the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

In this article we present to you which is the best electric tumble dryer, we present you the most reliable brands, prices, opinions and opinions. For starters, we tell you that the Miele TEB 155 WP is a great option. At the time of 2021, we will tell you in this review about electric and automatic tumble dryers, vertical or slim, how to avoid repairs and where to find a cheap and good model.

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

The best tumble dryers – TOP 10 new models

We will show you the differences between a tumble dryer with heat pump and condenser without heat pump, with drain. We are looking at offers and promotions, including black friday to have the greatest benefit. You can also look for a resealed tumble dryer and a washing machine for a good discount. In this article we present some successful models from manufacturers such as Miele, Electrolux, Bosch, Indesit, AEG, LG, Hotpoint, Samsung, Arctic, Beko, Heinner or Candy.

Dryer Miele TEB 155 WP

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

Miele is a German manufacturer, known for the impeccable quality of the appliances they produce. This clothes dryer with a capacity of 7 kg of clothes , has energy class A ++, something less common in the dryer.

It also has a pre-ironing and anti-crease function – something that all users will definitely appreciate. A good choice, from a premium brand, to a tailor-made price. Perhaps the most reliable electric tumble dryer in terms of technology.

Bosch WTW85550BY heat pump tumble dryer

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

Another reliable German brand is Bosch. They are famous for their reliability and energy efficiency. This tumble dryer is very roomy, with 9 kg capacity of the inner tub .

It has specially designed programs, anti-allergic and sensitive, delicate for different types of clothes. It is very energy efficient compared to some at a lower price, so – savings on the bill.

Electrolux PerfectCare800 EW8H458B tumble dryer

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

For those who want a tumble dryer at a good price, of good quality and with a balanced efficiency, this option from Electrolux deserves attention.

It is a quality product, with a lot of technology and over 12 different drying programs , adapted to different types of clothes, clothes and textiles. A large 8 kilogram tank will allow a generous load.

8kg AEG T7DBE38S tumble dryer

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

AEG is a brand with tradition. Their dryers are specially designed to gently care for fabrics and dry them at much lower temperatures than conventional dryers.

It is a tumble dryer with an efficient heat pump , this model also comes with low energy consumption. It is definitely a good choice.

Beko DS8333PX tumble dryer with heat pump

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

For those who are looking for an affordable dryer , with good quality, technology and good reviews, the Beko brand offers several dryer models.

This particular model has some interesting functions: short drying program of 30 minutes, light ironing, express drying or baby protect.

Candy Smart Pro CS8 H8A2DE-S tumble dryer

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

In the category of dryers at an affordable price, this model from Candy fits perfectly. At a very good quality and a generous capacity of 8 kg, this device can satisfy any family.

It has programs dedicated to children , wool or a program dedicated to shirts. It can be connected via Smart Touch technology to a dedicated application, which will allow you to control the drying programs and control other information.

9 kg Heinner HHPD-V904A ++ tumble dryer

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

Heinner is a budget brand that also produces dryers. This model has a wide range of programs ranging from children's to fast or delicate.

The energy class A ++, certainly impresses in the conditions of our times, and for the dryer with the heat pump it is a good thing. As a general rule, energy efficiency in tumble dryers is a performance that is harder to achieve. Not the cheapest tumble dryer of this type, but the value for money is okay.

Condensing tumble dryer Arctic DAPL711AW

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

Arctic offers a very good value for money . This compact 7 kg dryer comes with interesting drying programs, with quick variants of 10 or 30 minutes, or the anti-allergic one.

Condensing dryer Whirlpool FreshCare + FTCM108BEU

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

Whirlpool FreshCare + FTCM108BEU is an interesting model that comes with features such as: Anti-crease , Progress indicator, Sporting goods, End of cycle indicator, Fresh Care +, Delayed start, Eco-cotton.

It is a relatively quiet car that will not be very annoying in operation. You can load in the tub including clothes, clothes and large textiles like XXL.

Dryer Gorenje DA83IL A +++

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

If you want a technological solution that comes with IonTech, this model from Gorenje is for you. Basically, the wave of air that comes with negative ions dries the laundry while diminishing the creases of the clothes. The ionizer reduces most allergens, leftover smoke, pollen or other impurities.

In addition, it is a very efficient car, being included in the A +++ category . It will significantly reduce your energy bill. The inverter type motor offers you many advantages, among which: quietness, much longer lifespan than the classic solutions, and last but not least a low energy consumption.

How to choose the best tumble dryer

We will try to list some specific characteristics of tumble dryers, which we found out from our research.

Good tumble dryer capacity

The capacity of an electric tumble dryer is usually between a volume of dry laundry of 7, 8, 9 or 10 kg. Anything under 7 kg could be a bit small, if you have a washing machine above this index. When you are looking for a tumble dryer, you should refer to the washing machine you have. Choose a dryer that corresponds to it. Consult the technical characteristics to find out the volume of the device you want to purchase.

Exhaust air from the tumble dryer

You can opt for a tumble dryer with drain or for one with a heat pump. In the first case, you will need a pipe provided for the evacuation of moist air from inside the dryer, outside the enclosure. Alternatively, you can opt for a tumble dryer with a heat pump that does not need such an exhaust system. In more detail we will present both purchase options that you have below.

Humidity sensor

A humidity sensor monitors the current humidity level inside the dryer throughout the drying cycle and automatically shuts it off once the moisture has completely evaporated. Nowadays, it is a fairly common option for commercial dryers. Just make sure the model you want to choose is no exception.

Reversible door

Depending on the space in which you want to place the tumble dryer, the situation may require that it be equipped with a reversible door. It can be installed on both the right and the left side. It is much easier to move the laundry directly from the washing machine to the dryer, without impediments. With a reversible door, you can mount the electric tumble dryer on both sides and the door can be opened in any of the ways that are comfortable for you.

The robustness of a top tumble dryer

A good electric tumble dryer must be well built and safe. In other words, a quality product. For a quick opening of the porthole, the closing hook must be securely fastened to the unit without play or space. The door must close firmly, but also open easily, without too much effort on the part of the user. The control panel must be firmly connected and the keys respond to commands easily. The drum should be made of a durable material, such as stainless steel. Its shape must be friendly to the laundry and provide a delicate slip inside.

Reliability of tumble dryers

Customer opinions may reveal potential risks and defects of tumble dryers. We recommend that you read the opinions of users and customers of certain models to find out if the chosen dryer can cause certain problems. Brands such as Miele, Bosch, LG, Whirlpool, Electrolux or Samsung are among those that can boast good efficiency and confidence.

Other additional things you can consider would be a warning of the end of the drying cycle, the lighting of the drum. as well as a way to prevent the deposition of residues, which moves the drum after each cycle. However, there are only additional features that you can find on some models of cheap dryers.

The size of the tumble dryer

By and large, good tumble dryers in Romania are independent or partially incorporated appliances. There are also models that can be superimposed on a normal washing machine. The dimensions of the tumble dryers are strikingly similar to those of washing machines, meaning 84 x 61 x 61 cm. I can also give models with smaller dimensions, the difference being a smaller depth.

In real life it is unlikely to find a tumble dryer that can be fully integrated into the kitchen set. It is neither safe nor recommended to embed such a device that produces heat. Let's not forget that these appliances have standard sizes, and can be placed under the counter, if you do not have enough space in the bathroom. Otherwise, the rule is simple, the vast majority of cheap dryers do not need a hose connected to the sewer. So they just need a good outlet.

The assembly of the dryers above the washing machine is carried out with the help of support stands that are flexible in size and can be set according to the needs you have in your home. Rarely this accessory or adapter is included in the package that comes with the tumble dryer. So you will probably have to buy it separately from any DIY or electronics store.

Choose the best informed tumble dryer with the theme made. As a tip, it is good to carefully measure the space you have before looking at a particular model, so as not to wake up that it does not fit in the space you have available.

How to choose from the best tumble dryers

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

How to make the right choice when there are so many types of tumble dryer? How to make the right choice in the allocated budget? You may be wondering which tumble dryer to choose and what do you recommend me to buy? We help you with an answer below, you have all the details to facilitate a decision.

Good clothes dryers are the ones that suit your strong needs. Thus, our goal is to help you make the best choice for you. There are many home appliance manufacturers and many models, but it is important to be able to navigate among them. We present you the best models, then we explain the criteria according to which we were guided.

The main criteria are: type of drying system (with heat pump, ventilation or condensing), standard or built-in type. As well as the load capacity in kilograms, the energy class and the drying noise level. Of course, there is also a classic dryer, suspended, balcony, with pulley, fixed to the ceiling or radiator. There are also wall, garden or wood for outdoor, rotary, telescopic, horizontally retractable, mobile umbrella or balloon.

You can find a wide range of good clothes dryers and offers on eMag, but also physical stores like Altex, Flanco, Dedeman, Auchan in cities such as Bucharest, Constanta, Iasi, Cluj, Arad, Brasov.

Clothes dryer with heat pump or condensing clothes dryer

The dryers can be differentiated according to the type of drying system. There are two main types that we can find on the Romanian market and in most online and offline stores. You can choose an electric tumble dryer according to the way it works.

The tumble dryer that uses the evacuation technology is a bit more voluminous. It requires the placement of a pipe through which moist air will be evacuated from inside the dryer. Installing this type of dryer may require the intervention of a skilled technician. As an advantage, however, it is good to mention the fact that from the point of view of energy efficiency, they consume less electricity.

But if we are talking about the best electric tumble dryer with condenser , it does not require special occupations to be installed. The water vapor obtained in the drying process is stored in a container that must be emptied periodically. Alternatively, some manufacturers, such as Miele, have the possibility to drain the water accumulated by condensation with a hose, directly in the sink or sewer.

In Romania, the most popular dryer is the electric one, and those that run on gas are not very common here. There are also industrial models, but they are used in commercial interest.

Clothes dryer with good heat pump

This drying system is equipped with premium clothes dryers , those at a slightly higher price level. It is a more efficient drying system than the condensing one, ensuring an economy of up to 50% compared to the classic ones.

This is possible by using hot air in a closed circuit, being reused. They are without drain and without drain, the condensate being stored in a dedicated container. It is perhaps the most recommended electric tumble dryer that you can use in your apartment or house.

We can compare a tumble dryer with a heat pump with a residential air conditioner that works on the diametrically opposite principle. With the help of a compressor and a coil, blow the hot air inside and dehydrate the enclosure.

Due to the fact that they do not evacuate hot air and humidity outside, heat pump dryers can have half the energy consumption compared to an exhaust tumble dryer. It also works at lower temperatures, so be more careful with your clothes, especially those with delicate and fine fabrics.

Good condensing tumble dryer

In the case of these drying systems, the hot air dries the laundry from the inside and then is evacuated to the outside. Obviously, the effective consequence is lower. Instead, usually the purchase price should be lower compared to the previous type.

Built-in clothes dryer top

The vast majority of dryers are of the standard type, ie they are not intended to be incorporated. It's easy to explain – the dryers give off quite a lot of heat in the process of their operation. They can rarely be found in the built-in type, more advanced and complex devices, but they are not very common on the Romanian market.

Whatever model you choose, we don't think it's worth worrying about for slight variations in performance. Some consumers may notice some variation from model to model when comparing them. Here we mention small differences of only a few minutes at the drying time or differences of a few percent humidity in the clothes subjected to the drying process.

Any dryer you buy will work well but none will save you from the process of moving laundry from the washing machine to the electric dryer. You can collide with lint, excessive drying if you overload the drum above the allowable limit or if you add too many types of laundry. Maintenance will also be required by cleaning the lint catcher after each drying cycle and wiping the drain hose at regular intervals.

Which is the best tumble dryer

When it is hot outside, you have a rope or yard, you will not be tempted to buy an electric tumble dryer. And of course, sunbathing definitely gives your clothes a pleasant smell, but we all know that feeling when you bring home stiff clothes that are hard to iron. At the same time, if someone makes a barbecue in the area, it is said with the freshness of the laundry. Instead you will enjoy the smoky smoke and the aroma of small.

So slowly, the thought will lead you to buy an electric tumble dryer with heat pump to save drying time and get rid of the problem of ironing. Like any large home appliance, I have to choose with care because it is a considerable investment. You will see more producers with more and more promises, but it will take you a lot of time and effort to document each one and in the end to make the choice.

We simplify your life with the help of a guide. I checked the models from several dryer manufacturers, read reviews and recommendations from users and compared the price-quality ratio of each model.

So in this article you will find both model proposals that are worth buying, but also operating tips designed to help extend the life of the dryer. We propose in the following the main features to look at if you want to make a documented choice, based on concrete data and recommendations.

Drying capacity in KG

There are various types of tumble dryers in terms of the amount of clothes that can be loaded into the tub. We meet models of 6, 7, 8, 9 or even 10 kilograms . You can have a bigger one, or a smaller one. Here we must pay attention to the needs of the family. It is important to choose a capacity adapted to the needs, for a higher efficiency.

It is known that dryers are large consumers of electricity, so if we want to make a good economy we do not have to go to great capacity, if we really do not need it. If you have a larger family, it makes sense to choose a larger drum capacity . This way you will be able to dry a larger amount of kg of clothes at the same time.

Most tumble dryers have an automatic sensor, which tells you if the amount of laundry introduced exceeds the maximum allowed. In this case you will have to take them out. We recommend that when making your choice, consider a model with a more generous capacity compared to the washing machine you have in your household.

Clothes dryer A +++

You may be wondering how much a tumble dryer consumes. Energy efficiency is not exactly the strong point of these appliances. The washing machines managed to perform excellently, most of them being classified A +++. In the case of dryers, and especially for cheap models, the standard is class B.

However, we do not recommend opting for this option, even if the price seems tempting – the energy bill will not please you. Opt for a minimum A, or even A + / A ++. Very rarely you will meet class A +++ in this product category. Or if you meet her, only for premium products at an astronomical price. However, you will have the lowest consumption and the most efficient electric tumble dryer that you can get this year.

Manufacturers opt more for models with heat pump. They use the warm moist air from the drum and cool it, leaving the moisture in a special container, and the air is reheated and recirculated inside to continue drying.

Drying method

The given drying method can reduce the energy required because, ensuring a considerable difference in the amount of energy used by the dryer. Consult the energy efficiency label that comes with the dryer, so you can compare between several models. This way you can get an idea of how much electricity a certain model consumes, what would be the operating cost and how it positions itself in relation to the competition in the market.

You have to remember the biggest difference between a cheap dryer and a more expensive one is often energy efficient. A clothes dryer that costs less will most likely use an older technology that will not allow you to have a good consumption and save on your energy bill.

Ventilated clothes dryers are known to be the least energy efficient, most of which do not fall into energy class A. So our recommendation is the best tumble dryer with heat pump, which can be included even in the energy class. A ++. Of course, in the end, you choose if you pay less at the beginning but have higher bills, or you pay a little more but you are more friendly with your environment and your wallet.

Noise level when drying clothes

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

Dryers are not the quietest appliances. It is located as a noise level somewhere between the "washing machine in washing mode" and the " washing machine in centrifugal mode ". That is around an average of 65 dB depending on the manufacturer. This would be the average you can follow, maybe a little more maybe a little less but without big deviations. It is not recommended to place them in studios, or in the vicinity of bedrooms if you plan to have a peaceful sleep. To give you an idea, they are a bit noisier than a refrigerator .

Dimensions of tumble dryers

On the size side, you should know that there is a standard model and a slim dryer model. It can have a depth of 45 cm, 50 cm or 54 cm . Some more capacious can be up to 60 cm. But you have to keep in mind that the dimensions are variable depending on the amount of laundry you can put in. It can be 5kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg, 11kg, 12kg or 15kg.

Before making the purchase, make sure you are aware of the space limitations you have. Here we do not refer only strictly to the location in the house of the electric tumble dryer. Before installing the tumble dryer in the house, it will have to be transported, climbed stairs or with the elevator, it will have to go through several door openings.

So, if you have narrower spaces in the house, first measure the widths and lengths of the openings, and then compare them with those of the device you want to buy. Don't forget to leave a few extra centimeters in the measurements to cover any measurement errors.

Ventilation in the apartment and house

In the case of models of tumble dryers, you can wake up with moisture deposited on the walls or ceilings covered with mold. It is important that the moist, warm air coming out of the dryer is effectively vented to the outside.

Of course you can open a window or install a fan to disperse moisture, but this is not always the case. Thus, you will need a special exhaust kit for humid and hot air. There are dryers that have included them in the basic package, but others do not have them and you will have to find them additionally. It is best to buy a suitable one with the dryer to make sure they are compatible.

There are also dryers that have a moisture drain slot in the front, and do not need additional ventilation. All condensate is stored in a special container that must be emptied periodically. This option can prove to be a very good one for most households.

Possibility to place on the washing machine

The tumble dryer can be mounted on the front washing machines to save space. It will be positioned vertically with the help of special supports. These supports may be included in the package, or the manufacturer may not have provided the model with such a thing.

However, you can find these supports and placement kits at an additional cost, and usually the tumble dryer manufacturers have for sale kits specific to the models they produce. Both ventilated dryers, condenser dryers or heat pumps can be placed with small interventions on top of a washing machine. In small apartments the owners frequently resort to this option.

The price of a tumble dryer

Find out what budget is available for this purchase. The price of a good tumble dryer varies between 1000 and 7000 lei. However, most people fall within a budget of between 2,000 and 4,000 lei. You do not have to be tempted by some dryers with very low prices, which will generally show their disadvantages and limitations over time. Choose a balanced device with a very good value for money.

If the purchase is not urgent, very good offers and promotions you can catch the bigger holidays or black friday, when you can save a few hundred lei.

With ventilation or condensation

Condensate dryers collect the water resulting from drying in a special tank, which needs your attention, and must be emptied periodically. Such a tumble dryer can be installed in almost any interior where there is an energy source.

Let's not forget, however, that there are some more advanced models that have a direct connection to the sewer network, and all the resulting excess water is automatically drained and your attention is no longer needed. It is an easy to use option but you must make sure that you have access to a sewer nearby.

A dryer that needs ventilation can result in a cheap tumble dryer, but don't be fooled. The electricity consumption is higher and the energy efficiency class is lower. So it is not the friendliest option, in terms of the environment.

Heat pump

In the simplest version of tumble dryers, the principle of operation is very simple. The air is cooled by the temperature difference caused by the indoor air, but in practice a very good efficiency is not obtained. Not to mention, a flush pump, which is based on a compressor that supplies refrigerant is the better ovarian.

Although such a component needs electricity to function, in the end such a solution seems to be much more economical and the final consumption of electricity for drying clothes is reduced.

What is certain is that the cooling circuit of the heat pump not only picks up the excess heat from the air at the time of the condensation process, but at the same time heats the next air flow, which is just being prepared to be supplied in the tumble dryer drum.

Thus, the electricity is consumed only once, but it does a useful job repeatedly, working for cooling on one side of the car and for heating on the other. This type of tumble dryer is an example of a very elegant engineering bedding. Despite the fact that cars with heat pumps can have a higher price level, we believe that they are not worth saving a few hundred lei.

Consumer-friendly tumble dryer

Since we are talking about electricity consumption, it will not be superfluous to mention the different classes of energy efficiency. These classes range from the best A +++ to the worst D. As we can see, as household appliances develop, more and more efficient solutions appear, which are reflected in the form of additional advantages that is added to class A.

If you don't have them with math to figure it out, then it's enough to remember that the more benefits you get from the letter A, the more economical the tumble dryer will be. We do not hide the fact that we recommend you to consult directly the user manual for the device, in which the manufacturers will tell you in detail how much electricity will be consumed for the execution of a certain drying program. And, in some cases, they will even calculate the average electricity consumption for a year of operation, relieving you of the need to look for a computer nearby.

Manufacturers of the best electric tumble dryers

For tumble dryers, there are several brands and brands with history, dedicated and with quality products. In Romania the most common are Miele, Bosch, AEG, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Indesit, Samsung, Candy. You can also find Arctic, Beko, Sharp, LG, Zanussi, Hausberg, Gorenje, Daewoo, Siemens or Heinner. Price levels are dependent on the manufacturer and model, additional functions and capacity. They can have a white, black, metallic or stainless steel finish. But surely, everyone will find something for their needs.

Bosch tumble dryer

Bosch has been making reliable and quality home appliances for many years. It is distinguished by durable materials and components, made to serve a lifetime. Bosch heat pump and condenser dryers combine several advantages. They have self-cleaning programs, protect your clothes from drying out, and at the same time give you high energy efficiency.

Although a dryer is not the most economical electrical appliance, Bosch has also managed to produce A ++ models . It is a very good indicator of energy efficiency. The dryers with the heating pump work flawlessly, treating delicately and evenly all the laundry inserted in the tub. With Sensitive technology, the drying of the laundry takes place with the greatest care, because we have a drum or a unique shape that helps the hot air to circulate everywhere.

In the end, the laundry comes out soft and has no wrinkles. They are silent devices . In general, the side walls have a major impact that ensures better stability and reduces vibrations caused by drum movements. The insulation is also very good and attenuates the noise.

Samsung tumble dryer

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

Samsung is known for efficient washing machines , but more recently for good tumble dryers. A clothes dryer pump cladura good from Samsung comes with an extra efficiency and economy when dry clothes. A coolant also has a place in the operating principle. It helps to heat the air, and as a result the energy consumption can be 50% lower.

With OptimalDry technology , you are equipped with humidity and temperature sensors. They analyze the parameters continuously and adjust the drying time so that you enjoy excellent results. The clothes will be well cared for in the end, without affecting the fabrics. You can not worry, the laundry does not risk deterioration due to too much heat. An electric tumble dryer from Samsung, uses a filter that is very easy to care for and clean. It is equipped with a layer of fleece collection and gathers them all in one place.

Samsung tumble dryer technology

You don't have to wonder when it's time to maintain the filter. The smart tumble dryer will tell you by an indicator. Electric tumble driers have a tank in which condensed water is collected. These require emptying at certain intervals. To make your life easier, Samsung has positioned a smart indicator right at the top front.
This way you can easily check the level of water collected by condensation and understand if it requires emptying or not.

If you are short of time and need to get out of the house quickly, and your clothes have just been washed, a quick-drying program could save the day. With the Quick Dry cycle in just 35 minutes you can dry a limited load of laundry. To be informed of the status of the device and to be able to troubleshoot any error codes, with a smartphone application you can do this. In addition, with the diagnosis application, you also have access to quick solutions and instructions for solving.

In addition to the functional part of the drum to move the laundry, to rotate it and turn it on all sides, it can also play an important role in energy saving and drying efficiency . Some models have an aerodynamic drum with a structure adapted to the air flow. This ensures that the air will disperse evenly on the surface and will penetrate the fabrics of the laundry introduced to drying. Each producer has certain shapes specific to the mills he produces.

LG tumble dryer

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

For a clothes dryer, reliable and economical in terms of energy consumption, you can turn your attention to LG models . You can find an LG tumble dryer with inverter motor. It allows the management of the compression speed in a controlled way. Thus it adapts the power in different drying phases. You can set different air circulation speeds with great ease. With Eco hybrid technology, you can choose between two distinct operating modes.

If you are in a hurry, you can opt for the option to save time and dry clothes quickly. Alternatively, you can opt for the mode created especially for energy saving . The innovative heat pump allows you to dry your clothes even at lower temperatures. Respectively, the creases will be removed more easily and the clothes will not shrink. If you have respiratory problems or allergies, with the hypoallergenic mode , you can remove 99.9% of allergens such as mites.

The condenser of the tumble dryer has a self-cleaning program , so a strong jet of water will ensure that it will be impeccable. With the help of the double filter, get rid of the lint on the surface of the clothes. The dryer door is reversible, so you can choose to install it on both the left and the right.

AEG tumble dryer

AEG appliances are very robust, technological and efficient. AEG tumble dryers are no exception. Gently protects blouses, T-shirts, shirts and everyday clothes. Low drying temperatures are used, using SensiDry technology. Thus, the dryer ensures that the clothes receive only as much heat as they need, without wasting.

The appearance and quality of the fabric are maintained the same as on the day of purchase. Thus, with the help of this technology, moisture is extracted at temperatures 2 times lower compared to conventional tumble driers. At the same time, the drying time is not increased, it remains the same. An important energy saving is also obtained. It is possible because a lower temperature also implies a lower consumption.

The AEG electric tumble dryer has its own filtration system. We all know that if the filters are not smiled regularly, the efficiency of the device decreases and the consumption increases. Conventional dryers have several filters, thus increasing the complexity and effort required to clean them. In this manufacturer he chose to go for a single filter, which is extremely easy to clean. With shorter drying cycles, AEG dryers dry impressive amounts of laundry in a shorter time.

Miele clothes dryer

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

Miele is a premium manufacturer of household appliances. Miele dryers are a true example of German engineering. Dryers are not the most economical devices, given that they need a lot of current to heat the indoor air. However, Miele has managed an exceptional performance, so they have models with energy efficiency class A +++ . The front panel of the washing machines is enameled, ie resistant to scratches, rust or acids.

In addition, it is very easy to clean and take care of. On the noise level side, it is also one of the top performing manufacturers. Thus, thanks to a low air flow, the noise and vibration level is strongly limited, somewhere around 62 dB. Owners of tumble dryers know that a routine care for these devices is to clean the lint filter.

At Miele, it is easily removed and can be cleaned in one go due to its smooth surface. Another routine aspect is the regular emptying of the condensate vessel. Miele went with a different approach. Condensed water is discharged with a hose directly into the sewer pipe. The heat exchanger does not require care either, it has a dedicated filter that protects it for its lifetime.

Condensation losses are very small, 50% lower than other devices, so furniture and the room will not be affected in any way. You have the advantage of a delayed start of the program, thus, if you want the clothes to be dry when you get home and iron them. You can schedule this in advance. You have an anti-wrinkle option, because the laundry can be spun after the end of the program. For better visibility inside the drum , it is LED lit.

The best washing machine with dryer

Washing machines with dryer are more convenient, more compact and do not require additional space. When it comes to price, washer dryers help you save a lot. They are just a more expensive idea than those without this option. At the disadvantages, however, you have a longer drying time and a reduced energy consumption. In terms of efficiency, they are not very good either, sometimes it is necessary to repeat the drying cycle.

The dedicated ones, however, have a high cost, and take up precious space. Not everyone can afford to sacrifice this space for another large appliance . But they are more efficient, but also more roomy – so you dry faster, a larger amount of laundry.

In conclusion, the decision is yours, whether you choose a dedicated dryer or an integrated one, it is good to know the advantages and disadvantages, so you can better weigh both options.

Laundry protection in the tumble dryer

the best condenser tumble dryer to buy

The best tumble dryer will have a set of several sensors. One of them is the humidity sensor . Its role is to estimate the interior humidity level and to adapt the power supplied to the heat pump. When clothes do not need too much heat, it will limit the flow of hot air delivered.

Therefore, drying will be much more energy efficient, but also as a drying time. It will also automatically stop the drying cycle when the clothes in the drum have reached a minimum humidity level. Thus, the temperature control excludes the risk of damage to clothing and damage to fabrics. Excessive heat is not a reason to worry about these devices.

Laundry drying control

Depending on how advanced a dryer is, the drying of the laundry can be controlled in different ways. Different manufacturers have different ways to delay drying clothes and control the optimal level required.

  • Timed control . With the help of a wheel you can manually set the drying period of the laundry you want. When the timed time is exceeded, the device will turn off. Apart from this time, some tumble dryers will take the time to cool on them as well. The result of drying the clothes will depend on how well you were able to correlate the necessary drying time with the material of the dry laundry. Unfortunately, very cheap models of dryers have only this type of operation.
  • Automatic control . This drying control mode can be set using the material types. You just have to choose the program and the type of material. The dryer will do everything necessary to reach that level of temperature and humidity specific to those clothes.
  • Sensor control . The best new clothes dryers use humidity sensors that constantly monitor the humidity level. These sensors can tell the tumble dryer if more power is needed to dry the laundry or if it has reached an optimal degree of drying. At the moment this is the most advanced type of humidity control.

Temperature control for laundry

In addition to drying time, another parameter that must be monitored and kept at a recommended level is temperature. The more advanced the dryer model, the more temperature options it will have. Normally the temperature is set depending on the type of clothes and the current humidity level.

High temperature. It is used for thicker clothes and towels. A high temperature also means a shorter drying period, just right to avoid the formation of lint.

Medium temperature. For non-ironing fabrics, such as polyester and non-ironing nylon, this temperature regime is found on tumble dryers. It is usually used for thin pants, aprons or T-shirts

Low drying temperature . It is usually used for vaporous materials, very thin and delicate, so that they are not exposed to high temperatures.

Air ventilation . It is a setting that is used for pretentious items that must be dried immediately without heat. It is also used for certain feathers filled with down or feathers.

Additional functions for good dryers

A good clothes dryer has several functions designed to make the user's life easier. We will try to list the most important and common functionalities and drying programs.

A tumble dryer will dry your clothes, but the way you do it can be diametrically opposed. Just like the washing machine, clothes dryers can have a lower or higher working speed, different drying temperatures depending on the material and even steam programs.

With the help of the control panel you will be able to choose between different textiles such as wool and cotton, short programs if you are late, or those with pre-ironing to make your work easier. Most models let you start late. Thus, you can use a night energy tariff and dry them at night.

Steam processing of clothes

Did you know that you can also find models of steam dryers? Steam is an easy and easy way to reduce lint, remove odors and disinfect clothes. There are different models on the market, depending on the water source for the production of abutment. Some can be connected directly to the water source in the house, while others have a damaged container or an additional one that will have to be supplied with water periodically.

Delayed start of drying

If you love to anticipate things in advance, it is a special function for you. With this you can delay the start of a drying program with a well-defined time interval. All you have to do is set the number of hours until that program starts.

It is not a good idea to leave your clothes in the dryer for a long time, wet and without good ventilation. However, there are situations in our lives when this is absolutely necessary. Delayed start allows you to set the time when you would like to start the drying program, and it should be activated at that time. It is important when the dryer finishes the selected drying program, so that you are available to take them out, iron them and store them. This prevents them from sticking out after they have dried and leading to creases.

Anti-wrinkle drying

The fear of those who are thinking of buying a tumble dryer, is that they will come out wrinkled after drying and will be difficult to iron. Not if the chosen model has the option of anti-crease. It has a very simple work process. The drum makes some rhythmic movements , and the humidity is maintained in optimal parameters. It is definitely one of the top 5 functions you want in a tumble dryer.

Globally, it is believed that clothes dryers must be able to lower the humidity by up to 6 percent or less. For efficiency, with the help of the automatic dryer program, the dryer will stop on its own after doing its job. If you've been working with a modern tumble dryer, you know that when you take them out, they're still a little damp.

It is not a defect of the dryer, it is a special feature introduced. It will allow you to iron your clothes much easier, the fabrics will not be damaged due to excessive dehumidification and last but not least you will save quite a lot of current during the life of the device.

It would not make sense to dry the laundry to the maximum level, because anyway, when they are removed, they will take their moisture from the outside environment.

Easy ironing or pre-ironing

After removing the laundry from the dryer, the first thing you will probably do is iron and store it. In order for the ironing process not to give you too much hassle, you can use the option of light ironing or pre-ironing of the tumble dryer. This option reduces the level of wrinkling and keeps moisture within optimal limits.

Quick drying at the best tumble dryer

We all have moments when we are out of time and we want things to happen quickly. For such situations, the manufacturers of the best automatic tumble dryers have provided the so-called express programs . With these, you can dry a small amount of laundry (a few items) in a very short time (30-45 minutes). It is very useful for those who are always on the run.

Clothes dryer lighting

The drum is a dark area where it can be difficult for natural light to penetrate. To solve this dilemma, manufacturers have equipped the upper area with LED lighting. Thus, when the window is opened, the LED light will turn on automatically, and each corner will be illuminated for the best possible visibility.

Program for synthetics

Clothes made of synthetic fibers are subject to the risk of deformation if subjected to mechanical action or high temperature. For this type of laundry, the manufacturers have provided a delicate program , especially for these types of material.

Wool program

Wool is another demanding material that requires careful and delicate care. The new dryers manage to give them a pleasant and fluffy touch to the touch, through specially developed programs.

Shirt program

Shirts must retain their shape after washing and not be subjected to harsh mechanical action. There are programs created to prevent wrinkling and make the subsequent ironing process much easier.

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Pilot program

It is a program for drying large items, XXL , whether clothing, sheets, curtains or quilts. It is specially designed to ensure efficient drying even for high vomiting.


Many manufacturers have also integrated self-diagnosis modules for tumble dryers. They connect to the smartphone through an application and allow you to monitor the condition of the dryer. Thus, if you encounter errors, the dryer no longer dries, no longer heats or smells bad – with the help of the application you can find out why. Until you plan to call an installer, see the recommendations offered by such an application, it could cause it to be very trivial and very easy to fix.

Drum with reversible movement

Many dryers on the market have a tank capable of rotating in both directions. With such a drum that reverses the direction of rotation at well-established intervals, it can keep clothes lint-free and ensure even drying.

Other functions

Modern clothes dryers have a wide range of functionalities, some of which. Because we can't cover them all, we recommend a few that may be essential for you.

Some new dryers stop the automatic cycle when the humidity of the clothes decreases to an optimal level, respectively you only have to remove them and iron them. In addition, the appliance will not consume energy when it is not needed, and the laundry will not be excessively dry. Most dryers are equipped with advanced vibration damping systems to reduce noise and make drying almost silent.

It is a very favorable aspect for those who live in the block and have a dryer in the vicinity of the bedroom. For situations when you have an acute lack of time, modern dryers come with fast drying modes, without subjecting the fabrics to additional stress compared to other complete programs.

Considerable benefits

You no longer have to dry your clothes outdoors, nor do you have to stress about anything. There were no special explanations as to why you should consider equipping your own washer dryer. Washing machines with dryer are light devices and can work in any household. It does not take up much space, this unit will not be bigger than the washing machine, so, in the moment of comfort, it will help you to clean your house. Generally, they come with wheels, so it will be fast.

With so many other people aware of the vulnerable area and declining renewable capital, energy conservation is a primary concern. As evidence of electricity efficiency is classified, washer-dryer combinations come with a commitment to protect resources. The best tumble dryer uses water and electricity quite efficiently. Even without the feeling of shame, it should fill you with those needs.

Assigned to the mentioned stage, you can grant the period to operate the system in later periods. You can take advantage of different configurations for different clothing styles and others, usually called the delayed initialization system. They receive better offers and discounts because you have to order them from a legitimate online merchant. And, if you are not satisfied with the product, they are reliable and you have a return guarantee.

Tips for caring for the best tumble dryer

The best electric tumble dryer is expected to work for many years, but many of them fail too soon due to improper care. To extend the life and minimize the risk of malfunctions, follow some simple tips.

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Sort the laundry

The humidity sensors of electric tumble dryers behave very well, especially when you dry only a certain type of laundry that is sorted by weight and the material from which they are made. If you put the clothes in the tub at random, the sensor may behave strangely, and consider that the clothes are already dry, in the case of thin ones, while the thicker clothes will remain wet.

But of course you can have the opposite situation when the sensor is blocked by a thick coat and will prolong the drying program, and thin clothes will be affected by overheating. For this reason it is always a good thing to sort your clothes according to certain criteria, so they will dry evenly and exactly as needed.

Don't put too much laundry in the tub

When loading the tumble dryer with freshly washed clothes, be careful not to exceed the half of the drum. If you load the tank too frequently, you run the risk of some problems over time. For example, the support and suspension springs of the drum may give way at some point due to the excessive weight exerted on them. If this happens, you will need to contact a service to fix the problem. Follow and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Ensure good ventilation

Clean the tumble dryer vents at least a few times a year. One cause of the dryer failure may be a blockage of the vents. This prevents normal air circulation, can lead to longer drying times and can overheat the device.

As a recommendation, check the ventilation at least once a year, or more often if you use the dryer very often. If you have a drain dryer with drain you will need to check the vent pipe and the pipe facing outwards. In addition to helping the tumble dryer breathe and be more efficient, you prevent overheating and even a fire.

Leave enough free space

Provide at least 15 inches of free space around the dryer, including the back of the appliance. Definitely do not incorporate the tumble dryer in furniture if it is not provided for such a thing.

The tumble dryers draw air around them for cooling and ensuring the air circulation inside, and if the minimum space required is not ensured, problems may arise in carrying out its tasks. In the case of those with condensation and a vented air exhaust hose, you will need enough space to prevent the exhaust air hose from jamming or bending too much.

Dry only clean laundry

Dirty clothes or textiles can lead to the spread of impurities inside the dryer, which can lead to blockages. Put only the laundry cleaned of impurities and previously washed in the tub.

Clean the lint filter

The lint filter is a component that helps you remove lint after drying, so that it does not settle on the laundry. They are trapped in a filter that requires cleaning after each drying cycle. Thus, by ugly you prevent the dryer from heating more than necessary and ensure an increased efficiency. If the filter is blocked and can no longer catch lint, it will most likely settle on freshly washed laundry. And you certainly do not want this, being very unpleasant to clean them later.

Prevention of lint formation

There are some balls that help separate the clothes in the dryer drum . They prevent creasing and lead to faster drying of clothes. Insert them together with the clothes at the beginning of the drying cycle and remove them at the end. As a result, you should have softer and less wrinkled clothes.

Saving electricity at the tumble dryer is good

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As you would not turn it over, clothes dryers are big consumers of electricity. Sometimes it is good to think about the environment and save more. Below are some tips that might be very helpful.

  • On hot and sunny days, dry clothes outside. Sunlight can dry clothes more efficiently and doesn't cost you a penny. If you can dry your clothes naturally, opt for this option.
  • Clean the lint filter often. The lint filter plays an important role and helps you have cleaner clothes. But if it is blocked, it will make it harder for air to pass through the clothes, which makes the dryer less efficient. We recommend that you clean the file filter once you have finished the drying cycle. It won't take long.
  • Dry by spinning. You already have a basic tumble dryer in the washing machine. Set the highest spin speed if your laundry allows. The largest amount of water will be drained, and now you can opt for a shorter drying program for the electric tumble dryer.
  • Choose higher energy classes. Always check the energy class of the device and choose an A. Opt with confidence for a tumble dryer with heat pump. They are the cheapest to maintain, and in the long run will save you more money than any other electric dryer.

Conclusion on choosing the best tumble dryer

Choosing a good tumble dryer can be a relatively easy task. It's just important to have some things clarified in advance. It is like choosing the best dishwasher or the best vertical washing machine .

You should think from the start how you plan to place the dryer. It can be placed on its own or placed above the washing machine. You also have a sewer connection available if you can pull an exhaust pipe. With these aspects clarified, the range of models available in the Romanian market will be considerably narrowed. Finally you will be able to decide if a ventilation or condensation model is good for your household.

Let's not forget that a key aspect is the price, which is directly influenced by factors such as the technology with which the tumble dryer comes, whether or not it has an efficient heat pump, how advanced are the options with which the dryer is equipped, and last but not least the notoriety of the producer.

If the weather allows and not in the winter outside, open the window to ventilate the enclosure. Any tumble dryer will also evacuate some moisture outside. If it is in a humid environment, it will be more difficult for the appliance to dehydrate the clothes. It is a good idea to always let the air flow freely and ventilate the room when you have a drying program in progress.

Be careful with those lint balls for the tumble dryer. If they promise to reduce drying time, it is very unlikely. Do not expect your drying cycle time to be reduced, as they are not designed to do so.

Once you decide these aspects, most likely the choice will be reduced to just a few models that you can count on your fingers.

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