take more care of his belongings.


Buying casserole  guide

It can’t be easy to find the best casserole when the offer available on the market is so varied, but our guide aims to offer you the tools necessary for an informed choice. You will be able to discover some of the most important criteria that you must take into account when purchasing, so that you can boast a product of the best quality.

the best casserole dishes to buy

Function: There are, on the market, a great variety of casseroles available, each of them fulfilling different functions. Some of them are designed for simple storage of food in the refrigerator, so that they keep their flavors intact and do not spread odors. Others are meant to keep the temperature of the food constant for a variable period of time, so you can have a hot meal at work.

There are casseroles designed so that you can have a full meal with you, when you are forced by circumstances to eat elsewhere than at home or in the canteen or restaurant. There are others that are designed in such a way that they can be used for cooking, the heat-resistant material being safely exposed to very high or very low temperatures.

There are specialized models for salad or fruit, as well as special models for soups and broths. Finally, there are electric pans, with which you can heat your food inside, when you have access to a power source.

Materials: Depending on the functions they are going to perform, any casserole you buy can be made of different materials. The most affordable in terms of price are the plastic models, which are also the most common. The specialists’ recommendation is to opt for models that mention that they do not contain BPA and also to avoid putting hot food inside.

Aluminum casserole is a product that has been very widespread, appreciated and used for a while, given its outstanding durability and low weight; At present, aluminum is no longer preferred by buyers, but can still be used in the structure of these vessels, provided it is “coated” in a layer of another metal or other materials.

Some of the most appreciated options, excellent in terms of durability and hygiene, are the stainless steel food pans. They clean quickly and easily, are not demanding in terms of maintenance, weigh quite a bit. But they are most often found in the case of vessels with thermal insulation capabilities, being “coated” on the outside in several layers of material that maintains a constant temperature inside.

Glass pots are an almost ideal option, if we exceed their obvious sensitivity to mechanical shocks. Glass dishes are the most common choice when it comes to heat-resistant containers, but more and more buyers prefer them to store food in the refrigerator: they do not lend odors or foreign tastes, and the transparent walls allow you to see the contents.

the best casserole dishes to buy

Capacity: The volume of food that each of these dishes can store is quite variable, as are the needs and preferences of buyers. For a compartmentalized casserole for the child’s snack at school, 350 ml is often enough.

For a thermal insulation container in which to keep the grills ready for a party with friends, a volume of 4-5 liters can be more practical. There are also larger vessels on the market. With a capacity of up to 8 liters, for example, as there are smaller containers of 200 ml, for example, preferred for baby food portions.

Compartmentation: Depending on the purpose for which they were designed, some pans are carefully compartmentalized. For example, sandwich boxes can have two compartments, one of which is for dressing or a few vegetables.

Salad containers can include an inner compartment with a coolable element that will keep the ingredients fresh for longer.

Other lunch boxes can include even more compartments, for the main course, side dish, salad and dessert.

Finally, there are containers that include separate cutlery spaces, whether they are part of the purchase set, or you add them later.

the best casserole dishes to buy

Component of the set: Most pans are delivered as a set, which means that you will benefit from the bowl and lid. Some sets include several containers of the same size, others offer you various sizes, which you can use as you see fit. Some of them include only boxes with lids, while others also offer additional accessories such as cutlery, cooling elements, thermal insulation covers and so on.

Frequent questions

How do you say it correctly: casserole or casserole?

In fact, if we check the dictionary definitions for the two terms, most readers will be surprised.

According to DEX, the box is defined as 1) a vessel in which spices are burned; 2) Stainless metal vessel used for sterilization and sterile storage of dressings and medical instruments; 3) Small container in which certain dishes are served at the table, especially appetizers.

On the other hand, the same source defines the casserole as 1) Porcelain capsule, with tail, used in the laboratory for melting viscous and slightly volatile substances; 2) Deep pan with tail and flat bottom, used in the kitchen.

Surprising, isn’t it?

the best casserole dishes to buy

Why is it better for food to use a glass casserole?

The glass casserole has two great advantages, which are worth considering. First of all, glass is an inert material: it does not borrow foreign smells and tastes and obviously does not pass them on. Also, no potentially harmful substances are released from the food into the glass, as is the case, for example, with plastic variants.

In other words, the glass casserole has the very practical advantage guaranteed by transparent walls, which allow you to see its contents, which does not always happen with other materials.

Can you put the plastic pan in the microwave?

Most plastic containers are incompatible with the microwave oven, but there are also variants specially designed so that they can be used in this way as well.

9 uses for thermal insulation pan

Thermal insulation pan is a slightly more expensive investment than other types of such storage elements, but its usefulness is extended, compared to that of other types of containers.

If we refer to Thermo Klass, the casserole offered by such a well-known manufacturer on the market can be used, for example, to transport hot food and keep it at the desired temperature for several hours.

the best casserole dishes to buy

But buyers are not limited to transporting hot food; such a piece can be used just as successfully to keep cold some ingredients to be prepared later.

Probably the most obvious utility is related to transporting a hot meal to work. Another idea may be, however, to keep the culinary dishes warm for a festive meal, dishes that must be finished before the guests arrive, but which must also be served hot.

In such a piece you have an ideal chance to keep the meat grilled, so that it stays warm until the vegetables are prepared in the same way.

After you cool the container well, you can also use it to transport the meat cold for the grill that you will prepare in a few hours, on the green grass.

The thermally insulating casserole can be an ideal solution for cases in which you want to keep a more special dessert, at a suitable temperature, before being served. It can also be useful to keep a fresh salad cut a few hours before, just seasoning it before eating it.

The fruits can be kept cold for a long time, without spoiling, letting the juice or attracting interested insects to take advantage of a mouthful of “something good”.

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