the best coffee grinders for home use 2021

The best coffee grinder – Our recommendations for 2021

In order to have the certainty of the quality of a freshly purchased coffee grinder, it is necessary that the choice be an informed one, and for this it is necessary to read some articles on the respective topic or to carefully analyze the offers available on the market. However, we are aware that among those who frequent this site there are also users who work 24/7 and whose time is limited, as a result of which we will tell you from the beginning which we believe are the most appreciated models. The leading place belongs to theBosch MKM6003 product, a powerful product with a very practical design, which allows the rapid grinding of quantities of coffee ideal for the home user passionate about hot and fragrant liqueur, which invigorates your busy mornings and days. And if for various reasons, this model is not to your liking, we have an alternative: the second place in our top is occupied by the Krups GVX242 model.

Comparison table

Produced with high power blades, with a 180W motor and with a special design that includes an inclination of the container in which the grinding takes place, which allows the coffee beans to drain to the blades that act firmly.

It has a case made of plastic, which favors the formation of electrostatic energy.

We recommend the piece for users who are either passionate about coffee cultivation or prepare hot liqueur frequently, the technical performance and the guarantee representing solid arguments in favor of this choice.

The product is electric and can grind coffee beans in 17 different ways, and to know when it is in operation, it has an indicator light. It is a high-performance model, with a 100w motor, which allows you to grind at most 200g of content, in a single use and you can set the quantity, depending on the number of drinks you want to prepare, and for safety it is equipped with protection overheating.

The grinder makes noise, so you may not be able to use it in the morning or when someone is sleeping nearby.

It is an ideal product for coffee drinkers, because it can grind the contents into different granules and has a roomy container.

It is a household product that we propose for ease of handling, functionality that guarantees increased efficiency and the working capacity of 50 g of coffee – enough for a family or your best friend.

It is a bit noisier than the mechanical, manual grinding variant, but the short time of use makes it acceptable from this point of view as well.

It is a suitable choice for home users who want to enjoy an aromatic coffee, freshly ground, with the help of a device with adequate work capacity and good durability due to the stainless steel blades.

How to choose a good coffee grinder

Buyer’s guide

Everyone knows that the best coffee will be the one infused from freshly ground beans. Even experts warn that many of the essential oils and delicate flavors dissipate in the first hours after grinding. Those who want to benefit at any time from the taste of a correctly prepared coffee, already have a coffee grinder that they use successfully.

A coffee enthusiast also manages to distinguish the subtleties of taste given by the species from which the beans came, each assortment having its own particularities, which are no longer distinguishable from pre-ground and vacuumed coffee. Moreover, a coffee grinder can expand its functionality, being able to grind spices. As with coffee, they will give a more intense flavor to the food if they are ground before being added to the dishes we cook.

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021

If you want to find the best coffee grinder for your own kitchen, all you have to do is analyze some suggestions and some very important selection criteria. These opinions about the best coffee grinders will help you choose a convenient model both in terms of performance and price.

Type: Depending on the propulsion mode of the grinders, there are manual grinders and electric models.

The manual grinders are made with quality parts, have good knives and small dimensions, which makes them ideal to be taken on the go, being portable. Some models have lower prices than products that run on electricity, but have only 2 or 3 stages of grinding, ie grinding in a few different textures, which does not offer much diversity.

At the same time, the comfort of use is lower, because they use manual force. To find out which is the best manual coffee grinder, it is good to consider more expensive models, which have higher purchase prices than many simple electric models, but offer more use options. The fact that they grind cold, without overheating during use, allows them to keep intact the natural qualities of coffee or spices.

Electric grinders are the electrically operated counterparts of manual models, and have a number of new advantages, offering more diversity as grinding methods. They are classified according to the shape of the knives used: grinders with rotating blades and grinders with grinding discs. The first category is the classic models, ie the most widespread.

The rotary blade grinder is a product that has a motor built into the bottom of a housing, with a drive shaft that spins a blade with two arms. The high rotational speed allows the coffee beans to break, but it does so in a non-homogeneous way, with very fine grains or larger particles.

Coffee ground in this way is more recommended to be prepared in a coffee filter, especially a manual one, because it is recommended to be infused for a longer time. The less pleasant part is that the mechanism heats up at high speeds, there is a risk of affecting the quality and aroma of coffee. These products are also the cheapest investment required.

The grinding wheel with grinding discs is a more efficient and innovative model, consisting of a grinding mechanism with rotating discs. There are two types of grinding discs: conical and flat. The flat disc models are made with two serrated discs, between which the coffee beans are directed to be broken. The crushed coffee particles cannot come out of the discs until they are small enough.

These devices work slowly and quite noisily, but allow more grinding steps. The products with conical discs are equipped with a conical worm wheel, which rotates inside a cylinder with a conical toothed hole. The mechanism is much quieter, but also more expensive. Any of the mentioned models are much more appreciated than those with blades, because they allow the fine adjustment of the grinding size, being the most used to obtain coffee for espresso machines. Therefore, this typology will be integrated in the best coffee machine with grinder.

In conclusion, we can say that the typology is an important criterion, because it allows the user to select the grinding method that seems most convenient.

Features: Among them we will mention: engine power, speed, capacity and multifunctionality.

Motor power will be an analyzed feature for electric models and is not very important as a stand-alone factor, but always works in tandem, the other important aspect being the grinding capacity. Devices with high engine power offer values of over 150 watts. There are even models equipped with high-performance motors, with power between 180W and 300W. If you rely on speed and endurance, choose high power values. When focusing on coffee quality, we recommend low or medium values.

The speed will be important, because it determines the grinding temperature. As I mentioned before, one of the great enemies of roasted coffee is heat, so the number of revolutions per minute that the engine performs will determine how quickly the ground material heats up. Try to look for models with a minimum of 1300 rotations per minute, in order to avoid the loss of volatile oils. The less advantageous part for blade grinders is that they have a very high speed, around 18,000 rpm. You will notice that the problem is not very much for the disc models or especially for the manual ones.

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021

Grinding capacity may vary depending on the grinder model; this will be a very small one for manually operated products, favoring portability. On the next place in the ranking are the grinders with blades, which have a capacity between 30 and 80 grams. You need to think about how much coffee or spices you want to grind in one use and choose the model that suits you best.

It is also important to keep in mind that the level of ground coffee must reach the height at which the blades are placed in the grinding tank, in order to be processed. In the case of disc models and especially grinders integrated in coffee makers, the grinding capacity will be higher. For example, for the best coffee grinder with grinder you will take care to choose a model with a collecting container of at least 100g.

Multifunctionality will indicate the usefulness of the chosen product and it is clear that blade grinders can be used to grind several types of food: seeds, nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, spices, caster sugar, salt or breadcrumbs. Taking into account the fact that very finely ground foods are more expensive in trade, so you will also save funds, if you grind at home what you use in preparing recipes.

You will also notice that some mixtures contain enough unhealthy additives, such as fine salt, for which you can grind rock salt, suitable for those who are not allowed to consume iodine. This will not be the case with grinders built into coffee makers, which you must use strictly in the way they were designed.

Functions: represent criteria to be discussed especially for models of disc grinders or for those that enter the structure of espresso machines. All products that are part of this range will have multiple grinding options at various sizes, speeds. Adjusting the grinding function is also important for blade models, even if the options are more limited. Similarly, you can figure out which is the best manual coffee grinder, because it allows you to grind at least 3 different textures.

All appliances must be able to be sealed with a lid to avoid the release of coffee particles during the grinding process. Also, it is to be appreciated the products with timer and with grinding programming function, or those that allow the optimal dosage of the amount of coffee for the infusion in the espresso machine. Many models of multifunctional grinders also allow the option of wet grinding, in order to obtain a homogeneous paste of food and not a powder.

Materials: Many grinder models develop electrostatic energy during operation, which is why the most popular products are those with a case made of metal, wood or glass, to the detriment of models with plastic coating. The chrome or polished stainless steel ones are more expensive, but they do not allow the coffee to stick so much to the walls of the device. The device gets dirty even harder if electrostatic charging is avoided. The materials are important because they will establish not only the durability of the product, but also the safety in use.

Maintenance: A model of grinder that is difficult to clean will be used very rarely and is an unjustified investment, especially if it had a high purchase price. Many grinders have a detachable grinding container that can be sanitized separately. Disc products are harder to clean and require disassembly, but given that they only grind coffee, sanitation will be much less common. Appreciate the devices that can be easily stored, those with an ergonomic design and that allow the power cord to be tightened in a special place.

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021

Budget: It is recommended to buy models with an average price, especially if you want to prepare a quality espresso. If you use a grinder for several types of food, focus on an easy-to-maintain model, but made of quality materials. Cheap grinders will be used mostly occasionally, so it must be able to be stored optimally. For manual grinders, try a slightly more expensive model, but one that gives you plenty of grinding options. The investment has a secondary importance, after analyzing the most important characteristics of the product sought.

It can be said that now you have all the indications and opinions about the best coffee grinders, and if you are already wondering, “where can I find the best coffee grinder with grinder?” or you simply want to choose a cheap and good electric coffee grinder, we recommend you to buy it from the internet. There are a few simple arguments that suggest that an online purchase is more appropriate: in addition to saving time, you can also save money, because you have the opportunity to benefit from some price reductions. In addition, the quality and guarantee of the products is the same as in stores. Last but not least, if you are not satisfied with the purchased model, you can return it or exchange it with a better one.

Recommended models in 2021

Bosch MKM6003

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021 For users trying to find out which is the best coffee grinder from Bosch, the MKM6003 can be considered a good example. It is part of the category of grinders with blades, among the high power, being equipped with a motor that offers a power of 180W. What can be said about this grinder is that it is part of the only range of grinders on the market in which the grinding chamber container is not positioned horizontally, but has an inclination of 20-30 degrees.

Even the blade shaft is inclined, allowing when the amount of grains is smaller, it drains itself to the bottom of the container, reaching optimally the position where the blades can crumble.

The collecting container has a capacity of 75 g, reaching a maximum for a blade grinder. The case is made of plastic, and the blades are made of stainless steel. The device has a low weight of 620g and a power cable with a length of 1 m. A 24-month warranty accompanies this offer.

It is a cheap and good electric coffee grinder.

It allows fast grinding, being equipped with a powerful 180W motor.

It favors the grinding of small quantities of coffee, due to the unique design of the grinding tub.

It has a large grinding capacity for a 75g blade grinder model.


The plastic case favors the development of electrostatic energy.


Krups GVX242

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021 We present you a coffee grinder with which you can quickly crush a large amount of beans, because it has a container with a capacity of 200g. Being an electric model, it is comfortable to use, because you do not have to use physical force.

The product ensures a safe use, because it has overheating protection and a safety system. It will not start working until the grain container and the ground container are placed properly.

The grinder has stainless steel blades and 17 grinding positions, from fine to coarse, so you will be able to crush the grains for espresso or other types of drinks. It has an indicator light, so you will know when it is in operation, and for easy cleaning, you have included a brush in the purchase package.

It has 17 grinding positions, so you will be able to crush the grains in different sizes.

The grinding process is done quickly, because it is an electric model.

You will know when the grinder is in operation, because it has an indicator light.

The grinder has overheating protection, so there is no risk of damage due to overload.


It makes a lot of noise during use, and this can bother those around you.


Heinner HCG-150SS

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021 If you are a person who cares about the morning ritual of freshly ground coffee, whose aroma invades your kitchen and your senses alike, you need a cheap and good grinder, specially designed for home use.

That’s why we present the Heinner HCG-150SS, a device with a total power of 150W and a single working speed, which will provide you with the freshest ground coffee for your tab every morning as soon as possible. With its help you will be able to consume various varieties of coffee, more fragrant than commercially available products.

The piece is a resistant and solid one, which has a case and blades made of good quality stainless steel. The maximum noise level during operation is 85dB, a bit high, but easy to bear, if you have the problem to resist for a few seconds while the grind lasts. Users who have tested it are satisfied with the choice made, therefore we consider it an option worth considering.

Electric coffee grinder for home users – small quantities.

150W power of the motor with which it is equipped – it grinds quickly.

Blades made of high quality stainless steel – durable.

Modern and easy to care for design, made of stainless steel.


During operation the grinder is noisier than a mechanical variant.


DeLonghi KG 89

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021 The DeLonghi KG 89 model is a high-performance grinder, which belongs to the category of flat disc electric grinders. This allows it to grind coffee at low temperatures, avoiding the destruction of natural volatile oils by heat processing. The motor offers a power of 110W, and the device has a grinding capacity of 120 g of coffee in a single grinding session.

The functions include the control of the grinding speed, which allows the setting in 3 steps, in order to obtain fine, medium and large particles. It can also be set to make a selection of the number of coffee cups for which the beans are ground, from 2 to 12 and with automatic grinding stop.

The protection system is double, making the automatic selection even when the coffee beans or ground coffee tanks are not connected. The grinder is made with discs and stainless steel housing, which allow increased durability. The device has dimensions of 13 x 16 x 26 cm and a weight of 1.7 Kg.

Grind “cold” because it is a flat disc grinder.

Allows you to set the degree of grinding, having several steps of size.

It has the option of efficient dosing.

Avoid the accumulation of electrostatic energy, because it is made of stainless steel.


He can just grind coffee.


Gorenje SMK 150 W

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021 The SMK150W model from Gorenje is a quality product, which is sold at a surprisingly low price. The grinder is equipped with a high-performance motor, which offers a power of 150 W and a grinding tank with a capacity of 40g.

It has increased functionality, being able to grind several types of solid foods and has 8 different stages of grinding, which correspond to several textures of food after processing. The device is also equipped with a timer and a sealing system, which allow it to work without supervision.

The safety switch ensures reliable use, and the power cord can be tightened for optimal storage. The grinder is made with a plastic housing, but the blade and the grinding tank are made of stainless steel. It has dimensions of 8.5 × 21.5 × 10.5 cm and a weight of 800 g.

It has an advantageous price / quality ratio.

It is made of quality materials, with a stainless steel blade and tub.

Grind quickly, in different steps.

It has a timer function, and can be left to work alone.


The amount of food that can be ground in a single filling is only 40 g.


Bosch MKM6000

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021 Potential users interested in knowing which is the best coffee grinder from Bosch, but who are not even ready to make very large investments, have the opportunity to choose the MKM6000 model.

As in the case of the MKM6003 product from Bosch, in this situation too the grinding tank and the blade have an inclined positioning, in order to allow the optimal grinding even of the small quantities of food.

The motor offers a power of 180W, and the collection capacity is 75g. The model has a single gear and is made of stainless steel blade and plastic housing. It is equipped with a safety button and an automatic shut-off system in case the cover is opened during operation.

It offers quality at a low price.

Grind fast because it has a power of 180W.

The grinding tank has a high capacity, 75g.

It is provided with a safety system, stopping automatically if the cover is removed.


It has only one gear.


How to use a coffee grinder

Do you love coffee? Then you know for sure that the taste of a freshly ground coffee can differ substantially from that of a coffee that was unsealed a week or more ago. If you are really passionate, you will get a grinder and the best coffee beans.

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021

How do you make your coffee?

The grinding itself is not a complicated matter. Turn a crank a few times or, more simply, press a button. But the secret is that the granulation obtained must correspond to the way you prepare your coffee.

A large granulation is suitable for coffee presses and vacuum coffee machines. The medium granulation is ideal for ordinary filters. The beans must be finely ground if you use the stove espresso machine or coffee makers with conical filters. If you use a regular espresso machine, you need a very fine ground coffee, while for Turkish kettle coffee, Turkish mac ground coffee is recommended: fine as white flour.

How much coffee do you have to grind?

In a very general way, it is considered that 2 teaspoons of ground coffee are needed for about 200 ml of water. Of course, the quantities will be adjusted according to the tastes and preferences of each consumer.

So, add the two teaspoons of berries to the appliance and press the start button several times, in short bursts. Do not keep the button pressed continuously, otherwise the grains will get hot. Hold the lid of the appliance tightly and, between pulses, shake it a little to mix the contents; thus, the grindstone will be equal and uniform.

For a large granulation, a total of 8-9 seconds is enough, divided into 3-second installments. The time will increase as the granulation of the final grind decreases.

Maintenance of the coffee grinder

Even if you are not used to cleaning it after each use – it is not necessary either – we still advise you to wash the grinder once a week. Coffee bean oils form a sticky film over time. That’s why we recommend that you put the tank and the grinder blades in warm water with a little mild dishwashing detergent and rinse them under a strong stream of water afterwards. We do not recommend using abrasive cleaning products.

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021

Strictly forbidden

Do not use the coffee grinder for spices. It should be used exclusively for coffee, otherwise, no matter how well you clean it, you will end up drinking coffee with clove or tarragon taste. The volatile oils in aromatic plants invariably end up contaminating coffee and changing its aroma.

The challenges of using a coffee grinder

If you are used to ground coffee on the market, there are no less than 4 aspects that can disappoint you in a first phase, but which you will end up controlling like a virtuoso if you insist a little.

First of all, the particles will no longer have the same perfectly uniform size. When you grind coffee, you normally get a mixture of particles of different sizes in which, it is true, a certain type predominates. Vigorous shaking of the grinder during operation will reduce this discomfort.

Second, if you do not grind with short and strong pulses, the coffee will get hot due to the friction force. If you insist enough, your coffee will acquire a slight burning smell and taste.

Third, two grinders will never look exactly the same. It is recommended to grind the coffee just before preparing the hot drink, but you will find that, although sometimes you get the perfect texture, rarely the granulation obtained yesterday will be repeated today.

Finally, rubbing generates static electricity, so if you are not careful enough, you will find that the electric grinding of the grains can be a rather dirty operation.

Popular brands:

We live in a century of speed, in which most of us must be productive at least 8 hours a day, time occupied by a lot of demanding activities. So, if you are one of the lucky ones who can stay active for a whole day, without resorting to the magic of caffeine, you can consider yourself a hero. For other people who are barely crawling in the morning, we recommend a good coffee grinder. This way you are sure that you get the most intense aroma, and in order to make a good investment, we suggest you to choose the manufacturer carefully. KitchenAid, Cuisinart or Bosch are among the brands that have passed our test, being reliable when I promise that manufactured grinders will serve us for many years.

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021 With almost 100 years of experience, KitchenAid has become a reference point for people who want to equip their kitchen with the best utensils. The offer includes from ordinary and vertical blenders, to espresso machines, mixers, toasters and food processors, and all this at the most competitive prices. For each of the mentioned devices, the manufacturer also offers a wide range of accessories: pasta hook, grain grinder, ice cream bowl, sausage filling tubes, fruit and vegetable sieve, graduated bowl mixers, etc.

The brand’s roots are located in a small town in the United States, when, in 1908, engineer Herbert Johnston decided it was time to find a solution to replace the metal pallets that mixed the bread dough. 11 years later, in 1919, KitchenAid became a registered trademark, and the name became synonymous with the first commercial mixer.

The technology based on the first mixers was developed and used today, and what distinguishes them from other commercial products is their multifunctional character, because you can use them as pasta machines, sausage machines or fruit juicers.

The range of mixers, called Artisan, was completed with toasters, espresso machines and coffee grinders, food processors, waffle makers. These and the rest of KitchenAid products are currently marketed worldwide, from Europe to Malaysia.

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021 Cuisinart has been present on the market for only a few decades, but it has managed to rise to almost the same level as the giants on the consumer electronics market. The company was born in 1971, the idea belonged to Carl Sontheimer. The brand gained attention when the founder introduced a miracle device on the American market – the food processor.

When well-known chefs such as Julia Child and James Beard began to praise the appliance, it was only a step away from Cuisinart products coming out of the kitchens of professionals and entering those of ordinary people.

With the mission to help you “taste the good life”, the manufacturer has expanded its area of interest in the last 30 years, launching a variety of products, including: cooking utensils, crockery, kitchen knives, oven trays, utensils and appliances for measuring quantities, household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, slicers, kettles, electric grills, cookbooks, etc.

Since 1989, the American brand has belonged to the Conair corporation. In addition to the products sold, it also offers customers a series of services, which can be accessed on the official website. With recipes, tips and information on the optimal use of products, Cuisinart goes beyond a simple manufacturer and enters the customers’ kitchen.

the best coffee grinders for home use 2021 It is not uncommon to see the Bosch brand on most appliances you have in your home, given the wide range of products and services it offers consumers. Since its establishment, the brand has gained its reputation, due not only to the quality, but also to the innovative technologies it implements with each range of products launched.

It appeared more than a century ago, when Robert Bosch inaugurated on November 15, 1886 a “Workshop for Precision Engineering and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart. The desire to expand and penetrate several markets has made the company currently produce from built-in ovens, washing machines and kitchen appliances, and this only in the household appliances segment.

Worldwide, Bosch is also recognized as one of the largest service providers in the automotive, industrial and construction fields. It first spread to the UK, and from here to the rest of the world. Thus, at present, the manufacturer has over 350 factories and subsidiaries in over 60 countries.

Since 1994, it is also present in Romania. It remains an inspired source for those who have decided to invest in a coffee grinder that will give the liqueurs an intense aroma, thanks to the integrated knives, which are made of stainless steel and have a fine degree of grinding.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Kitchenaid Artisan KIT-5KCG100EER

Those who are looking for the best coffee grinder, in the category of high-performance models, will discover in the Artisan KIT-5KCG100EER model a product made to the highest quality standards. It is an electric grinder with discs, which has a motor that offers a power of 185W.

It has a speed of 450 rotations per minute, which allows it to grind coffee quickly, without heating it at too high temperatures. The non-ground coffee collection container has a capacity of 198 g, while the collecting tank for ground coffee can hold 241 g.

As a feature, it has no less than 15 gears for grinding coffee. The device is made with a stainless steel knife, and the collecting tanks are made of glass. It is easy to maintain, because it only grinds coffee. It has relatively large dimensions, of 26.10 x 34.26 x 15.24 cm and a weight of 4.5 Kg. The package comes with a 2-year warranty.

It offers performance, with a powerful 185W motor, and grinding at 450 rpm.

It can be optimally adjusted, as it has 15 gears.

It is a quality device, being made of materials that avoid electrostatic charge.

It comes with a 24-month warranty.


Because it is a high-performance product, the purchase price is just right.

Cuisinart DBM18E

Ideal for lovers of freshly ground coffee, Cuisinart DBM18E is a cheap and good coffee grinder, with a special design and durable finish, made of stainless steel. The part allows you to accurately select the grinding level, thanks to the 18 settings.

The funnel has a large capacity of 250 g, so it can be fed efficiently and quickly. The 160W power copes brilliantly with the usual demands to which such a part is exposed. Moreover, you benefit from a selector that allows you to grind one to 14 servings.

The collection container is large, with a capacity of 250g, airtight to preserve flavors. No component of the appliance contains BPA, and the containers can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The package includes a coffee measure and a cleaning brush. Also there are detailed instructions on the use and maintenance of the device.


High performance part, with a powerful and efficient engine.

Large feeding hopper and collection container – suitable for small cafes

Components made of durable BPA-free plastic.

The parts can be washed in the dishwasher.


Suitable for bulk coffee shops rather than home users.

Heinner Flavor Plus HCM-1500DR

Those who are wondering where to find the best coffee maker with a grinder could give up the idea of a espresso machine and instead choose this model of digital coffee maker, which is very high-performance, but three times cheaper than other coffee makers with grinder included.

The device offers a power of 1000W and consists of a grinder, a washable filter, the water collection container, the coffee drain and a digital control panel. The coffee will be ground just before it is brewed, which saves a lot of effort and user time, obtaining a quality drink with a very strong aroma.

The electronic display allows the optimal setting of working time, coffee quantity and dosage, also presenting a timer programming function. The water container can accommodate a volume of 1 l, and the device is made of stainless steel, plastic and glass.

It has a good price / quality ratio.

Grind and prepare coffee simultaneously.

Allows optimal setting of working parameters using the digital console.

It is equipped with a timer to facilitate the programming of the coffee preparation process.


The grinder is incorporated, it cannot be used for other foods.

Tefal GT1108

If you want an adaptable product that you can use for coffee, but also for other ingredients, we offer you the Tefal GT1108 device. It is a small device, easy to handle, comfortable to handle, with an attractive and modern design.

The product has a total capacity of 50 g of seeds. Both the knife blade and the container for the ingredients are made of stainless steel, which gives them a special resistance and also guarantees that they will not borrow the aroma of the ingredients.

It can also be used for sugar and nuts – successfully – and buyers are extremely pleased that the piece is also silent. Due to the solid construction, the part has a considerable durability and reliability. The ingredients can be ground extremely finely – which is a great advantage for those who want to grind seeds.


The household piece available at an extremely advantageous price.

Capacity of 50 g, enough for the needs of a family.

Efficiently grind coffee, sugar, nuts, seeds.

It is silent for a product in this range.


Some buyers said it was quite difficult to clean.

Moulinex AR100G

The AR100G grinder from Moulinex is a good example for electric devices that grind with blades. With a 180W motor, the device can grind any spice or other food, including coffee.

The grinding capacity is 50 grams of grains in a single grinding session. We can easily deduce that we are dealing with a multifunctional model, which can be used very often in the kitchen. The performance of the device also results from the fact that it is made of stainless steel, being resistant, easy to maintain and avoiding the accumulation of electrostatic energy during use.

The grinder is equipped with a watertight closing system and has a single grinding speed. It is easy to use, with an ergonomic design and small dimensions: 17 x 10 x 10 cm. It weighs 1 kg and has a 24-month warranty.

It offers quality at a great price.

It is multifunctional, allowing the grinding of several types of food.

Model made of quality materials, stainless steel.

It works fast, with a powerful 180W motor.


It has only a grinding speed.

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