The best coffee machines 2021

Coffee lovers know that the best coffee is made with the best coffee machines. With the help of an aromatic coffee, even the worst days become bearable, and the energy and well-being brought by caffeine in the body are invaluable. The difficulty is to choose a cheap and good coffee machine from the multitude of coffee machine offers on the market. We often do not have enough patience to analyze the opinions about coffee machines of specialists or customers and make purchases after the first impulse or after the most recent advertisement seen. Therefore, we thought of supporting you with technical information to help you make an objective choice by carefully analyzing the existing offer of coffee machines on the commercial market.




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The best coffee machines 2021


The best coffee machines 2021


The best coffee machines 2021


The best coffee machines 2021


The best coffee machines 2021


The best coffee machines 2021


The best coffee machines 2021


The best coffee machines 2021


The best coffee machines 2021


The best coffee machines 2021


Types of coffee machines

There are two main types of coffee machines on the commercial market, classified according to the mode of infusion and the concentration of the drink obtained: espresso machines and coffee makers.

The coffee espresso machine

This type of device presses the ground coffee to values located around 9 bar and infuses it with water at high temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius. In just 30 seconds you get the concentrated essence of an extremely aromatic coffee. Depending on the coffee preparation methods used, there are three types of coffee espresso machines:

  • simple espresso machines , operating in sachets or capsules specially designed for the type of apparatus;
  • semi-professional espresso machines, which use ground coffee in the preparation of coffee;
  • automatic espresso machines , which incorporate their own coffee grinder and thus the coffee has a fresher taste and aroma.

Coffee maker or coffee filter

The best coffee machines 2021

This is a much more popular alternative due to its extremely affordable price. The coffee is prepared by infusion, without pressure, the hot water being quickly directed to the filter container, where the ground coffee is placed. Thus, the final product is ready for consumption in a few minutes and a large amount of coffee can be prepared.

The choice between the two main models of appliances must take into account, first of all, your personal needs.

  • Some consumers want a weaker and longer coffee for a larger number of people and then the coffee maker is what you need;
  • Other consumers will prefer a concentrated coffee with an intense aroma and in this case the espresso machine is the best coffee machine for you.

Regardless of your preferred model, we recommend that you consider some of their important technical features:

Technical features depending on which you can choose the best coffee machine

Performance indicators

The best coffee machines 2021 In this category we find power and infusion capacity . Regardless of the type of coffee machine, the power is indicated by the manufacturer in watts. High power means high heating capacity and energy consumption, but the infusion time decreases, as the water will heat up much faster. The power is generally higher in the case of espresso machines.

For a coffee maker, a power of over 800 W is enough to achieve the desired result. In terms of storage capacity for water, the tank must be large enough to allow you to prepare an appropriate amount of coffee for a single use. If more family members drink coffee regularly, then choose a device with a larger tank. Coffee makers have this advantage of brewing more coffee, and espresso machines can brew one, two or a maximum of four coffees at a time.

Additional functions of a coffee machine

The choice of the best coffee machine also depends to a large extent on the additional functions and options it has. Among them we can mention:

  • antidrip system – is useful for both espresso machines and coffee makers, preventing further leakage of liquid through the orifice or supply tube;
  • accessories included – their number and diversity increase
  • automatic disconnection – is an extremely practical function of automatic shutdown of the coffee machine so that it does not require constant monitoring while operating;
  • standby mode – is the function of keeping the coffee warm for several hours;
  • builtin grinder – is the function that differentiates between a simple and a professional espresso machine.

Manufacturing materials

The best coffee machines 2021

The quality of any coffee machine largely depends on the quality of the manufacturing materials. That is why we recommend you to focus on top brands, because they invest more in the quality of manufacturing materials. Choose durable coffee makers made of stainless steel or ceramic to enjoy the product purchased in the long run.


A coffee machine must be easy to use, even by a stranger. Many times, however, manufacturers seem to forget about this. An important aspect is the light indicators. They must be strong enough to be seen in any kind of light. You should also be able to indicate that the appliance is switched on and ready for use, if the appliance needs water or coffee beans to make the preparation, but also what type of drink is being prepared.

Choosing the best coffee machine online

Taking all this information into account, all you have to do is discover the various offers on sale by the many online stores. Choosing to buy the best coffee machine in online stores has many advantages for customers:

  • the models are much more diverse, and the product warranty is the same as when buying in the physical store;
  • if you are not satisfied with the way the product purchased online works, you can return or replace it at no additional cost;
  • the time to view and compare the products in the online offers is much shorter than if you visited every home appliance store in your locality.

All you have to do is act and become the most satisfied coffee consumer, owner of a coffee machine perfect for his needs. Inspiration and good appetite for coffee!

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