The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021

Coffee Makers machines – Review and comparison in 2021

The right coffee maker can become your and your family’s best friend, providing the fragrant liqueur that helps you start your “engines” every morning. Because it is important to choose a model that meets your quantity and quality requirements, if you are about to buy such a product, we help you with some useful suggestions. Do you like to be able to control as much as possible from the coffee brewing process, but the classic, manual options are not right for you? We recommendRussell Hobbs 22000-56 . If you prefer a simpler version, but durable and easy to use, we advise you to consider Philips Café Gaia HD7546 / 20.


Comparative table

It is a modern technical variant, which allows the automatic triggering in the morning and the fresh grinding of the beans for an intense, hot and aromatic coffee, ready just before you wake up. It has a capacity of 1.25 liters, being recommended for homes where coffee is consumed in large quantities, and is provided with a washable filter.

If you want to prepare less than 300ml, you must use already ground coffee, grinding involving a minimum limit of 300ml liquid needed in the tank.

It is one of the coffee maker models that fits perfectly in the modern kitchens of active families, who appreciate a good coffee.

If you are one of the people who love to always have hot coffee at hand, we recommend this model with a stainless steel carafe, with double walls and an intelligent locking system, which captures the aroma and prevents heat loss. It is a version with elegant design, automatic shut-off and spacious tank, also suitable for offices.

From a functional point of view, it is a simple variant, focused on the essential features of a good coffee (aroma and temperature), without additional options.

Robust, durable design, designed for those looking for a reliable product that ensures fresh coffee throughout the day.

Model with special design, with detachable tank, to allow fast filling, and graduated carafe, made of glass, with anti-drip system and wide opening, for easy removal of residues. Includes a function for removing limescale deposited over time, a button for supplementing the aroma and a special place for storing the power cable.

It is sold without a filter included, so it will have to be purchased from the supermarket or on the Internet.

Modern coffee maker, designed to be easy to use and maintain, suitable for those looking for a quality product, with functions above the basic level and a special look.


In-depth reviews about the best coffee makers

The best coffee maker you can choose for your kitchen does not have to be the most expensive, but it is essential that it fits perfectly with your and your family’s habits. Carefully go through the models described below and find a variant that ticks all the important criteria.


Coffee machine with grinder:

Russell Hobbs 22000-56

The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021 Designed for those who pay special attention to the coffee they make, this model from Russell Hobbs is a coffee maker with grinder in the category of versions that work by drip. So it has a roomy carafe, which, along with the generous water tank (1.25 liters), allows you to prepare up to 12 cups of coffee, for a single use.

It is a version with digital control panel and a series of functions that highlight it compared to most options on the market: from the integrated grinder, which offers you freshly ground coffee, richer in taste and aroma, and the ability to choose the level of strength, up to the timer that allows the device to turn on automatically in the morning, just before you wake up. In addition, you don’t have to worry about noise, it’s surprisingly quiet for a grinder.

Also, this Russel Hobbs coffee maker can keep the coffee warm for up to 40 minutes and is equipped with a washable filter, easy to clean, which eliminates the need to repeatedly purchase disposable variants. However, we draw your attention to the fact that, if you use a grinder, you will not be able to prepare less than 300ml of coffee – the minimum level of liquid required by the device.


Philips coffee maker:

Philips Café Gaia HD7546 / 20

The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021 The elegant hourglass silhouette, the carafe and filter format, which allows the direct use of ground coffee are just some of the features of the Philips HD7546 coffee maker, with a capacity of 1.2 liters, optimal to serve between 2 and 15 people.

What you will notice at first glance at this product is the modern look created by the predominant use of stainless steel. In addition to the visual effect, this technical decision also hides a double-walled coffee catcher, special locking system and high heat resistance, which makes the liquid inside to remain at 650C even after 2 hours of when the appliance is switched off.

The control panel is mechanical, durable and easy to use, the tank is provided with a filling indicator, and the base includes non-slip feet for stability on slippery surfaces. It stops automatically, so you don’t have to take care of them, and the carafe has an ergonomic and robust handle, which offers safety in casting even the most clumsy.



Philips HD7459 / 20

The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021 For those who feel more comfortable with the versions provided with a transparent carafe, which allows a quick evaluation of the available coffee, we recommend the Philips HD7459 / 20 coffee maker as an option. It is a variant of 1.2 liters, for 2-15 cups, provided with anti-drip system and tank with indicator, which helps you to always add the exact amount of water.

Among the most important functions offered is the possibility of scheduling automatic activation, so that the coffee is ready in the morning when you wake up. The tank is made of plastic, as in most coffee maker models, which means that it is possible to feel a slight specific taste at first use, but it disappears over time.

It includes the AromaTwister system, which ensures a better uniformity of the liquid while it is being produced, so that the coffee has the same strength and aroma regardless of whether you drink the first or last cup, and allows washing the components in the dishwasher. Works with paper filters, which are not included in the package, requiring separate purchase.


Bosch coffee maker:

Bosch TKA6A041

The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021 This Bosch coffee maker is part of the category of versions that work with ground coffee, by dripping in a graduated carafe, made of glass, large enough to fill 10-15 cups, depending on their volume.

The differences appear in the design chapter, where, in addition to the modern format, which attracts the eye, you will also have a detachable tank, which you can fill directly from the sink, with a transparent area that allows tracking the amount poured. It is provided, in addition, with decalcification function, which notifies you when there are limescale deposits in the tank and offers you the possibility to choose the cleaning program, depending on the hardness of the water. In addition to a more pleasant taste, this option also ensures a longer life of the device.

For those who want to be able to ask for a slightly stronger coffee, the system includes the Aroma + button. It works with paper filters, it is provided with automatic shutdown, and the carafe has a wide enough opening for easy cleaning.


DeLonghi Coffee Maker:

De’Longhi Brilliant ICM2.1B

The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021 Designed to offer up to 10 single-use 150ml coffee cups, the De’Longhi Brillante ICM2.1B coffee maker model has a simple and elegant design, with a graduated glass carafe and a 1.5-liter tank, with transparent glass on it. both sides, to easily see how full it is.

But it hides a few surprises, one of them being the washable nylon filter, delivered with the device, which eliminates the headaches involved in the repeated purchase of disposable ones. It is equipped with a hob, integrated under the carafe, which keeps the coffee warm for a longer time.

It stops automatically, to save energy, includes an anti-drip system, which allows you to remove the carafe even while the coffee is still being made, and works with ground coffee. The control panel is mechanical, easy to use, and the design is completely black. The carafe handle has an ergonomic and robust shape, giving you safety in movement and precision when pouring into cups.


Heinner Coffee Maker:

Heinner Savory HCM-1100D

The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021 If you are familiar with this brand, you already know that the brand’s products offer an optimal balance between functionality and affordable price, and the Heinner Savory HCM-1100D coffee machine model is no exception. It is a version with washable filter, suitable for those who want to save the purchase costs of disposable filters, with glass carafe, anti-drip system, robust handle and generous 1.5 liter tank.

From the additional functions, the manufacturer has chosen to provide, for this model, the precious timer, which allows you to set the coffee preparation for the next day. You have at your disposal LCD display and intuitive buttons to set the exact time you want to be awakened by the energizing aroma.

The case of this version of the Heinner coffee maker is made of black plastic, easy to maintain and elegant in appearance. We draw your attention that the power of 900W, a little lower than the average of 1000 – 1200W may mean that you will have to wait 2-3 minutes more for the first cup of coffee.



Heinner HCM-D915

The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021 Lovers of square formats, with a robust and modern look, will surely be attracted by the image of the Heinner HCM-D915 coffee maker model, with the case made of an ingenious combination of black plastic and stainless steel. It is a digital version, with LCD screen and clock display, provided with a large glass carafe, anti-drip system and automatic shut-off.

Among the functions that are difficult to pull compared to other options are the timer, which allows you to schedule the preparation of coffee for the next day, the function of keeping the liquid warm and the washable filter, easy to detach and clean. For easy maintenance, you can also remove the holder on which the filter is fixed.

The Heinner HCM-D915 digital coffee maker (900w, 1.5l, timer, LCD, black-stainless steel) is also equipped with non-slip feet, for good stability even on glossy surfaces and includes a tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters. You can use it for up to 10 150ml or 15 100ml cups, depending on the preferences of family or colleagues.



Tefal coffee maker:

Tefal Express CM392811

The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021 Do you want to be able to quickly make your morning coffee for the whole family? It’s simple with a device like this Tefal coffee maker, with a 1.25 liter glass container, big enough even for those who use cups instead of cups. It includes all the basic features necessary for easy and efficient use: graduated tank for correct filling, anti-drip system and automatic shut-off.

What brings in addition to other models is the power of 1200W which reduces by up to 25% the waiting time, the integrated timer that allows scheduling the preparation of coffee for the next day and the button to intensify the flavor, with four steps. It also provides you with a function of keeping the liquid warm for a longer time.

From the maintenance point of view, we can tell you that the filter holder is built on a rotating system that allows easy detachment. The carafe is made of heat-resistant glass and can also be used in the microwave.



Italian coffee maker:


The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021 Do you like the idea of manually preparing coffee using a simple and efficient percolator? We offer you this Italian coffee maker, with a classic format and a capacity of 290ml, suitable for obtaining up to 6 small cups, of 50ml, 3 medium ones of 100ml or even two cups of 150ml each. It is therefore recommended for frequent use in homes with 2-3 people consuming coffee, and less for offices with large employees.

It is one of the coffee makers for those who know how to make a good coffee and appreciates the possibility to control the whole process in the smallest details. To raise the temperature inside, you can place it on any type of heating device, except those that work by induction.

If you are worried about the cleaning process, we will tell you that although it is only washed by hand, the interior design is simple enough not to take more than a few minutes. It does not require replacement filters and is used with ground coffee.



Stainless steel coffee maker:

Electrolux EKF7800

The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021 If you are wondering what this model has to offer, compared to the options you have already gone through, we will tell you that the list is quite long and will touch your soul, especially if you are among those who leisurely enjoy the taste of a good coffees. In essence, the Electrolux EKF7800 coffee machine is a model with a graduated glass carafe and a drip operation system, with a slightly above average capacity (1.6 liters).

In particular, using this device means a detachable tank, which you fill very easily, a timer for scheduling the morning start and a water filter, which contributes to a better taste. It also offers you the possibility to select the intensity of the coffee obtained and a self-cleaning function, which helps you to periodically remove the deposited limestone.

The LCD screen also displays the clock, but stays on only as long as the device is operating. We also draw your attention to the fact that this variant does not include the coffee hot cooker, this aspect being based only on the thermal resistance of the glass container.




Buying guide

The coffee maker is an essential product in any house where coffee is consumed. Manual or electric, with or without integrated grinder, classic or espresso machine type, the right model puts in front of you every day your favorite coffee, prepared exactly as you want it.

The role of this guide is to help you choose the best coffee maker for your kitchen or office, taking into account the capacity, functions offered, materials used in construction and other useful features.


The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021

Type of coffee maker: For those who want to stay in the area of classic, simple coffee, we recommend as options either the manual versions such as the French press or percolator, or the electric ones from the category of drip coffee makers.

The French press is the simplest solution you can choose. It is a cup made most often of glass or plastic, provided with a lid that has a piston screen attached. To get coffee you need coarsely chopped beans and hot water. We draw your attention to the fact that it can sometimes be left in cups, if the coffee is ground too finely, and that you need another container in which to heat the water.

The percolator or mocha coffee maker can be purchased in a simple version, with a place on the eye, or with an integrated electric hob or sold as an accessory. It also includes a sieve and a tube through which the infused coffee rises under the pressure of the heated water. It is easy to use and fast, but it has the risk of over-infusion which means a slightly more acidic and bitter coffee.

The dropper version, also known as thecoffee filter , is among the best coffee makers for people who want to have at hand something more from the comfort of modern technology. Use a fine filter, so the chances of finding dirt in coffee are very small, and provide a graduated water tank, which can hold up to 1.5 liters of water.

If you do not have time to wash or change filters and measure with a teaspoon the ground coffee for each cup, we recommend as an option a coffee maker with capsules. They are cleaner, and the production process involves only a few moves on your part. But keep in mind that, although the price of the machine will not give you great emotions when buying, the costs of the pills will significantly raise the price of daily coffee, compared to the above models.

And last but not least, if you want more than a simple coffee, you can go for an espresso machine that prepares a variety of drinks (cappuccino, latte, macchiato, etc.), also in an individual serving system.


Coffee consumption: From this point of view you must take into account the fact that some of the coffee models, at good prices, available on the market, use carafe or cup type containers, producing at the same time several portions of coffee (percolator , French press, drip coffee maker), while others work with one serving at a time (pill coffee maker, espresso maker).

For homes or offices where the action starts for everyone at the same time and 3 – 5 or more people need coffee simultaneously, we recommend the first category. If it is a space where everyone wakes up or drinks coffee at another time, you can do perfectly with options from the second list.

Regarding the capacity of the coffee makers, it is good that when calculating the portions to use as a unit of measurement the container usually used for consumption. Thus, some prefer the typical Italian coffee, where we talk about 50ml of water, others the classic cups, up to 80 – 100ml.

There are people who drink coffee from medium cups, from 150 to 200ml and others who fill their containers from 250-300ml. In general, it is considered that a 1.2 – 1.5 liter tank of water is enough for 12 – 15 people who use the standard 80 – 100ml cups.


Functions: To make it easier for you to navigate, we can divide the countless functions offered by electric models into three categories. On the list of basic functions, which must be provided by any cheap and good coffee maker, we include those absolutely necessary and sufficient for a good coffee prepared quickly and correctly: graduated tank, automatic shutdown, anti-drip system, to avoid dirt and the possibility of keep the liquid warm for at least 20-30 minutes.

We consider comfort functions, necessary for people whose day starts only after coffee: the stopwatch, which allows setting the device the night before, the reheating function and the ability of the device to perform its tasks as quietly as possible.

Enthusiasts for whom coffee is a reason to bring everything to perfection will definitely need something more. We include here the options that allow the adjustment of the liquid intensity by changing the temperature and the infusion time and those that include water filter for a purer aroma. If you are one of those who know that a good coffee means freshly ground beans, you will probably be attracted to the models of coffee grinder with grinder, from Philips, Russel Hobbs, Heinner or other well-known brands.


Maintenance: If in the case of the French press and the percolator the only advantage you can look for is the possibility of including the components in the washing machine, when it comes to a coffee maker, at a good price, with filter, things change. Thus, you can opt for a washable filter, if you want to save money, or disposable, if you want to save time.

It is equally important that the format of the appliance allows the use of a model of coffee cup, universal, in case the original glass one cracks, so pay attention to the versions with unique design.


The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021

Design and material: The products on the market include a combination of plastic, glass or stainless steel. The bottle used for the area where the prepared coffee accumulates allows you to see exactly what is happening and how much liquid you have available for serving.

But it is easier to break and retains less heat. Stainless steel carafes completely block vision, but are more durable and, especially in double-walled versions, keep the coffee hot for significantly longer.

Plastic is a compromise between the two, easier to keep clean than stainless steel, more impact resistant than glass and cheaper, usually used for the water tank. For those who want to buy a product that impresses with its design and details, we recommend the coffee maker versions Russel Hobbs, Cuisinart, Klarstein, Bialetti.



Frequent questions

Where do I buy a coffee maker filter?

If you have decided to focus on cheap and good disposable coffee maker models, you don’t have to worry about buying filters. They are found in most supermarkets and in many online stores that sell coffee or coffee makers.

It is essential to know what number you need, because it differs in size depending on the type of device. Number 1 is used for those who prepare only one cup at a time, number 2 is for those with 4-6 cups, and 4 for a capacity of 8 to 12 cups.


The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021

Is it worth investing in a Krups coffee maker?

Many opinions about the best coffee makers include the Krups brand among the brands that are good to consider, if you want to buy a quality product that offers an aromatic coffee, with good taste and a longer period of time in which it is kept warm. Krups coffee makers impress with their design and finishes, but the functionality is not inferior either, and the product range also includes affordable models, which are worth trying if you can’t afford a premium version.


How many cups of coffee can fit in a small coffee maker?

If you want to buy a coffee maker, at a good price, that produces a small amount of coffee, it is good to know the most chances for a mini model you have in the range of French press or percolator products, which are also available in versions of 150 – 200ml. This amount translates into 3-4 small cups or 2 medium cups.


How much does a Saeco coffee maker cost?

Under the Saeco brand you can buy a professional Philips coffee maker, designed especially for cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants. So we are talking about a higher price, which starts from 1500 lei and can exceed 8500 lei, depending on the technical specifications.


How to make a delicious coffee at the Bialetti coffee machine

The Bialetti model is most often a stainless steel coffee maker, with a metal filter integrated inside, following a tube that allows the passage of boiling water, under steam pressure, through the ground coffee. It is counted through the classic options, preferred by those who appreciate simplicity and want to be able to control as much as possible from the preparation process.

The best coffee maker machines for home use in 2021

Because this is not a coffee maker with a built-in grinder, in order to obtain coffee for Bialetii models, also called Moka or percolator type, you need ready-ground beans. The preparation steps are simple. The lid, which actually means the upper half of the device, is opened by unscrewing, and from the bottom detaches the metal screen, which has a shape similar to a funnel.

The lower half is then filled with water up to the sign indicated in the user manual. The filter is in turn charged with ground coffee and fixed back to its place, then the percolator cover is attached.

The coffee maker is placed on a heat source. When the water becomes hot enough, it rises under the pressure of the steam, passes through the filter, infusing the coffee and exits into the upper chamber of the percolator, and through a high stainless steel tube that does not allow the liquid to flow back. When the water is almost finished, you will start to hear the sound of bubbles and it is time to take the coffee maker off the fire to avoid over-infusion.


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