the best cast iron cookware brands

The best cast iron pot – Our recommendations for 2021

When you think that you need a quality pot of tuci and you want to buy it by ordering from the Internet, you can’t decide concretely until you find out more details about the product in question or you are convinced that it is worth the investment. It will take you some time to read the user reviews and our buying guide, and if you want to relieve yourself of this reading, we present the model we consider the most advantageous to buy: OTI Tuci Emailat . This cauldron has reached the first place in the top of buyers’ preferences for several easy-to-understand reasons: it is made of a thick layer of cast iron and coated in enamel for better anti-scratch protection; the coating also gives it a more pleasant appearance than that of the classic tuci; it can be bought in two distinct capacity variants, meaning that the smaller piece is suitable for use as a couple or for single people, while a more spacious alternative is suitable for families. The conditions of use and hygiene are the same as those of any kitchen dish that must be protected from scratches and thermal shocks. If this offer does not convince you even by the advantageous price, we mention that the second place is occupied by Lamart LT 1062 .

Comparison table

If you are interested in preparing traditional Romanian food properly, this enameled cast iron tuci will be the perfect container you can buy. You can prepare food, stew and polenta in the best conditions.

Being enamelled, it can be damaged over time, the inner layer being vulnerable to blows and cracks or staining after intensive use; being made of cast iron, it is also very difficult to handle.

The strong points obviously outperform the weak ones, and the testimonials of this aspect are the reviews received from very satisfied users, who have already tested the product beforehand.

Suitable for families with 4-5 members, this model of cast iron pot, with a capacity of 6l, offers you the pleasure of healthy cooking, being compatible with all types of cooking machines, and can be used in the oven, with lid and handles. generous, with quality enamel, so as not to scratch or crack.

It is not provided with a hanging handle, so that it can be used to prepare food outdoors, on fire.

If you care about your status as a housewife and want quality equipment, you can rely on this model of cast iron pot.

If you like to cook food by the fire, either in the yard or on hiking, you can orient yourself towards this set, with a pleasant red and white design, which offers you a large vessel, with a capacity of 16l, provided with a grip handle. of steel, and 10 small vessels, of 0.8l, which also have fastening torches, made of cast iron.

Being a set that contains, in addition to the initial bowl, 10 small serving bowls, it also has a higher price than other models presented.

Ideal for camping meals or picnics, with large capacity.

How to choose a good cast iron pot

Buyer’s guide

Many passionate chefs know that cast iron is one of the most popular materials to be included in pots, pans and pans. Although it is a heavy raw material, it is resistant, durable and offers the possibility to cook at high temperatures, without deteriorating.

Moreover, it allows fat-free cooking, food can often be prepared in a healthy way, with minimal risk of sticking to the walls of the pot. The downside is that cast iron heats up a little harder, but once it reaches the right temperature, it will accumulate and then radiate heat evenly for an extended period of time.

If you have decided to complete your pan collection with one made of this material, we suggest you first analyze some opinions about the best cast iron pots, along with a series of notable selection criteria for these products.

the best cast iron cookware brands

Vessel typology: it is an important step in choosing the much sought after model. Depending on the shape of the piece, you will be able to perform various processes of heat processing of food in the kitchen. Generally, pots are made to boil ingredients, being built with a flat base and walls of moderate or high height. You can choose between the cauldron and the pan model. The cauldrons are made with a flattened base and straight walls, with small differences between the diameter of the base and the diameter of the mouth, from case to case.

Usually, these are utensils of moderate or large capacity, have two small side handles and a transverse one in the form of a circular arc. The pans are made similarly, but the height of the walls has a greater variability, and the shape is slightly oblique or even slightly curved. And they are provided with side handles, this time slightly larger, to ensure an ergonomic grip.

The coating: is another feature that you will want to check. Contrary to expectations, cast iron pots are not only sold in a simple, classic form, but most new models are covered with an enamel layer. Uncoated models will have to be “burned” with oil, to form a non-stick layer, by accumulating grease in the iron pores. Their advantage is that they can be used at very high temperatures, and the spices in the food can remain in the non-stick layer, giving a special and very pleasant aroma to the food prepared later.

For these reasons and to protect this feature, they do not sanitize themselves with strong anti-grease detergents and are protected from acidic juices, with which they can interact chemically, changing their taste. On the other hand, models with enamel coating can be cleaned in any way, but the ceramic layer can crack at very high temperatures, in contact with the open flame or inside the oven.

Dimensions: refers to both storage capacity and weight. Each manufacturer specifies what total volume can accommodate the product offered. If you are used to preparing large quantities of food, you have a large family, or you invite more friends to festive meals, a pan of at least 5l will be needed to live up to these expectations. The respective capacity is average, one of the most used variants in the oven, when preparing the tastiest steaks. For medium and small portions, a 3l pot is enough.

Do not forget that once loaded with food, the pot will become even harder to handle, especially as a low capacity product weighs at least 1000g when empty. Those who know where to find cast iron pots at a good price will tell you that the dimensions moderate and the purchase cost.

the best cast iron cookware brands

Accessories: these are details that need to be analyzed more for practical and safety reasons. For example, the handles of a conventional cast iron pot are made of the same material, especially in the case of uncoated products, so that they can be used on an open flame or in an oven without problems. When opting for a pan with protected handles, made of another type of material, pay attention to the instructions for use, if they remain cold in any circumstances, if they can be placed in the oven.

Many models on the market are delivered with the right lid, so that it can be used reliably, sealing food inside by boiling or frying. Any addition or insertion fixed with screws in the body of the respective containers risks to be damaged more easily, or to favor cracks.

We suggest you start the selection where many amateur chefs can find cast iron pots at good prices: on the internet. Prices may be cheaper, or benefit from some advantageous discounts. If you are not convinced by the delivery, you can return the pan or replace it with a more appropriate one.

Recommended models in 2021

OTI Tuci Emailat

the best cast iron cookware brands It doesn’t matter what you want to cook, because this tuci from OTI will be just as suitable for stews, pots and many other dishes. It has a classic cauldron construction, consisting of a cap and a solid handle, and the solid cast iron container is covered in a durable layer of enamel.

The surface does not scratch easily, and if it happens that some food sticks, it will become easy to clean, if left to soak beforehand. The capacity is limited, because it has a diameter of 22cm and a total volume of 2.5l, so you can prepare at most 4 servings at once or you can choose the larger version, of 4.5l.

The dish must be allowed to cool before being washed, in order to avoid the thermal shock that can sometimes lead to the cracking of the cast iron. It will be easy to store, because the handle is movable and can be folded on the edge of the vessel.With a pleasant appearance and an optimistic shade, this kettle will be a splash of color in your kitchen.


Made with a classic kettle design, suitable for preparing many types of food.

Protected with enamel layer, anti-scratch and anti-stick.

Available in 2 volume variants.

Great value for money.


The enamel can be colored from certain foods, without being able to be discolored.

Hard to handle, according to users.

Lamart LT 1062

the best cast iron cookware brands For people who need a cast iron dish to be able to prepare delicious food, this model can be a viable option. It has a capacity of 6 l, with medium dimensions (diameter 33 cm, height 25 cm), the pot being sufficient for a family with 4-5 members.

The pot can be used for conventional (gas) stoves, but also on electric, induction or ceramic hobs. It can also be used to prepare food in the oven, without melting elements. Withstands temperatures up to 280 degrees C.

The vessel is made of cast iron, with enamel on the inside and outside, resistant to scratches and cracks, being also non-stick. On the inside, it has streaks to be able to cook foods with a low fat content, without allowing them to stick. Equipped with large handles, it will be easy to handle. It also has a useful lid for simmering food or storing it.


It is a pot with a lid, which can also be used for the oven.

The pot is made entirely of cast iron, with a layer of quality enamel that gives it strength.

On the inside, it has streaks that allow you to cook low-fat foods.

It is compatible with most types of cooking machines.


Cannot be used for outdoor cooking.

Perfect Home 10 + 1 Kit

the best cast iron cookware brands If you are fond of preparing crane in a cauldron, especially outdoors, you can go to this set that contains 11 pieces. It has a nice design, the dishes being red – they will brighten the table in any conditions.

The main vessel has a capacity of 16 l, being able to prepare meals for several people. You can also prepare tasty cans for the winter. With a slightly rounded bottom, it is more suitable for cooking on the fire, the pot can be easily hung. It has a steel handle, resistant and with a small depth in the upper part, for a firm grip.

The small pots have a capacity of 0.8 l and the same design as the large pot, and can be used to heat a smaller amount of food. It also has handcuffs. They are made of cast iron and have an enameled, white layer on the inside.


It is a set with 11 pieces, ideal for outdoor dining.

The large vessel has a capacity of 16 l and the grip handle.

The 10 smaller vessels have a capacity of 0.8 l and are also equipped with a gripping handle.

They are made entirely of cast iron, with white enamel on the inside.


The price of the set is much higher than other products presented.

How to use a cast iron pot

Cast iron pots are some of the oldest – and most popular – cooking utensils. Their advantages are innumerable, two of the most important being represented by the fact that cast iron is an inert material and by its great thermal energy storage capacity. But there are some peculiarities of using these vessels that you should know.

the best cast iron cookware brands

Preparing the vessel for use

There are two categories of cast iron vessels that you can buy commercially: enameled and non-enameled. In the case of the former, things are quite simple: you will take them out of the package, wash them with warm water and detergent and use them for some of the most delicious recipes ever prepared.

Unglazed cast iron pots require a special preparation process, called seasoning. In just a few words – because detailed instructions are available on the Internet – it is about creating a non-stick film on the surface of a material with a fairly high porosity. Thus, the food molecules will not be absorbed inside the material, and the food will not stick to the bottom and walls of the vessel.

Seasoning is not a complicated process to perform, even if it lasts for several days. Basically, all you have to do during this time is to spray a little vegetable oil on the surface of the pot, put it in the oven and keep it at a high temperature for a certain period of time, let it cool slowly and repeat the process several times.

Precautions for use

Cast iron is a material with a high heat storage capacity, in which food will practically continue to boil even after the heat source is removed. Therefore, practically the only care you have to take is not to overcook the food, not to dry the steak too much and so on.

In other words, cast iron pots are used just like any other normal cooking pot.

the best cast iron cookware brands

Maintenance of cast iron pots

Whether your new purchase is a traditional vessel or an enameled one, there is one aspect you will need to pay attention to for the rest of the period of use: do not subject it to sudden thermal shocks. Cast iron vessels are gradually heated and allowed to cool naturally, otherwise there is a risk of cracking or even breaking. That is why it is forbidden to put the cast iron vessel freshly taken from the fire in cold water.

Cleaning enameled containers is done with a regular sponge, dish detergent and warm water. You do not need any special tools or solutions. After washing and rinsing, the dish is put to dry and then stored again in the pantry, until the next use.

In the case of unglazed cast iron dishes, it is preferable, when possible, to wash them only with a sponge and warm water. If foods with a high fat content of animal origin have been prepared in it, a gentle dishwashing detergent will be used.

Once the dish is cleaned, it will be wiped with a kitchen towel until completely dry, sprayed once more with oil and “burned” again for a few minutes. This forms a protective layer that prevents rust.

Popular brands:

The care for food and the identification of the healthiest food preparation solutions has led to the return to the preferences of consumers of traditional cooking containers. These are cast iron pots – currently considered the healthiest method of cooking – which are found in the offer of some of the most popular manufacturers.

the best cast iron cookware brands Absolutely surprising, in less than 30 years, Gers Equipment has managed to become an undisputed leader in the market for small appliances and cooking and dining tools. Its products are available in most distribution chains, the brand being appreciated for its quality and for its dynamic character.

Gers calls himself a true ambassador of the pleasure of cooking and the art of a relaxed and enchanting life – in his catalogs there are thousands of references from the gourmet range.

The company was founded in 1988, and its policy has been constantly growing since the beginning. In fact, in 2011 she inaugurated a showroom of over 1000 square meters, unique in its kind in this field.

Gers specialists offer you modern ranges made of stainless steel and cast iron, intended for the most demanding customers, but also products available on supermarket shelves. From cutlery, to multi-cookers and slow cookers, going through various types of cooking containers and elegant accessories for arranging festive meals, all are part of the manufacturer’s offer. the best cast iron cookware brands

Heinner is a brand founded in 2011, as part of Network One Distribution, along with other names currently known as Serioux – number one in IT sales in Romania, Horizon and more. Currently, Network One Distribution is the market leader in the electro-IT field on the Romanian market, representing at regional level the most important brands in the world.

NOD was founded in 2002, when it set off through stable partnerships with names like Microsoft, HP and Dell. Subsequently, their area of expertise diversified a lot, becoming one of the largest companies in Romania.

Heinner was specially created to provide the consumer with the means to prepare the best coffee, the most aromatic tea, the freshest fruit juice and the tastiest cakes. But the brand is a reliable partner in cleaning, providing practical and easy to use solutions.

The products stand out with their compact and ergonomic design, which blends beautifully with a wide range of functions that guarantee an easy and comfortable use, at anyone’s fingertips. It is the perfect combination of utility, ergonomics, comfort and functionality, meant to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of the buyer. the best cast iron cookware brands Lava is a brand with over 40 years of experience on the market, which translates into a fantastic experience in creating the most beautiful and, of course, functional cast iron cooking utensils. The raw material used is first hand, and the enamelling technologies are the most efficient, for a result of an indisputable quality.

The obsession with premium cooking containers has made Lava products enter the market both in the lives of families who want to eat healthy food by traditional methods, and in top restaurants. The factory located in Turkey is a combination of passion, skill and dedication, the entire surface being ideally used for the efficient location of the most modern production tools.

Each Lava brand cast iron cookware is individually inspected and tested to meet EU and US quality standards. It is also verified that they comply with the individual quality standards of the manufacturer, because let’s not forget, Lava products have a minimum warranty of 2 years.

The durability of the vessels is guaranteed, among other things, by the triple layer of enamel. With a wide range of shapes and sizes, Lava offers solutions for preparing any food, from pancakes to bread; the flavor of the recipes will remind you of the food made by your grandmother as a child, and your family’s food will be healthy and perfectly safe.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Gers 510331

If you are wondering which are the best cast iron pots, you should know that the model from Gers deserves all the trust of potential users. It is a pot with a diameter of 26 cm, provided with stainless steel handles. The high quality material ensures the preparation of any dish, in the best conditions.

Uniform heat dissipation during the entire cooking process guarantees that all food will be penetrated equally, that it will not burn and will not stick to the pot. Therefore, it is recommended to use the cast iron pot at low and constant temperatures. The most important aspect is that the dishes will have a perfect taste, reminiscent of traditional cuisine.

The interior of the dish is provided with a non-stick layer XYLAN, which allows easy cleaning, only with warm water and, if necessary, with a mild detergent. The pot can be used on any type of hob, including the induction hob. In addition, it can be put in the oven. It is accompanied by a transparent cover for protection.


Made with a classic kettle design, suitable for preparing many types of food.

Protected with enamel layer, anti-scratch and anti-stick.

Available in 2 volume variants.

Great value for money.


The enamel can be colored from certain foods, without being able to be discolored.

Hard to handle, according to users.

Heinner 6422921058115

According to some opinions, the best cast iron pot also has an enamel layer. If you are among the people who appreciate this exceptional combination of materials, you will consider the Heinner pan a smart and useful choice for the kitchen. It is a durable, resistant vessel over time, which ensures the preparation of food in a safe, healthy and ecological way.

The pan is made of cast iron, is provided with handles made of the same material and the interior is enameled. Due to the high caloric capacity, the stored heat is distributed evenly and over a long period to the preparation, reducing energy consumption. The enamel layer guarantees that no ingredients will stick to the walls of the vessel and cleaning is very simple.

The pot is almost 11 cm high, 21.5 cm in diameter and is accompanied by a cast iron lid. It can be used on any type of stove, it can be put in the oven or in the freezer, in safe conditions. The design is unique, in shades of blue. The ratio between quality and price is very good.


It is a pot with a lid, which can also be used for the oven.

The pot is made entirely of cast iron, with a layer of quality enamel that gives it strength.

On the inside, it has streaks that allow you to cook low-fat foods.

It is compatible with most types of cooking machines.


Cannot be used for outdoor cooking.

OTI Ceaun

A traditional dish that we propose to you, if you are an amateur for cooking outside, is an OTI brand kettle. The brand is a well-known one, recognized for the cast iron vessels it produces, so our recommendation is made with all confidence.

The container has a large capacity of 16 liters, being perfect for cooking goulash, beans with ciolan or other traditional recipes, which come out even tastier when cooked on the outside. According to the manufacturer, the container has a diameter of 36 cm and a depth of 25 cm, the total weight being 13 kg.

The package also includes a tin lid, perfectly compatible with the mouth of the kettle, so that your food can be cooked over a low heat. You can use it on a suspended support, on a standing support or directly on a gas, electric or induction hob. The only special mention is that it is not cleaned with detergent and must be allowed to cool slowly, direct contact with cold water when hot can cause cracking.


It is a set with 11 pieces, ideal for outdoor dining.

The large vessel has a capacity of 16 l and the grip handle.

The 10 smaller vessels have a capacity of 0.8 l and are also equipped with a gripping handle.

They are made entirely of cast iron, with white enamel on the inside.


The price of the set is much higher than other products presented.

Gers 501747

In case you were wondering which are the best enameled cast iron pots, the answer could be the series of advantages offered by this model from Gers. It is a cast iron vessel with enamel layer, an indispensable device for families who have adopted a healthy lifestyle.

Due to the high quality materials, it allows the preparation of any dish in safe conditions, on low or medium heat. The heat is retained and distributed evenly, which guarantees that the food will not burn in half and that the other half will be raw.

It withstands high temperatures without problems, which is why it can be used on the stove or in the oven. This enameled model from Gers has a pleasant design, brightly colored in shades of brick. It is easy to wash and maintain. It is provided with a lid made of the same materials as the pot.

The large volume of the vessel, of 9 liters, ensures the preparation of a generous dish for all family members. For as long a life as possible and keeping the pot in good condition, the manufacturer does not recommend the use of metal utensils inside it.


The resistant material allows the use of the pot on any type of hob, but also in the oven.

The XYLAN non-stick layer inside the pot ensures optimal and easy cleaning.

To maintain the aromatic taste of the food, the pot is provided with a transparent lid.

Equal heat dissipation during the cooking process guarantees the best way to prepare food, without it burning.


The manufacturer’s recommendation to use the pot on low heat is a minus for users who are on the run and want to prepare food as soon as possible.

Karl Kruger – Rustica

This model is a glazed cast iron pot, which can be used on all cooking sources. It has a simple, black design, which makes us think of the traditional dishes in grandma’s kitchen. It is good to know that this pot is similar and even has the same properties of a classic pot. Cast iron is unbeatable for cooking food evenly and evenly.

It is ideal for recipes prepared over low heat. The glazed layer offers durability and increased resistance over time to scratches and chipping. Gers pot can be used at very high temperatures, even in the hot oven, without losing its properties. It is compatible with any type of hob: electric, gas, ceramic hob, induction, halogen. Thus, you have a quality guarantee regardless of the cooking source.

It has a diameter of 24 cm and a capacity of 4 liters. It is provided with a lid that allows the vessel to close almost hermetically. Easy maintenance, by manual washing or cleaning in the dishwasher.


Made of cast iron, with enamel coating, which guarantees increased resistance to scratches and chipping.

Enamel is the safest material that can be used for cooking and has low adhesion of food to the walls of the pot, which means that the food will not stick to the pot.

Superior quality at a very advantageous price.

Extravagant, blue design with a lid for food protection.


The heated pot must be handled carefully, as the handles do not have thermal protection.

Gers 508434

If you are used to cooking for yourself and your partner, it would not be bad to consider this set of cheap and good cast iron pots. It is the ideal product for the situation in which you want to cook individual portions. In fact, there are two mini-vessels, both of the same size, with a diameter of 10 cm, prev. They are made of the best quality cast iron, for the uniform cooking of the dishes.

For extra efficiency, the pots have an enamel layer. Thanks to this material, which requires a small and constant fire, the food will be healthy, tasty and will not stick to the walls of the vessel. Pots can be used to prepare appetizers or desserts, on the stove or on the stove. The only condition for positioning on the induction cooker refers to the gradual increase of the temperature.

Each vessel weighs a little over 1.3 kilograms, being easy to handle and clean. Due to the design it is pleasant, of red-brick shade, they can also be used as serving dishes, having an attractive aesthetic appearance.


Traditional cauldron, suitable for cooking outside the hearth.

Capacity of 16 liters for the preparation of traditional recipes in large quantities.

It is provided with a precisely sized sheet metal lid.

The handle is strong enough to support its weight, even when full.


Weighing 13 kg when empty, the kettle can become very difficult to handle when full and hot.

OTI AG0447

Cooking enthusiasts know how important it is to have the right dishes at hand to prepare the desired recipes. One of the best materials used to make cooking devices is cast iron. If you are among the people who appreciate the qualities of traditionally prepared food, you can confidently opt for this cast iron kettle from OTI.

The dish has a diameter of 25 cm and a capacity of 3.8 liters, which allows you to cook soups, stews or other foods for the whole family. It is made of pure cast iron, an aspect that guarantees an extremely long life of the vessel. The increased caloric capacity allows the uniform and constant distribution of heat.

The food will always be prepared the way you want, without burnt or raw parts, it will never stick to the pot and will have a delicious taste. Cooking in such dishes is ecological and healthy. The cauldron is accompanied by a lid made of the same material.

Product characterized by increased strength and durability over time, being made of pure cast iron

The material constantly and evenly distributes heat, which means that the food will taste good and be properly prepared, will not burn and will not remain raw.

Equipped with a lid to protect the food inside the bowl

The capacity of the product allows you to cook for the whole family


It is not intended for users interested in an enameled vessel

Grenoble Essenso

Are you looking to equip your kitchen with professional cast iron pots, which will help you cook safely and healthily for the whole family? In this case, you can count on the Grenoble model from Essenso. It is a vessel of the best quality, a surprising combination of 3 high quality materials. The pot is made of cast iron, lined on the inside with ceramic and covered on the outside with enamel.

Thus, the food stays warm for a long time, even after extinguishing the fire and completing the cooking process. Thanks to the lid made of the same materials, the temperature is evenly distributed. The ingredients are equally penetrated, just like when preparing food in the oven. The pot is also compatible with any electric or gas hob. It has a diameter of 28 cm and a height of 11 cm.

Its capacity is sufficient for preparing the meal for the whole family. It has a traditional, green design. It is easy to clean with warm water.

High-performance cooking pot, made from a combination of 3 high-quality materials, which offers a safe and healthy way to prepare any recipe

The ceramic interior keeps the food warm, even after the cooking process is completed

Equipped with a cast iron lid, which allows uniform heat distribution inside the vessel, just like in the oven

Versatile product, it can be used on an electric or gas hob


The pot has a very heavy weight, an aspect that makes it difficult to handle

The purchase price may be considered inaccessible by some of the users

Speed VS2326

Another type of extremely practical cast iron cookware is the Vitesse VS2326 model. It is a container with a lid, in the form of a wok, which will allow you to prepare both traditional and oriental recipes in optimal conditions, the food having a special flavor and being very healthy.

The product has a diameter of 31 cm, being large enough to prepare tasty recipes for a number of 4, 5 or even 6 people, depending on the size of the portions. The walls of the vessel are 4 mm thick, which means that the food will not burn and will not catch the wok. Inside, the container is enameled for easier cleaning.

Because both the handles and the lid are made of cast iron, the dish can be used on the stove, on any type of hob, but also in the oven. In addition, the set includes a pair of protective gloves, so you can safely handle the hot pot.


Cast iron dish in the form of a wok with lid – useful in any well-equipped kitchen.

Due to its generous size, it easily covers the needs of any family.

It can be used in the oven due to the lid and handles also made of cast iron.

Cleaning the interior is easy.


Being a fairly large vessel, it also has a suitable weight.


One of the most appreciated proposals that we will make to you next is for a pan with a lid, offered by the famous Lava brand. It is an adaptable product, to which various uses can be attributed, equipped with a transparent cover made of heat-resistant glass.

The capacity of the pot is 3.4 liters, and the diameter is 28 cm, so it can be used successfully to prepare a recipe for a family of 4 or even 5 people. The walls of the vessel have a thickness of 4 mm, which makes them store a significant amount of heat, which they will gradually release even after the fire is extinguished.

Inside, the pot has a layer of black enamel, which will create a non-stick surface when seasoned with a small amount of vegetable fat. On the outside, the finish is obtained by spraying glass dust at high temperatures, which creates a protective layer that is easy to clean and contributes to the uniform distribution of heat.


Cooking pot with a large enough capacity for a family.

Walls with a thickness of 4 mm and a bottom with a thickness of 5 mm for storing a large amount of heat.

It has a resistant – non-stick enamel layer inside.

The outside is covered with a layer of glass powder – for a flawless finish.


Do not use in the microwave.

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