The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021

Cast Iron Pans – Review and comparison in 2021

Do you want a new cast iron pan or are you looking for an efficient way to cook healthy, without excess fat? Find out what types of utensils are waiting for you in stores, starting from the Judge HO-JST20 model, in the form of a classic, square grill, with side beaks for draining water or grease resulting from cooking, made of pure cast iron, which has a thickness of 5 mm at the base, therefore being compatible with any type of heat source, including induction, the dimensions (22 x 22 cm) being suitable for two portions. And the cast iron handle will ensure the durability of the article. Another beloved example is Lava Glaze .

Comparative table

This grill item becomes a utilitarian addition in any kitchen, contributing to the realization of dietary and tasty dishes, the dimensions being sufficient for a few portions, and the thickness of the bottom, 5 mm, is enough to withstand any type of brio. heat source, including induction hob.

Unfortunately, given that the handle is made of cast iron, it can heat up almost as much as the vessel, requiring a material for safe handling.

It is a solution resistant in time, which does not lose its properties, especially when it is properly maintained, being appreciated by the Romanian public.

To cook large portions, for at least 3 or 4 people, this grill is a popular option, given the square shape and protuberances that give a pleasant appearance to fried or cooked vegetables and meats, the object being accompanied by a transparent lid heat resistant, a useful accessory in the kitchen.

Considering the shape and dimensions of the article, this will not be exactly a variant for the preparation of stews and liquid dishes, for which another type of product is preferred.

Considering the characteristics of the article, it can be said that it will be addressed to those looking for a resistant and accessible dish, which has the necessary accessories for cooking.

Lovers of Asian cuisine, and not only, can benefit from purchasing a cast iron wok that allows frying, baking and cooking food of any kind in a short time, without sticking to the inside, the generous size being very good and for the preparation of a large number of servings.

The product cannot be used immediately after purchase, requiring burning to strengthen the non-stick protective layer, a process that is repeated several times.

With its good and slightly negative parts, this dish is a balanced product, which is growing in popularity as Asian food takes the lead in the consumer market.

In-depth reviews about the best cast iron pans

To enjoy healthy food, with a tasty taste, try a cast iron pan, chosen after studying the profile market, starting from the following examples.

Cast iron grill pans:

Judge HO-JST20

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 Are you looking for a pan made of pure and spacious cast iron, with the help of which you can get delicious steaks and grills? This offer in square shape measures 22 x 22 cm, being of the grill type, so it will be used especially for meats and vegetables, not needing to add oil to food.

It uses a cast tail, so it is resistant, but be careful, because it will heat up very much if it is left far above the heat source. And, given that the material has a thickness of 5 mm, it can be used on any type of appliance or heat source, including induction hobs, ceramic hobs, electric or halogen.

Cast iron grill pan with lid:

Lava Glaze

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 This Lava cast iron grill pan is large in size, measuring 28 x 28 cm, with a classic shape for options of this type, namely square, not missing those protuberances that give a pleasant appearance to cooked meats and vegetables, and that collect excess fat . With its help you can prepare the necessary food for the whole family, considering its robustness.

It is also equipped with a heat-resistant lid, in order to avoid soiling the surfaces next to the stove, and the thickness of 5 mm at the base allows its use on induction hobs. On the inside there is an enamel layer that ensures non-stick, and the tail and handle are made of colored cast iron, so they will also heat up.


Font wok fonta:

Perfect Home Wok

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 If you like Asian food, both to eat and to cook, try a cast iron wok pan like this, which can be used on the stove, and on the induction or electric hob. The very generous dimensions are not, however, necessary for any cooking enthusiast, given that the pot measures 36.5 cm in diameter and has a height of 9.7 cm, being more suitable for preparing large quantities of food.

It needs initial burning to prevent rust. This cast iron pan, at a good price, has two handles cast in cast iron, which will heat up, but which considerably reduce the risk of breakage or damage.


Lava Turkish Wok Set

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 This set consisting of a Turkish wok, transparent heat-resistant lid and a wooden protective support, on which the pot is placed after rising from the heat source, is useful for large families and those who prefer food with an exotic scent, but not only.

The cast iron handles allow easy handling of the product, but be careful to use gloves or towels, because they heat up very hard, and the base of the pot is 5 mm thick, being compatible with induction or electric hobs. To prevent the food from sticking to the food inside, it is covered with a protective, black enamel layer.


Enamelled cast iron pans:

Stellar Premium Grill

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 Among the best grill cast iron pans is this roomy model, on which you can prepare a beautiful and juicy steak or you can cook whole vegetables, for example. It is enameled on the outside, to be easier to clean, and to ensure a rapid heating of the material, also with a cast iron tail and handle, which ensures durability, but which heat up quickly.

The generous dimensions, of 28 x 28 cm, contribute to the realization of several portions of food, which indicates that the vessel is intended for families with several members or for those who “program” their dishes for several days, for example. And, considering the thickness of the bottom, the manufacturer also recommends it for induction hobs.


The Kitchen 7800

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 With an enameled cast iron pan like this you no longer have to worry about rust, scratches or toxicity of the material, having a beautiful, red bowl with an enamel layer on the outside and a cast handle for which heat-resistant gloves will be needed or towels to avoid burning.

The product can be used on any type of hob, enjoying a thick bottom, which is compatible with induction or ceramic hobs, in addition to the classic gas stove. Due to the quality protective layer inside, it is not necessary to season the pan before use. And the large size, 28 cm in diameter, offers enough space for generous food portions.


Cast iron skillet 28 cm:

Sapir SP 4616 A28

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 In order to cook enough types of meat or vegetables for a large family, this 28 cm cast iron pan can be useful, which is quite roomy, with its square shape, and can even be “tightened”, the handle being a detachable one, made of wood. , which you can easily handle, considering that it will not heat up too much.

The dish is equipped with a side beak for the smooth draining of fats and juices left over from baking or frying food. It can also be used on the induction hob and in the oven, after removing the handle, but sanitization in the dishwasher is not indicated.


Lava cast iron grill pans:

Lava Grill Yellow

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 Because the Lava brand offers many cast iron pan options, this square-shaped grill variant is an interesting addition to kitchen utensils, with medium dimensions, 24 x 24 cm, being accessible from all points of view.

It has 4 mm thick walls, the base is 5 mm, so it is also safe for induction hobs, the handle being made of stainless steel and covered with a hard plastic material, which does not conduct heat as strong as cast iron, allowing you to handle the vessel relatively easily. It can also be put in the oven, if desired, by removing the handle, and with small beaks for draining fats.


Heinner cast iron grill pan:

Heinner Enameled Cast Iron Grill Package + Stainless Steel Fork Set

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 To be ready for healthy steaks and grills outside or in the privacy of your own home, you can use a Heinner cast iron grill pan that includes six stainless steel forks, only good for serving. The average dimensions of the pot, 24 x 24 cm, are suitable for two or three servings and for cooking a dish.

Considering the standard thickness, of 5mm, on the bottom, we can deduce that the product is safe to use on any kind of heat source, being made of pure enameled cast iron, which does not allow food to stick, even when baked .


Peterhof cast iron skillet:

Peterhof 8822

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 Isn’t one Peterhof cast iron pan enough for you? How about this set consisting of three pieces of different sizes (20, 24 and 26 cm in diameter) in which you can cook various dishes to serve a smaller or larger number of people. These round, classic variants also have drain nozzles, for quick and ecological cleaning.

They can be used over gas-based heat sources, with cast iron tails, so we warn you to heat them as much as you can keep the pan on the fire. Given that they are deep dishes, it is easy to understand that they will be suitable for sauces, stews and other types of food (rice, noodles, steaks, etc.).


Staub cast iron grill pans:

Staub Cherry Grill

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 Using this Staub cast iron grill pan you will get healthy and tasty food, without having to use as much oil. The vessel has a diameter of 30 cm, being able to produce a large number of servings, so it will be useful for a family with many members or even a catering business.

The vessel has two handles for gripping, the interior being treated with a matte enameled layer, which catches the fat cells and gives a non-stick surface resistant over time. It resists chipping and scratches, with three layers of enamel on the outside that help distribute heat evenly over the entire surface. It has no restrictions on use in terms of heat source, but is only washed manually.


Deep cast iron pan:

Lodge L-3SK3

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 A deep pure cast iron skillet is useful not only for baking vegetables and making stews or simple dishes, but also for baked pies. This multifunctional cast-iron option has a slightly reduced size of 16.5 cm, but is enough for delicious couples.

It can be used in the oven, on the stove or even at the campfire or on the induction hob or in ceramic glass, with a non-stick coating from the factory, made by burning at high temperatures, so you can use it as soon as you buy it and not have to you take this step. It is recommended to sanitize it with warm water and a slightly rougher plastic brush, without using detergents.


Perfect Home SerpenyO Full Int. – 12513

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 Do you want a cast iron pan, cheap and good, that won’t cause you any problems when using it? This medium-sized article, which measures 26 cm in diameter, has a thick base that allows its use on the stove, oven or induction hob or the classic one, among others, reacting favorably to open fire. Watch out for the cast iron handle, which will heat up almost as much as the surface of the pot.

With such a pure cast iron pan you can bake, fry or under vegetables and meats, you can prepare sauces or stews and you can even bake cakes or pies. It is deep enough for more liquid dishes, the outer walls being 5 cm high.


Lava Frying Pan With Lid

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021 To be safe when cooking over high heat, use a cast iron grill pan with a lid like this, for which you will still need a little strength because you get, in essence, two dishes, one bigger and deeper, and one more light and thin. The main vessel has an average diameter of 24 cm, being enough to prepare two or even three servings of food, the surface being non-stick.

In the small one you can make pancakes or fry strips of meat or you can prepare a quick breakfast, if you wish, using it as a lid. The handles are cast in cast iron, so the risk of breaking is almost non-existent, but be careful when handling, because the total weight of the article, including the “lid”, is 5 kg.


Buying guide

The cast iron pan has remained an indispensable item in personal and professional kitchens, being a durable utensil, which passes the test of time with flying colors and keeps its efficiency. It is, in fact, made of an alloy of iron, carbon and other elements, which give it its specific weight and that resistance to any shock. Another advantage of the product is that the material distributes heat evenly, so that the food will cook in the same way on the hob, and on the stove or in the oven.

And since opinions about the best cast iron pans are not lacking in the online environment, purchasing the ideal item can be difficult, which is why it could help you check some information.

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021

Types: Identify the presence of universal use options, grill, pancake items, wok or professional.

Universal pans are useful for any type of food, not missing from most personal kitchens. They can also act as a pan or pot, so they become the ideal option for those with limited storage space, or who do not want much fun.

The grill type ones differ from the usual variants by those striations on the bottom, which have the role of giving those beautiful “stripes” to the food and to collect the excess fat or water. They can be considered an adjunct in a healthy diet, because these cast iron pans, at good prices, allow you to cook without oil. Like any grill, however, they also have negative notes, the most important being the production of smoke, requiring a hood.

The articles in which the pancakes are made are recognizable by their straight shape, with very low walls, allowing the dough to stretch and fry evenly, there being ease in turning the composition on the other side.

Wok pans have that concave shape, with high walls, the base being more rounded or slightly flat, specific to Asian or exotic dishes, in general. They are used for stews, steaks, fries or noodles, encouraging the frugal use of oils and ensuring fast and even cooking of food, keeping their taste and nutritional content intact. They are specific to the “stir-fry” technique, which involves a quick hardening of the vegetables by mixing, over high heat.

Professional pans are the largest and resistant to constant use, with tailor-made prices. They will often be found in the kitchens of restaurants and canteens, where they will be used at their true value, keeping food warm evenly for a long time compared to stainless steel or aluminum variants.

Shape: Generally, it is round, allowing the user to mix the ingredients more easily, without them falling off, and the heat is distributed efficiently, or to give a clear shape to certain types of food (omelette, pancakes, etc.).

Especially in the case of cast iron pan models, at a good price, the grill type is preferred square or rectangular shape, which allows the placement of food in a simple formula to turn. But the corners can stay cooler, so keep that in mind when making a purchase.

Diameter: Identify exactly how large the pan is and, therefore, how much food you can prepare at a time. Popular are the 24 cm models, which allow cooking two – three portions at the same time, and for a single person, who does not prepare his food too often, a model with a diameter of 16 – 20 cm is enough.

For more robust dishes or a large family, large models of 28 cm will be preferable, which are even heavier, therefore more difficult to move on the stove eye. Do not forget the size of the hob or stove, it is advisable to make sure that the best cast iron pan you choose will fit.

Coating: On the inside, there are usually no non-stick layers, because the material itself is enough so that the food does not stick. In addition, there are no negative elements that could affect the body if ingested, on the contrary, the microscopic amounts of iron that can be released are helpful to the average user, who may have a deficiency at this level, statistics show that it is a problem with people face it in general.

However, there are also cheap and good cast iron pans, treated on the outside or even on the inside, with enamel, which can lead to an easier washing of the cooking utensil. At the same time, it will no longer be necessary to “season” the pan by greasing it with oil and leaving it in the hot oven for at least 60 minutes, several times, to make sure that the food does not stick.

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021

Handle: Can be integrated or detachable and ensures product handling. In the first case, the handle is cast in cast iron, so it will transfer heat, which means you can get injured if you don’t move the pan with a cloth or towel.

The detachable tail (or from a material other than the body) can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, ebonite or plastic, so it can be easily handled because it does not absorb heat. But, over time, it can be damaged or even broken when it is made of a substance other than the rest of the pan).

Compatible heat source: It is important to know what type of heating the utensil fits, because not all hobs have the same requirements. If, in general, there will be no problems regarding the use on the stove or in the oven, on the induction hob or vitroceramic, a thick ferro-magnetic base is needed, on average up to 5 mm, and a cast iron frying pan is you may find it harder to trade. It is best to check on the product packaging what type of heat source suits you.

In conclusion, you are ready to enrich your set of cooking utensils with the help of a durable cast iron pan, which you can buy in a few clicks in online stores.

Frequent questions

Should the cast iron pan be burned?

The process of burning cast iron pan helps to strengthen its non-stick capacity, thus preparing food that retains its taste, which does not smoke and does not stick.

It is recommended that, from time to time, as well as before the first use, you grease the vessel with a thin layer of oil and put it upside down in the oven, at high temperatures, so that the porous outer layer contains a Protective “filament” of fat that will not allow food to stick.

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021

How to properly clean a cast iron pan?

If you are wondering what is the correct process for cleaning a cast iron pan, we will tell you that it is not complicated at all, especially if you have already treated it by burning, so that the food does not stick or lose its taste under heat treatment.

Wash under running hot or hot water, with a regular dishwashing detergent, and if there is any residue, with a soft sponge, as soon as possible after use, so that the dirt does not dry out or stick. Avoid coarse sponge, if there are no glued scraps, otherwise, if you can not get rid of them, you will use coarse salt and a more abrasive sponge, which will remove them by rubbing.

At the end, rinse and wipe well with a clean towel, putting it back on the stove and greasing it with a thin layer of oil, letting it heat up to form that protective layer again.

What foods are best prepared in a cast iron pan?

You can prepare, without problems, vegetable stews, you can fry or fry fresh or frozen vegetables, chicken, beef, pork or noodles.

It is preferable to avoid sauces based on tomato sauce, which can penetrate the glossy surface and can give a slightly metallic taste to the dish. Wine is not a very good idea either, whether you try to extinguish a risotto or sprinkle the steak or marinate it in wine, because you will choose with the same metallic taste. Fish meat can be dried in excess in a cast iron pan or grill or classic type, if it lacks fat.

Instructions for use and seasoning cast iron pan

You have heard so many times that cast iron pans are the best and strongest, so you decided to get one yourself. But you do not know how to maintain it or if you should prepare it before using it for the first time. Here are some tips.

The best cast iron pans to buy in 2021


Many pans that use cast iron as a building material do not break or scratch, but may require “seasoning,” otherwise known as burning. Thus, the inner layer will be protected and will become non-stick, so that the food does not stick.

You will use any kind of oil you want, being good also the sunflower oil, flax or rapeseed, which will form a thin sticky layer that will protect the vessel from rust. Heat the oven to a high temperature and wipe the pan with warm water and a degreasing detergent, then drying it completely and applying it with a thin layer of oil, on the inside and outside, not forgetting the tail, if at all from cast iron, then put it in the hot oven, upside down, letting it burn for an hour. The result should be a smooth and slightly glossy exterior, but which does not leave residue to the touch.

After each use

To keep the “new” look of the pan, you will take care to wash it as soon as possible after each cooking, using warm water and a simple sponge, and can add detergents if you feel odors, to sanitize the surface properly. After washing and rinsing, put back on medium heat and grease with a little oil, leaving it on the fire for a few minutes, then remove and allow to cool.

If there are “stubborn” debris, which is not easily removed, you can use coarse salt and a dish sponge, the salt having the abrasive role, to eliminate burns.

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