the best coffee and what to obtain it

Are you a coffee enthusiast and want to upgrade your brewing ritual? There are several options available on the market and it is certainly complicated to choose just one of them. Find out the pros and cons of each.

Making coffee is an old custom "since the world"; the ritual is especially associated with the mornings, in which the cup full of hot liqueur invigorates you and prepares you for a new day of work. With a list of over 800 flavors, it is impossible not to find those that make your taste buds startle with delight. The question is: what is the best way to prepare?

What are the available solutions?

There are a lot of coffee making options. Some remain faithful to the classic method of preparing the kettle; others opt for brewed coffee or coffee press. These traditional variants are probably already being tested by coffee lovers, so we will not insist on them, but rather focus on the various commercially available electrical devices: coffee maker, filter, espresso machines.

Coffee maker, filter, what's the difference?

These two methods of making coffee are so well known that we put them on the same level as the traditional kettle. The coffee filter is probably the most frequently used, considering that the purchase price is also very affordable.

the best coffee and what to obtain it

The brewing process is simple and, more importantly in certain situations, allows you to prepare a large amount of coffee in a short time. If you opt for this method of preparation, be interested in the technical specifications, for a very simple reason: if you want a flavored coffee, the water must be between 88 and 92 degrees Celsius when it is slowly dripped over the ground coffee.

The coffee maker uses, theoretically, the same means of preparation, but it can also be purchased in more modern and more efficient versions, which provide you with some additional facilities. For example, you can choose a variant with a built-in grinder, so that the aroma of the beans can be found unaltered in the prepared coffee. Another option is its own water filtration system, which also manages to improve the scent you will enjoy in each cup.

Espresso: which one?

If you want to take a step forward and opt for a more special, more modern and sophisticated alternative, the espresso machine is the right choice for you. But even here, there are a lot of questions you can ask yourself, if you discover the offer on the market.

The manual espresso machine will involve you in the coffee preparation process, but this means, on the other hand, that you can only use freshly ground coffee each time and that you can make small adaptations to the production process, so that the result is exactly what you want. want.

For the automatic device, you have to make important choices again: do you prefer one with berries or capsules?

The grinder espresso machine

If you like aromatic coffee, the espresso machine with grinder is an expensive choice, but it is worth every lion invested. Such a product will grind your beans for your next serving of coffee exactly when you "order" it, so that you can enjoy its whole, rich, fresh and unaltered aroma.

If you keep paying more for your own pleasure, choose a model with a ceramic grinder and forget about the variants with metal grinders. The latter tend to break the grains and heat them, instead of "grinding" them as happens in the ceramic grinder.

the best coffee and what to obtain it

Capsule espresso machine

If you love coffee, but are more sensitive to the taste of the prepared drink than to the subtle notes that distinguish the various varieties of coffee, an espresso with capsules may be the most suitable for you.

First of all, you no longer have any headaches related to the way coffee is made: you choose the aroma you like, you put the capsule, you press the button and the coffee is ready. You can adjust the amount of sugar, you can add honey, you can put more milk, but you can not intervene in the actual process of dosing and preparing coffee.

The advantage is that these capsules are available in many variants, with suggestive names, so that you know exactly what you choose. The disadvantages are related to the costs, which are slightly higher.

Single doses

Single doses are small containers that contain ground coffee; they can be likened, if you will, to tea bags. The difference between single doses and capsules is that the former can be used in any espresso machine; coffee pills have the advantage of generating a coffee with a more intense and pleasant aroma.

What do coffee lovers prefer?

This question is one that is difficult for us to answer, because tastes are not discussed. As a general observation, however, people who are captivated by the aromas of coffee, who love to taste it and who are curious to notice the differences between various varieties and levels of roasting will undoubtedly choose a method that allows them maximum control over the parameters of coffee. coffee preparation and will reject the "ready-made" options.

the best coffee and what to obtain it

On the list of these methods, one of the favorites is the non-automated espresso machine. Another successful option is the coffee maker ( here is our comparative list ) , including the manual one, for the stove; it manages to highlight very well the aroma of the coffee you chose to prepare it.

Practical advice

Whether you are passionate about the subtle notes that each coffee assortment has, or if you use it exclusively to get you moving in the morning, it is good for the hot drink to have a pleasant aroma, and for that you have to pay attention to a few aspects. .

Avoid buying ground coffee in unpacked packages; it quickly loses its aroma. In fact, if you want to enjoy a perfect taste, buy only coffee beans, in well-sealed containers, and grind exactly the amount you want for the next cup.

Avoid buying large packages: no matter how well you seal them after opening, they will still slowly lose their specific flavor. If you have a favorite coffee bean, which you can hardly find, or which only a friend from abroad sends you, divide the contents of the package into several small bags, seal them and empty them beforehand, if you have what, so you don't have to open the original container every day.

No matter how attractive they are, avoid sheet metal boxes with metal clips: they are not at all effective to preserve the aroma of coffee.

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